My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 330

Chapter 330: What Are You Doing
What Are You Doing

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After Yang Chen walked into the courtyard, he didnt choose to rush and deal with Hannya who didnt dare to move at all. Instead, he bent his body down and picked up the masamura, playing with it.

This blade could be considered something he looked up to since young. Being someone in the world of assassins, hed naturally respected the legendary weapon amongst assassins.

However, now that the blood-dripping blade with its long history was in his hands, Yang Chen didnt have too much of a desire to possess it.

His former idol became a dead soul under his feet, while his former dream turned to a toy in his hands. Whos to say that life wasnt a joke?

After looking the blade for a while, he felt that it truly had a tough body. Together with its extremely sharp feature, it could cut gold and break jade. Regarding the vigorous killing aura, Yang Chen felt that not everyone could fully utilize it. The things like the curse merely deified it. Its true power still depended on its user.

Yang Chen threw the masamura to Hannyas front.

Hannya who was kneeling on the ground didnt look surprised when Yang Chen threw the blade to her. She picked it up and held the demons blade in front of her neck horizontally.

Your Majesty Pluto, thank you for allowing me to cut my own throat.

As soon as Hannya finished speaking, she was going to cut her throat.

Yang Chen was still wondering what she wanted to do. When he found out that she wanted to commit suicide, he was so confused. He flicked the sword from Hannyas hand onto the ground.

I didnt ask you to die. Why are you killing yourself? Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Hannya got stunned. Raising her head, it could be seen on her gloomy face that she didnt understand what Yang Chen meant. Then this is

You shall stay. Youll be of use to me. Yang Chen looked at Hannya from head to toe, as if he found a rather nice prey.

As she noticed that Yang Chen glanced at her this way, she immediately thought of something else. Blushing, she removed her waistband in a shy manner, but didnt hesitate too much.

Yang Chen stunned once again. After Hannya removed her waistband, her dark purple ninja uniform fell off, revealing the white skin of her chest in the air. Her abundance was constrained as it was wrapped with cloths. However, it further displayed the large-scale vitality within.

Between Hannyas left collarbone and shoulder, there was a beautiful purple rose tattoo. On top of her delicate and soft skin, it looked like it was prepared to be released, appearing particularly lifelike.

After removing her clothing on her upper body, leaving only the cloth wrapping her chest, Hannya finally raised her head. Her black hair was let loose while her eyebrows were appeared tidy, and her almond-shaped, watery eyes looked exceptionally charming.

What are you doing? Yang Chen groaned in his heart once again.

Your Majesty Pluto, no matter what you want to do I Ill be willing to accept your treatment

Evidently, Hannya thought that Yang Chen needed a woman to vent his feelings on after getting into a fight, or directly saw her as the trophy he looted from the victory.

It was a kind of thinking that only Japanese ladies would have. The strong could kill and loot, while it was very common for women to be taken as prizes. Being raised by Noriko Okawa since young, Hannya was naturally treated as his adopted daughter in addition to his toy, since she had had a stunning appearance since young.

Although Okawa was now dead, Hannyas servility hadnt changed yet. She didnt think it was in any way inappropriate to obey a strong man like Yang Chen, but felt nervous and shy instead.

Yang Chen gulped his saliva before coughing. Turning around, he asked, Do you think Im your brainless father? Im not very interested in your body. Im keeping you to ask if youre able to grasp the entire Yamata Sect if I pass the demons blade to you.

Ah Hannya said involuntarily. Embarrassed, she quickly said, Im sorry Your Majesty Pluto. I I thought you wanted to to do that. That wasnt what I meant

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Apparently, the woman got so strictly trained by Noriko Okawa that she became compliant and dependent. Killing Okawa was merely caused by the flame in her heart for revenge. If she really met a person stronger than her that could subdue her, shed easily become that persons slave.

Your Majesty Pluto, if you hope to obtain Yamata Sect, it actually isnt difficult even without the demons blade. Hannya finally understood that Yang Chen developed interest towards this major ninja organizationYamata Sect in Japan. She answered, Now that Okawa is dead, Im the strongest in Yamata Sect. Ninjas are extremely loyal. As long as Okawas death is known, the leader position of Yamata Sect will naturally fall onto me.

Its that simple?

Yang Chen didnt expect itd be this easy to take over Yamata Sect. He mainly wanted its power because he was afraid that itd land in some other persons hands, for example getting controlled by some country. That would only inconvenience his life in China. Instead of letting it happen, it was better for him to think of a way to destroy or conquer it.

After all, hed be able to walk in Japan without any obstacles and treat it as his home if Yamata Sect was in his hands. Many things would be much more simplified. At the very least, itd be a decent help when he was going to create a disturbance for the Liu clan next week.

