My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Pirates

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Following the fainting of Liu Kangbai, Liu Yuns impressive performance on screen came to an end, before the screen turned dark again.

However, the hundreds of guests in the venue couldnt stay silent about this situation anymore. Due to the news from an unknown source, the fact that the cruise ship was being targeted by a missile-equipped destroyer, had already spread amongst the people.

As a result, everyone rushed out of the banquet hall in a disordered manner, clambering to the top deck of the ship, ignoring the resistance coming from the security staff courtesy of the Liu clan. At that moment, the celebration of the wedding was the furthest thing from anyones mind.

The bright yellow sunlight shone endlessly upon the vast ocean, while the cold wind blew violently and caused sea waves to crash against the ship.

No one knew when the Liu clans cruise started decelerating. It slowly waded forward as it was closely tailed by a slightly smaller warship.

On this silver-grey destroyer, a banner blown which was billowing in the wind appeared especially eye-catching. From afar, it could be seen that it was a flag with a picture of a human skull!

Many people over the course of their lives, may not receive such an opportunity to see this ancient flag in their lifetime. However, for the people who saw it for the first time, knew instantly what it representedpirates!

Even pirates kept up with the times. They piloted an advanced destroyer just for a pillaging!

Most of the guests paled and their legs shivered with fear at the sight of the main cannons, missile heads and missile launchers aboard the ship. If the destroyer fired one basic cannonball on the cruise, numerous people would die!

To make the matter worse, the cruise the guests were on didnt posses any defensive weapons and countermeasures!

To add to their dismay, the god damn ship stopped moving!

The guests started fleeing in all directions while the venue became immensely messy. Some people were even considering if they should proceed to the lifeboats to escape from the cruise.

At that moment, Liu Kangbai who was treated by his personal doctor walked onto the deck. Holding a loudspeaker, he yelled, Silence! Calm down!

Liu Kangbai was livid. He had been infuriated to his max. All of these occurrences wasobviously planned by someone, someone with extraordinary influence.

Being able to silently abduct Liu Yun away while planning everything this flawlessly, they even managed to get pirates to threaten them. This definitely involved a lot of money.

Having witnessed various experiences, Liu Kangbai knew that he had to be calm after pondering for a while. He knew if he became nervous, the guests would definitely cause a ruckus like headless mosquitoes.

Regarding An Xin, she was dragged by her father An Zaihuan to hide in a corner. An Zaihuan nervously looked at the warship behind before looking at Liu Kangbai. He really didnt know what he was supposed to do.

An Xin had removed her wedding dress and walked out of the ship with a coat. She wasnt nervous at all, but was rather curious about all this. How is Yang Chen able to mobilize warships? This is too spectacular!

Everyone listen to me! Dont be afraid! Even if this warship really belong to the pirates, they are only one! I have already sent someone to contact the Japan Self-Defense Forces at Ishikari Bay. Theyll come to our rescue once they receive our signal! Were within their territorial sea, theyll definitely come to save us! Come that time, the pirates will be doomed! Liu Kangbai shouted loudly.

The guests finally calmed down slightly after Liu Kangbais speech. They whispered to each other and nodded in agreement as they felt it made sense. The Japanese cant allow pirates to mess around in their domain right?

At this moment, the assistant whom Liu Kangbai sent to contact the Japan Self-Defense Forces ran over. Laughing, Liu Kangbai announced, Everyone, look! We have a reply!

As soon as Liu Kangbai stopped laughing, the guy cried, Boss! Boss! Not good! Our cruise somehow sailed out of Ishikari Bay and entered international waters! After scanning us on their radar, they said this place didnt belong to them!


The crowd went in total chaos once again. The guests were horrified. The hope that arose just immediately vanished again!

According to international laws, around 22 kilometers away from mainland would be considered a non-territorial scope. In an island country like Japan, sailing into the international waters certainly didnt require much time.

Furiously, Liu Kangbai yelled, Dont they care about humanitarianism?! We met pirates, pirates! There are hundreds of lives on this cruise being threatened by cannons!

The man cried as he said, Boss, even you know that the Japanese military is being restrained by America. Before the Americans give their approval, they wouldnt dare to send their troops into the international waters Moreover moreover were not Japanese people, were all Chinese They asked us to contact the Chinese navy instead

Damn it Liu Kangbai scolded before he remembered something. He asked, How about the captain?! Wheres the captain? Why has the ship entered international waters?!

Helplessly, the assistant answered, Boss I forgot to tell you that I was newly informed that the captain and other crew members are all gone and cant be contacted

What?! Liu Kangbais legs softened, but he didnt fall down since the two bodyguards behind came to assist him. With his voice quavered, he said, Then then it means

Yes, our ship cant move anymore The face of the assistant twitched.

Liu Kangbai widened his eyes. He felt that the sky was spinning while the ground was rotating. He couldnt speak a single word.

After knowing the situation, some ladies started sobbing shouting that they were too young to die. The chaos of this scene was far beyond ones imagination.

At this moment, the warship who had been silent behind suddenly delivered a message

The speakers of the cruise suddenly started a broadcast. The deep voice of a man could be heard. He spoke the internationally spoken language English, but his pronunciation evidently showed that he wasnt a native speaker.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Dont be surprised by this. Im the commander of this missile destroyer Hatakaze. My name is Barbour Hussein Makedon, you guys may call me Captain Makedon.

