My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 311

Chapter 311: 147

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After the call got connected, there was no sound coming from Tang Wans side. Yang Chen thought his phone wasnt working properly anymore, but he then managed to hear breathing sounds. He knew that Tang Wan didnt know how to initiate the conversation.

Yang Chen smiled faintly and said, What is it? Are you testing my hearing on whether or not I can hear the sound of you breathing?

Tang Wan finally opened her mouth. You are you still mad?

Mad? When did you see me get angry? Yang Chen asked.

I misunderstood you last time. I I was too anxious at that time. I only found out the situation yesterday Tang Wan spoke really softly. She sounded a little scared. Comparing to her usual dominance, she appeared much more gentle now.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, Its great that you know it now. Im really not angry.

Then can I treat you for a meal tomorrow? Its Christmas coincidentally, take it as my apology, Tang Wan said.

Im not free tomorrow, and youre not at fault. I didnt know Tangtang was your daughter earlier, otherwise I wouldnt be this careless, Yang Chen said.

Tang Wan seemed like she still thought Yang Chen wasnt planning on forgiving her yet. She asked, Do you really hate me now? I behaved so recklessly and said something so terrible.

Youre not reckless at all, I can understand your mentality as a mother. Furthermore, the kid really is worrying. Its just that Im quite occupied these days. Im going to Japan next week for my companys holiday trip. I guess we can talk about it after new years, Yang Chen said.

Tang Wan sounded rather down. Alright then, Ill contact you after new years. My virtual age will be forty years old at that time, would you start to ignore me because Im too old?

[TL note: Virtual age is based on East Asian age reckoning in which people (Chinese specifically) begin their lives at the age of one instead of zero.]

What nonsense are you talking about? Do you think you look like a forty-year-old woman? If I have to point out a gap between us, it should be Tangtang since youre her mother. To be honest, if something really took place between us, itd still feel weird although were both adults now, Yang Chen said genuinely.

It should be hard for Tangtang to accept it, Tang Wan said as she blamed herself. Luckily nothing happened between us that night, otherwise I really wouldnt dare to meet Tangtang anymore. I think Ill use this period for me to think calmly on how I feel about you. See you after new years.

Tang Wans straightforward and generous expression made Yang Chen feel helpless yet relaxed. This woman would tell you very directly that she wanted to sleep with you, but would also tell you honestly that she was now hesitating.

Yang Chen didnt have too much thought. It couldnt be said that he loved Tang Wan, it was only a liking at most. He liked Tang Wans beautiful body and her aura, not to mention it was her who offered an intimate relationship without any responsibilities. Yang Chen admitted that he didnt have the energy to reject her.

After ending the call, Yang Chen pointed his spearhead at Mo Qiannis bedroom.

He walked to the bedroom and knocked on the door. Little Qianqian, why are you taking a shower in your bedroom?

After a long while, Mo Qiannis voice could finally be heard. I fell asleep!

Yang Chen didnt know what to feel. Why does this look like a scene whereby a perverted middle-aged man is trying to trick a little girl, while she still answered in such an adorable manner?

Ill kick the door open if you dont open it, you know that Im strong enough to do that, Yang Chen said.

You go sleep on the sofa, Mo Qianni hurriedly said.

Is this what you say to your man? Yang Chen asked angrily.

After a short while of silence, Mo Qianni finally opened the door slowly. She was still hugging a pink bolster. Looking at Yang Chen with a scared expression, she said, Im very nervous. Can you just sleep and not do that kind of things?

Wouldnt this take Yang Chens life? There was an enchanting woman beside him whom he could only look but not touch.

Why are you nervous? Didnt we do it in the hills before? Yang Chen asked gloomily.

I was in too much pain after that, I felt pain for three days straight Mo Qianni said softly as she felt afraid.

Yang Chen recalled that he couldnt hold himself back in the hills earlier. He did it twice to Mo Qianni continuously. It was her first time after all, when a melon broke for its first time and got multiple rainstorms, she may have really developed a phobia towards it.

