My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Lets Not Go Anymore
Lets Not Go Anymore

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It was Yang Chens second time seeing Lin Ruoxi together with a young and unknown man. The first one was Zeng Xinlin who crawled back to Beijing after getting defeated. Similar to his first experience, Yang Chen wasnt feeling too happy this time as well.

As a result, Yang Chens expression evidently turned gloomy.

However, when he approached them, the tall man bowed humbly and said, Director Yang, good afternoon.

Shocked, Yang Chen said, Youre

Im Li Ming from the security department of Yu Lei International. Boss asked me to be todays driver, Li Ming said politely.

Since Yu Lei International was this huge, Yang Chen wouldnt feel surprised if Lin Ruoxi were to tell him she had a private security company. So when Li Ming said he was the temporary driver, Yang Chen instantly understood the situation.

Tonights charity event was held at a very large scale. Excluding the dance party and charity session, thered naturally be a time where everyone could socialize while drinking wine. If he drove after consuming alcohol, getting caught by the police would be troublesome. It wasnt that big of a deal usually, however, under so many pairs of eyes, whoever embarrassed would feel unfortunate.

Yang Chen turned his head to look at Lin Ruoxi who sat entered the car herself. He apparently misunderstood her. When he thought about it, it actually made sense, since Lin Ruoxi didnt look like a lady who had male friends.

Trying to please, Li Ming ran towards to a side to open the rear door of the Bentley for Yang Chen before getting back to the drivers seat and driving out of Yu Lei International.

Sitting beside Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen turned his head to look at her. She looked as cold as an ice mountain, but her absolutely beautiful cheeks looked rather pale and dull. Having worked all night yesterday and tirelessly today, it was impressive enough that Lin Ruoxis eyes were still opened.

Youre really thoughtful. I didnt even think of asking someone to drive for us. Yang Chen tried to initiate a conversation.

Due to what happened this morning, Lin Ruoxi was still displeased with Yang Chen. She could guess that this fellow went out for women once again, thinking solely with her feet. Annoyed, she stared at him before saying, Do you think Im similar to you?

What similar?

I dont do filthy things, Lin Ruoxi said straightforwardly.

Speechless, Yang Chen looked at Li Ming who was focused on driving before turning to Lin Ruoxi. He said awkwardly, Cant we talk about this in private? Why did you call me filthy in front of someone else?

Smiling coldly, Lin Ruoxi asked, Since you dare to do it, are you possibly still afraid of being known by others? Rest assured, hes now deaf.

Yang Chen got speechless once again. When this woman got irritated, she really was horrifying, as Yang Chen could clearly see that Li Ming who was driving in front had cold sweat coming out of his forehead.

Li Ming was struggling silently at this moment. He didnt know hed listen to such sensitive information while he fetched his boss this once. However, to keep his job, there was only one thing he could dosticking everything he heard into his stomach!

The Bentley wasnt heading to anywhere else, but to Dragon Garden. According to Lin Ruoxis words, she wanted to change her clothing and swap a car at the same time. The elegant red Bentley was her usual car. Attending such an important event, she wanted to switch a car that would suit the occasion more.

When moments like this came, women would take a significantly longer time to prepare than men, regardless of how swiftly they usually acted.

Yang Chen walked to his room and took out a simple low-collared Armani that looked like a formal suit. Without buttoning his shirt up, he tied a bow tie and simply combed his hair. Although he didnt look too impressive, he could definitely qualify to attend that kind of event. At least his aura wasnt any inferior to a playboy.

He went downstairs to wait for Lin Ruoxi. After around forty minutes, she slowly walked down the stairs.

Yang Chen wanted to make a complaint for the long waiting time, however the moment he turned around, the person he glanced at made him hold his breath, making him unable to say a word.

Hair tied up in a bun, Lin Ruoxi looked like a completely different person in her full black, silk formal dress.

The black gown worn looked true-to-life, like it was splashed by ink. Following the sway of her hips, Lin Ruoxis arms which were exposed in the air, combined with her exquisite collarbone and her snow-like skin looked breathtaking.

Usually, it could be seen that Lin Ruoxi had a decent figure. However, since she wore loose pyjamas and office suits most of the time, she didnt appear too unique. At this moment, her tight-fitting gown wrapped around her graceful body with a height of near 1.7 meters, paired with black crystal heels inlaid with South African diamonds. Her perfect curves looked like an artwork done by the most outstanding artist.

The more ridiculous thing was this womans financial capability. Her pure, light blue gems with an unknown origin looked highly reflective and glamorous. Wrapped in a platinum frame, it was evidently produced by a world-famous jeweller.

