My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Cant Explain Myself
Can't Explain Myself

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Vroom! Vroom!

The sound generated by the engine of modified motorcycles resounded. Three motorcycles with headlights switched on approached the trolley stall. Each rider was wearing a black trench coat and a helmet.

The front wheels of two motorcycles were lifted and started spinning on the ground with only the rear wheels. The other motorcycle rode on the front wheel and spun like a dragon swinging its tail. If young people who loved excitement were present, theyd undoubtedly be surprised.

Yang Chen didnt pay much attention. He turned his sight to where Zhenxiu was looking at. They were three individuals who caused countless headaches to the police in Zhonghai for speeding on highways.

Zhenxius expression turned serious. She suddenly removed her white gloves used for cooking. Uncle, no matter what happens later, go and hide behind the trolley. You mustnt do anything stupid! she said.

Why? Did they come for you? Yang Chen asked.

Dont ask any questions. If you dont follow what I say, dont blame me for not reminding you when you get injured! Zhenxiu said quickly.

Without waiting for Yang Chens response, Zhenxiu walked forward towards the three motorcyclists beside the road.

They stopped their bikes and removed their helmets, revealing three young and insolent faces. All of them had ear piercings and the hairstyle of an advance guard.

The leader had long hair, sparse beard and the handsome look of a rough person. There was a black shark with open mouth tattooed on his neck, giving people the feeling of violence.

Yang Chen felt excited and curious. He drank liquor while he watched how Zhenxiu confronted the three.

Zhenxiu, finding you was really difficult, the guy said with an evil smile.

Shark, I said it many times. I have already quit. Im not related to you guys in any way. Why cant you guys let me go? Zhenxiu said fearlessly with a cold expression.

Humph. Smiling, Shark said, Quit? Xu Zhenxiu, entering this path would mean staying here forever. Whats so bad about following us? Youd get to eat meat and drink beer, much better than trying so hard to run your broken stall.

Thats what you think. I only want to be a good person now, Zhenxiu replied.

Are you thinking of leaving us brothers for that? Xu Zhenxiu, stop being so naive. Do you think other people would believe you? Do you think the police would believe you? Or the bunch of idiots in society? Who would want to employ you? Except us, who dares to be your friend? Who dares to believe you? Shark said in contempt.

Thats my business. Go away, dont come and find me anymore, Zhenxiu said before turning around. Grief appeared in her eyes, but she didnt let anyone see it.

Grinning, Shark said, Xu Zhenxiu, the women that I, Shark, want to get have never been able to escape from my palms. I have given you more than enough time. However, since you never understand, I'll give you a hand!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he hopped onto his bike. Vroom! He started his bike engine and made a u-turn. Shark was thinking of rushing towards Zhenxius trolley stall!

Zhenxiu reacted very quickly. In a short moment, she appeared beside Shark. Using her slim and white hands, she grabbed onto Sharks shoulders and pulled him to the side!

Sharks robust body got thrown onto the floor by Zhenxiu!

Brother Shark! the other two riders shouted. They rushed forward instantly to attack Zhenxiu.

Anger finally appeared in Zhenxius eyes. She rushed forward and started punching and kicking the two.

Yang Chen didnt step in. He had a rough idea of what happened as he heard the conversation between Zhenxiu and Shark. Zhenxiu should be one of their motorcycle gang members, and she mustn't have been just a simple gang member. Zhenxiu wanted to quit now, but those people weren't willing to let her go.

Looking at Zhenxius fighting stance, it could be seen that she hadnt just been through one or two years of training. Judging from her basic fighting reactions, she mustve had countless fighting experience. Every strike she landed was merciless, and she grasped every minute opportunity.

However, Zhenxiu was a girl after all. Although her strength was much better than an ordinary girl, fighting alone against 3 guys was rather exhausting.

After Shark got up angrily, he tried to attack Zhenxiu for quite a few rounds. Finally, she got kicked by one of the riders from the back by being careless.

Ah! Zhenxiu shouted in pain. She got knocked towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen used one arm to hug her. After making sure she wasnt heavily injured, he said to the surrounding three riders, Can you guys stop being so shameless? Fighting a girl as a guy is bad enough, let alone going 3 against 1. Whats the meaning of this?

Who are you? Why arent you minding your own business?!

Piss off, before I stab you! Shark shouted fiercely.

When Zhenxiu got hugged by Yang Chens arm, she tried her best to get away from Yang Chen out of shyness and anger, but didnt succeed. She could feel a boiling hot arm covering her waist. The sensitive Zhenxiu could hear her own anxious heartbeat.

Uncle, go away! Dont get involved! Zhenxiu shouted nervously.

Yang Chen reached out using another hand and touched Zhenxius springy face. Its not good to fight as a girl. Since you decided to be a good person, you should learn to be a good girl, he said.

Zhenxiu got stunned by the sudden intimacy. At that moment, she seemed to have forgotten everything which was happening around her.

Violence appeared in Sharks eyes. Zhenxiu, is this a new guy you found for yourself? He doesnt look too impressive, Shark said.

With her eyes reddened, Zhenxiu struggled like crazy and finally got away from Yang Chen. Blocking in front of him, she said, Hes just my customer. This has nothing to do with him. Come at me if you have the balls. Ill take everything today!

