My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Nijo Castle
Nijo Castle

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It was reported that earthquakes in Japan which could be felt by people amounted to more than a thousand times a year. This meant earthquakes were as common as eating three meals a day to the Japanese!

Although Yang Chen wasnt new to earthquakes, it was the first experience for most tourists in the resort!

Quickly, the screams of women and children could be heard coming from all directions. The running footsteps in the corridor resounded unstoppably as well.

Yang Chen hugged Liu Mingyu with an arm to calm her down as they moved to one of the corners in the room.

This is merely the most common earthquake. Japanese construction has really well-built shockproof structures. Well most likely be fine unless its an exceptionally serious earthquake.

Being hugged by Yang Chen, Liu Mingyu could feel his warmth, which helped her a bit in calming down. She realized that although the room was vibrating, her situation was generally fine, so she finally relieved herself.

As her face was still reddish, Liu Mingyu exclaimed nervously, Oh no! Hongyan mustve been awakened. Shes alone in the room, what if she wakes up and comes to look for me after noticing my absence? If I go out of your room now, I will be seen by a lot of people.

Erm Yang Chen said with a smile, Ill go out with you later and take a look at each of their rooms later, to act like were checking if anyones injured. Wouldnt it explain why were together?

Liu Mingyu pondered for a while and decided to go with Yang Chens suggestion since she didnt have any other ideas. As she thought about it, the rooms continued shaking while the earthquake persisted. As a result, they wouldnt appear as eye-catching.

Similar to what Yang Chen said, the earthquake didnt continue for long. The decorations in the room werent damaged, and everything became peaceful again.

Quite a lot of tourists who had fled earlier felt embarrassed. Most of them quickly returned to their rooms.

When Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu exit the room together, Liu Mingyu didnt seem any unusual. Since she was used to dealing with public relations, she was excellent in covering her emotions.

They walked to the nearest room of their colleagues, which had closed lights. Liu Mingyu knocked on the door, only to receive no response after a while.

Did they possibly run out? Liu Mingyu asked as she frowned.

Yang Chen shrugged, and proceeded to the next room together.

They found out that there was no one in the next room as well. This situation became slightly weirder.

When they walked to Zhang Cais and another colleagues room, Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu noticed that the lights were on inside.

The knocked on the door. After a while, Zhang Cais cowardly voice resounded, Who is it?

Its me. Zhang Cai, are you guys fine? Liu Mingyu asked.

The door got opened, revealing a small gap and Zhang Cais round face. She looked a bit pale. Nervously, she greeted, Sister Mingyu. She wasnt surprised when she saw that Yang Chen was there as well.

Liu Mingyu saw that Zhang Cai seemed frightened. Hurriedly, she asked, Why do you look so pale?

Zhang Cai shook her head. She still hadnt opened the door fully. Im fine, Sister Mingyu may return to rest.

It was evident that she was asking Liu Mingyu to leave. Liu Mingyu felt that the atmosphere didnt seem right. Frowning, she said, Is there something youre hiding from me? Why arent you opening the door? Why did you only leave a small gap open?

Zhang Cais face reddened. Quickly, she explained, No its not what you think. Sister Mingyu, its just that Im tired, so I want to go to bed now.

There was even an earthquake just now. Based on how you usually behave, its impossible that youre this easily calmed. You must be hiding something from me. Liu Mingyu wasnt willing to let it go. Walking forward, she forcefully pulled the door open, ignoring how Zhang Cai tried to stop her.

Unexpectedly, after the door got pulled open, the scene inside Zhang Cais room stunned Liu Mingyu, even Yang Chen who was standing behind didnt expect this.

The few female colleagues they failed to locate earlier were all inside Zhang Cais room, sitting on her tatami. They were all wearing the pyjamas provided by the resort and were gathered together. There were even a bunch of snacks, beverages and fruits on the floor.

All of these werent a big deal. The television inside the room was switched on, while its volume was set incredibly low. It was evident that it was done intentionally.

Regarding the reason they did that, it only took Liu Mingyu a glance for her to immediately understand.

The television was displaying the midnight Japanese adult video channel!

At this moment, a man and a woman could be seen on the screen. They were tangled together as they were enthusiastically doing it, putting up a stimulating and intense show!

You you guys Liu Mingyu immediately blushed while Zhang Cai and the other colleagues had their heads lowered.

