My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Appreciation Birth From Lost
Appreciation Birth from Lost

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Its truly rare that Mr Yang is here, and we have such opportunity to meet each other again, Liu Yun said with a gentle smile. His handsome appearance had earned him countless favors from wealthy women.

Yang Chen seemed rather dull. Although he knew that Liu Yun didnt brought good intent to greet him, he still had to bite the bullet and face the situation.

Yes, its really rare, but I havent been looking forward to it, Yang Chen replied smilingly.

Liu Yun laughed. Father just told me that Mr Yang is married, with your wife being Boss Lin from Yu Lei International. How envious!

Lin Ruoxi was still talking with the Cai sisters. All of them looked at Yang Chen out of curiosity. None of them understood why Yang Chen and Liu Yun knew each other.

After youre done getting jealous, you may leave, Yang Chen said as he waved his hand. He didnt want to entertain Liu Yun.

Lin Ruoxi frowned. She brought Yang Chen here with the hope that he could socialize with major families like Liu family, to push him to the upper class. Yang Chens behavior wasnt what she wanted to see. Trying to save the situation, she said, Yang Chen, stop joking around.

Yang Chen felt gloomy, Do I look like Im joking?

Liu Yun got really excited as he sort of knew how to deal with Yang Chen. Looking at Liu Ruoxi, he said sincerely, You must be Boss Lin. Although its our first time seeing each other, Father has talked about Boss Lins exceptional wisdom many times before. Youre the model that we, as people in the same generation, should learn from. I didnt know you were married to Mr Yang at such a young age. It certainly surprised me.

Unlike the others, Liu Yun didnt start praising Lin Ruoxis appearance. He took the approach of talking about business first. Evidently, Lin Ruoxi seemed pleased.

How did Manager Liu get to know my husband? Im rather curious, Lin Ruoxi asked casually, but she was indeed rather curious.

Yang Chen took a deep breath of the cold air, while Liu Yun had been waiting for this line all this time!

This erm, how do i start? I guess we can talk about it privately next time, Liu Yun said with an innocent and regretful act.

Judging by the situation, every witness would think that Yang Chen had done something offensive to Liu Yun before. Many people started to look at Yang Chen with a weird gaze.

Suddenly, Liu Yun started speaking again, Ah, Im sorry. I didnt see Chief Cai earlier. Things will be better explained this way. Boss Lin looks like Chief Cais close friend. Since Chief Cai was present when the incident took place, why not we ask her to explain the situation on my behalf? It actually isnt a scene that I wish to recall.

Damn, this fellow is too immoral! He cant bully people like that. Making Cai Yan say it is far worse than making me confess the truth! Yang Chen scolded in his heart.

The chick Cai Yan was really straight and direct. Having upheld the idea of fair law enforcement as she lived for more than twenty years, she wouldnt hesitate to even arrest her own family members, let alone the fellow Yang Chen who just sabotaged her self-esteem not long ago.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi who looked at her without any expression, as if she was being questioned, Cai Yan bit her lips before whispering beside Lin Ruoxis ear.

In fact, Lin Ruoxi had long been involved with An Xins incident earlier since she was the one who asked Lawyer Zhang to bail Yang Chen out. However, Cai Yan didnt explain the situation back then, and Lin Ruoxi wasnt the slightest interested in that matter, so it eventually got forgotten.

At this moment, Yang Chen got himself into an even more awkward position. Most people knew that Cai Yan was the chief of the police station in the west district. Since the misunderstanding between Yang Chen and Liu Yun got the police involved, the incident mustnt be anything insignificant, but something shameful.

Of course, the person whod carry all the shame was Yang Chen. Liu Yun was merely the victim.

Cai Yan briefly explained the incident where Yang Chen slept with Liu Yuns fiance An Xin before getting caught. She then described the argument between him, Liu Yun, An Xin and her father An Zaihuan. When Cai Yan finished speaking, Lin Ruoxis face turned extremely pale. Her eyes were a few times colder than the outside howling wind blowing from the north.

Yang Chen felt that his scalp went numb. Smiling stiffly, he said, Its in the past, its all in the past. Ill explain the situation to you when we go back. Im actually a victim as well

You dont have to explain. Thats your problem, and Ive never been able to manage you. When Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she felt like her heart got weak and broken. Bringing Yang Chen to this place seemed like a bad idea. If she hadnt come today, she wouldnt know about the matter between him and Liu Yun.

Being hidden from the truth would be better than knowing that this man went to grab someone elses fiance, and even got arrested into the police station.

Thats right, she told him back then, that theyd live their own lives and mind their own businesses.

However, having been through so much together, she was finally willing to announce their relationship of a married couple. Unexpectedly, the guy became a fiance grabber in the blink of an eye.

Without a doubt, Lin Ruoxis self-esteem got destroyed, just like a sharp knife that violently cut her.

The corners of Liu Yuns mouth moved as he smiled. After a short while, he said, Boss Lin, please dont get sad. The matter will slowly get forgotten as time passes. Although my fiance An Xin made a few mistakes, it still doesnt change my resolution to marry her. Before long, our wedding will take place. Please dont be too harsh on Mr Yang, people make mistakes after all.

When Liu Yun finished speaking, he looked at Yang Chen apologetically before walking past Yang Chen.

When he passed by Yang Chen, he used a voice so soft that only Yang Chen could hear to say, I want to you to lose everything.

Yang Chen didnt have any expression, like he didnt listen to Liu Yuns provoking speech at all. At this moment, Yang Chen certainly didnt have the mood to entertain Liu Yun, since Lin Ruoxi seemed to have gotten extremely depressed.

Fortunately, only the few parties involved heard the truth, so a huge commotion wasnt caused. After Liu Yun left, the situation got calm again.

Cai Yan noticed Lin Ruoxis anguish, and couldnt help but to blame her directness. At the same time, she looked at Yang Chen regretfully, but he didnt have the time to pay attention to her.

Walking forward, Yang Chen said sadly, I know that an explanation is unnecessary. Im indeed someone who cant give you peace, but I hope you dont feel too miserable. Hurting your body isnt worth it.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head, revealing her wet eyes. She said, I shouldve known. Keep your empathy, Im not that dumb.

After she finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi walked to a corner of the hall alone.

Worried, Cai Yan and Cai Ning followed her. The two sisters had complex expressions. Except the care theyre giving Lin Ruoxi, they seemed to feel apologetic at the same time, as they had concealed too much.

Yang Chen felt really irritated and troubled, not because he was angry for Liu Yuns disturbance, but felt terribly upset for his women.

It wasnt the matter of which ones he should give up on. No man would hope their woman was shared. Similarly, no woman would hope their husband was someone elses husband as well.

It wasnt that Yang Chen didnt understand this point. His past rotten and ignorant way of living combined with the haunting experiences made him lose the courage to reject any one of the women that he loved. He was very aware that he liked them, and even didnt dare to ensure he wouldnt like more of them. Moreover, he couldnt bare with the womens tenderness, let alone hurting them.

However whenever he thought of Lin Ruoxis unwavering and cold gaze, together with her incredible similarities with someone, Yang Chen would get really afraid that shed really leave him one day.

Because he experienced lost before, he was all the more appreciative of her.

When Yang Chen felt a headache and wanted to consume alcohol alone, the organizer of the event Liu Kangbai brought two of his men to approach Yang Chen.