Humph! Whether or not hes involved isnt determined by you. Both of you, dont even think about getting away today. Zhenxiu, Ill let you know how worthless you are after leaving us

When Shark finished speaking, the other two riders rushed forward. Three of them surrounded closely around Zhenxiu.

When Zhenxiu turned around and wanted to ask Yang Chen to run, she noticed that Yang Chen wasnt behind her anymore.


The shouts by two people could be heard at the same time. When Zhenxiu turned back, the two riders who were fearless and arrogant a moment ago, got taken down by Yang Chen together, each using only one arm.

Yang Chen looked at Shark without any expression. Before Shark struck back, he gave a slap on Sharks face!


Shark lost balance and fell onto the ground. Feeling dizzy, he fainted rather heavily.

Facing three fellows like them, Yang Chen could easily kill them without opening his eyes.

Zhenxiu couldnt digest what happened earlier. She dared not to believe the gentle and polite uncle to be this strong when he was mad!

Suddenly, the sound of police sirens resounded. Two patrolling police bikes came over with police lights and sirens on.

The residents living nearby may have seen what happened earlier and called the police.

Zhenxiu suddenly turned pale. Pushing Yang Chen nervously, she said, Uncle, run away now! The police is here! Itd be bad if youre caught!

Why should we run? This isnt our responsibility, Yang Chen said smilingly.

Zhenxiu didnt have the time to explain to Yang Chen. Yang Chen refused to leave while she couldnt escape and leave her stall behind. Furthermore, she wouldnt be able to forgive herself if she ran herself after Yang Chen helped her. Right now, she could only stomp at her place and embrace whatever was going to happen next.

The two patrolling officers went down their bikes and immediately took out their guns, asking, Whats going on?!

Before Yang Chen and Zhenxiu opened their mouths, the two thugs who were lying on the ground said loudly, Brother Police, this pair of dog couple beat us! Quickly arrest them!

No! Thats not the case! They came to mess with us first! Zhenxiu explained.

Frowning, the police officers looked at Yang Chen and Zhenxiu before turning to the three modified bikes behind. Smiling coldly, they said, Shut up. Everyone must follow us to the police station!

Very quickly, the patrolling officers called a truck and an on-duty van over to fetch the five people to the police station.

Zhenxius trolley and the three bikes got confiscated by the police.

After ten minutes, five of them got pushed down the car by the police. Zhenxiu felt really apologetic when she saw that Yang Chen got brought there as well. She said softly, Im sorry.

Yang Chen smiled like nothing happened. Dont be. Just dont ask me to pay for the meal earlier.

Zhenxiu who looked gloomy finally smiled broadly. Thank you, Uncle.

In his heart, Yang Chen was actually blaming himself. He wondered why he came to the police station once again. It was obvious that he was particularly fated with the police ever since he returned to the country.

When Yang Chen entered the extremely familiar office, lots of police officers looked at him with a strange expression. Evidently, they were all wondering why this man came in again.

The three thugs had a special treatment. They got brought to an interrogation room immediately, where theyd get taken care of by professionals. The previously arrogant Shark suddenly became obedient when he reached the police station. He seemed to have suffered in this place before.

At this moment, Cai Yan walked into the office while she spoke with a few police officers. When she saw Yang Chen and a girl being questioned, she frowned and dismissed the police officers. Approaching the two, she asked, Yang Chen, what happened to you again?

When Yang Chen saw Cai Yan, he felt slightly embarrassed. He smiled faintly and explained what happened earlier.

When Zhenxiu saw Cai Yan, she looked like a mouse that bumped into a cat. She lowered her head until it almost touched her chest. She got shocked when she saw Yang Chen talking to Cai Yan like they were close friends.

After Cai Yan listened to Yang Chens explanation, she tapped Zhenxius shoulders smilingly before saying, Zhenxiu, its your fourth time here already.

Zhenxiu pouted and didnt dare to look at Cai Yan in the eyes. Her eyes slowly got wet. She said, Chief Cai, I I I didnt do it on purpose

Fourth time? Yang Chen got shocked. This kid isnt someone easy to deal with!

When Zhenxiu noticed the change in Yang Chens expression, she took it as Yang Chen started hating her. Looking more and more gloomy, she lowered her head once again and kept quiet.

When Cai Yan noticed the situation, she looked at Yang Chen weirdly. She leaned forward and whispered, Yang Chen, cant you let go of a girl this young? She just turned 18 recently.

Didnt she say she was 20? It seems like she faked her age Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, What are you talking about? I have only known her starting today.

Zhenxiu thought that Yang Chen wanted nothing to do with her. As her heart ached, she immediately went along Yang Chens intention. Chief Cai, Uncle is a customer passing my stall today. Hes not involved at all. I beg you, please leave Uncle out of this, she said.

Both Yang Chen and Cai Yan got shocked. They didnt think that Zhenxiu would still think of helping Yang Chen at this situation.

Looking at the worried and honest look on Zhenxius face, Cai Yan didnt believe what Yang Chen said. She sighed lightly and looked at Yang Chen fiercely.

Yang Chen didnt know how to react. How am I supposed to explain myself?!