My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Five Broken Arrows
Five Broken Arrows

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The resort that Edward purchased wasnt that large. Being an architecture built in the early days, the antique building was located at a nameless mountain edge.

The unorganized but pleasant garden, of the Japanese palace design, made the people who walked in feel at peace. The fern pines decorated the dull walls, while bougainvilleas stood tall in the wind.

When passing by the central pool of the resort, An Zaihuan who had been carefully observing the surroundings suddenly noticed a stone plaque located in the middle of the pool.

There was nothing written on the plaque other than a badge-like engraving.

It was a pattern of five broken arrows, tied together. It looked like the badge of a clan.

An Zaihuan felt that he had seen the badge somewhere before, but couldnt place it to a clan.

Before he could think through, they had walked into a Japanese barbecue restaurant. The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs were present. Led by a lady dressed in a kimono, they came to a VIP dining room to enjoy the meticulously prepared lunch.

[TL note: , : The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs were present; although the place was small, its contents were detailed and complete.]

The main dish was Japanese kobe beef traditionally cooked, allowing it to instantly melt upon entering the mouth. It tasted very much like a top-grade French foie gras.

An Zaihuan had been nervous ever since he entered the resort, because there were other customers there. He felt different when he was seen walking behind a group of people.

No one talked to him during the journey, which made An Zaihuan feel immensely awkward.

He sat at the last seat during the meal. He glanced at the others every time he took a bite of the food, as if he was worried that there was poison in the dishes. Eating the food which costed thousands of Chinese yuan for every bite he took, he was completely stuffed.

An Xin sat beside Yang Chen. She hadnt had any thing to eat or drink since this morning, so she was starving. Having devoured a large steak and wiped out two grilled squids, she drank two bowls of miso soup at last to quench her thirst.

Miss An Xin, any comments on the food? Edward asked smilingly.

An Xin nodded. The texture is excellent. I was too hungry, so I chewed it a bit too quickly.

Hehe, its fine. Do you need more steaks? I can ask them to deliver some for you. Edward behaved attentively.

An Xin waved her hand. Ive had enough, Ill get fat if I continue eating.

Touching her slightly bloated belly, An Xin looked at Yang Chen, who was calmly eating his steak, with her bright eyes. Dear, you still havent told me what happened today. Why did Liu Yun suddenly become that way, when he was totally fine this morning?

Smiling, Yang Chen wanted to explain, but the door of the dining room got knocked on. After the door got pulled open, a man with bean-sized eyes walked inside. He was Iburo from Yamaguchi-gumi who abducted Liu Yun earlier.

Iburo kneeled on the ground and bowed at Yang Chen. Solemnly, he said, Your Majesty, the two from Liu clan have been dealt with. Chief asked if you have other orders.

Yang Chen replied, Youre the one responsible for Liu Yuns matter?

Yes, Your Majesty, Iburo said.

Change your appearance to his look, Yang Chen said.

Iburo was stunned for a while, but still turned his head away without hesitation. When he looked back, his face had completely changed, looking exactly the same as Liu Yuns!

Except Yang Chen and Jane, everyone there was astonished, while An Xin and An Zaihuan got utterly dumbstruck!

After Iburo recovered his original appearance and left the room, Yang Chen explained, Although that skill which is commonly used by Japanese ninjas is merely an illusion, there are still certain aspects which are fun and magical about it. Iburos disguise technique was great, but not perfect. A truly impressive one couldnt be told apart from the authentic version.

An Xin understood something. No wonder the Liu Yun I saw this morning wasnt behaving normally. His gaze was a little different, and the way he spoke wasnt that aggressive. So he was actually a counterfeit.

Iburo was the general commander for what happened on the cruise. He disguised as Liu Yun and recovered his original look before the wedding started, before mixing into the guests to order his men from Yamaguchi-gumi to take control of the cruise. It was simple yet effective.

An Zaihuan who was seated at the end wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. This is too terrifying, no wonder no one knows how the father and son of Liu family died. If even the legendary disguise technique appeared, taking control of a cruise is indeed too easy. Going against these people is no different from courting death!

Boss An. Yang Chen suddenly turned his attention to An Zaihuan. He didnt call him Uncle, since he felt that this man didnt deserve to be his senior. If it wasnt for his identity as An Xins father, Yang Chen wouldnt mind slashing him apart.

An Zaihuans body lightly shivered. Forcing a smile, he replied, Mr Yang do do you need anything?

