My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Vixen

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"In this world, there isn't anyone who would unconditionally treat a person well. It only depends on whether the temptation is worth his abandonment of his partner."

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After returning to the headquarters of Yu Lei International, Yang Chen took the elevator to the office of the public relations department. Since it was afternoon, many workers from the department were out to meet clients. The office was empty and quiet.

Yang Chen walked to the door of Liu Mingyus department head office with light steps and twisted the knot. Since the door wasnt locked, he immediately entered sideways before locking the door.

Liu Mingyu was busy correcting something on her seat. It was rare that she didnt wear contact lenses, but black-framed spectacles instead. The look which her tall nose supported the weight of the spectacles highlighted a kind of seductive and intellectual beauty. The contrasting color difference between the black spectacles and her white skin was particularly eye-catching.

When Liu Mingyu noticed that Yang Chen suddenly broke into her room, she got shocked and opened her pink and soft lips. Her frightened expression exposed her exclusive cuteness.

Yang Chen walked towards the back of Liu Mingyu and wrapped around her powdery neck with his arms. A layer of pink appeared on her white and smooth neck.

Liu Mingyu wanted to dodge away but was rather unwilling to do so at the same time. However, Yang Chens tens of kilograms of body acted like a pagoda as it pressed onto Liu Mingyus body, causing her to be burdened. Her heart was particularly pressured. She panted heavily and avoided to look into Yang Chens eyes.

Yang Chen leaned forward and whispered to Liu Mingyus ear, Why arent you talking?

Pouting, Liu Ming answered, Will you let me go if I did?

I wont, Yang Chen replied in a straightforward manner.

You came all the way here just to do something like this? Liu Mingyu asked, dissatisfied.

The smile on Yang Chens face was rather perverted. If there was a mirror in front of Yang Chen, he would probably be embarrassed himself. Kissing Liu Mingyu on her cheek, Yang Chen let go of her neck.

He took out a SD card from his pocket and inserted it into Liu Mingyus computer.

Open the video folder inside and have a look, Yang Chen said.

Liu Mingyu was rather confused, but still followed Yang Chens instruction. After opening the folder, she clicked on the video to play.

It only took three seconds for Liu Mingyus face to turn as red as a mature red plant, looking incredibly alluring.

On the computer screen, two men and one woman were being frank with each other. Their bodies tangled together and were doing some improper movements. The waves of speech and sound werent out of Liu Mingyus imagination.

They are

The clients I met this afternoon. They really had to put up this show for me. Do you think its fun? Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Liu Mingyu turned around and looked at Yang Chen as she didnt know how to react. They got fixed by you again. Dont think that I dont know Department Head Ma resigned after he got played by you.

Yang Chen recalled the incident where he forced Department Head Ma and his little lover into a play during the day he rescued Liu Mingyu. It was so clear that it felt like yesterday. Unexpectedly, Liu Mingyu became his lover after a few months. The woman whom Department Head Ma spent so much effort to get but failed, followed Yang Chen at last.

Liu Mingyu turned off the video on his computer and removed the SD card before returning it to Yang Chen. I had enough, keep it to yourself. I still have to work, you may leave now.

One of Yang Chens arms suddenly reached out to Liu Mingyus bosom before exerting force as it grabbed onto the lump of soft flesh.

Liu Mingyu moaned lightly and turned around to stare at Yang Chen. What are you doing Were at my office

Although she knew what Yang Chen meant when he asked her to play the video, Liu Mingyu still didnt dare to cause too huge of a commotion in the office.

Yang Chens breaths were really heavy. He whispered beside Liu Mingyus ear, I saw such a performance in the afternoon and consumed something I shouldnt. Im going to die from holding back if youre chasing me out now.

Liu Mingyu indignantly moved Yang Chens face away with her arm. You wanted something to vent on, you came came to look for me? Am I your tool for venting?

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyus enraged apricot-kernel-shaped eyes. Smiling awkwardly, he said, Why would I do that? Its just that I havent been able to get intimate with Little Yuer these days, I really miss you a lot.

Do you expect me to believe you? Why didnt you call me if you missed me? Dont think about taking advantage on me today, its not like Im your only lover. Find someone else to release your desire. I want to work now, get out! Liu Mingyu shouted angrily.

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyus black office suit which was low-collared, revealing the white shirt within that had milk-white buttons sewn at its center. It wrapped around her two lumps of tall flesh but appeared slightly tight, causing it to have occasional gaps. A trace of purple could be seen through the gaps, it was naturally Liu Mingyus violet flower-patterned bra, looking extraordinarily alluring.

Yang Chen was merely excited earlier. Now that deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of his eyes, he couldnt control his crazy secretion of male hormones anymore.

Little Yuer, where did you get this white shirt? Its too good of a purchase. Not only does the color look nice, its measurements are perfect as well, Yang Chen said before licking his lips.

When Yang Chen talked about her clothing, Liu Mingyu didnt rush on pushing him out. Isnt it just an old shirt? Im wearing it because I think its comfortable. Its not from any good brands, but its made from cashmere.

Yang Chen praised, When this shirt is matched with you, the biggest benefit is that it can cause strong desires to others.

What desires? Liu Mingyu couldnt help but to ask. Does this bad fellow possibly want to praise that Im beautiful?

Yang Chen chuckled. He said, The moment I saw your shirt, I had a strong urge to strip the buttons at the center open

Liu Mingyus look of high expectation suddenly turned to annoyance. She started hitting Yang Chens chest repeatedly as she scolded, Youre never serious! I told you to not disturb me in my office! Get out, get out!

