My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Dinner And Sea Eagles
Dinner and Sea Eagles

To which I answer, dis is da wae!

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Listening to what Lin Ruoxi said, she wanted to drink the medicine already!

Yang Chen suddenly got stiff for a while before slowly putting the bowl back on the table. Bitterly, he said, Of course not. My dear Babe Ruoxi, come over and drink it quickly. Youll be awarded one rice ball for every mouth you drink. This way, it wont taste bitter anymore.

Lin Ruoxi walked down from upstairs and lifted the soup bowl up. The corner of her lips moved. She seemed like she was restraining from smiling. Are you trying to trick a child? Im not a three-year-old anymore. Whats the big deal of drinking medicine? she said.

Grinning, Yang Chen said, Youre a child in my eyes. Youll always be a child in this life.

Displeased, Lin Ruoxi said, What are you talking about? Its not like youre older than me.

Ill protect you like a child. Isnt that great? Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxis cheeks suddenly turned pink. I dont want to talk to you. Nothing serious comes out from your mouth, she said.

Wang Ma who had finished her medicine was elated when she saw these young people together. Smiling, she returned upstairs.

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and forced a mouthful of soup down. Before drinking for a second time, she frowned and spit out her tongue as a result of the bitterness.

Yang Chen couldnt help but to laugh. He untied the plastic bag and took out the freshest glutinous rice ball before passing it to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the rice ball eagerly. She couldnt resist the temptation after all. Receiving it from Yang Chen, she quickly took a bite, but felt like she would lose face. As she chewed, she explained, Its just that I dont like to waste food. Ill finish these since you bought them.

I know, I know. Were a thrifty family, Yang Chen said certainly.

Lin Ruoxi mumbled, Its best that you know, before proceeding to drink the medicine as she ate rice balls.

When she finally finished the medicinal soup, she devoured the entire box of rice balls as well. Yang Chen felt that if there was a competition for eating rice balls, Lin Ruoxi could at least enter quarter finals.

Carrying the empty bowl, Yang Chen walked to the kitchen before starting to wash the pot that he used to simmer the medicine.

Lin Ruoxi stood beside the door of the kitchen, staring at Yang Chens back while he worked. Suddenly, she felt that her heart was nice and warm. The more she gazed at Yang Chen, the more she wanted the moment to last longer.

When Yang Chen finally finished washing the dishes and turned around, Lin Ruoxi suddenly noticed that she was doing something inappropriate. Quickly, she turned around and acted like nothing happened.

Yang Chen asked, Babe Ruoxi, arent you going to rest?

Yes I I have something to tell you, Lin Ruoxi said. She immediately thought of an excuse she could use.

What is it? Yang Chen asked.

You heard what I told Yanyan earlier. Its a dinner event taking place on next Friday. I want you to go with me, Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen got astonished. According to her understanding towards Lin Ruoxi, she wouldnt participate in events like this often. She didnt even have to entertain her customers.

Lin Ruoxi said, I know what youre thinking about. Back then, I didnt really attend events like this, but its different now. Although it doesnt really matter if I show up there, you can get to know a lot of people that are helpful for your future development in Zhonghai if you agree to go.

Shocked, Yang Chen thought, so shes trying to get connections for me, thats why she wants me to go.

I think theres no need for that. Im living quite comfortably now. I dont hope to get how high of a wage. Its tiring enough for you to take care of Yu Lei International. If I still go and find more things to do, life would be meaningless, Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi said calmly, Since you know that Im tired, why cant you help me shoulder some stress for me? The men from other families are all working hard. Why are you always so free? And how do feel so at ease doing so?

Yang Chen didnt know what do say. It was true that he was someone who relies on the woman at home, and do nothing to help out if he was looked by the society. He lived at his wifes house, drove his wifes car and his wife even arranged his job for himhe wouldnt get fired when he did nothing in the company.

Lin Ruoxi felt that her words hurt Yang Chens dignity. She said apologetically, Im not saying how bad you are I just feel that you certainly are competent enough to achieve more. Why do you only want to rely on your wife? I dont expect you to conquer the world or be much impressive. I just hope that one day, I can pass the company into your hands Im not a woman with a strong heart to run an enterprise. If I could, I wouldve stayed at home all day and lock myself. I dont want to spend so much effort on those people. Just like the gamble I had with my seniors, to be honest, even if I wasnt the CEO of Yu Lei International, Id still be unwilling to work at Changlin Media. Sitting at my position, I need to take too many people into account, even if my heart wasnt willing to. I hold way too many responsibilities Do you understand what I mean?

Yang Chen nodded. Smiling, he said, Alright, I understand. Ill listen to your arrangements. Ill follow you there.

Inheriting Yu Lei International? Of course, Yang Chen wouldnt do that for sure. However, if he rejected Lin Ruoxi earlier, their relationship which had improved slightly would worsen again.

Elated, Lin Ruoxi said, You dont have to feel too pressured. Just do it slowly. This event is organized by the second biggest clan in Zhonghai, Liu clan. Their main business is Jade Clouds Corporation. Although they arent as significant as Yuan clan, they can still be considered a major clan in Zhonghai.

Liu family? Jade Clouds Corporation? Yang Chen suddenly thought of the fianc of An Xin, the one who argued with him at the police station back then. Isnt he the young master of Liu clan? If I recall correctly, his name should be Liu Yun.

Yang Chen didnt expect Liu clan to be this powerful. He finally understood why An Xins father wanted to push his daughter to marry Liu Yun so much.

