My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Its Not For The Shoes
It's Not for the Shoes

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As he spoke with Rose, Yang Chen handled a few simple tasks in his office before looking at the clock on his computer. It wasnt lunchtime yet. Standing up, he said, Lets go, well go and have a walk. I will not sit in the office today, I will accompany my girl Rose for the day.

Shocked, Rose asked, Are you sure you want the entire day?

What is it? Youre not happy that your hubby is going to play with you for a day? Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Thats not what I mean, Im just surprised that youd have a days time to keep me company. Rose was contented.

Yang Chen felt really terrible in his heart. Instead of saying they see me as a monster, I seem to really owe these ladies a lot

He brought Rose to exit the company and proceeded to his car. Rose dismissed her men away, since she didnt have to defend against her enemies at all when she was with Yang Chen.

Excited, Rose buckled her seat belt and asked, Where are we going?

Yang Chen thought for a while. He said, Since its so cold now in winter, why dont we go to a shopping mall? Although I know you dont lack clothings, Im afraid its something you women wouldnt reject.

Expectedly, Roses eyes shone. Evidently, even if she was the head of an underground syndicate, she still couldnt resist the temptation of shopping.

Since it was a Monday morning, there werent many people in the shopping mall. Yang Chen brought Rose to Golden Palm Tower which was well-known in Zhonghai. The stores in this mall were mostly luxury ones. Ordinary citizens wouldnt shop for clothing here, so the place was rather quiet for the two to walk around.

Although they had known each other for almost a year now, and had long had intimacy in between, Rose was still extremely excited when her lover shopped with her for the first time. Elated, she held Yang Chens arm and sat the lift to the first floor of the building. The eye-catching fashionable clothing at the surroundings became secondary. Rose very much enjoyed her time with him alone.

Expectedly, the shopping mall was quiet. There were only a few customers, with the promoters who were patiently waiting for their customers smiling at the Yang Chen and Rose.

Yang Chen gazed at Rose who seemed to have returned to her girlhood. He couldnt help but to smile, saying, If your men saw your look now, I bet itd be hard for them to treat you respectfully in the future.

So what if thats the case? Its not like Ill continue be the president for long. Ill be a legitimate boss of an entertainment company soon. Its better to keep the peoples respect for Rongrong, Rose said.

Yang Chen asked, Are you planning to pass your position to Rongrong this soon?

Yang Chen didnt think that Chen Rong whom he coincidentally fetched to Zhonghai would one day replace Rose as the president of Red Thorns Society. Although he knew that Chen Rong was smart and therefore a fast learner, he still didnt expect Roses thought of retiring resolutely at the peak of her gang.

In fact, Ive always had an idea. It is to integrate the funds of both legitimate and illegal businesses together to become a legal business before entering the stock exchange. This way, the Red Thorns Societys president seat wouldnt be suitable for the leaders of the groups anymore, Rose said.

Yang Chen quickly understood the situation. Lightly scratching Roses face, he said, So youve always wanted to become the chairman of a listed company. Ive been thinking that even if Rongrong really has the competence to handle Red Thorns Society, the people below wont necessarily listen to her once you leave.

Pouting, Rose said, I only did this because I hope to completely leave the circle one day At least, I can stand with you in public like now, and face everyones gaze around directly.

I said I didnt mind your background in the gang. Yang Chen frowned. Dont always look down on yourself, or else Ill get mad.

I know that you dont care, but I do Rose pouted. Alright, Ill still do it this way regardless. It wont bring any harm to me and Red Thorns Society anyway. Hubby, you dont need to get involved.

Yang Chen felt helpless and wasnt willing to talk about the topic again. He brought Rose to the nearest Prada shop and started walking around.

Pradas products were first launched in 1913. When they were newly released, they quickly became the favorites of the upper class of Europeans especially Italians, and royal families. Even until today, their excellence in traditional product quality was still present. Combining the most avant-garde development elements, they held a particularly long lifespan.

Of course, the high-quality Prada products were all incredibly expensive. Since many of them would only appreciate in value as time passed, they held a high collection value.

Although Yang Chen didnt bring much money with him, he coincidentally had a saving of around a million yuan, so he brought Rose to such a place to shop, and didnt have to be humiliated by relying on Rose to pay later.

Rose wasnt someone who lacked money as well. She didnt feel anything when seeing the items in the shop with a dazzling starting price of five figures.

When Rose walked to the womens shoe counter and looked at the new Prada O Series, her gaze got attracted by a pair of dark red high heels decorated with a bowknit, which had sharp heads and thin and tall heels

The promoter who had been silently and respectfully walking behind them cleverly stood out. She introduced, Miss, this pair of Prada O, really suits your elegant and noble temperament. This is a new series launched this year. Its made using crocodile skin and has a classic embroidery, following the street fashion in the fifties. If you match it with black stockings and a dress past the knees, itd appear exceptionally matching and stylish. There are only less than twenty pairs in the entire country, and is limited in quantity worldwide. Our branch only managed to get this only pair. If Miss likes it, you mustnt miss out on it this time.

