My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Insensitive Fellow
Insensitive Fellow

Who else is a fan of the interaction between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi?

The supermarket in the small village wasnt that large. There were only three shelves in total. Other than dried tofu and biscuits, there was instant noodles which could complement their meal. There was dried beef as well, but it was made from an unknown factory, so they didnt dare try it.

Yang Chen took out a hundred-yuan note and bought seven to eight packets of instant noodles in addition to a few packs of dried tofu before asking the shop owner for a pot of hot water and two bowls. They went to sit by the windows as they prepared to eat.

Since Wang Ma had been cooking all of Lin Ruoxis meals at home, she hadnt had instant noodles before, so she didnt intervene, but opened a pack of dried tofu instead. Although her stomach was growling, she still chewed slowly as she wasnt taught to gobble food.

Yang Chen made a bowl of instant noodles before making yet another one, with two packets together in the second bowl.

Lin Ruoxi noticed his actions and quickly stopped him. One packet is enough. Why did you buy so many packs? Return the remaining ones.

Yang Chen smiled helplessly and said, Wi Oh no, Boss Lin, one packet is enough for you, but I have to eat a few of them as well.

Youre eating as well?

Of course, I havent had lunch yet , Yang Chen said gloomily.

Lin Ruoxis hand which was holding the dried tofu stopped moving as she stunned on the spot.

Yang Chen mustve returned home earlier, otherwise he wouldnt have known that I came to Yuping District. He must have reached home around lunchtime. I left home more than an hour ago, while he managed to catch up with me. Judging from this speed, he definitely didnt have time to eat at home.

Is he so worried about me that he didnt even bother filling his stomach?

Lin Ruoxi felt that her heart went numb, while her cheeks involuntarily heated up.

Yang Chen felt confused when he saw that Lin Ruoxi suddenly kept quiet while turning around for some unknown reason. He minded his own business as he opened the packets of dried tofu before putting them all into his bowl, to eat them together with his noodles.

After the noodles were cooked, Lin Ruoxi started eating while she glanced at Yang Chen who was wolfing his noodles down. Suddenly, she felt like the fellows rude act wasnt as despicable as before.

After the late lunch had ended, the trailer had arrived as well. Since Lin Ruoxi was unfamiliar with such procedures, Yang Chen dealt with them on her behalf.

When Lin Ruoxi got into Yang Chens car as they prepared to depart, she finally noticed how accurate Wang Mas words werethere needed to be a man at home.

There was still quite some time for them to reach Yuping District. Itd be a miracle if they could reach there by evening. Since it was off-peak hours, numerous villagers were on their way home after working, so the traffic was rather jammed.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the densely packed bicycles and motorcycles as her scalp went numb. If she was the one driving, she wouldnt have much difficulty proceeding forward.

She then looked at Yang Chen who was relaxedly pressing the horn while inching forward, Lin Ruoxi couldnt help but feel impressed by the driving skill of the man beside her who didnt even own a driving licence.

Of course, Yang Chen noticed the occasional glances of Lin Ruoxi. He couldnt hold back from smiling when he saw her adorable look of carefully glancing in an attempt to remain stealthy. Ruoxi, lets reconcile.

Lin Ruoxis body lightly shivered. She vaguely felt that Yang Chen intentionally called her to try to please her when she was in Hainan, before repeatedly calling over after hanging up the call. In addition to seeing Yang Chen rush over to find her today, Lin Ruoxi had a feeling that Yang Chen seemed to have changed his mind. He wasnt willing to divorce her.

However, now that she listened to his statement Lin Ruoxi was so nervous that she couldnt speak a word.

I said something earlier which may have hurt you. I know that you hate me very much. I also feel that Im useless, since Im often distracted by the things happening around me. I went through something in Japan, I feel that its better if we can get back together Lets not talk about the divorce anymore. Its really hurtful, isnt it? Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi in high hopes as he waited for her to speak.

Lin Ruoxi felt that her heartbeat was incredibly fast. After a short moment of silence, she cleared her throat and turned her head to look outside the window. She said, You wanted a divorce because you said so, and now you want to reconcile because you say so. Am I a doll who is expected to obey you all the time? I have my own thoughts. Furthermore, wed never been on good terms before, is there a need for reconciliation?

Yang Chen swallowed his words which he was about to say as he sighed helplessly. He knew that the matter couldnt be rushed. He had to look for another chance to speak to her again.

However, he didnt know that Lin Ruoxi felt extreme regret after saying that. She only made such a statement because of her pride. After all, if she listened to Yang Chen immediately and became his wife obediently, shed seem like she really wanted to get back together with him, appearing much more vulnerable.

