My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Turning Point
Turning Point

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Actually, this incredibly magical scene which everyone was terrified by didnt amaze Yang Chen at all.

Now that his internal energy reached Full Cycle, he could finally cultivate True Qi outside his body freely.

When he walked past Judy and the others earlier, he used a pressure that the other person couldnt resist, and even made them forget to breathe, while cultivating an overbearing True Qi surrounding his body, forming atmosphere like his realm.

In this realm, Yang Chen merely activated the internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to generate a penetrative pressure using extremely pure True Qi, directly causing unnoticeable internal injury to the six people!

All six of them had their organs shocked into pieces before falling down dead. Regarding the absence of blood, it was because they fell before their blood could flow to their mouths and noses.

Having used such a magical technique, Yang Chen didnt feel very content. It was merely an ordinary skill among the ones he could use on his level. It couldnt be said that he was skillful. He solely relied on his strength to defeat the weak.

Noriko Okawa together with Hannya and Tanuki waited seriously, even Nine-tailed Arctic Fox and the short-haired lady who were excited earlier stood on the opposite of Yang Chen in a solemn manner.

They were very aware that the speed Yang Chen displayed earlier, had far exceeded their expectations and imaginations. Except confrontation, they had no other way to leave!

Legend has it that among the lightness skills in ancient China, one of them called Shrinking Lands to an Inch, when trained to its deep realm, the user could achieve teleportation-like movements. Apparently, Your Majesty Pluto is not very far away from the legendary cultivation method, Noriko Okawa said in a serious manner. The demons blade in his hand which was gleaming the light of blood was unstoppably vibrating, as if it was ready to be sent to combat again.

[TL note: Lightness Skill ( qnggng) often left untranslated as Qinggong. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

Oh, I havent heard of it, but my speed is still far from teleportation, Yang Chen replied.

Noriko Okawa raised his masamura and pointed it at Yang Chen, being two feet away from him.
Even so, I still have a chance if I try my best.

Yang Chen didnt mind that he was being pointed at with a sword. He glanced at the remaining five people, and said to the short-haired girl who hadnt shown her ability yet, You should be Nine-tailed Arctic Foxs other sisterNine-lived Demon Cat.

The yellow-haired Nine-tailed Demon Cats pupils shrank and they turned from black-brown to light green. Smirking, she said, So you found out who I am already.

Although Takamagahara is an association, it doesnt have a leader. I bet it was your own decision to come and seek revenge for your elder sister Snow Girl, Yang Chen said.

Thats right, but unfortunately, you seem to be far stronger than we imagined. This made the two of us sisters really afraid, Demon Girl said with a weird smile before patting her chest.

Yang Chen looked indifferent. He put his hands into the pockets of his pants while his upper body was naked. Seeming interested, he said, Ive crossed hands with most hidden associations before. You guys at Takamagahara are considered the more creative ones, all of you have different origins. I really hope that you can show me something Ive never seen before.

Anger could be seen in Nine-tailed Demon Cats green eyes. Do you think well be afraid of you just because you can stand up again?! Stop putting up an act, watch out!

After she finished speaking, Demon Cat appeared in front of Yang Chen in the blink of an eye like a shadow.

Sharp and long cat claws appeared from her fingers out of nowhere which flashed electric currents faintly. Quickly, she reached her claws towards Yang Chens throat!

Yang Chens body was stronger than ever. Although Demon Cat was fast, he easily dodged her attack and stood aside.

However, Demon Cats acuity was extremely high. Once she missed her first attack, she turned around and immediately struck back with a kick, generating gust from her foot!

The gust caused ripple to appear in the air, while the door frame of the ancient mansion collapsed and fragmented into pieces as a result of the force!

Yang Chen finally noticed just how fast Demon Cats movements and actions were. Facing the oncoming kick of strong gust, he raised his arm and slapped downwards using about the same force!

Demon Cat snorted. She failed to gain any advantage following Yang Chens slap which blocked her kick which brought a powerful cyclone.

Utilizing Yang Chens arm strength, Demon Cat retreated before using a single hand to support her body on the ground. She shouted, Raise!

Yang Chen was still wondering what it meant. Suddenly, the wooden floor shook violently!

Boom! Boom!

A loud noise echoed. A few bamboo-shaped rocks and soil formed spikes and rushed out from the ground, heading directly to Yang Chens lower body!

What a girl!

Yang Chen quickly dodged away, but got splattered with soil all over his body, making him look rather pathetic.

