My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Sending A Daughter Over
Sending a Daughter Over

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The next morning when the sun had barely risen, Yang Chens phone vibrated.

He was still lying on the warm bed with Rose in his arms. Annoyed, he grabbed and looked at his phone before feeling that the number was rather familiar.

Picking up the call, Yang Chen heard a voice that he wasnt willing to hear even if he died.

What time is it already! Are you still sleeping?!

It was the old daoist Abbess Yun Miao!

Yang Chen sighed deeply and even yawned. Abbess, can you look at the time? Its barely past six in the morning, I still have more than an hour before I go to work.

Humph, when I was your age, I woke up every day before five to practise. At this hour, I had long finished carrying two buckets of water down and up the hill again!

Abbess, isnt that what the people at Shaolin Temple do? Does the bunch of women at Emei do this as well? Yang Chen asked as he felt that his balls ached.

Shut up! Im talking about something serious!

Yang Chens sleepy mood completely dismissed. The woman daoists spoke so loud that she even woke Rose up who displayed a shocked and adorable expression.

Then tell me what you want to talk about, Yang Chen said helplessly.

Abbess Yun Miao snorted. She asked, Hows Hui Lin doing at your place? Is she used to the lifestyle there?

Hui Lin? Yang Chen asked curiously. He threw another question back and asked, When did she come to my place? Is she here already?

Abbess Yun Miao suddenly exclaimed loudly, What?! You dont know that she arrived at Zhonghai? Didnt she contact you yesterday?! Her train arrived in the afternoon!

Yang Chen felt really confused. Didnt she say she was going to give me a call after arriving? No one told me anything about it, how am I supposed to know if the lady daoist reached or not?

Abbess, I really dont know. She didnt call me, are you sure you remember it right?

I personally sent the child up her train, why would I remember wrongly? Its her first time in her life getting so far away from me. Did she possibly get lost? This doesnt seem right, I gave her a phone already, she can call you if she faced any trouble, Abbess Yun Miao said anxiously. Get to the train station immediately and look around. You have to locate my granddaughter. If anything happens to her, Ill look for you to return my precious granddaughter to me even if it costs my life!

Damn it, how the heck is this my fault! How am I supposed to know when your granddaughter reached?! What can happen to an adult like her who learns martial arts?!

Yang Chen felt annoyed, but didnt dare to argue with this short-tempered old daoist who lacked the moisture of love. He had to end the call and quickly get out of the bed.

Curious, Rose asked, Hubby, why do you know some abbess as well?

Shes a self-deceiving married old woman who went to be a nun, ignore her, Yang Chen said as he pouted.

Then whats with her granddaughter? Rose asked as she looked at Yang Chen oddly.

Dont overthink, when did you become a busybody? Do I look like someone whod lay his hands on a little nun?

Yes Rose said without the slightest hesitation. When she said that, she tried her best not to laugh.

Yang Chen got really speechless, and was choked on a breath, making him unable to speak.

After half an hour, Yang Chen drove to Zhonghai Train Station and ran into the empty arrival hall. There werent many people walking around in the entire giant hall.

Yang Chen glanced through the rows of seats and each and every corner. As he started to question if Hui Lin left already or not, the back view of a lonely person sitting near the entrance attracted his gaze.

Her long, loose hair was tidily arranged to two sides. Her delicate V-shaped face was clear and moisturized, it didnt seem dry at all even when it was winter. Her sharp facial features were elegant as always, it was just that she appeared rather tired. Her face displayed a sleepy and adorable expression. Pouting her pink lips, she looked extraordinarily pitiful.

She wasnt wearing a martial arts robe, but a light brown overcoat that ordinary ladies in the city would wear, and a pair of long, fitting black pants which revealed her perfect curves. On her feet, it was a pair of high black boots which were decorated with mane.

Yang Chen almost failed to recognize Hui Lin who transformed into a modern city lady, as opposed to the usual old-fashioned nun.

Approaching the girl, Yang Chen looked at the pink luggage beside her before staring at Hui Lin who looked like she would fall asleep any moment. Frowning, he asked, When did you reach here? Why didnt you give me a call?!

