My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Rescue

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Mr Yang doesnt seem too happy, could it be our fault as the hosts? Liu Kangbai asked smilingly.

Seeing Liu Yuns father who didnt look too old, Yang Chens mood didnt get any better. Simply shaking his head, he planned to turned around and walk away.

Mr Yang, I heard that youre related to my future daughter-in-law An Xin.

Liu Kangbais words could be heard out of the blue.

Turning around, Yang Chen said, Your son just gave me a warning earlier. Do you want to do it again?

No, no, no! Liu Kangbai exclaimed with a smile as he waved his hand. Im old already. I dont plan on stepping in matters among young people. My son Liu Yun has always had his own views. Since he chose to marry An Xin, Ill definitely support him as his father. However, I hope that Mr Yang would support his decision too. Although the CEO of Yu Lei International is highly influential, it doesnt mean I, Liu Kangbai, wouldnt dare to take action.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. Does this fellow really think Ruoxi is the reason I dare to go against Liu Yun? Thats why hes telling me he isnt afraid of her.

Actually, from Liu Kangbais perspective, what he said had its basis. Although Lin Ruoxi controlled Yu Lei International, came from a wealthy family and was definitely among the top ten richest people in Zhonghai, Liu family didnt just have money, they had connections and power. Liu Kangbai was much stronger compared to a pure business.

Indifferent, Yang Chen said, Think however you want. Initially, I was feeling a headache for women. However, I dont have too good of a temper. Since you insist on asking me to back off from An Xins matter, Ill have to think of a way to look for An Xin again. At that time, when you and your son feel displeased, feel free to come for me.

Mr Yang, smart people dont speak in the dark. Dont think that I dont know what you were doing back then, Liu Kangbai said. Although his facial expression hadnt changed, his eyes obviously showed irritation.

A while ago, he asked someone to check on Yang Chen. Although Yang Chen was a graduate student from abroad, it was true that he came out of a market selling mutton skewers. As a result, Liu Kangbai didnt take him seriously. To him, dealing with Yang Chen wasnt much different from pressing an ant to death.

Yang Chen didnt want to entertain him. When he was about to leave for some alcohol, Liu Kangbais men blocked in front of him.

Quite a lot of guests around had noticed the situation here. Some of them were prepared to witness a good show. However, Lin Ruoxi and the Cai sisters went missing, so they didnt notice this.

Mr Yang, Im the host here. If youre holding an unfriendly attitude, I bet no one is able to save you, Liu Kangbai said with an evil smile.

At this moment, a slightly lazy voice resounded.

Whos having an unfriendly attitude?

Both Liu Kangbai and Yang Chen got shocked. Turning around, they saw a charming woman dressed in a dark-red pleated gown who held a glass of Bloody Mary in hand. She was the one Yang Chen hadnt seen in a whileTang Wan.

Tang Wans slightly curly hair was tied up in a bun behind her head, with a few strands lying in front of her forehead. Her enchanting face held a confident yet reserved smile. Her curvy and hot figure was proudly wrapped in a red-orange gown. Every step she took was soul-stirring following the swaying of her moving curves.

After the abrupt separation of the two by the beach that day, Yang Chen hadnt met Tang Wan before. Since she wasnt the type of clingy little woman, she didnt contact Yang Chen at all.

Since both their thinking was mature to the point where they could be considered old people, even if they had feelings or sexual desire for each other, they werent noticeably affected after not seeing each other for this long. So they werent really surprised when they met in the hall.

Miss Tang, youre beautiful as always. Its my honor to see you today, Liu Kangbai said. He was rather familiar with Tang Wan, so he walked forward to greet her politely.

After greeting Liu Kangbai, Tang Wan seemed shocked when she saw Yang Chen. Yang Chen, why are you here as well? she asked.

This woman is so good at acting. If she was an actress, shed undoubtedly win the Academy Award for Best Actress. However, since shes here to rescue me, Ill just accept her help, Yang Chen thought. Smiling, he said, I followed my wife here. Master Liu and I were having a discussion regarding his son.