How much is it? Rose asked lightly. There was no price tag on the shoes. It was possible that its price would follow market changes.

The promoter ran to the computer and made an inquiry. Smiling, she said, Miss, the newest market price is 110 thousand Chinese yuan.

Listening to the figure 110 thousand, even Rose who didnt lack money violently turned her around. Frowning, she asked, Are you sure you saw that right? Isnt an ordinary O Series only around 10 thousand?

The promoter was still very humble. Smiling, she said, I didnt see it wrong Miss. This pair of shoes was worn by the new England princess on her birthday party a while ago and got praised highly. So its greatly wanted by the upper class.

Rose hesitated for a while. Even if she really like this pair of dark red high heels which was very matching in style with the pair she was currently wearing, and she definitely could afford to purchase it, spending 110 thousand on a pair of shoes was still unacceptable.

You like it? Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Rose pouted. Yeah, this color and pattern are really beautiful, but 110 thousand is too expensive. My most expensive shoes are less than even 20 thousand.

Ill buy it for you then, Yang Chen said.

Rose stunned before quickly shaking his head. Forget it Hubby. Its not worthy to spend so much for these shoes.

Its not for the shoes, its for you. Smiling, Yang Chen took out his silver card and passed it to the promoter. Ill get this pair.

Rose felt really sweet in her heart after listening to Yang Chens reason. She couldnt restrain herself from tiptoeing and kissing Yang Chens cheek.

Yang Chen looked at Rose who looked particularly satisfied and sighed faintly. Its rare for me to have time to accompany you. Since were together today, you should obediently take this gift of mine to make me feel better.

The promoter didnt think that this average-looking guy could purchase the most expensive shoes in the shop without hesitation. Feeling jealous, she said, Miss, youre really blessed, before immediately proceeding to payment and taking the shoes for Yang Chen.

After paying, Yang Chen received the pair of dark red high heels with a little bowknot. He couldnt help but to smile bitterly in his heart. Womens money is indeed very easy to earn. I cant tell how special these are, and I spent 110 thousand just like that. Luckily I dont see money as a thing. No wonder men hate to shop with women, not only do they care for their feet, they care more about their wallets.

Without waiting for Rose to finish admiring the shoes, Yang Chen took the shoes and said, Come, sit on the sofa.

When he finished speaking, he pulled Rose to the sofa at the entrance meant for customers to rest on and made her sit down.

Confused, Rose looked at Yang Chen and asked, Hubby, what are you doing?

Yang Chen squatted down and held one of Roses slim calves. Raising his head, he said, If you dont wear them for me to see immediately after buying them, Ill suffer mentally later.

Rose blushed and finally understood that Yang Chen wanted to remove the shoes she was wearing and put the new ones on for her.

Yang Chen removed one of Roses shoes. As he held her calf, she pinched a few times to feel the soft yet firm flesh and enjoyed it a lot. Babe Rose, dont use your hands to massage me next time, your feet are too adorable.

Even when they were tangling in bed, Roses sensitive and fleshy calves had never been grabbed by Yang Chen in this way before. In front of the few promoter, one of her shoes got removed and her feet got rubbed and pinched. She felt elated but shy at the same time. The feeling was extremely complicated, which was difficult to be described in words.

Hubby, dont do this, everyones watching Rose said nervously as she bit her lower lip.

Yang Chen let out a naughty smile. What are you afraid of? Its not like they know us.

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen lifted one side of the winter shoes and slowly put them onto Roses foot. It was coincidentally fitting.

Matched with her calves wrapped in black lace, the decorative dark red bowknot appeared particularly lively and lithe.

110 thousand is so worth it. Its evident that these shoes have been waiting for your emergence, Yang Chen praised. Having seen too many luxury items, he still had a decent appreciation for the shoes.

Rose felt that her heart almost melted when she looked at how the man in front of her put the shoe on her foot carefully. This romantic scene hadnt even appeared in her dream before, but suddenly happened in front of her.

Yang Chen took the other side of the shoes up and planned to wear it for Rose as well.

However, when Yang Chen was removing the other leather boot Rose wore, a few ladies dressed in office wear walked out from the shops corner.

One of them wore a simple black suit and had her hair tied up in a bun. The charismatic, clear and refined young lady walked in front while the other ladies following her who seemed like her colleagues were explaining something to them.

Yang Chens body instantly got stiff the moment he saw the woman. His hands even stopped mid-air.

Curious, Rose turned her head around to look at the few ladies. When she saw the stunning lady walking in front, she subconsciously opened her mouth slightly in shock.

Although it was Roses first time seeing her, she had remembered her face since the first time she checked on her identity. She was exactly Lin Ruoxi!