Hui Lin suddenly got woken up. When she heard the voice, she got so afraid that she stood up from her seat. Rubbing her eyes to allow a clearer vision, she looked at Yang Chen rather nervously and shrank away from him. The pitiful look on her face made her look like she got bullied.

You Why did you come here

Why did I come? Yang Chen didnt know how to react. Your grandma even called me and told me she would come at me using her life, can I still stay away from you? Why do you want to sit here all day? Have you been sitting her since last night?!

Afraid, Hui Lin shrank her neck and fearfully nodded.

Yang Chen really didnt know what to say. Although the train station had heaters installed, a lady sitting there the entire night alone was still absurd. She wasnt a homeless and helpless wanderer after all.

Why didnt you call me?! Yang Chen asked once again.

Hui Lin turned her gaze away. She murmured, I I felt embarrassed.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Whats there to be embarrassed about? Do you really think Ill see you as my wife after your master said she wanted me to marry you? In my eyes, youre just like a little sister. Since you came to Zhonghai, just treat me as your distant relative. Why are you embarrassed?

But but were not distant relatives, are we? Hui Lin asked softly.

It was evident that Yang Chen found it hard to communicate with this girl who had a naive mind. Sighing, he carried Hui Lins luggage and said, Lets go, Ill bring you to the place youre staying at.

You dont have to help me, Ill take it myself. Blushing, Hui Lin quickly took her luggage back.

Yang Chen stared at her fiercely. Why are you snatching it away? Listen to what I say since your master asked you to come here. Just obediently follow me behind.


Hui Lin instantly withdrew her hands and followed Yang Chen to the parking area with her head lowered, before entering Yang Chens car.

When they were on their way back to the villa, Yang Chen made a call to Abbess Yun Miao to tell her that he managed to locate Hui Lin. However, when Yun Miao asked why she reached so late, Yang Chen directly passed the phone to Hui Lin and asked her to explain herself.

When Hui Lin said that she didnt dare to call Yang Chen to pick her up because she was shy, Abbess Yun Miao scolded Hui Lin and almost made her cry.

After that, Abbess Yun Miao only said that she wanted Hui Lin to stay at Hui Lins house. Regarding what she was doing specifically, Yang Chen would deal with them, but she certainly wasnt allowed to be locked in the house all day.

Yang Chen finally understood the situation. Abbess Yun Miao wasnt giving him a wife, but was sending him a daughter instead. Shes an adult already. Ignoring the fact that I have to take care of her shelter and diet, I even have to look for a job for her!

Yang Chen was initially considering if he should let Hui Lin stay somewhere else or not, since he was still in an awkward situation with Lin Ruoxi. However, since Hui Lin was this naive, putting her outside wasnt a good choice. Since he promised Yun Miao to take care of her, he couldnt be too cruel at the end of the day. He could only bravely allow her to stay with him.

When they returned to the villa in Dragon Garden, Lin Ruoxi had long left for work, leaving only Wang Ma at home who was cleaning the dining table.

When Wang Ma saw that Yang Chen brought a beautiful lady into the house, she asked out of curiosity, Young Master, this girl is

Oh, shes my distant cousin whos getting an internship in Zhonghai. Shell be staying at our house for now, I told Ruoxi about it before, Yang Chen said.

Knowing that she was Yang Chens relative, Wang Ma immediately served Hui Lin enthusiastically as she brought her luggage upstairs before quickly arranging a guest room for her. Since there were many empty rooms in the house which were regularly cleaned by professionals, one could stay inside anytime. It wasnt too huge of a deal.

Hui Lin entered the room and started sorting out the luggage she brought. After knowing that Hui Lin hadnt eaten, Wang Ma immediately ran downstairs and made a few simple dishes for her to go with the leftover porridge. Wang Ma then asked Yang Chen to call Hui Lin downstairs so that her stomach wouldnt suffer.

Evidently, Hui Lin who was obedient-looking and beautiful earned Wang Mas liking with ease.

