My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Rebirth

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Yang Chens face which still had bloodstains looked immensely pale, but his eyes slowly became clearer. A faint smile could be seen on the corner of his lips. He looked like he was in a rather good mood.

Lowering his head, Yang Chen smiled as he looked at the poisonous dagger in his chest.

He gripped the hilt and pulled the dagger out before relaxedly throwing it to a corner where Nine-tailed Arctic Fox stood, causing clanking sounds to echo as a result of the collision between the dagger and the floor.

After Yang Chen removed the dagger, there werent any signs of blood splashing on his chest.

Yang Chen shook his head as he removed his coat and inner clothing. Being half-naked, he threw the dirty clothes soaked in blood aside.

At this moment, everyone had a clear view of Yang Chens chest. The spot where two blades had pierced through were fully healed!

How is it possible!

The members of Blue Storm found it unbelievable. Their drug was totally supposed to prevent Yang Chen from healing. However currently, Yang Chen seemed like his self-healing ability had surpassed what he was previously capable of!

Noriko Okawa finally frowned as well, as he felt bewildered. The demons blade in his hand started vibrating, emitting a formidable killing aura.

Hannya and Tanuki stuck around Okawa tightly as they stared at Yang Chen with a complicated expression on their faces.

Being stared upon by various gazes, Yang Chen exercised his neck muscles, as if the people who were staring at him like tigers didnt exist, before starting to mumble something

So this is the case On the day of Seventeens death, I had a breakthrough and reached Full Cycle. Life and Death essentially meaning undergoing permanent parting due to the separation of Yin and Yang. One also had to realize the boundaries between being alive and dead, only then they could be considered to have successfully trained Life and Death. Ive been wondering how I havent been able to practise the final level Rebirth no matter how hard I tried. Rebirth doesnt rebirth simply means dying? But committing suicide is too foolish, who wouldve thought that they could get a new technique after dying Hehe How clever, no wonder I hadnt managed to comprehend level nine...

[TL note: Separation of Yin and Yang means one person is still alive but the other is dead.]

Eh? No, ordinary people wont necessarily be conscious after dying, so they cant think of the technique even if they achieved the Full Cycle of the eighth level It seems like the success rate of the ninth level is damn low

Seeing that Yang Chen ignored the others present, Noriko Okawas eyes were filled with hatred. What are you mumbling about?!

Yang Chen finally raised his head. Touching his chest as he smiled, he said, Okawa, I both hate and love the attack you struck me with earlier. What should I do? Youre someone I want to kill, but youre actually considered half of my benefactor.

Noriko Okawa noticed that Yang Chen seemed to have received some changes through his death. However, he immediately dismissed the thought. Are you joking?! Not only did the fellow whose heart was pierced by the demons blade not die, he got stronger instead?!

No one knew that this plot which was planned to secure the kill became Yang Chens breakthrough for the ceiling of level eight, allowing him to reach the highest, ninth levelRebirth!

Back then, Seventeens death allowed Yang Chen to understand a lot. At the same time, he practised and reached Full Cycle of level eight. However, in the next year, he hadnt had a clue what level nine was about. This made Yang Chen feel helpless and gloomy at the same time.

This was because Yang Chen urgently hoped that he could treat the chronic disease of his brain using Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to suppress it. After all, it was an illness that would make him go insane after killing numerous people, just like a time bomb, or even more terrifying than a bomb. It had to be mentioned that once he lost his mind, the number of people hed kill couldnt be compared to the power of a bomb.

Earlier, the drug with radioactive elements weakened his self-healing ability, causing his body tissues to become vulnerable. Yang Chen continuously had his heart pierced by the poisonous dagger and the demons blade. Such fatal strikes would make him lose his life at any given time.

However, at the moment when he was faced with death, Yang Chens strong body type and consciousness brought the small flame of his life back at last. This also made Yang Chen finally understand the true meaning of the ninth level in Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

One had to witness the death of another person, before experiencing oneselfs death at last.

Just like what Yang Chen said, there were two types of people in the world which were most terrifying. One was a madman, since he wouldnt hold any fear, while the other was someone not afraid of death!