Legend has it that Nine-tailed Demon Cat ganis a new tail every nine years. The addition of one tail will grant the ability to control one more natural element. One with nine tails and lives could use gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, rain, thunder and lightning. Evidently, you know at least three of them already, Yang Chen said like he was admiring something and behaved calmly.

Demon Cat couldnt cause any damage to Yang Chen. Being observed like a toy by him, she knew that he was teasing her, she immediately got enraged. Im not done yet!

As soon as she finished speaking, the sharp claws on both her hands lengthened once again, becoming whopping five inches long. The light of electricity appeared in the surroundings. With a speed much quicker than before, she pounced on Yang Chen!

Witnessing her own sister fighting Yang Chen with her life, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox stared at Noriko Okawa angrily. Okawa, if you want to live, you have to team up with us. Do you possibly want to give your life away only after the two of us sisters die?

Fight him if you want, dont drag me in there. Ill naturally have a showdown with him later. Noriko Okawa stood still.

Arctic Fox violently gazed upon him, hating that she didnt have the ability to scoop his eyes out.

She was most profound in disguise, creating illusion, and reading minds. There really wasnt much she could do when it came to a battle. If she suddenly stepped into the combat, shed only be an obstacle to Demon Cat, so all she could do was watch the battle nervously.

As Arctic Fox hesitated on whether she should cast illusions to leave the place while Yang Chen was battling, since thered always be hope if she stayed alive, the fight between Yang Chen and Demon Cat suddenly had some changes!

Provoked, Demon Cat launched her thunder claws towards Yang Chens skull. However, Yang Chen suddenly raised his left hand and blocked her claws head-on!

Sounds of explosion repeatedly resounded from the purple electric current in Yang Chens hand, but he didnt move at all and look any unusual.

It seems like these little things are all youre capable of.

Yang Chen sighed in an indifferent manner. Shortly after, he flipped his left hand before pushing forward!


Demon Cat cried sharply in pain. The sharp claws on her left hand were all broken by Yang Chen with ease!

Fresh blood splashed from her fingertips while she quickly retreated to a corner. Staring at Yang Chen in enmity, she didnt look like a cat, but an exasperated leopard instead.

However, when Yang Chen was prepared to launch another attack, Demon Cats sharp claws grew out from her fingers again. Her blood stopped leaking, as if she wasnt damaged at all.

Eh, no wonder youre called Nine-lived Demon Cat. Your self-healing ability is quite impressive, Yang Chen said with a smile.

Humph, Demon Cat snorted in contempt. When Demon Cat wanted to strike again, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox shouted, Stop!

Yang Chen took a glance at her before his facial expression immediately changed.

Nine-tailed Arctic Fox changed to Seventeens appearance in an unnoticed manner. She was dressed in a blue dress while her hair was ruffled by the wind. She looked depressed, especially her eyes which brought misery as they fixed on Yang Chen, as if Seventeen were revived once again, standing right in front of him.

Thirteen Please dont kill anymore...

Yang Chen was stunned.

Even if he knew she wasnt the real Seventeen, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox illusion was so flawless that Yang Chen still stunned for a moment.

However, getting distracted for only a short moment in a fight amongst skilled fighers was enough to form a huge turning point!

Not only did Nine-lived Demon Cat who rushed towards Yang Chens chest see the opportunity, even Noriko Okawa who wasnt willing to help earlier also reacted quickly as he pulled out the demons blade masamura, like bringing a water dragon into the ocean, before charging towards the back of Yang Chens skull!

Coming from the front and behind, the attacks charged with all their energies caused the two of Yang Chens most lethal body parts to get threatened!

However, when the two thought they would immediately succeed, Seventeen who stood there opened her eyes wide open, revealing an inconceivable expression


Yang Chen who was standing at his original position suddenly disappeared, forming an afterimage there, while Yang Chens real body appeared behind the back of Seventeen out of nowhere.

Blood flowed out from the corners of the lips of Seventeen. She kneeled on the ground on both her knees, before slowly falling onto the ground. With her eyes still opened, she died on the spot!

Following the death of Seventeen, Noriko Okawas and Demon Cats attacks both failed. They looked at Nine-tailed Arctic Fox who was lying on the ground. Without the support of her illusion, she returned to her original costume and appearance.

Yang Chen turned around. It couldnt be seen what he was feeling on his face, joy, anger, or sadness.

Staring at the woman who didnt even know how she died on the ground, he murmured, My Seventeen, is already dead.