My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Nothing Is Absolute
Nothing Is Absolute

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At this moment, the three people who were still drooling at the sight of Lin Ruoxi ran out of patience.

Elder Brother, why are you still talking to this pampered lady? She knows nothing at all. Its better for us to do her in now before fleeing. I cant wait anymore! Wang Ze exclaimed with a wicked grin.

Wu Liangzhu looked at Lin Ruoxi who backed off to the corner. Smiling scornfully, he said, Idiot, do you think she can run away? Go and do her if you guys want to, its also fine if you want to do it together. Ill just stand aside and witness the expression of this beautiful CEO whos almost as rich as a country Hahaha Look at how tightly closed her thighs are. Its possible that shes still a virgin.

Were in luck! Ill be more than willing to trade this day for ten years of my life!

Seeing that the two men Meng Fan and Wang Ze were approaching her, Lin Ruoxi couldnt think about anything else. She looked at her surroundings to think of a way to escape. She was even considering jumping down from the window However, being on the third floor, shed become handicapped if she didnt die!

Becoming disabled is better than being contaminated by these filthy people!

At this moment, a voice resounded behind Wu Liangzhu

Hey, the lot of you. Scold her all you want, and piss off if you plan to flee abroad. Why are you having thoughts on my woman? Arent you forcing me to stop acting asleep?

Astonished, the four people who had their attention previously focused on Lin Ruoxi suddenly turned around upon hearing the voice.

Yang Chen, who was originally lying on the ground, slowly stood up. Any dizziness or abnormalities couldnt be found on his face, appearing as if he was completely fine. Currently, he was pouting helplessly.

You you why do you Meng Fan stammered as he pointed his finger at Yang Chen.

Why did I wake up so quickly, is that what you want to ask? Yang Chen smiled in an indifferent manner. Its mainly because the drugs you guys bought have already expired, so theyre quite ineffective. Also, you guys are so bad at acting. No matter how I look at you, you are all nothing like managers, but gangsters instead. Your faces are so tanned they are similar to those working in the streets. How are you an accountant who sits in the office all day?

Seize him! Wu Liangzhu nervously ordered the three to grasp Yang Chen.

Including Little Liu who was guarding the door, they all rushed over in an attempt to tackle Yang Chen.

However, these people naturally couldnt do anything to Yang Chen. Expectedly, each of them received a smack before falling onto the ground. Yang Chen then slowly walked towards Lin Ruoxi whose forehead exuded cold sweat. Gently holding her hands, he said, You mustve been horrified. Its fine now. Im still here.

Lin Ruoxi finally regained awareness. Although she was curious as to how Yang Chen suddenly woke up, she could finally be relieved as she noticed the situation, as if she just took a walk past the gates of hell.

Im fine. Lin Ruoxi immediately took her hands out from Yang Chens. Doubtfully, she looked at him and asked, You didnt faint earlier, did you? It was intentional, wasnt it?

Since Lin Ruoxi knew that Yang Chen had an unusual background and fighting ability, she wondered why he got so easily drugged earlier. When she thought about it, she came to the conclusion that she got tricked again.

Yang Chen scratched the back of his head awkwardly. I just wanted to see what they were up to. Even I thought they were particularly pitiful. I merely wanted to get the money back from them and ask them to leave. However, I feel like its more practical to put them in jail.

As Yang Chen spoke, Wu Liangzhu silently walked towards the door and wanted to escape.

However, Yang Chen naturally wouldnt let him succeed. Dashing over without being noticed by Wu Liangzhu, Yang Chen kicked his leg to flip him over before launching yet another kick. Although his kicks werent too damaging, Wu Liangzhu still fainted away.

Lin Ruoxi wasnt as surprised as before when she witnessed this fellows horrifying strength oncer again. Looking at the four fainted guys, she sighed and said, Just leave them here. Ill call the police to handle them. Wu Yue and Lawyer Zhang will take care of the legislation.

After an hour, through calling the cops, the local officers arrested all of the four low-spirited people. They even contacted their superiors to investigate Wu Liangzhus misappropriation of funds.

Wu Liangzhu wasnt a high-level criminal after all. His plan was revealed, which ended up being pretty laughable. He wanted to take the huge sum of money he collected and bring it into Myanmar from Yunnan Province. At a country like that which was controlled by the military, everything could be done with money. Furthermore, he wasnt a government official. The country wouldn't negotiate his repatriation.

Since Lin Ruoxi personally called the police, the people in charge of Yuping District got anxious. It should be mentioned that Yu Lei International had three to four other companies set up in that place other than Yuping Garment. The economic profit coming from Yu Lei was enormous. They wouldnt dare to irritate this goddess of wealth.

