My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Seat

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After having the particularly difficult dinner with Yang Chen, the two left the lobster restaurant.

The air was filled with the smell of various snacks, but none of them had the capacity left to eat more food.

Looking at the shops around, Lin Ruoxi asked, Where are we going to get Wang Ma medicine?

We cant get it on this street. We need cross two streets, Yang Chen replied.

Then why did we come here to eat? Lin Ruoxi got displeased. To her, time wasting was an unacceptable behaviour.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen smiled and said, I didnt think much. I just felt like eating lobsters and came here.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes and wanted to walk towards the parking area, but got pulled by Yang Chen again.

Lets not drive there. Well walk, take it as an exercise after dinner to aid digestion. Its only around a kilometer away, very convenient, Yang Chen said.

But well waste a lot of time this way, Lin Ruoxi said.

Disappointed, Yang Chen asked, Miss Lin Ruoxi, what are you going to do after rushing home?

Work, Lin Ruoxi answered without hesitating.

Why do you have to work so hard? Yang Chen asked.

Its of course to let the company develop, Lin Ruoxi answered very quickly as well.

What happens after the company develops then? Yang Chen asked yet another question.

Then then Lin Ruoxi had nothing to say. She didnt understand why she worked so hard as well. Back then, she got looked down upon due to her age, so she wanted to prove herself, and she had to compete with other companies in the industry

However, Yu Lei International basically had no direct competitor currently. Talking about the responsibility of an entrepreneur, Lin Ruoxi would admit that she didnt have such a noble quality. So when Yang Chen asked what she worked so hard for, she really couldnt give a logical answer.

If you dont have an answer temporarily, I advise you to walk one kilometer with me. Newton could discover gravity while sitting. Stupid Girl, youre not as smart as Newton, but walking for a while is definitely better than him sitting. Life highly depends on exercising. Yang Chen spit out a bunch of nonsense before pulling Lin Ruoxi to walk on the street.

After a while, Lin Ruoxi finally found out what was wrong with Yang Chens statement. Did you just call me Stupid Girl?!

Yang Chen put on a serious expression. Look at you, you reacted so slowly. What are you if you arent a stupid girl?

Lin Ruoxi turned her head away and ignored his shameless guy.

The two walked on the side road shone upon by street lights. Their stretched shadows appeared on the ground side-by-side.

Since it was a suburb, there werent many people walking around. The people who passed by occasionally would glance at the two a few times.

Yang Chen knew that regardless of gender, everyone couldnt help but to peek at the lady beside him a few more times upon seeing her. In a sense, bringing a wife like Lin Ruoxi on the streets would boost the ego of any man. This male instinct was present in every man, it was only a matter size, as small as a worm or as big as an elephant.

Lin Ruoxi walked on the streets very seldomly, so she felt rather uncomfortable.

The two finally found a pharmacy chain after a while. Upon entering the shop, Yang Chen explained what type of medicine he needed. Actually, Wang Ma had already taken medication earlier. Saying that he wanted to buy some was only an excuse to trick Lin Ruoxi out. However, since he was here already, he had to put up an act.

Lin Ruoxi knew nothing about medicines, so she waited for Yang Chen at the entrance. After Yang Chen purchased the stuff he needed, they walked out of the shop together.

Coming to the streets again, Yang Chen saw that Lin Ruoxi was walking with her head lowered. Knowing that she disliked being gazed upon, he said, Dear, well take a bus back.

A bus? Lin Ruoxi got shocked as she raised her head. She hadnt relied on public transportation for many years.

You hadnt had lobsters before, dont tell me you havent boarded a bus as well, Yang Chen said with a smile.

Youre the one who hasnt boarded one before, Lin Ruoxi said. Looking around, she discovered a bus stop on her right which was empty. They then walked over there.

It was nine oclock at night, most people went home from work already and the night life hadnt started yet so there was almost no one in the bus route.

After waiting for five minutes, a bus heading to the parking area arrived.

Yang Chen boarded the bus together with Lin Ruoxi. After stuffing a few coins, he noticed that there were only three to four passengers onboard.

Lin Ruoxi looked for a seat along the walkway and sat down, leaving the seat by the window empty. What she meant was obviousshe didnt want Yang Chen to sit with her together.

Pouting, Yang Chen walked forward with a smile. Tapping Lin Ruoxis fragrant shoulder, he said, Be obedient, sit by the window.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and said expressionlessly, There are empty seats everywhere. Cant you find a random spot and sit more comfortably? Why must you sit beside me?

If you dont obey me, Ill kiss you, Yang Chen said with an evil smile.

Lin Ruoxi blushed as she stared at Yang Chen. Worried that this gangster would really do as he said, she instantly moved inside.