Oh, really? Actually, Tang Wan had noticed Yang Chen long ago. She also found out that the wife Yang Chen mentioned before was Lin Ruoxi. Although she felt it was unbelievable, she still came over to help Yang Chen when she saw him in trouble. She said, Chairman Liu, Yang Chen is my friend that I havent met in a while. Can you allow us to reminisce our past?

Liu Kangbai got shocked. This woman isnt an ordinary businesswoman. The connections she has are all at least as frightening as Lin Ruoxi, he thought. Since he couldnt contradict her face to face, he acted like he was fine with her decision. Im already honored that Miss Tang could attend the event. I wouldnt mistreat our respected guests. Suit yourselves, Ill go entertain other guests.

After he finished speaking, he brought his men to leave the scene before smilingly greeting other guests.

The people around who were prepared to watch a good show didnt manage to witness any intense scenes. When they saw Yang Chen was even related to Tang Wan, most of them got surprised.

Originally, they thought that Yang Chen was merely a man reliant on women who followed Lin Ruoxi inside. Unexpectedly, he had other major connections.

One should know that lots of people had the intention to get close to Tang Wan in the upper class. However, no one dared to touch the stunning beauty due to her bewildering background. Maple Forest Leisure Centre alone was the place where filthy rich people burnt their cash. Although it wasnt listed on stock exchange, it was definitely much more frightening than some listed companies in terms of financial capability.

Seeing Liu Kangbai walk away, Tang Wan walked closer to Yang Chen as she tried not to smile. Not bad, the goddess that countless men strive for in Zhonghai has actually been kept in your room for a long time already.

Who? Yang Chen asked.

Are you acting dumb? I saw it all already. Your wife is Lin Ruoxi, Tang Wan said as she gave him a stare.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. I have more than one women. Furthermore, I havent even stepped into Lin Ruoxis bedroom before, he thought. I thought the goddess that countless men strive for is you.

Tang Wans cheeks reddened. She felt shy and elated at the same time. Arent you afraid of your wife punishing you when you get home if youre seen standing this close to me?

I almost made her vomit blood already. Why would she care about something this insignificant? Yang Chen thought. He said, A truth is a truth. I cant throw my other women away like broken shoes just because my wife is here, right? That would be too cruel, dont you think so?

Is this a sophistry from the mouth of a stray? Tang Wan asked jokingly.

I dont like the term stray, its inappropriate. Im the type of guy who would stare at beautiful women a bit longer, and normally wouldnt reject the ones I like, Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Tang Wan looked at him a bit longer weirdly. She asked, Did you get into an argument with Lin Ruoxi?

How do you know that? But it isnt considered an argument, its more like a little depression, Yang Chen said.

Taking a sip of Bloody Mary from her wine glass, she said, I found out just by looking at you, a youngster stranded in love.

Yang Chen said, Women would always claim to be young. Why are you acting old in front of me?

Dont you favor older women? Tang Wan asked with a smile.

Yang Chen pouted. His desires were really more inclined to elder women. Probably due to his past living habit, he had developed an unusual taste as western women tended to have more mature figures.

No matter what, thank you for helping me earlier. The Liu father and son arent being too friendly towards me, Yang Chen said.

How did you manage to irritate them? In Zhonghai, Liu family cant be displeased by just anyone, Tang Wan said as she frowned.

Yang Chen rubbed his nose. As he didnt plan to hide the truth, he briefly explained An Xins incident to her.

Tang Wan got stunned as she listened to Yang Chen before bursting into laughter. You didnt even want to let go of Liu Yuns fiance. I really have nothing to say.

Why did you laugh? Arent you the slightest jealous? Yang Chen asked, dissatisfied.

Why would I get jealous? Im not an ordinary little girl. Furthermore, I myself am a woman who seduced a married man. Do you think Id mind that my naughty man has one or two more women? As Tang Wan spoke, her voice got softer and softer. When she wanted to continue talking, she seemed to have seen someone walking over. As her facial expression turned weird, she instantly turned around and walked away while saying, I have something urgent to take care of. Ill call you later!

Yang Chen got extremely confused as he looked at Tang Wan running away like her life was threatened who soon disappeared within the crowd.