Under such a situation, the more she avoided touching it, the more afraid she would be in the future. Yang Chen knew that the best solution was to pleasure Mo Qianni in different ways, but couldnt hurt her once again. This way, the fear in her heart could be eliminated.

Yang Chen walked forward and hugged Mo Qianni with his arms. Call me Hubby.

Mo Qianni felt the mans warmth and could smell the familiar scent. As she felt peaceful, she called out shyly, Hubby.

Dear, lets try it once more, alright? If you feel uncomfortable again, I wont do it anymore, Yang Chen said gently.

Mo Qianni struggled lightly for a while, but agreed to him at last.

Yang Chen put down the delicate body in his arms onto the soft mattress before turning off the main light in the room, leaving only a small lamp by the bed on.

In the dimly lit room, Mo Qiannis hair looked like ink while her elegant face seemed like jade. When she bit her red, thin lips, her beauty was unrivalled.

Very gently, Yang Chen removed Mo Qiannis arms which tightly hugged his body before giving her a look to ask for her trust. Only then did he start removing the womans clothing

After a gentle entanglement, Mo Qianni lay on Yang Chens arms. She was only covered by a thick blanket being naked, while the two tightly hugged each other.

Yang Chen lowered his head to take a look. There was a smile on Mo Qiannis face while her eyes were shut. Her curvy brows shook lightly, as if she enjoyed the experience very much.

You wont be afraid anymore, Yang Chen asked.

Mo Qianni blurrily answered, You have to do it this way every time in the future. You cant treat me like the first time again.

Ill ensure that you feel comfortable every time, Yang Chen said. He then thought, As long as you arent afraid anymore, arent I still the one in control for how I want to do it?

After the long day, Yang Chen felt exhausted as well. He fell asleep deeply with Mo Qianni in his arms. Since there was a soft, fragrant jade beside him, Yang Chen had a particularly enjoyable sleep.

The night passed in the blink of an eye.

The sky was still dark outside. Yang Chen felt that there was something repeatedly falling on his eyebrows like raindrops.

Yang Chen moved his head slightly before opening his eyes. Mo Qianni who put on clothes was staring at him with a smile. Her face without makeup looked extraordinary fresh.

Yang Chen yawned and smiled bitterly. He said, What is it again? Why did you wake up this early? I remember today is a weekend.

147, 141, Mo Qianni said excitedly.

Whats 147 and 141? Yang Chen asked as he rubbed his eyes.

Mo Qianni behaved just like a naive child who just had honey. Happily, she said, Your left eyebrow has 147 hairs, and I havent finished counting your right eyebrow, but Im at 141 now.

Yang Chen thought he misheard her. Stunned, he asked helplessly, Why are you counting my brows?

Mo Qianni looked into Yang Chens eyes stupidly. I read a book before. It says once a woman loves a man, shed even know how many hairs there are on his brows very clearly. Since I cant count them every day, Id of course have to seize the opportunity.

Yang Chen kept the smile on his face and looked at this woman who was rather foolish silently. At this moment, he felt that everything he said would appear lifeless.

Why do you always make me feel sorry to you? Little Qianqian, a true vixen should behave like you. Other women seduce men with their bodies, while you used your heart to take away even my chance to breathe. Yang Chen hugged Mo Qianni tightly. Smiling faintly, he asked, Do you want me to suffocate?

It isnt as serious as you put it, Mo Qianni said with a smile. Since youre awake, Ill go make you breakfast.

Mo Qianni wanted to get off the bed, but got pulled back onto the bed by Yang Chen.

Eh, what are you doing? Mo Qiannis heart shivered. She was afraid that Yang Chen wanted to do that kind of stuff again.

Solemnly, Yang Chen said, This is unfair. You counted mine but I havent counted yours yet. Stay still obediently and let me count your brows clearly.

Mo Qianni finally understood his intention. It was annoying yet funny. At last, she burst into laughter and rushed into Yang Chens chest.