Yang Chen saw that it was impossible for him to get to work on time, so he didnt rush out. Since Hui Lins room was beside his, he walked upstairs and knocked on her door, only to receive to response.

Without thinking much, Yang Chen pushed the door open before walking inside and getting surprised. Hui Lin could be seen lying on the giant bed asleep without even removing her shoes or changing her clothes!

After sitting on the train for an entire day and not sleeping for a whole night, this girl had indeed suffered, not to mention she mustve felt cold and hungry all the time.

Not having travelled afar since young, she came to a big city which she wasnt familiar with and had no one close she knew. Alone, she sat at the train station full of stranger for an entire night. Yang Chen couldnt help but to feel compassionate for her.

Yang Chen walked to her bed and pulled the blanket as he prepared to cover it on Hui Lin.

However, when the blanket was about to be put down, Hui Lin suddenly opened her eyes and sat up before looking at Yang Chen cautiously. With her big eyes were filled with panic, she moved to the other end of bed. Wwhat do you want to do?! Dont dont do anything reckless

Yang Chen got despondent. What are you doing? I was afraid that youd catch a cold, so I wanted to cover you with a blanket.

Hui Lin finally realized the blanket in Yang Chens hands. When she noticed that she misunderstood it as another matter, her ears immediately reddened. Actually, she only had a brief understanding towards the matter between a man and a woman. Before she left, Abbess Yun Miao forcefully implanted some idea into her, which she barely understood half. Since she was only a young girl barely past twenty years old, she definitely felt shy when it came to the matter between men and women. So when she saw Yang Chen who was the only man she wasnt against, she would get a strange feeling.

Ssorry I was too nervous, Hui Lin said, embarrassed.

Yang Chen shook his head helplessly. He said, Since you woke up, go downstairs and have breakfast. Wang Ma finished preparing it for you.

Okay Hui Lin obediently agreed.

At the same time, in a hidden and old building located in Beijing which seemed most ordinary from the outside, Lin Zhiguo put down the newspapers in his hands in a giant, quiet office. Taking his reading glasses off, he asked Gray Robe who was standing beside respectfully, Has Huier reached Ruoxis house yet?

I just received a report just now. Yang Chen brought Miss Hui into the house already. Master may rest assured now.

Sigh How can I be assured? Gray Robe, do you know that I really hope Ruoxi could interact nicely with Huier, but Im still worried how theyd react if they knew that they were each others blood-related sisters? Huier is gentle and naive by nature, so she may not exclude her too much, but you also know about the exclusion Ruoxi has towards me. Once she finds out the truth, I bet itd be hard for her to be calm, Lin Zhiguo said as he frowned.

Gray Robe remained silent. Being Lin Zhiguos right hand, he naturally knew the internal affairs.

Oh yeah. Lin Zhiguo seemed to have thought of something. He asked, Did Yang family do anything after I passed the DNA report to Yang Gongming earlier?

Gray Robe let out a playful smile. Masters plan is indeed ingenious. Old Li is thankful that Master told him about it. After finding out the news of his grandson, he showed himself for Master to meet the master of Zeng clan.

Oh? Yang Gongming finally came out from his mountains again?

Being an old man, he naturally doesnt hope to see his long-lost grandson who may return to the clan one day get hurt. Furthermore, it isnt Yang Chen at fault this time, Old Li naturally wouldnt have any sort of psychological burdens. Zeng clans original scheme of taking action on Yang Chen in the dark has been stopped, Gray Robe said.

Although Zeng clan is strong, theyre still far behind Yang clan which is one of the founding fathers. Ignoring Yang Gongmings power, Yang clan could still shine by solely depending on his son Yang Pojun and son-in-law Yuan Hewei. If it isnt because they have rather little people, the entire land of Beijing wouldve been in their control, Lin Zhiguo said smilingly. I didnt expect that the kid Yang Chen can bring such a level of connection. However, just because Zeng clan stopped taking action now doesnt mean they wont do anything in the future. We cant let loose the people were tracking.

Yes, Master.