Satisfied, Yang Chen sat beside Lin Ruoxi. He even squeezed his butt inwards, to get closer to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi almost went crazy. She thought, why is this man so shameless? He threatened me after I forbade him to sit beside now. Now that he got what he wanted, why is he pressing me?

You youre ridiculous! Why must you sit beside me? Arent there lots of seats in the bus? Lin Ruoxi complained angrily.

Yang Chen smiled and slotted his hand into the pocket of his coat before fidgeting with something. Looking at Lin Ruoxi, he said, There are indeed alot of seats in the bus. But beside me, theres only one seatyou.


Lin Ruoxis moist eyes widened as she remained silent for a while. She could only feel her heart jumping around uncontrollably.

Beside me, theres only one seatyou

However, after getting the weird feeling for a split second, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have recalled something. Smiling coldly, she said, Dont think Im as easily deceived as a three-year-old. Do you think that Im not aware of how many seats there are beside you?

Yang Chen slowly let out a smile. Regardless of how many seats there are, your seat will always be your seat, not someone elses. This is the case now, and itll always be the case in the future. At least thats how I truly think.

Lin Ruoxi pouted before turning her head to look at the night scene outside. She didnt want Yang Chen to look at her facial expression.

At this moment, Yang Chen suddenly grabbed Lin Ruoxis palm with one arm before putting it on his thigh.

Lin Ruoxi quivered slightly before instantly wanting to pull her arm back and scolding Yang Chen. However, she saw that Yang Chen took a bandaid out from his coats pocket.

Smiling at Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen said, I bought this for you from the pharmacy earlier. I brought my wife out for dinner and let her bleed, Im indeed a failure. I bought the best one for you, I heard that the scar wont remain after using this. Ill stick it for you.

Lin Ruoxi gazed at Yang Chen as her mind slowly went blank, thinking about nothing.

She looked at Yang Chen tear the packaging and carefully align the bandaid on her minor wound before sticking it around. After finishing the application, he even tucked it lightly to flatten the surface.

Lin Ruoxis hand was soft and fleshy, like it didnt contain any bone. When Yang Chen held it in his arms, he was unwilling to let it go. Lin Ruoxi still hadnt forcefully withdrawn her hand yet, so Yang Chen took advantage of the situation as he fondled with her palm with his hands. Rubbing and kneading her hand, Yang Chen said, This bandaid certainly seems like a decoration as well. At least it looks great on my wifes hand.

Lin Ruoxi finally awakened and withdrew her hand. Thinking of how Yang Chen caressed it earlier, Lin Ruoxis cheeks reddened out of shyness. She wanted find a hole to hide in, and even break the window before jumping out!

Ddont do this next time Lin Ruoxi didnt know what to do.

Yang Chen was smiling happily. He was obviously very pleased after taking advantage of her.

Returning to the parking area, they entered the car.

Fastening the seat belt, Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi who had her head lowered all this time with her pink cheeks. Smiling, he said, Go and visit someone with me.

Lin Ruoxi still hadnt recovered from the shyness. She asked softly, Visit who?

One of my younger sisters. I knew her two days ago and promised to bring my wife to see her, Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare as she didnt believe what he said.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, My dear wife, do you think Id so daringly bring you to meet a woman of that relation?

You finally admitted you have women of that relation. After getting irritated by Yang Chens words, she finally returned to her usual cold behaviour.

Yang Chen felt that Lin Ruoxi wasnt as cute as before. He shrugged silently and turned on the car engine before driving towards the eastern suburb.

After around 15 minutes, Yang Chen arrived at the street where he met Zhenxiu back then. As expected, Zhenxiu could be seen at her stall from afar.

Yang Chen exit the car and brought Lin Ruoxi to the trolley stall.

Zhenxiu wore an old, dark green vest. Although she was dressed in an old-fashioned manner, her sharp facial features and huge, bright eyes made her look elegant despite how simple she wore.

When Zhenxiu greeted a customer off, she saw Yang Chen who was approaching her before immediately revealing a smile.

Brother Yang! Zhenxiu exclaimed as she got surprised. She said, Why are you free to visit me today?

Yang Chen very casually took a skewer of bamboo shoots from the spicy soup and took a bite. He said, Didnt you say you wanted to meet Sister-In-Law? I brought her here for you to see. You need to give me a discount. A five percent discount wont cut it, I want at least half price.

Zhenxiu wrinkled her nose as she smiled before taking a look behind Yang Chen. She noticed Lin Ruoxi who just arrived at her stall.

However, when Zhenxius and Lin Ruoxis eyes met, both of them stood stiffly as their expressions turned rigid as well.