My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 292

Chapter 292: No Wonder She Didnt Listen
No Wonder She Didn't Listen

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Early in the morning on Monday, Yang Chen brought breakfast to the office of the public relations department. He didnt get the anticipated warm welcome, but saw the group of ladies gathered together, chattering about something.

Yang Chen put down the bags of breakfast and went forward to take a look, only to find out that the ladies were surrounding a huge map of Japan as they discussed away.

Seeing Yang Chens approach, Zhang Cai who had been arguing with the other girls instantly changed her target. She left the girls and went to pick her breakfast.

Madam Zhang, cant you adopt some work ethics? Why did you go eat in the middle of a discussion?! a lady complained loudly.

Zhang Cai lifted a bag of fried dumplings before taking a bite on one of them, causing her lips to immediately become oily. Do whatever you want, Ill follow Sister Mingyu no matter what, she said.

Yang Chen asked Zhao Hongyan who was beside, What are you guys discussing?

Since the office was rather warm, Zhao Hongyan removed her outerwear, leaving only a purple sweater, causing her to look extraordinarily delicate and alluring. Smiling, she answered, Theyre arguing on whether they should go through the customs of Tokyo Narita Airport and play in Tokyo, or head to Hokkaido immediately.

Everyone from the public relations department picked Japan for their year-end trip. Yang Chen was still in this department back then, he was naturally included as well.

However, Yang Chen was different now than he was before. Because of the matter of Yamata Sect, Yang Chen felt rather odd regarding the action of going to Japan, but there wasnt a need for him to avoid it. He just thought that he would certainly face trouble if he really went there.

When he suddenly got reminded by Zhang Cais words, Yang Chen suddenly remembered that he was going with Liu Mingyu for this trip to Japan. Since he didnt have the opportunity to properly appreciate her within the country, he could fill his regret over there. It was just that he didnt know what Beauty Liu would think.

After listening to his female colleagues who blindly argued, Yang Chen didnt understand the conversation too much, so he carefreely ran out of Yu Leis headquarters and returned to Yu Lei Entertainment at the opposite side.

When he returned to his office, there were a few people seated in his office.

Excepted his assistants Zhao Teng and Wang Jie, there was someone whom hed never expect to meet thereRose!

She wore grey coat and a white scarf, with a black lace stocking on her lower body and a pair of light brown high-heeled leather boots on her feet. Her hair was lightly permed and faintly dyed with an attractive color of bright red.

Dressed in winter clothing, there werent as much laziness and hotness on Rose, but held the low-key sexiness of a city beauty.

Seeing this woman at his workplace for the first time, Yang Chen felt particularly fresh. He winked at Rose, but only received a calm smile from Rose in return, making him feel rather helpless.

Director, youre here. Miss Situ has been waiting for a while. Wang Jies face looked like a blooming flower. Evidently, she had a nice chat with Rose earlier.

Zhao Teng quickly stood up to make a cup of hot tea for Yang Chen and delivered it to him, probably to get on his good side. He said, Miss Situ said shes Directors close friend, and asked us to speak as we please. We were talking about the talent show which will be taking place next year.

Yang Chen sat on his swivel leather chair. Cheerfully, he asked, Have you guys come up with a conclusion yet?

Wang Jie said, We were discussing of naming the show Star of Yu Lei. Although its quite boring, it can further spread our name. Furthermore, there are many talent shows these days named grand paths, guys, ladies or whatever. Well win from a professional angle. The name should be fine as long as its easily understood and popular.

Yang Chen really didnt have any thoughts towards the name. Im fine with that. Have you planned out what were doing specifically?

Actually the entire process isnt very difficult. At Yu Lei, weve planned various large-scale modelling contests before. Organizing this kind of talent shows isnt very different with that, Zhao Teng said. However, its still a problem when it comes to our choice of judges. The person has to be popular enough, and has a strong charisma, not to mention the judge mustnt be overused by other talent shows before. Since Yu Lei is an international company, us at Yu Lei Entertainment has to face the entire world in the future. So were still looking for a good candidate. Director, you said you could solve this problem, is it

Yang Chen smiled and turned to Rose. He asked, Who do you think would be most suitable?

Rose shook her head. I dont know. I dont pay attention to the entertainment industry, I only came to invest and earn money. You may pick whomever you wish.

I also dont look at the entertainment industry, but luckily I have a friend there, Yang Chen said as he let out a mysterious smile. He quickly pressed a few buttons on his office desk.

On the snow-white wall of the office, the computer screen was projected. As the blinds covered the window, the screen on the wall became clear.

Yang Chen opened MSN in his computer. After typing an account in, he logged in and went online.

Including Wang Jie and Zhao Teng, it was Roses first time seeing Yang Chen on MSN. However, none of them knew who Yang Chens friend was. They were curiously waiting.

After he went online, there were more than ten people in Yang Chens friend list, but none of their identity could be identified.