Before Liu Mingyu stood up to push him out, Yang Chen forcefully wrapped his arms around her slim waist and lifted her entire body up. Extending both of his hands, one upwards and the other downwards, he used his left hand to touch Liu Mingyus belly and his right to grope her snow mountain.


It only took a gentle pinch, Liu Mingyu felt like her entire body got an electric shock. The troublesome demon claw started rubbing the red little grape on her chest.

You Let me go

The woman who had lost all her energy was begging to be released, but it only had an effect equivalent to pouring oil on flame.

Yang Chen leaned his head forward and kissed Liu Mingyus lips from the side a few times. Smiling, he said, Babe, why do you sound like you cant wait more than me?

You youre a bully, she complained like a little girl who got bullied. Liu Mingyu was too shy that she didnt know what to say.

However, Yang Chens next action made her completely unable to speak!

Yang Chens lower body rose up, which made Liu Mingyu feel an erected object pressing between her thighs. Under her working dress, it was a stocking of flesh color, which was smooth and nicely textured.

Yang Chen moaned as he indulged the feeling. Her thighs made him feel incredibly comfortable. Needless to say, Liu Mingyu could feel the heat of Yang Chens object.

Having had two times of past experience with Yang Chen, Liu Mingyu had greatly felt the strong, explosive force in this man and the ferocity of his object.

Her age of near-thirty was exactly the time where women like her had the strongest desire and were most sensitive to this type of male aura. Although she didnt say it out, she had complained about and scolded him countless times in her heart.

Her action of repeatedly rejecting was merely a trouble caused by her self-esteem.

When Liu Mingyu inhaled the familiar breath of the man and felt the surging and erupting power on her lower body, she felt that her entire body softened and lacked the energy to move. Her lower body which made her extremely shy, surprisingly had a feeling of emptiness

Why am I so shameless Liu Mingyu murmured in her heart. However, her next thought made her dismiss her worries. Damn it! I decided to be his lover myself. Whats the big deal of being a vixen? Isnt this fellow shameless as well

As she thought, Liu Mingyu violently turned around and hooked Yang Chens neck with her arms before going forward and kissing him intensely.

As their tongues entangled, the clear water passed through each others mouth. Yang Chen could feel the womans repressed, crazy emotions. His hands subconsciously started getting agile as well.

After doing some work in front of Liu Mingyus chest, her suit and shirt were removed, revealing her violet bra which had a hollow pattern. The white and powdery two lumps of flesh lightly shivered, as if they were proudly presenting their oppressed craving.

After grabbing one of the lumps, Yang Chen reached his other arm to Liu Mingyus back before starting to unzip her dress.

Suddenly, Liu Mingyu grasped Yang Chens arm which was undoing the zip. After struggling off Yang Chens lips, she looked at Yang Chen with her watery eyes.

Ignore the zip, do it with the dress on

Yang Chen stunned. Liu Mingyus sudden smile made a hot current surge in Yang Chens brain.

Liu Mingyu could be seen leaning onto her office desk, pressing her two snow-white groups of flesh onto the folders, shaping them into round biscuits. Since the measurements were overly large, the squeezed volume exceeded the region in front of her chest. The soft, powdery flesh expanded to the sides in front of Liu Mingyus chest.

Liu Mingyu obediently looked behind. Her expression brought a trace of shyness, urgency and charm.

Yang Chen felt that the little tent on his lower body almost broke. He roughly raised Liu Mingyus dress, revealing beautiful buttocks which were wrapped in a pair of flesh-colored stockings. After rubbing the triangular hip, he pulled her stockings down to her knees without hesitation

Liu Mingyu suddenly felt like her garden was exposed in the air. Before long, a boiling-hot object pressed onto it and wandered on the sides of the stream.

Dont... dont play anymore. Quickly quickly Liu Mingyu couldnt wait anymore. Although she felt like she was really behaving like a vixen, what reason did she have to refrain herself in front of the only man in her heart?

Yang Chen let out a naughty smile. He looked down disdainfully on the office girl who was lying on the desk as if he was a king. What quickly? Say it clearly

Liu Mingyu cursed him in her heart. This bad guy is still humiliating me at such a critical moment

However, this kind of malice made Liu Mingyus sense of guilt to quickly plummet. Quickly put your thing inside she stammered something she never thought shed say even in her dreams, with her eyes closed.

This sentence pushed Yang Chen to the peak. Without hesitation, he moved his hip and connected with the cherished object at the bottom!

The storm swept across every inch of the skin of the two, and every cell.

In the solemn and clean office, Yang Chen brutally vented on the flower-like lady under his body. After an entire hour, he finally liberated the half-fainted Liu Mingyu who was limping as a result of reaching climax a few times.

The air was diffused with a smell which would destroy ones purity. Quite a lot of shameful liquid was on Liu Mingyus leather chair and scattered onto the carpet beside the desk as well.

Yang Chen kissed Liu Mingyus flushing cheek. Smiling, he said, Little Yuer, do you want me to clean it up with tissue? Id be honored to be at your service.

Liu Mingyus body was sore and weak. She felt like her bones were put on clouds which made her extremely comfortable. However, when Yang Chen he wanted to clean her up and would immediately touch the part of her body, she immediately stood up and covered the area. Pouting, she said, No way, Ill do it myself. If you want to do it again later, I will really die here today.

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly as his little trick got exposed. He chose to obey the woman. In fact, he only discharged once, so he hadnt indulged it enough yet.

Knock! Knock! At this moment, the door of Liu Mingyus office suddenly got knocked on!