Lin Ruoxi hoped that Yang Chen could beg her again, or try to advise her. Itd even be fine if he would reveal sorrow in his gaze

However, this insensitive fellow! He actually acted like nothing happened and continued driving, not saying anything!!!

Lin Ruoxi almost couldnt hold herself back from giving Yang Chen a few slaps. Hed call me my dear baby, my obedient wife, and Babe Ruoxi all day when I didnt need him to act cheesy. However, at such a key moment, this piece of wood! He keeps quiet!

As she pondered over the matter, Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth in fury and hatred. Reconcile? Reconcile with yourself!

When Yang Chen was driving, he felt that Lin Ruoxis entire body seemed to have exuded a bone-penetrating, cold aura, as if she was utterly assimilated into darkness. He didnt dare to breathe too loudly. Did I annoy this CEO again? But why

Yang Chen was distressed. He didnt dare to bring up reconciliation during the journey anymore. They didnt talk again afterwards in the car.

It was dusk when they arrived at the clothing factory in Yuping District. Cold wind blew occasionally on the desolate streets.

Although Yuping District was near Zhonghai, there were more foreign people staying there temporarily, as the local security and standards of living werent great. But the local government collected plenty of tax revenue, since there were quite a number of factories there.

Such a place wouldnt be too lively. This made Lin Ruoxi, a city girl, panic.

When the car was parked outside the main entrance of Yuping Garment, the two could see quite a few tents set up by the walls. Many of the people were dressed in old and worn-out clothes as they had their meals using porcelain bowls. Their dishes were even cooked by the road using barbecue grills.

Numerous banners were hung there, with words like unethical factory delaying employees wages and Yu Lei International is a liar. Some of them even insulted Lin Ruoxi herself. The people surrounding the factory were evidently workers who came to ask for their wages to be paid.

Lin Ruoxi paled when she looked at the situation.

Yang Chen knew that she mustnt be feeling well in her heart. Yu Lei was passed down to her from her grandmother, which was a business empire she worked hard to maintain. As the owner of Yu Lei, now that she received these insults, it was no different from getting a slap in the face.

As long as the problem is solved, theyll take back their words. These people are not very well-educated. Theyre merely intuitively expressing their anger. I believe they dont mean to intentionally hurt anyone. Dont worry too much about it, Yang Chen advised.

Lin Ruoxi didnt reply him. Taking a deep breath with her eyes shut, she took her phone out and dialled a number.

A mans voice echoed from the phone. He sounded confused. Whos this?

Im Lin Ruoxi.

There was no reply for a very long time. At last, he chuckled and replied, So its Boss Lin Hehehe Im surprised. May I ask what Boss Lin personally called over for?

Wu Liangzhu, being the director of Yuping, are you going to tell me everythings fine now? Lin Ruoxi asked coldly.

The man called Wu Liangzhu replied, Boss Lin, I dont have a solution for this. No matter how much trouble the workers cause, Im only a person and not the God of Wealth. If I had money, I wouldve distributed it to the them, but there really isnt any money in the factory

Whether or not theres money isnt decided by you. Immediately gather the main managers to the factory. Im right outside it now, Lin Ruoxi said.

BoBoss Lin, youre outside the factory? Wu Lianzhu obviously stunned. Soon, he said, I thought some department head would come down to solve the problem. I didnt expect Boss Lin to come personally. How can this problem be delayed further? But Boss Lin, if the workers see me now, they would smash me with bricks to death. My car was destroyed yesterday. Boss Lin, why dont you go to Yuping Hotel now? Ill wait for you there. Ill gather the managers there as well. Well have a meal to welcome Boss Lin as well.

Lin Ruoxi snorted in contempt. You cant distribute the money, but you can afford to treat me for a meal. Wu Liangzhu, I dont need you to buy me a meal. Ask your accountant to send all the accounts to my email. We can skip the meal part.

Dont! Boss Lin, its rare for you to come see us at such a place. Please show yourself, and we shall talk about this matter carefully. The money for the meal comes from my own pocket. It has nothing to do with the factory. I hope Boss Lin can come see us Wu Liangzhu sounded aggrieved.

Lin Ruoxi knew that shed be too merciless if she rejected his request again. He was an employee under her company after all. As a result, she accepted as she said, Alright, dont forget to ask your accountant to send me the details immediately.

Aye, aye. Ill do it now. Lets meet later at the hotel. Wu Liangzhu finally felt relieved, and happily promised her

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