My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Embarrassing Act
Embarrassing Act

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After staying for an intense and warm night, Yang Chen suddenly remembered that he didnt make a call to home last night when fetching Mo Qianni back to the company.

He didnt plan on staying overnight at the farm stay yesterday. Furthermore, Mo Qiannis old wound suddenly started taking effect again. After that, a fire started between them. When the love was concentrated, he forgot the ice-cold phone call again!

Yang Chen didnt know what to feel in his heart. After bidding farewell to Mo Qianni, he pondered on whether he should give Lin Ruoxi a call or not.

If a cold war were to start between them once again, he could only endure and wait for time to heal, since he was the one who promised to inform her whenever he wasnt going home.

Having hesitated for a while, Yang Chen still decided to call Lin Ruoxi. After a short while, the call got connected.

What is it Lin Ruoxi sounded really tired. It was rare for her to talk to Yang Chen this way. She didnt sound so domineering.

Erm regarding yesterday night, Yang Chen said before clearing his throat, Im sorry. Some things happened too unexpectedly, so I forgot to inform you. Im calling now to ask for the respected wifes forgiveness.

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet for quite a while. She then said, Didnt you come home yesterday night?

Yang Chen got shocked. Why doesnt Lin Ruoxi know?

Ive been working all night in the office. I didnt go home, Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen almost vomited blood onto the steering wheel. If his men knew about his embarrassing act, he bet theyd laugh lying on the ground.

But really quickly, he noticed something wrong. Frowning, he said, Why did you work overtime all night? Are you really a workaholic? Do you think youre the champion of triathlons, or some heroine with strong fighting capabilities from some random mountain? If you faint as a result of overworking, arent you afraid that no one will be there to save you?

Whats wrong with your metaphors? So what if I work overtime? Do you think youre really impressive staying outside all night? Lin Ruoxi retorted with a cold voice.

Yang Chen continued debating. Theyre completely different things. Im definitely at fault, but it isnt right for you to mistreat your body. I told you many times, you should delegate the tasks to your employees. When youre doing everything yourself, not only will you get exhausted, your workers wont have a chance to perform. Does your brain belong to a pig?!

Did you just scold me as a pig brain?! Lin Ruoxis tone got raised really high. She couldnt believe that Yang Chen would scold her loudly. However, she didnt know how to say something rude. On the phone, she said the word, You for really long, but no words seemed to have followed.

Yang Chen felt that he indeed got rather emotional. He quickly said, Erm I wasnt scolding you. I just felt that your body would collapse eventually if you dont change your working habit. I was just persuading you to alter your workaholic behaviour. Since youre not getting enough sleep nor are you eating properly, you need to know that wrinkles will form very easily this way although youre young. Menopause will come early as well!

Gangster! You you dont need to care about my menopause! Lin Ruoxi almost fainted.

This I was really just analyzing the situation from a medical perspective, Yang Chen said before coughing a few times, In short, youre not allowed to work at night in the future. If I ever find out, Ill kick your door down and pull you out from the office. Or Ill stand beside you like a steel pillar. Ill see how you work at that time!

I dont want to talk about this issue with you anymore, I have a meeting to attend later. Dont forget about the charity function tonight by Liu clan. Ill call you at around three oclock in the afternoon and tell you what to do, Lin Ruoxi said before immediately ending the call.

In the office, Lin Ruoxi contemplated her phone silently. Having spoken so much nonsense with the shameless man, but why dont I feel annoyed? she thought.

Lin Ruoxi stopped thinking about it. Although she worked overtime all night, she still had a bunch of tasks to take care of, not to mention the meeting she needed to attend immediately.

Feeling dismal, Yang Chen drove to his own office. He noticed that Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were already waiting for him there.

Did anything happen, that you two came this early? Yang Chen got shocked.

Smiling, Zhao Teng stood up and said, Director Yang, well be signing contracts with Miss Shitu this afternoon. We purposely brought the contract here for you to look through.

Yang Chen didnt think Rose would complete the task this quickly. Receiving the contract expressionlessly, he quickly read through the contract. Generally, the contents inside were about the same as he imagined, but the specific partnered project wasnt determined yet.

This contract can gain us at least 200 million of funds combined with what we currently have. Have you guys decided on what to do with them? Yang Chen asked.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie looked at each other for a while. At last, Wang Jie opened her mouth to say, Director, although we can sign a few well-known producers and artists in our current situation, were still barely able to launch our own TV series which is strongly associated with our brand. Itd affect our promotional effect. Were thinking of launching our own talent show as previously suggested. Not only do we have enough funds, doing such an activity would boost our companys reputation significantly.

Its a good choice, I personally support the idea, Yang Chen said as he nodded.

Wang Jie hesitated for a while before saying, However, the most important part in such a project is the judges. Im afraid that using ordinary senior producers or singers wouldnt be enough. So I hope Director can think of whether you can invite a few most influential superstars to become our judges.

Yang Chen thought, it seems like these two have noticed my extraordinary background, and want to use my influence to get some big shots to help out the situation. However, this isnt a challenging task at all.

Alright. Although it is a bit difficult, its not entirely impossible. Ill give you guys an answer within a month. You may start planning the overall event soon, Yang Chen said.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie smiled out of satisfaction. They chatted for a while relaxedly before leaving the office.

After taking care of some insignificant matters, Yang Chen slept in his office for a while. In the afternoon, he rushed to the headquarters of Yu Lei International to have lunch with Zhao Hongyan and the other ladies. Being unproductive, Yang Chen somehow managed to pass time until three oclock previously planned by Lin Ruoxi.

Incredibly puntual, Yang Chens mobile phone vibrated at three oclock sharp.

Yang Chen picked up the call and heard Lin Ruoxis emotionless voice.

Come to my parking slot, Lin Ruoxi said before directly ending the call.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. This woman really liked to end calls with him. It seemed like he could only hope for one day where she could finally say goodbye.

However, if Yang Chen would get bothered about such a minor matter, he wouldve been pissed to death long ago. Carefreely running to Lin Ruoxis parking slot, he noticed that Lin Ruoxi was waiting for him beside her red Bentley together with a tall man who wore a necktie and a western suit.