My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Pledge
Chapter 31: Pledge

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Ermm Yang Chen regretted randomly choosing the test papers, if he knew this wouldve happened, he would have chosen English and French as written in his resume, but right now he could only brace himself for whatever that comes his way, That is just a hobby, Im pretty talented at foreign languages.

Oh? What other innate skills do you have then? Ruoxi asked as she crossed her arms in front of her chest with a face full of disbelief.

Yang Chen scratched his nose, because he was embarrassed to say that he actually had quite a number of innate skills. While he was most adept at fighting and killing, on the more high-tech side, he was also talented in controlling aircraft, tanks, firearms and hacking. However, these talents were not appropriate to share in a conversation, so he simply shook his head and said, Nope, this brain of mine only has that much capacity, well-appraised, my lord wife.

Youre not allowed to call me that! Lin Ruoxi once again corrects the uncomfortable form of address that nearly turned her eyebrows vertical, and angrily said, Yang Chen, no matter the reason, since you chose Yu Lei International and became my employee, there are some things I must make clear to you.

It cant be that you want to fire me right? Yang Chen gloomily raised his hands, Hey, my dear wErm. Boss Lin, it took me a lot of effort to find a job that fits your requirements, sitting in an office, dignified, and can keep clean at work. You dont have to be so cruel to me right? Although Im born a bit more handsome than others, and may cause harm to our fellow colleagues, but a loyal man like me would never womanize. Also, wild flowers can never smell as fragrant as the flower at home, dont you think so.

Hold your tongue! Ruoxi couldnt stand it anymore as she slammed her hand down at the desk. She pouted and her lips formed an arc, this guy did not have any EQ, could it be that this is what all graduates of famous colleges in the US are like? Could it be that the Americans have a different way of looking at things?

Yang Chen tried his best to hold back his laughter, he had no idea why every time he sees the bashful look of his convenient wife, he feels so happy inside.

Like the creative concept written by a poet It is most of all the gentleness of bowing ones head, that is like the lotus flower that the cool breeze cannot compete in shyness

(TL:This was a poem written by Xu Zhimo, a famous poet and cousin of Jinyong)

Of course, Lin Ruoxi might look like a lotus flower, but she wasnt that gentle. Her mature, city womans high self-esteem, along with that innocent childishness, was the most attractive thing about her.

Only after a while did Lin Ruoxi calm down. With a gaze full of killing intent she said, Yang Chen, while we are in the company, we must agree upon a three-point-law.

(TL: 3 rules Yang Chen must follow.)

Alright, as long as you dont fire me, Im fine with anything. Said Yang Chen, as he didnt want to argue with this girl.

First, youre not allowed to call me by those disgusting names, you must address me as Boss Lin or CEO just like the other employees. Second, you cant just randomly waltz into my office, and in public, we must maintain a distance. Third, you cant tell anyone in this company that we are married. Fourth

Wait! Wait! Wasnt this a three-point-law? How can there be a fourth point? Yang Chen raised his hand in protest.

Bam! Lin Ruoxi slammed both her hands down on the desk, with her eyes widened. If I say how many laws, thats how many laws! If I say how many points thats how many points! Youre not allowed to interrupt me!

Ermyes. Yang Chen forced a smile.

Lin Ruoxi continued: Fourth, while you are working here, I will carefully supervise you. You are not allowed to break the status quo of the office. As long as you do your job, I wont fire you. Even if you drift aimlessly, I wont fire you as long as you dont stir up trouble in the office. Fifth

After listening to Lin Ruoxi talk for no less than 10 minutes, Yang Chen stifled a yawn. Lin Ruoxi was almost finished speaking.

Boss Lin, youre finished right? If you have, Ill leave first. Said Yang Chen, as he curried favor with Lin Ruoxi because he was scared that she would burst out in more rules and stipulations, hes already forgotten how many points she has made.

Lin Ruoxi contemplated for a bit and nodded her head: Well stop here for today. You must comply with everything I told you. Outside, I dont care what you do, thats your problem and we have a non-aggression pact, but when youre in the office, you must listen to me and abide by the rules.

Yea yea yea Yang Chen hurried to stand up, stretch, and leave the room.

At that moment, in the office, a stylish azure-colored phone rang. Stretching out her hand, Lin Ruoxi picked the phone up, pressed a button, and answered the call. On the other side, the voice of the cold secretary, Wu Yue, could be heard: Boss Lin, General Manager Xu Zhihong has invited you to attend have dinner with him at the Blue Bay Hotel to talk about this years partnership for the Autumn Fashion Show.

Hearing the name Xu Zhihong, Lin Ruoxi made an obvious frown, Wu Yue, cant we cancel it?

On the other side of the line, Wu Yue hesitated for a moment and said, Boss Lin, you have already rejected Mr Xus private invitations three times, this times business is regarding the Autumn Fashion Show, and every single exhibition areas construction requires support from Donghua Science & Technologys resources and manpower. The other partys reasons are justified, if we cancel again.its a little

Fine, I understand, Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips, Help me arrange this then, tonight I will attend, book two seats.

Boss Lin do you require me to accompany you?

Nope, Lin Ruoxi raised her head to stare at Yang Chen who is trying to sneakily leave the room, I will drive there, you may return home once you get off work.

Okay Boss Lin. Wu Yue felt things were a little odd, but her unconditional compliance meant she wouldnt ask anything more.

Ending the call, Yang Chen who was trying to sneak out stopped, turned his head and laughed: Boss Lin, you cant possibly want me to attend. If I recall correctly, Blue Bay hotel is a 5-Star hotel, does my rugged appearance look suitable for a 5-star hotel? Also, I cant make heads nor tails when it comes to business and cannot help.

Lin Ruoxi coldly smiled and said: You think I wish to bring you along? You only know how to lose face and talk drivel However, marrying you, is precisely to make use of you during such times. Later on in the evening, you must utilize all methods to keep Xu Zhihong away from me, best if you can make him completely give up.

Can I make a physical assault? Yang Chen was somewhat impatient, How about I just chop him and be done with it.

Not allowed! You cant allow him to get near me, but our business talks must go on! said Lin Ruoxi, stressing each and every word.

Taking in a deep breath, Yang Chen gazed strangely at Lin Ruoxi, grumbled and said, Boss Lin, are you employing a husband or an Oscar-winning actor?

We have already signed the contract. When in the company of others, you must play your role properly. If youre a man, you must keep your word. Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chens self deflated manner and couldnt help but feel a small victory.

Time flew like an arrow as Yang Chen returned to the PR department. The ladies, curious as to why Yang Chen was called to the CEOs office, all made exaggerated speculations till it was time to get off work.

Throughout the whole afternoon, Mo Qianni was huffing and puffing in anger as she couldnt understand why Lin Ruoxi, who she respected for the longest time, rejected the proposition to fire Yang Chen and even invited him to her office. Could it be that Yang Chen has some sort of special background? All these questions remained in Mo Qiannis mind and would cause her to have insomnia.

Furthermore, Yang Chen rejected the office ladies invitation for a welcome cocktail party and by himself, he quietly slipped away to the CEOs special parking lot.

Sitting in Lin Ruoxis Bentley Arnage, they made their way to the Blue Bay Hotel as planned.

Night time in Zhong Hai City, a man and a woman, neither one knowing what the other was thinking. While the man and wifes first showing of love and affection was caused by a surprise phone call by Xu Zhihong.