My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Big Bro
Chapter 32: Big Bro

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Blue Bay Hotel, a 5-star hotel completed only two years ago, it was located on the east of Zhong Hai beside a holiday resort, nestled on a river bank. The entire building had a refreshing and lightly elegant color palette, the dense and sentimental Scottish design makes many of the upper class businessmen enjoy coming here to negotiate deals.

Once she got of the car, Lin Ruoxi walked to Yang Chens side, hooked her arm over Yang Chens elbow, and created the look of a happily dependent little bird. She dully said, Lets go.

Yang Chen smiled, Who acts like you? If you want others to think our relationship is intimate, you have to at least smile. With this ice mountain-like expression, people will think youre a spiteful woman.

You are the spiteful woman! Lin Ruoxi troublingly frowned, in the end still unable to bring out a smile. The truth was, to even grab onto Yang Chens arm was considered a huge challenge to her. Lin Ruoxi shook her head and said, This is fine, as long as we dont reveal any flaws, this is not a problem.

Yang Chen thought inside, no one is going to believe that, but didnt say it. Since this innocent CEO wife wants to act, I will accompany her in this play.

On the path to enter the hotel, both sides had ancient Greek columns and goddess statues. After entering the hotel, the sides were instead filled with various western artists oil paintings of many different sceneries.

The imposingly grandiose decorations, which created a fashionable yet classical fusion, made the whole Blue Bay Hotel filled with an air of honor, even the guests that came and went were immaculately dressed, with arrogant expressions on their faces.

I dont like oil paintings. Yang Chen grumbled, I always feel that, instead of using oil paintings why not just use a photograph, its even clearer too.

While holding onto Yang Chens arm, Lin Ruoxi who was slowly appreciating the artworks on the alley glanced at Yang Chen with disdain, If you dont have any appreciation for art, keep quiet, nobody will think youre a mute.

Isnt it so? Otherwise why would I sell mutton skewers. Yang Chen made a complacent expression.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him, and whispered, Remember, when we enter later on, if I dont signal for you to speak, you dont speak.

I will obey, Boss Lin. Yang Chen couldnt resist smiling, and nodded.

Being led by two neatly dressed Etiquette ladies, they walked towards a private booth facing the lake, while raising his head, Yang Chen noticed that the private booths name turned out to be the strongly religiously styled Judas.

(TL: Etiquette ladies , seen those ladies that bring bouquets to medal winners in the olympics? Their job is like a waitress but not in a restaurant, an air stewardess but not on a plane. But I have no idea what theyre called in english thus etiquette ladies it is.)

The milky white decorated wooden door at that time opened, a man wearing a black Hugo Boss suit entered. This man had curly hair, a rugged beard and he wore a simple smile. Upon gesturing a please enter with his hands he said, Welcome Miss Lin, our familys young master has been waiting.

It was evident that the man excluded Yang Chen who was holding Lin Ruoxis hand from his welcome gesture, and did not even take one look at him.

Indifferently nodding her head, Ruoxi led Yang Chen into the private room which was spacious, the scent of lavender scattered all over the place was just enough to raise ones spirits.

Ruoxi, I finally get to meet you. A magnetic voice came out from the sofa. The speaker wore a blue dress shirt, had a head full of neat short hair, and a pale handsome face. He possessed the rare temperament of reverence from the inside out, this type of temperament cannot be nurtured by an average family.

Expressionlessly, Ruoxi nodded her head, Boss Xu, Ill be troubling you.

Facing Ruoxis cold indifference, Xu Zhihong wasnt even fazed. Still equipping the appearance of a mature man, he wore a face full of smiles. Ive invited you quite a number of times, and its quite rare for you to be free. Your father has talked to me about you for quite some time, saying how youve been really busy at work. As a matter of fact, I do not mind, the fact that you were willing to come and join me for dinner alone makes me feel content.

It was hard to think that a general manager of a huge company, who was also the eldest heir for one of Zhong Hai Citys 5 greatest families, would welcome a woman with so much affection. To come and join me for dinner makes me feel content. These words, what kind of effect will they have? Its unknown how other women would react, but Lin Ruoxi was unfazed, and with great difficulty, she only said a few words, Youre too kind.

Xu Zhihong too did not feel anything was wrong as he personally pulled a chair and invited her, Come, please sit Ruoxi.

From the start to finish, it was as if Xu Zhihong and his servant did not see Ruoxi holding a mans hand, as if that man did not exist at all, similar to thin air.

Lin Ruoxi felt that she had underestimated Xu Zhihongs intelligence. His way of handling this was to just disregard Yang Chen. It seemed as if he had already thoroughly investigated Yang Chens background. Who would believe that a big corporations CEO would marry a previously unacquainted mutton skewers seller? It appears that Xu Zhihong had long known of Lin Ruoxis fake marriage plan.

Lin Ruoxi had no choice but to release Yang Chens hand, and sit in the designated seat. Yang Chen did not have any problem with that as he went to find a chair to sit next to Ruoxi.

Right at that moment, a simple minded smiling man appeared right in front of Yang Chen and in one movement, he pushed the chair back. Still chuckling, he said, I dont recognize you, who are you mister? My Young Master only invited Miss Lin to this gathering.

Not waiting for either Yang Chen or Ruoxi to respond, Xu Zhihong, a face full of smiles went: Hairy Ball, youre not allowed to be this rude. Im sure this person must be Ruoxis brother of some sort, or else how could they arrive together in such a intimate manner?

Big Brother? Yang Chen was a little surprised by this pair of master and servants skills in acting, and smiled: WowRemarkable, you guys are all aware of the fact that my familys little Ruoxi frequently calls me Big bro in bed.

Silence! It was like everybody forgot to breathe!

Dont even mention about the master-servant pair, Xu Zhihong and Hairy Ball who wanted to ridicule Yang Chen, even Lin Ruoxi choked after hearing Yang Chens abrupt words, she widened her eyes, and looked as if she wanted to strangle Yang Chen to death. This rascal! How dare he say such words!!! Although these words were meant to retaliate against Xu Zhihong and Hairy Balls provocations, but this is too too

After hearing such peculiar words, Ruoxi couldnt help but remember her and Yang Chens affair a few days ago. Her cheeks flushed red, lovable and appetizing.

As for Xu Zhihong, seeing Lin Ruoxi suddenly displaying an expression of bashfulness like a little girl, first, he was bewitched by her sudden change, but upon thinking again, for Lin Ruoxi to feel shy from that mans words, his heart turned cold and he couldnt help but wonderIs their relationship really not that simple!?

Xu Zhihong, whose complexion turned ugly and pale, laughed with great difficulty and said: This mister sure knows how to joke around, since youve come, youre a friend. Hairy Ball, youre not allowed to joke around with this mister, everyone, please sit back down.

Yang Chen, couldnt help but to assess Xu Zhihong a little higher, it seems that he isnt a brainless fuerdai, he even knows how to endure.

(TL: fuerdai is a term used to describe rich kids in China, it means the second generation of the rich.)

Lin Ruoxi was worthy of being called a successful business woman, although those words made her pissed off, she continuously remembered her primary goal for coming here, and quickly calmed her heart down. She then said to Xu Zhihong: Boss Xu, since its still early, lets first discuss the Autumn Fashion Show.

Yes Yes. Xu Zhihong no longer paid any attention to Yang Chen, and quickly reverted back into an expression of a graceful gentleman. He smiled and said: Whatever Ruoxi says shall be agreed upon, today the host shall follow the guests wishes.