Yang Chen said, Since thats the case, Ill pass the demons blade to you and let you live. Youll take care of Yamata Sect to replace Noriko Okawa. I dont need you to be any more loyal to me than you already are, just dont do something stupid when I need to use you. Of course, if there are people coming to take Yamata Sect away, Ill give you a hand.

Hannya felt as if she was dreaming. Not only did she not have to die, she still could become the leader of Yamata Sect! More importantly, Yang Chen sounded like he wanted to help her secure her power!

Your Majesty Pluto then what should I do now? Hannya asked, confused.

Yang Chen pouted. Put on your clothes first.

Hannya quickly noticed that she was still on display. Instantly, she put on her clothes again before standing in embarrassment as she didnt dare to look into Yang Chens eyes.

Yang Chen was actually feeling rather regretful. He hadnt had a taste of this female ninja before. Unfortunately, he acted in an overly dignified manner earlier. Hed appear too shameless if he went forward to enjoy himself now. As a result, he had to dismiss the thought momentarily. Clearing his voice, he said, This place is already sealed off, I guess you should know how to take care of the aftermath. My shirt had already gotten dirty, get me a decent one immediately.

Hannya had calmed herself down. After listening to Yang Chens order, she immediately left the courtyard.

After a few minutes, Hannya walked over with a set of new clothes. When she wanted to change for Yang Chen, she got scolded by Yang Chen again. All she could do was to put the clothes onto Yang Chens hands before standing aside.

Yang Chen changed to the set of clothes and said to Hannya, Are you able to disguise as Kawanako just like Nine-tailed Arctic Fox did?

Hannya nodded. Although it wouldnt be as flawless as hers, I can imitate her for the most part.

Yang Chen remembered that Hannya disguised herself as Mo Qianni before, so he mentioned it to her. Kawanako is now dead after all. Changing the tour guide out of nowhere would required a good reason. Letting Hannya replace her was appropriate. Although he could tell the authentic from the fake, the bunch of ladies certainly couldnt.

After informing Hannya several things that he wanted to be dealt with, more than an hour had passed. The ladies drinking tea at Nijo Castle must be anxious already, so Yang Chen asked her to disguise as the new version of Kawanako before returning to the group, leaving other things to be handled later.

Luckily taking over Yamata Sect was easy and hassle-free. The few main elders quickly surrendered upon seeing the demons blade in Hannyas hands, so the process didnt take a lot of time. They only had to seal the combat region off to take care of the aftermath in the dark.

Yang Chen and Hannya who was disguised as Kawanako returned to the group on their own, naturally avoiding a lot of questions.

Yang Chens sudden change in clothing made the ladies dissatisfied. They complained that he went shopping without their knowledge, really unacceptable.

Liu Mingyu was more observant and thoughtful. She could tell that Yang Chen didnt look like he went shopping. She asked, Are you okay?

Yang Chen wouldnt state the truth of course, not because he was afraid that Liu Mingyu would say it out, but it was a matter that belonged in a completely different world. He didnt want her to get worried.

Do I look like Im not? I only changed because my clothes got wet due to the rain, Yang Chen said.

Who asked you to run around? Are you satisfied after getting wet in the rain? Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes. She didnt ask further questions as she knew Yang Chen wasnt willing to say more than required.

The Kawanako disguised by Hannya wasnt as chatty. Luckily no one figured out anything wrong. She was also a Japanese woman after all, not to mention she had received professional training. There shouldnt be many problems for her to be a small tour guide.

It was evening already, the group of people didnt plan on staying at the tourist attraction for any longer. As a result, they went back to the bus one after another.

Yang Chen frowned when he went back to his seat. He felt a spiking pain on his heart and other organs. Furthermore, even his head got dizzy!

As he felt these abnormalities, Yang Chen immediately got worried when he looked into his body. He thought that the radioactive elements which previously restrained him wouldnt have any effects upon him reaching the level of Rebirth. Unexpectedly, these elements didnt completely dissipate after they got contained by him. They still acted like a tumor which conquered his body, it was just that the effect of the drug was weakened.

He was previously cultivating internal energy, so the drug wasnt effective. However, the remaining symptoms clearly showed again when he relaxed himself.

Yang Chen knew that it wasnt a small issue, since the drug couldnt be gotten rid of even after his internal energy achieved the level of Full Cycle. It had proven itself to be difficult to deal with.

Damn you Noriko Okawa. The drug given by you really did manage to constrain me.

Yang Chen pondered for a while. He was considering if he should ask the drug expert Jane to look into his body, since letting a scientist deal with science-related matters was more convenient. It was possible for him to expel toxins from his body, but he couldnt necessarily discharge these radioactive elements.

When he thought about it, Yang Chen took his phone out. Although he couldnt make a phone call, he could send an e-mail through the internet service in Japan.