Smiling faintly, Yang Chen said, Were in luck, shes online now.

As he said, he opened the chat box of a female friend before directly making a video call and waiting for the other side to accept his request.

After around half a minute, his friend picked up the call. Possibly due to the internet connection, the video lagged for a while before appearing.

After a while when the look of the person could finally be seen, Wang Jie and Zhao Teng screamed in shock instantly

Oh my god! Christen?!

Am I dreaming?!

Although the display was a bit blurry, the look of the opposite side could still be identified.

A blonde lady dressed in a silk pyjamas could be seen sitting on a pink king-sized bed. She brought an obscure drowsiness as she let out an alluring smile to Yang Chens portrait.

The blonde lady looked like she was in her twenties. Her skin was creamy like a white jade while her body wasnt very hot, it was full to the right degree. Even when she was wrapped in a loose pyjamas, the curve in front of her chest was extremely eye-catching. Her noble, graceful and refined aura couldnt be brought out solely because of beauty. On the contrary, one would feel that it was exactly because of her aura that made this lady breathtaking.

Even when she was viewed by an eastern person, the beauty of this lady would still be so flawless.

It seems like I called at the wrong time. Christen, were you preparing to go to bed? Yang Chen asked using fluent American English as he smiled.

Christen teasingly fondled with her sun-like blonde hair. Yang, although this is rude, but please believe me when I say you never looked at others time zone when you want to send a message.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie got dumbstruck when they heard Yang Chen calling the lady Christen.

When Rose saw that Yang Chen was conversing with a foreign lady who was so stunning that she would spike womens jealousy, she couldnt help but to feel annoyed. She asked Wang Jie, Is this lady very famous?

Excited, Wang Jie softly replied, Miss Situ, dont you watch movies? Shes Christen Steward, the hottest actress of Hollywood today. She won the best main actress and the best supporting role in the Oscars, in addition to another five A-class movie awards. She recently earned the recognition of Grammy Awards, and got two major awards of the best country album and the best female singer. I heard that shes only 26 years old. Shes certainly a genius among geniuses! Be it in other countries or China, shes the goddess of countless guys and ladies dreams!

Although Rose didnt pay much attention to the entertainment industry, she briefly knew what the Oscars and Grammy were. This woman is definitely extraordinary, but why does Yang Chen know her?

On the other hand, Yang Chen started conversing with Christen fluently in English. After chattering for a bit, Yang Chen told her the main objective of video calling her.

When Christen heard that he wanted her to be the judge of a talent show, she seemed like she didnt know Yang Chen anymore and gave him a weird look. She laughed very hard before seductively gazing at Yang Chen, saying, Yang, youre really living a special life after returning to China. Im really curious of how you look when you form a meeting for your subordinates.

By the way you speak, youve accepted then? Yang Chen asked.

I can participate in it. I had planned to give myself a great vacation this year anyway, but I cant make it to every single show. So you still have to invite other judges, Christen said straightforwardly.

Before Yang Chen could speak, Wang Jie used a rather inaccurate English accent to say, We definitely wont trouble you, Miss Christen. In fact, as long as youre willing to show yourself once as your judge for the finals, our activity will be satisfactorily completed!

Yang Chen felt gloomy. Youre treating the woman Christen too well! However, since it was Wang Jie who said it, it was best that he kept quiet. The one speaking to you is my assistant Wang Jie. Shell be in charge of your work in the future. Im only using my face to invite you over to China.

Christen yawned and stretched her body in an attractive manner. She said, Understood. Ill let you know my contact method, Im really tired now. Good night, Yang.

Good night.

The video call ended. Yang Chen turned off the projector and flipped the blinds open.

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were still elated, like they were dreaming. Nothing other than excitement could be seen in their eyes. At the same time, they looked at Yang Chen with much more respect.

After writing an e-mail address to Yang Chen and asking the two to start working, he was left in the office with Rose who looked rather odd.

Babe Rose, what is it? Even a teapot can be hung on your lips already, Yang Chen said as he looked at Rose who was pouting.

Rose looked at Yang Chen as if her eyes were scanners. After scanning up and down, she said, Be honest with me. How many more women like the one earlier do you have abroad?

Yang Chen stunned. He finally understood why Rose was displeased. Smiling, he said, Babe Rose, youre really overthinking this time. Christen isnt my woman. At least I havent been able to sleep with her without getting kicked out of bed. Were just rather close friends.

Rose saw that Yang Chen didnt seem to be joking. As she felt it was unbelievable, she asked, Would you even let a beauty like that go?

Do I look that thirsty? Yang Chen smiled bitterly. The women around her seemed to all think that he was a monster.

Rose kept quiet. Pouting her red lips, she turned away her beautiful eyes and held an expression of isnt that the case?.

Troubled, Yang Chen wiped his forehead. No wonder Tang Wan didnt even want to listen to my explanation last night!