My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Undeniable

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Yang Chen brought Hui Lin to the reception area. Since the place was designed to admit various clients, there were reception rooms of different sizes on the first floor in addition to the reception counter, with well-designed soundproof walls separating each other, looking simple yet elegant.

After coming to the room specified by the reception worker, the person who immediately caught Yang Chens eyes was the one he expected to come.

Lin Zhiguo wore a thick, black coat and held a cup of hot sea served by the employees there. On his relatively young face, the trace of aging wasnt very evident. He quietly sat on his seat. He exuded a powerful aura even when he wasnt speaking.

Gray Robe who was dressed in a gray robe looked the same as before. He quietly stood at one corner of the room with his head lowered, as if he would fall asleep at any moment.

Seeing the arrival of Yang Chen and Hui Lin, a faint and polite smile emerged on Lin Zhiguos solemn and strict face. Of course, it appeared solely because of Hui Lin.

Huier, come to Grandpa. Lin Zhiguo waved his hand at Hui Lin.

When Hui Lin saw Lin Zhiguo, joy appeared on her face at first, but she then looked a bit contradictory. After hesitating for a while, she still obediently went over to Lin Zhiguos side.

Yang Chen pulled a chair over for himself and sat down, before crossing his legs and yawning. He wasnt planning to speak as well.

Lin Zhiguo ignored Yang Chen. Holding his granddaughters hand, he asked smilingly, Are you used to the lifestyle in Zhonghai? Do you need anything? Grandpa can buy all of them for you. I heard that youre learning how to sing and dance here, do you want to be a singer?

Hui Lin replied gently, Grandpa, its not certain that I can be one. I actually just want to look for a job I like.

Hehe, my Huier definitely can do it since shes so smart. Oh yeah, since youre working here, do you want Grandpa to get you a car? Lin Zhiguo asked.

Hui Lin shook her head. No need, no need. Grandpa, I dont know how to drive, and and Elder Sister said shed send me over and fetch me home.

Lin Zhiguo looked elated. Huier, you you called Ruoxi Elder Sister? You dont hate her?

Yang Chen who was sitting aside similarly looked at Hui Lin. He was curious regarding how Hui Lin looked at Lin Ruoxi. She had stayed with Abbess Yun Miao since young, it should make more sense that she hated Lin Ruoxi. She was the granddaughter of a mistress after all.

Why should I hate her Hui Lin said softly. Elder Sister is really pitiful because she didnt do anything wrong. Grandma should hate only Elder Sisters grandma since thats the matter between Grandpa and Grandmas. I just feel that we have the same blood flowing in our bodies. As long as Elder Sister treats me well, I should like her as well.

Lin Zhiguos eyes got rather red. Being a highly-ranked old man who had experienced countless battles, he still felt rather touched by his granddaughters words.

Ruoxi does she know who you are? Lin Zhiguo asked.

Hui Lin shook her head. I dont dare to tell her. Grandpa, Im afraid that Elder Sister would hate me.

Im sorry, Huier. Its because of Grandpas mistake back then that you two are forced to grow up this hard, Lin Zhiguo said as he felt a heartache.

Hui Lin remained silent, as if she didnt know what to reply. She grew up with Abbess Yun Miao after all, she certainly wasnt very pleased with Lin Zhiguo deep down her heart, since Lin Zhiguo did something wrong to Abbess Yun Miao and was the reason her parents died outside the country.

Gray Robe who had been standing in a corner suddenly said something. Master, I believe they can soon get along even after Miss Ruoxi finds out about her identity, considering theyre now living together. I believe Miss Ruoxi will call Master Grandpa before long.

Yearning appeared in Lin Zhiguos eyes, which he soon suppressed. He turned to look at Hui Lin and said, Huier, Grandpa is really pleased that youre naive, kind and reasonable, but your elder sister is more stubborn and tough than you. Shed do unscrupulous things occasionally. However, theres something similar between you twoshes a kind person at heart as well. Its just that shes forced to face the pressure of the outside world because of the damage Grandpa brought to her. If one day, she starts to throw a tantrum at you after finding out your identity, dont conflict your elder sister, because the person she hates isnt you, but me, Grandpa.

Hui Lin slowly nodded and bit her lips as she kept quiet.

Yang Chen felt rather touched. Although Lin Zhiguo didnt watch Lin Ruoxi grow up, and never even met her too many times, he still knew this granddaughter of his very well. The understanding between people was indeed the deepest amongst families.

After talking to Hui Lin for a while more, Lin Zhiguo finally turned his attention towards Yang Chen who had been ignored for a very long time. Recently, you seem to have a rather big problem.

Yang Chen knew that Lin Zhiguo must be referring to the incident where he killed Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong. Smiling, he replied, That cant be considered a problem, just a small issue. If you really want to put it that way, then I too think that purposely going to Beijing to kill everyone from Zeng clan rather problematic.

Humph, Lin Zhiguo snorted coldly. You should be aware that it isnt a realistic solution. Although you have the ability to do that, are you going to annihilate every single person who hates you which easily amount to millions? Youre not a emotionless robot. The fact that youre willing to return to China to live as an ordinary person proves that you still have feelings. Anyone who has killed before knows that it doesnt feel good to take a persons life, not to mention the people around them would suffer as well. You wont do something this foolish.