Now that the two from the Liu family have died, may I ask what arrangements you have planned? Yang Chen asked with a smile as he cut the steak on his plate.

An Zaihuan swallowed audibly. Smiling awkwardly, he said, I I dont know as well.

How about your daughter An Xin? Do you still want to find a man for her? Yang Chen stared at An Zaihuan.

All An Zaihuan could feel was the cold sweat on his palms and feet. As he exuded nervousness, he said, No, no, no AAn Xins future belongs to her. As long as its someone she likes, Ill Ill feel satisfied, definitely satisfied Hehe

The people around all looked at him with contempt when he put up the pitiful look. Although An Xin hated him as well, she felt that her father was in a rather unfortunate position. No one wouldnt strive to climb higher, and no one was completely free of selfishness It could only be said that her fathers conscience was overwhelmed by his egotism.

Yang Chen wasnt willing to sadden An Xin too much, so he didnt continue mocking An Zaihuan. In a straightforward manner, he said, You said you only wanted to marry An Xin to Liu Yun because you wanted the Liu clans support, which would allow An clan to become a first-class clan in Zhonghai. However, An Xin is my woman, but you and the people from Liu clan, still wanted to force her into doing something she didnt want, so I couldnt just stand and watch. Liu Yun threatened me before, and said he would let me lose everything I returned his promise to him

An Zaihuan was frightened after listening to Yang Chen. I didnt know Liu Yun said something like this to him before. No wonder he died in such a miserable way.

But, youre An Xins father after all. Although I dont like you very much, since you like the assets of Liu clan so much, Ill pass the Jade Clouds Corporation to you. What do you think? Yang Chen asked.

An Zaihuan almost fainted as a result of his excitement. Jade Clouds Corporation for me?! What is he trying to say?!

Even An Xin looked at Yang Chen in shock. She didnt expect Yang Chen to have such a thought. Can it be done though?

Yang Chen continued saying, The two from Liu clan arent alive anymore. I bet even their bones arent left. There are only a few minor shareholders left in Liu clan. However, since their deaths cant be confirmed, if the two return to Zhonghai a few days later, no one will have anything to say

But but theyre already An Zaihuan wanted to say they were dead. He immediately thought of somethingdisguise technique!

Yang Chen knew that An Zaihuan managed to guess what he wanted to say. Nodding, he said, Ill send a few people disguised as the father and son from Liu clan to go back to Zhonghai with you. This way, the transfer of Jade Clouds Corporations shares can concur smoothly. At that time, youll be the only leader of Jade Clouds and An Clan Group. I guess youll feel much more comfortable this way than to only get their support from your original plan.

An Zaihuan could see the unprecedented and magnificent blueprint. If what Yang Chen said was true, it was more than enough for An clan to be on par with Yuan clan economically!

An Xin looked at Yang Chen weirdly. She didnt know hed be willing to help her father this way. However, when she thought about it, Yang Chen wasnt helping her father, but was doing it for her sake instead. Otherwise, to him, killing An Zaihuan was as easy as blinking his eyes.

As An Xin analyzed the situation, the love in her eyes became more concentrated. She had never cared too much about An clans situation since young. All she wanted was for Yang Chen to treat her with sincerity.

But Yang Chen said. Jade Clouds Corporation is a large business empire after all. If you want to take over the company, you cant succeed by merely relying on two counterfeit individuals. I guess you understand what Im trying to say.

An Zaihuan wasnt in the mood for eating anymore. Putting down his fork and knife, he nodded and said, Yes. Ignoring other factors, such a huge change is very likely to cause the people below to get rowdy. Furthermore, after so many years of operation, there are numerous confidential information in the Liu clan. All of us know that this will affect the future development of the organization.

Yang Chen signalled Edward who was still enjoying his steak. Edward understood what he meant, and clapped his hands twice.

A blonde office lady with blue eyes walked inside the room and passed a thick folder wrapped in a black leather package to An Zaihuan.

Take a look at these documents. After you sign the contract, my friend Edward will help you take care of everything. You just need to sit down and let the money roll in, Yang Chen said.

An Zaihuan nervously looked at Edward who appeared mysterious, before turning his attention to the documents in hand. On the surface of the leather, it was the same pattern found on the stone plaque in the pool outside, the same clan batch.

Currently, the batch of five broken arrows looked particularly clearer. An Zaihuan felt a flash in his mind!

Yes! Its its the Rothschild clan!!!

At the exact moment, An Zaihuans entire body froze like a statue. He even forgot to breathe!