Around eight oclock at night, Lin Ruoxi finally met up with the real managers of Yuping Garment. These people deplored Wu Liangzhus act of threatening their safety should they leak his plan. They hoped that Lin Ruoxi could forgive them, and allow them to continue working in the company.

However, Lin Ruoxi didnt generously agree to their request. Without hesitation, she swapped up the core people in administration introduced a change in the management inside and out.

Yang Chen understood her intentions. After all, none of these people secretly reacted to the filthy act. They mustnt be solely threatened through violence. There must be some other reason. It was possible that they received a portion of the money. As a result, firing all of them was the right move.

After the problems were dealt with, it was almost ten oclock at night. The remaining procedures including the rectification of the factory and distribution of wages werent something that could be solved within a day.

When Lin Ruoxi, who was evidently exhausted, entered Yang Chens car, he could easily tell that there was a dense layer of dark clouds surrounding her body.

Going home?

Yes Lin Ruoxi answered softly. After that, no sound could be heard anymore. She silently sat on the front passenger seat like a ice sculpture. She was so cold that she seemed like she wasnt breathing.

Since it was late at night, the traffic was smooth. There werent many cars and people, allowing Yang Chen to drive incredibly fast.

However, unlike before, Lin Ruoxi didnt ask him to slow down, but quietly sat there absentmindedly.

Yang Chen looked at her and said, Are you still thinking about what Wu Liangzhu said earlier?

It wasnt known if Lin Ruoxi heard him properly. Ah, she said. It sounded like a confirmation and a question at the same time.

Do you know why I didnt get up and whack them immediatly when I clearly heard that he was scolding you? Yang Chen asked.

Didnt you feel sorry for him? Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen smiled faintly as he didnt deny her question. As if he was talking to himself, he said, Actually, from Wu Liangzhus point of view, he certainly had many reasons to hate you. Our ethnic has had thousands of years of history in this world. Many things which we thought were our glorious tradition have been slowly discarded and abandoned. However, much of our ingrained nature is simply unforgettable, like our ancestors honor and our roots.

On many occasions, the people from the capitalist countries like America, would feel that our people have strands of humanity when they come here. This is because we have things we care for, for instance, our family members, our ancestral home and our hometown. All of these are usually overlooked in developed countries. Many people wouldnt own a single house in their entire lives, let alone Wu Liangzhus factory which was built on top of three generations.

These things are more valuable than money. So at that moment, I actually felt it wasnt something significant when you were scolded by him. Of course, it was merely weighted through my values.

Lin Ruoxi silently turned her around to look at Yang Chen. In the dimly lit car, the BMWs orange indicator lights shone upon the mans face which looked incredibly familiar to her. This average-looking face in fact moved her when he calmly narrated his views.

Lin Ruoxi couldnt help but to ask, So what are you trying to say?

Its actually not something that can be considered mind boggling. You may just be feeling overly down, that you had forgotten that.

I just felt that what you did indeed caused suffering to Wu Liangzhus family. At the same time, countless families are deeply grateful for you.

Have you thought about it? These laborers who came all the way here arent very knowledgeable. They dont have many connections as well. In this strange city, even in this small suburb, they are the minority. This isnt their hometown. They dont have family members here, nor do they have a house here. Some of them dont even have legal identities.

These people are only trying to get by, or even start a family. They need a job for those. The original factory owned by Wu family is certainly unable to employ thousands of employees at the same time. Those people only got a stable job because you acquired the factory and planned its development.

You saw the situation outside the factory earlier. They brought their entire family there just for the six-month wages. The fact that they held porcelain bowls to eat by the road meant they completely gave up their dignity, in hopes of getting the capital for survival which they deserve.

To them, the social security provided by the country isnt enough. Since they dont excel in management, their best choice is to follow a person who can grant them stable jobs and lead them to continue growing the company. You are the person who can do both of those. So, what youre doing is actually helping a lot of people. Although Wu family have indeed been mistreated, your act actually helped a lot more people.

Various complex emotions emerged in Lin Ruoxis eyes. She seemed to have brightened up. She let out a faint smile, which was a rare occurrence, and asked, Are you trying to cheer me up?

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Im merely voicing out my thoughts. All people have a good and a bad side. We cant only focus on one. Nothing is perfect, isnt it

As he spoke, Yang Chen immediately grasped the opportunity. With high expectations, he asked, Babe Ruoxi, do you think what I said made any sense? I think so. For example, when I said I wanted to leave you earlier, something mustve gone wrong with my brain. Just like acquiring the factory, everything has pros and cons and nothing is absolute. No one can do everything perfectly. Just treat the words I said as fart which has dispersed into the air. Lets reconcile, shall we?

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