Hui Lins big eyes opened really widely when she listened to the conversation between Lin Zhiguo and Yang Chen since she had no clue what was going on, but she obediently kept quiet and didnt interrupt.

Yang Chen reached out to scratch her face lightly. Then what should I do? Theyre even thinking of killing your granddaughter. Although I totally can keep her safe, what happens to the other people that I care about? Im not three-armed and three-headed, I have no other choice but to exterminate them and remove their roots.

Rest assured, the matter that youre worried about wont happen anymore, Lin Zhiguo said with a smile.

Frowning, Yang Chen asked, What do you mean?

At the very least, Zeng clan will definitely not act irrationally before the Chinese election next year ends, unless they want to be removed from the Chinese government, Lin Zhiguo said confidently.

Yang Chen pondered for a while. Did you possibly give them pressure?

Although Lin family has some form of authority, we never get involved between the government and clans. Furthermore, the person that showed face is much more useful than me, Lin Zhiguo said.

Seeing Lin Zhiguos secretive act, various possibilities appeared in Yang Chens mind. At last, only one of them was possible. However, he felt strongly disgusted the moment he thought of the reason.

I dont like busybodies. Yang Chens breathing got uneven. I can deal with all of these myself.

Yang Chen! Lin Zhiguo suddenly shouted. Looking solemn, he said, Id always thought that you were a much more mature man than the others of your age. It doesnt seem completely true anymore. In this world, not everything can be solved by killing. Thats the most low-class solution, youre aware about this more than anyone else. Also, in this world, you cant deny the existence of something just because you dont like it! The things that are yours, will be yours, you cant escape from them!

Yang Chen squinted. Coldness appeared in his eyes. If you only want to tell me nonsense like that, Im not the slightest interested.

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Lin Zhiguo took a deep breath and sipped on his tea. He said, Alright, Ill tell you another thing then.

Make it quick, my working hour is ending soon. Yang Chen got rather impatient.

You should know that Dragon Group and Water Dragon have been lacking manpower these days. So, starting this month end, well start recruiting a new batch of elites as the backup team of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. As they require harsh training and assessment, I hope that you can give them guidance on actual combat being their main instructor Lin Zhiguo said.

Yang Chen frowned slightly. He couldnt help but to laugh. Arent you troubling me this way? If I become the main instructor, arent I declaring that Im in the same family with you guys? Also, this doesnt benefit me in any way.

Firstly, youll only be the main instructor on the surface. You can definitely let others teach for you on usual days. Dont think I dont know that you sent a group of mercenaries who are well-known at the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf named Sea Eagles. Its exactly this type of tactics from a world-class mercenary organization that we lack in our training. In addition, I promise you that Ill provide assistance to protect the people you care about. At the very least, you wont get caught being unaware when facing an opponent like Zeng clan. After Lin Zhiguo finished speaking, he took a sip of his tea and patiently waited for Yang Chens reply.

Yang Chen remained silent. Lin Zhiguos deal was definitely attractive in some ways, especially the protection he could offer, which was something he had been getting headaches for. At the end of the day, he couldnt send huge numbers of mercenaries into China to protect the people around him. Even if they wouldnt mind, it was still selfish of him to delay their usual work, which was the reason why he only asked for a small team of Sea Eagles from Sauron back then.

When he thought of the divorce between him and Lin Ruoxi six months later, he decided it was still better for him to treat Lin Zhiguo more politely as hed lose this connection at that time.

Yang Chen nodded. No problem, but this has to be done in the dark. Try your best to not let the outside world know about my participation.

A faint smile appeared on Lin Zhiguos face. Dont worry, I naturally understand the consequences. Ill contact you again when we need you to take part.

After finishing his discussion, Lin Zhiguo advised Hui Lin to take care of herself before leaving the company with Gray Robe.

Soon after, Hui Lin received a call from Lin Ruoxi. She was asked to go downstairs and go home together with Lin Ruoxi.

Hui Lin jumped lightly in joy, as if she had lots of things in mind to tell Lin Ruoxi. Of course, she wouldnt mention anything about Lin Zhiguo.

Yang Chen took a look at the time. As the working hours were almost over, he went downstairs to drive his car home.

In the car, the conversation earlier played in Yang Chens mind repeatedly. Although he wasnt sure who pressured Zeng clan for him, the small possibility caused Yang Chens heart to lightly tremor, due to the root that had been hidden in there for too many years.

Yang Chen soon reached home with his heavy heart. Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin just reached as well.

The two ladies who came down from the Bentley were talking and laughing. They seemed to be having a good conversation. However, when they saw Yang Chens arrival, they didnt even bother to say hi to him.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. It was fine for Lin Ruoxi, but even Hui Lin did that. Evidently, she learned it from her elder sister. She picked up the skill of being cold and ignoring people rather quickly.

Upon entering the door, Yang Chen talked to Lin Ruoxi who wasnt planning on entertaining him. Ruoxi, can we talk? Theres something I wanted to discuss with you earlier.