Its a charity auction dinner. There will first be a prom, then therell be an auction. Itd held at Jade Clouds Hotel owned by Liu clan. Almost every successful businessman and influential government members will be there. This time, youll just go there to let people recognize your look. Itll help you substantially, Lin Ruoxi further explained.

Yang Chen nodded. He said, With you, I think getting to know people wouldnt be tough.

Lin Ruoxi understood what Yang Chen was saying. It was true that she appeared very seldomly in the public. A lot of people had only heard of her name, but hadnt had a chance to meet her in person. Her appearance would undoubtedly welcome lots of interactions with the guests.

Dont think about it too much. I just want you to do stuff seriously. One day, therell be people trying to get near you, Lin Ruoxi said.

Its just that I dislike my woman being displayed in the public, Yang Chen said before winking at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare. Cant you get serious for a moment?

Where am I not serious at? Yang Chen asked sadly.

You arent serious everywhere! Lin Ruoxi said angrily before putting on her rabbit-head slippers and sprinting upstairs.

After tidying up everything, Yang Chen didnt plan to attend work today. He went up to his own room as well.

After switching his computer on, Yang Chen took a cigarette out and lit it up. Various expressions showed up in his eyes. Finally, he took a deep breath, as if he made a major decision.

Clipping the cigarette with his mouth, Yang Chens hand quickly moved on the keyboard. He typed in a random web address which was encrypted.

After pressing the Enter key, he got connected to a video call.

The profile of the other side appeared. It had an image of a soaring blu eagle.

System: Connecting

After waiting for around a minute, the image of the blue eagle disappeared when it got replaced by the face of a western white guy which looked handsome and strong.

There was a tatoo on the guys face which looked like a code. His pair of green pupils looked like leopards constantly looking for preys. On top of his brown hair, he wore a western officer hat.

Pluto, reporting from Sauron! the guy said energetically with a strong British accent while his hand formed an accurate gesture of the noble. He looked at Yang Chen with utmost respect, his eyes looked like they were filled with fire.

Yang Chen involuntarily yearned at the past while he heard the same old voice. Using English, he said, Sauron, long time no see. Is everybody doing well?

Except that all of us are missing Our Majesty Pluto, all of us are having a great time, Sauron said. He seemed like he was smiling, but his face wasnt cooperating, as if it was made using metal, looking rather weird.

Yang Chen breathed out some smoke. Sauron, I told you a lot of times that youre not my slave nor my servant. Youre my friend. Relax.

Sauron grinned, revealing teeth that had turned black. Your Majesty Pluto, Im already very relaxed. You must understand that Im giving utmost respect to someone who has helped me significantly. I guess my brothers and your other friends all have the same thought. Please believe that all of us are happy to be friend with someone as strong as you. But this process is rather difficult. You never gave us time to get used to it.

Alright, alright. It seems like youve been spending too much time with the old man Constantine. Youre starting to get good at repeating words over and over again, Yang Chen said.

Smiling, Sauron replied, Ron is an interesting man, but hes way too stingy. When I came back from Italy last week, he only gave me two bottles of Margaret from 1980s. I clearly saw that he salvaged some champagne from the 19th century.

Dont you know what Rons life-long philosophy is?

I know. Money comes from savings! Sigh, I hope that even Satan can forgive this stupid old man. I bet even the devils detest his stinginess!

Hes a Catholic member. You dont need to worry that the person you have faith in would dislike him, Yang Chen said.

Sauron shook his head, saying, No, no, no. Please believe me, Your Majesty Pluto, the fellow Ron is definitely a fake Catholic member. Hes very aware that he cant get into heaven. His clothing can only be used to trick women who only know how to dress themselves up. In my eyes, they are no different from broken cloths. He even wants to earn the money from intercontinental missile. Im very angry at this!

Yang Chen couldnt help but to laugh when he saw Sauron who was displeased. You guys are still this interesting, he said.

Yeah, Your Majesty Pluto, although we all think that these are serious matters, you see them as interesting shows. Why did you go back to China? I hate countries where I need to get permission from before I play with machine guns, Sauron said.

Sauron, I dont think any country can satisfy your hobby. So I dont feel like explaining why I came back to China. I actually hope that you can help me. Thats why I find you today.

Saurons eyes shone. Your Majesty Pluto, are you finally going to draw out your devil claws again? Tell me, is it Middle East? North Africa? Or is it Amazon Rainforest? Damn it! My blood is boiling already! If theres a naval battle, I guess I can send out a few nuclear submarines. These fellows are very powerful after being modified!

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen shook his head before saying, Sauron, the world is really peaceful these years. I dont hope to initiate a war myself.

Oh Im sorry. I forgot that Your Majesty Pluto has reached God Rank and cant step in during times like this. Then may I ask what mission it is? My friends and I will be happy to serve you!

Thank you, Sauron. Actually, its nothing serious. I hope that you can send a team of Sea Eagles to the central ocean of China. I need teammates who excel in disguise. Their power levels dont have to be too high. Also, help me track down someone, but this is absolutely confidential. Ill send the persons information and contact details to you later, Yang Chen said. He listed out all his requests directly.

Sauron greeted with a gesture used in the navy army. I will accomplish the mission in glory!

Thank you, Yang Chen replied before cutting the connection off. He then sent the prepared details over.

After getting this matter done, Yang Chen went back to his bed and wanted to take an afternoon nap. At this moment, his phone vibrated once again.