Yang Chen felt that it was funny. No wonder he couldnt find them earlier, so they had gathered to watch a special show all this time.

During the day when Zhang Cai asked about the vending machine, he explained to them about how it operated, which all of them said they werent interested. Unexpectedly, they were secretly watching it at night together, and seemed to have enjoyed it very much. The snacks on the ground were almost finished already!

The reason Liu Mingyu and Zhao Hongyan werent invited was mostly due to her position at the department head. Although everyone was close like sisters, calling a superior to watch this type of show together was inappropriate, not to mention Liu Mingyu was usually the elder sister among the group of ladies, and wouldnt normally talk about these topics.

Since they werent going to invite Liu Mingyu, her roommate Zhao Hongyan naturally wasnt informed as well. Being a man, Yang Chen definitely wouldnt be notified!

Liu Mingyu saw that the group of sisters all had their heads lowered and faces reddened. She didnt know what to feel. At last, she slapped Zhang Cais firm and elevated butt and said, Im really impressed! You make it sound like youre in an underground intelligence organization, which made me wonder what happened to you! You almost frightened me to death!

Im sorry Sister Mingyu, Ill definitely invite you next time. Oh, do you want to come in now? Zhang Cai immediately asked as she tried to please her. Its really affordable, paying only a thousand yen can grant us access for the entire night!

Who said I was blaming you for this? Liu Mingyu stared at Zhang Cai angrily before turning her attention to the colleagues in the room. You guys may continue watching, dont behave like thieves.

After she finished speaking, Liu Mingyu turned around and said to Yang Chen, Lets go and check out whether Hongyans fine or not.

Yang Chen touched his nose awkwardly and raised his thumb at Zhang Cai before following Liu Mingyu to her room.

The farce-like night quickly ended. The next morning, all of them boarded the bus as they headed to Nagoya without mentioning what happened last night.

However, Yang Chen felt that Zhao Hongyan would look at him weirdly once in a while. This made Yang Chen question if Zhao Hongyan realized something about him and Liu Mingyu last night, but he couldnt just approach her to ask, not to mention he didnt really care about that.

No one knew where the tour guide, Kawanako, stayed yesterday night. During the journey, this average-looking Japanese lady explained the local Japanese customs using Mandarin with a weird accent, which showed her commitment and effort to her job.

However, since what Kawanako talked about wasnt really interesting, the ladies fell asleep in the bus once again within an hour.

The following schedule was slightly tighter. After playing in Nagoya in a day, they headed to Kyoto the next day.

Kyoto was basically a city based on the design of ancient Changan in China. The place had a large number of world heritages and relics, so they stayed there for a slightly longer time.

After playing at the well-known Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji temples on the first day, Yang Chen accompanied the group of ladies to shop at the market for half a day.

Relatively speaking, Yang Chen was more relaxed on the second day. The first place they went to was the Saihoji Temple. They then visited Nijo Castle in the afternoon.

Having a large surface area, the Nijo Castle was built during the Edo period, by Tokugawa Ieyasu who was the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan.

Since there were many places they had to visit, Yang Chen wasnt afraid that the ladies would suggest shopping at markets again out of boredom.

After visiting a few tourist attractions, Kawanako saw that they all seemed rather tired, so she suggested to rest at a small teahouse. The ladies whose legs were sore naturally were happy about it.

After ordering tea for everyone, Kawanako took a cup of tea to the driver who had followed them through the entire trip. This made the few busybody ladies start to discuss if Kawanako was in a relationship with the driver or not. Yang Chen couldnt help but to sigh when he heard these conversations. Women were indeed good talkers.

When Yang Chen finished his third cup of tea, he wanted to shut his eyes to rest for a short while. However, the familiar figure who had lingered in his mind for the past few days once again appeared in Yang Chens vision!

Dressed in a blue dress, a figure with ink-like, long, black hair quietly walked past the crossroad two streets away the teahouse in a seemingly inadvertent manner.

It was merely a short moment, but Yang Chen was sure that he didnt see it wrongly!

As the figure who constantly made him perturbed and crazy walked to an alley, ignoring the surprised gazes given by the ladies, Yang Chen rushed out of the teahouse without hesitation!

Liu Mingyu and the others stood up to shout at Yang Chen. However, Yang Chen had entered an alley in front in the blink of an eye before his body disappeared from their vision completely.