Having seen numerous jewelries, Yang Chen quickly recognized the item. It was the most rare
cornflower blue produced in Kashmir!

Several pieces of blue gems together with countless azure diamond fragments formed Lin Ruoxis necklace, earrings and bracelets. Especially the enormous blue gem in front of her chest, they all looked like a depthless ocean. This set of jewelries made the already hot and beautiful woman look extraordinarily elegant and graceful.

Lin Ruoxi usually had a light layer of make-up on when she went out. For tonights event, she specially applied some lip gloss and drew her brows, causing her sharp facial features to appear exceptionally alluring.

Approaching Yang Chen without any expression, Lin Ruoxi said, Leave.

Yang Chen finally regained consciousness. Sighing, he said, Dear, lets not go anymore.

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi asked, Why? Are you backing down right before the battle?!

No, thats not the case. Yang Chen endured his desire of rushing up like a hungry wolf. Looking at the woman who exerted a jasmine-like fragrance, he felt rather proud deep down his heart. If you attend the event dressed like this, every man would look at you. I would get hurt that way. You know, I grew up selling mutton skewers, little men like me are the pettiest.

Lin Ruoxi didnt know what she was supposed to do to this shameless yet funny man. Biting her lip, she said, Stop joking around, I merely put on a slightly different attire. Didnt I still get stared upon when I walked on the streets wearing normally?

Yang Chen pondered. What she said made sense. The two times where he walked with Lin Ruoxi on the streets, passersby would gaze at her.

It seems like I have to kidnap her to a deserted little island. No, I should bring every woman to the island so that only I myself can look at them

As he made his future plans, Yang Chen stood up and walked out of the door after saying goodbye to Wang Ma.

In front of the bungalow, there stood Li Ming who was standing beside a brand new black Rolls-Royce. When he saw the two coming out of the house, he opened the rear door.

Yang Chen had seen this car in Lin Ruoxis huge parking garage earlier. He didnt expect that it would ever be driven.

People didnt usually get a Rolls-Royce for its excellent characteristics, they only wanted it as a form of status. Of course, sitting in a car like this was undoubtedly comfortable.

When Li Ming saw how Lin Ruoxi was dressed, he too got stiff and oblivious for a while. When he noticed Yang Chens unhappy expression, he quickly hopped in the car like he was escaping from prison. He didnt dare to lay his eyes on Lin Ruoxi for even half a second from that moment onwards.

Not only was she his employer, a guy who could marry such a woman definitely had an uncommon background. Li Ming rationally chose to act deaf mute as he secretly developed envy for Yang Chens blessing.

The banquet organized by Liu family was held at a five-star, resort-like hotel which was one of the subsidiaries of Jade Clouds Corporation owned by Liu family. Being the second of Zhonghai, inferior only to Yuan clan, Liu family naturally invited a lot of people who normally had high rankings to attend their charity event. As a result, they couldnt hold their event at a random and noisy hotel, so they chose to use this resort which was located near the South mountainous area of Zhonghai.

The car journey went on for an entire hour. On the back seat of the Rolls-Royce, Yang Chen could smell the charming fragrance constantly released from Lin Ruoxis body. His mood got excited to an unprecedented level. Bringing such a woman to attend a dinner event would not only bring him pride, but challenge as well.

The two hadnt spoken the entire time. Yang Chen constantly had something up his mind. After around ten minutes, Yang Chen suddenly felt a slight pressure coming from his left shoulder.

Following the swaying of the car, Lin Ruoxi blurrily leaned her head on Yang Chen as she felt asleep as she was overly exhausted.

Having stayed awake and worked for the entire day, it was impressive enough that this woman managed to hold herself to this moment. Furthermore, Lin Ruoxi made extra preparations to attend this grand dinner, suddenly making Yang Chen feel rather bad.

Although he had his own hardship, he mightve truly caused Lin Ruoxi to work this hard for him. He couldnt help but feel anguished.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have forgotten that the man beside her was Yang Chen. She subconsciously hoped that she was able to get a dependable shoulder that she could lie on, to let her rest.

Yang Chen remained silent. He quietly adjusted his shoulder so that Lin Ruoxi could sleep more comfortably.

The Rolls-Royce was really steady while the interior was very quiet. Li Ming who had been driving didnt dare to look at the rear mirror to check on the situation behind.

Lin Ruoxi looked like a child who had fallen asleep. Lying on Yang Chens shoulder, her fine and pink lips were slightly opened, causing her to exhale an orchid-like scent and look incredibly innocent and cute.

Yang Chen lowered his head as fondness appeared in his eyes. He couldnt help but to hope that the car was driven slower and slower, to let this hardworking woman sleep for a while more.