Ill now announce why the cruise you all are boarded on was targeted by us. Theres only one simple reasonthe father and son of Liu clan did something which upset my much respected friend.

Now, Ill give my fellow friends on this cruise five minutes time to make a choice between two options. Firstly, you guys can think of a way to let Mr Liu Kangbai immediately get off the cruise. This way, the missile wont be aimed at the cruise anymore.

For the second option you guys may bravely accompany Mr Liu to his and your deaths

Oh yeah, tiger sharks are frequently spotted here. This type of sharks only require two bites to devour a human body. Everyone may witness this wonderful show if you have a chance Hehe Alright, my speech ends here. The countdown of five minutes will start now

Although Makedons English wasnt excellent, more than half of the people on the cruise could understand him and instantly displayed panic on their faces, before staring at Liu Kangbai with gazes containing hatred.

Even the employees of Liu clan including the bodyguards started looking at Liu Kangbai weirdly.

Regarding those who didnt speak English, they either started crying out loud or scolding furiously after someone translated it to them. However, the person they were scolding wasnt Makedon, but Liu Kangbai who brought them such misfortune!

Liu Kangbai swallowed audibly. Looking at the hundreds of gazes, his heart started to pound. He didnt know who Makedon was at all, let alone the friend of his whom he supposedly irritated. However, it was evident that all of these were coming towards the father and son of the Liu family!

Everyone please calm down! Theyre trying to worsen our relationship! Im the owner of this ship! I wont abandon everyone nor will I let you all approach danger! You have to believe me! Ill immediately contact the closest Chinese navy! Im sure they wouldnt dare launch missiles at us! Theyre just bluffing to scare us! Liu Kangbai shouted loudly.

However, his speech didnt seem to have taken much effect. The guests looked like they didnt trust him much, while the flame in their eyes became more obvious.

At this moment, An Xin who was standing in a corner silently suddenly cleared her throat before raising her voice, Its not a matter of whether youre abandoning us or not, its about how all of us should treat you Should all of us die because of you, or should you sacrifice yourself to let us to live?

Liu Kangbai tensed up. Turning around, he pointed at An Xin before scolding, Stupid Kid! Who taught you to talk to the elderly like this?! An Zaihuan! Control you daughter! Our families will soon be related through marriage! How can she speak this mercilessly?!

Unfortunately, An Zaihuan was fully aware of the situation. Although he wanted to get on Liu clans side to act as his shade, it was the furthest thing from his mind when his life was at stake.

As a result, worried that he would get involved, An Zaihuan immediately turned his head away and shut his eyes, acting like he heard nothing!

Liu Kangbai felt a chill up his spine. Knowing that the situation was urgent, he hurriedly ordered the bodyguards around him, Quickly bring the staff on the ship to lead the guests to the lowest floor. Itll be safer there for now. Well think about the next step when the navy comes to our rescue!

However, after he finished speaking, his bodyguards and staff from his company looked really awkward. They didnt move at all, and had no response, avoiding to make eye contact with Liu Kangbai.

Liu Kangbai paled. He finally understood the that the relationships formed with people which he usually bought using money, doesnt do him any good when it came to life or death situations!

Suddenly, Makedons voice resounded from the speakers again.

My dear guests, only three minutes are left. Our missile has been sent for launch. Oh, I forgot to remind you that this missile is a nuclear warhead, which is enough to obliterate five passenger ships. So all of you shouldnt feel much pain the moment you bid farewell to the human world. Hehehe

The deck of the ship shook violently after the speech ended. Many guests, especially young men, rushed towards Liu Kangbai as they ignored everything else!

Stupid Old Man! Do you want us all dead?!

Youre running a wedding even when you have enemies! Go to die!

Everyone, quickly throw him into the ocean!

Dont throw him into the sea! What if the people there cant see him in the ocean?! Throw him onto a lifeboat and lower it to the sea, so that it can be seen clearly!

The men talked among themselves while they ignored Liu Kangbais resistance. He shouted as he was being lifted before directly heading to the nearest spot for lifeboats!

The few servants and bodyguards didnt bother stopping them. They quietly watched the guests do their work, and subconsciously turned around when Liu Kangbai shouted, Save me, at the top of his lungs. Some people even removed their working uniforms and mixed into the crowd as they were afraid of suffering the guests hatred.

Liu Kangbai helplessly looked at himself being thrown onto a lifeboat. When the rope of the lifeboat was put down, Liu Kangbai felt that he was being put into hell

No! Dont abandon me

Finally, Liu Kangbai couldn't mind his face anymore. He started sobbing while mucus came out from his nose, even his pants got wet when he lost control

The lifeboat still managed to land on the sea. Liu Kangbai kneeled at the front of the lifeboat and asked to be pulled up again, but was completely ignored.

Suddenly! It could be heard that the engine of the cruise turned on!

Damn it! Didnt the captain go missing?! Liu Kangbai scolded, but his voice was engulfed by the horn of the ship.

Once the ship started moving, a huge waves churned.

The little lifeboat got hit by the waves, and instantly got pushed away. The more it got pushed away, the more Liu Kangbai wasnt able to reach the cruise!