Yang Chen used to think he wasnt afraid of death only because his heart refrained his instincts.

Today, having gone through Rebirth of level nine, he truly understood what death meant.

This was a kind of magical understanding which could only be comprehended, but not explained in speech. It was exactly the same as what the drunk man in his memory saidyoud comprehend it if you did, and nothing could be said to help you if you didnt.

The moment Yang Chen understood the final tier, the previously repressed internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture violently surged, utterly inhibiting all of the radioactive elements in his body which was suppressing his self-healing ability.

Furthermore, Yang Chen felt that his physique and consciousness become a couple of times stronger than before. When he pulled out the dagger from his heart, not even a drop of blood leaked before the wound had completely recovered!

Yang Chen had a wonderful thought. The True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture mightve reached its peak condition, while there seemed to be a shapeless obstacle blocking the way above the peak.

Yang Chen suspected that the ninth level may not be the true highest point, since the intensity of level nines True Qi could already rival what he was capable of after unsealing!

This meant once internal energy was trained to great heights, it was a form of energy that could potentially match divine powers!

However, it was said that cultivating could bring such strengths from rumors in the east during ancient times. Would there be a being who was as powerful as gods through practising internal energy?

Yang Chen thought of too many important things. Currently, the existence of the people around him suddenly seemed insignificant, since he felt that he had entered an entirely new realm!

When Yang Chen was pondering upon these random thoughts, the six people from Blue Storm and the Vatican all looked at each other. Seeing that Yang Chen didnt look like hed make a move, they immediately turned around and planned to leave!

No matter what changes Yang Chen had been through, they had a feeling that it wasnt something they could handle!

However, even when Yang Chen was reflecting on other things, he was totally aware about the situation in the outside world. Even a drop of water that fell couldnt escape his senses.

I asked you guys to stay but you chose to oppose me. Then you shall stay forever.

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, his body disappeared for his original position. When he appeared again, he blocked in front of Judy and the others!

Rainwater poured from above, but when the raindrops approached Yang Chen, they were all jammed by a shapeless hood. It was a protective shield of True Qi naturally formed after his internal energy achieved Full Cycle.

Yang Chen looked at the pale-faced Judy and the others whose hair and clothing were drenched by rainwater. Smiling weirdly, he said, Judy I remember you had protection from Aphrodite earlier, so you managed to escape. This time, do you possibly have another bubble talisman?

Your Majesty Pluto, please let us go for once. The ones who truly set up all of these to deal with you are Noriko Okawa and the two from Takamagahara who want revenge. We merely provided some help on technolo

Judy couldnt speak anymore, since she felt a killing aura more majestic than the one Noriko Okawa exerted earlier, as if it came from thousands of troops, so suppressing that she couldnt even open her mouth!

This wasnt the killing aura she felt when she met Yang Chen last time, it was a much more taxing and concentrated one which was more irresistible than killing aura, like an energy which would make people beg more mercy!

She wasnt the only one. The two other members from Blue Storm together with the three from the Vatican seemed to have forgotten to run and rebel!

The True Qi of Yang Chens Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture freely and crazily revolved in his meridians. Due to the breakthrough into Rebirth, he didnt have the concept of compassion and violence towards taking lives anymore. What was left was the purest, most formidable aura.

I only asked if you had a protective talisman or not. Since you dont, all of you have to die.

Yang Chen finished speaking calmly. Casually, like getting groceries from the morning market, he slowly walked past Judy and the other five people, who didnt move at all.

When Yang Chens figure walked through the front of Judy and the cardinal Bruno, his footsteps were the same as taking a stroll. Nothing unusual could be spotted. He continued his way walking to the courtyard.

As soon as he stepped past the door, the six people behind him still held a terrified expression, as they all suddenly crashed onto the ground! In the cold rainwater, judging by the situation, their lives just ended!

Okawa and the others inside the courtyard were dumbfounded!

None of them understood how Yang Chen killed the people outside by merely walking past them, not to mention not a single drop of fresh blood could be seen!