My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Such A Me
Such a Me

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Yang Chen had expected that Lin Ruoxi would remain silent. He couldnt help but to ridicule himself.

If you dont want to say it, Ill answer it myself. Yang Chen pondered for a while. As if he was describing someone totally unrelated to him, he slowly said

Unlike you, I havent had the privilege of growing up with parents. I have no idea who abandoned me, or left me behind. In short, I havent gotten a good upbringing before, let alone know my ancestors or origin. If it wasnt for the experience that i got which ordinary people may never ever encounter, I would be nobody, like a rat in the drain. On the other hand, you had an impressive grandmother since you were born, which allowed you to be the CEO of a multinational company the moment you started working.

I dont look handsome and although I cannot be considered ugly, when Im standing together with a beauty like you, Its just like the outer shell of an emerald ore waiting to be stripped off. No one would notice my presence.

When it comes to my educational background, to be completely honest, I have never attended school before. My certificate from Harvard was forcefully given to me. You may not believe this, but I have never touched that thing since I entered the company. I heard you skipped a grade in school, I dont even know what that means.

I believe my ambition is quite insignificant. If eating and waiting for death is counted as an ambition, then I believe mine are slightly better than that, I still want to hug beauties as I eat. Relative to an entrepreneur like you who provides thousands of jobs and helps the economy grow, Im indeed a scum.

Now, Im going to talk about how I treat relationships. Ill be completely honest with you. During the years I spent abroad, I have done countless despicable things.

Id have quite a number of women with me in a day. On the days where I was not in the mood, thered still be a few women around me.

After returning to the country, I planned to settle down after looking for a woman i can sincerely live the rest of my life with. But I didnt know Id bump into you, together with a few other women whom I find irresistible. Im overly soft-hearted, and useless at the same time. I really dont know how to reject them. Although I have tens of thousands of reasons, I still feel that its me being excessively greedy at the end of the day.

I like each and every one of them, so Im not willing to abandon any of them. In the past six months, Ive been doing things that other men would despise me for. I have a wife like you around me, but Im still messing around with other women outside. This is not a psychological problem. Im not the kind of person whos so desperate, and fail to resist temptations. Its merely because I tend to fall for people easily, and Im contemptible.

If I have to talk about my other weaknesses, there really are too many of them. I dont have money, the wages I get are paid by you. I dont have a car nor a house, both are fulfilled by you. I think about slacking all day. I might have been too busy back then that Im not willing to do anything serious now. I just wanted to relax and play computer games.

I have a feeling that youd look down on me more for saying this. I dont think about how bad my current lifestyle is. This is how I want to pass time. I wont scourge other people, but if you want me to get something done occasionally, Id definitely complete the task perfectly. However, hehe, Im really too lazy to move around myself

As Yang Chen spoke, he paused for a while to get himself together. He continued talking, I dont think I need to say what Im good at. Things like fighting would scare people to death even if they can be considered as strong points. The cigarettes I smoke are very cheap, theyre two bucks per packet. I dont smoke them often as well. The alcohol I consume is even cheaper, and Im not addicted to it. Regarding things like gambling, Im not the slightest bit interested even if Ill definitely win money.

Yang Chen bitterly thought in silence. He couldnt think of anything else to say at the moment. Forcing a smile, he said, Thats about it. Having heard them, you must think that I suck. I sometimes think that Im a damn pile of shit as well. Why do I seem so dead while Im only a little older than twenty Every time I see you working so hard, I feel that Im in a completely different world from yours


Lin Ruoxi suddenly stood up with her handbag in hand. Her gaze was fixed on Yang Chen which acted like an icy cold breeze. Her eyes had slightly reddened, while her teeth were tightly clenched, as if she wanted to scoop out his eyes.

Due to immense anger and agitation, her hands were slightly trembling.

Yang Chen, you talked about just how terrible you are. Are you trying to tell me we belong in different worlds, that its a mistake for us to be together?

You dont have to explain so much to me. Since youre aware of just how awful of a man you are, I wont judge you anymore.

Youre right. Nothings absolute, but there are certain things set in our hearts. Were not suited for each other. The ones who are supposed to leave should leave. You dont have to give me a long-winded speech. You know that Im very busy. I dont have the time to talk about nonsense with you!

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she furiously turned around and left the restaurant. The moment she left her seat, tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably .

Having gone through various happiness, anxiety, and disappointment, the end result is still the time. Since he wanted to say goodbye from the start, why did he still look for me?!

Lin Ruoxi quickly ran out of the restaurant and arrived at the streets. She tried to hold her tears back, but they didnt seem to be stopping no matter how many times she wiped her eyes.

Under the night sky, north wind rustled through the streets lit by raindrop-like lights.

The passersby couldnt help but to turn their gazes to this extremely beautiful woman who was sobbing uncontrollably, but no one would approach her to console her. It was the sense of distance which was pathetic and yet intimidating.

Lin Ruoxi gave up on wiping her tears. Since young, she had almost forgotten how to cry, but after meeting this person, tears would flow down her heart while dripping from her eyes. However, it was still a waste of effort, like scooping the moon out of the water.

However, just as Lin Ruoxi was planning to run away from the place where this person was, to find a secluded corner for her to cry at, Yang Chen suddenly rushed out.

Seeing the back of the figure which was walking away, Yang Chen took a deep breath before suddenly shouting.

Lin Ruoxi!!! Im a terrible man as described who lives in a different world from you!!! But someone like me!!! Allowed to like someone like you?!

On the streets, everyones ears were occupied by this sudden and weird confession. Time paused at this exact moment.

Lin Ruoxis tears wandered in the wind, while her entire body which seemed like it was spellbound, stiffened like a piece of wood. Standing in the middle of the street, she found it hard to even take a step forward.

Lin Ruoxi didnt turn around. Although the surroundings was noisy, she could listen to the footsteps of the man approaching her. They sounded so vigorous and bold.

Two arms slowly wrapped around Lin Ruoxis shoulders from behind, causing her entire upper body to be tightly hugged, as if the two bodies were melting into one.

Lin Ruoxi was still crying. She felt that she had deeply embarrassed herself tonight. But how was she supposed to stop crying?

The fiery warmth and the familiar breath of the man could be felt. They could even feel each others surging heartbeat.

At this moment, the world belonged to only the two of them.

A few people around started clapping, while the sounds of whistles could be heard.

Shortly after, the majority of the crowd started clapping. On the street, the round of applause was as loud as one found in a theatre.

Dont dont hug me anymore Everyones laughing at us

Then tell me if Im allowed to like you or not

Who would ask someone a question like that

I wont let go if you refuse to tell me

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips while she lowered her head. Her eyes were still watery. Inaudibly, she said, Yes.

What? I cant hear you.

Lin Ruoxi pouted. Ill get angry if you dont listen to me.

Yang Chen smiled helplessly and released her before turning her around. With both his hands, he rubbed her soft face tenderly.

Got it. How is an old married couple this shy? Lets go home, Wife, Yang Chen said before holding Lin Ruoxis hand and walking towards the parking area.

Ah, but you havent eaten yet, Lin Ruoxi hurriedly said.

Yang Chen waved his hand. I got full from hugging you, I dont need food anymore.

How about me?

Ill make food for you at home!

Lin Ruoxi pouted as she held back from smiling. Under the tremendous cheer from the crowd, she quickly walked towards the parking area with Yang Chen.

She held Yang Chens hand tightly, as did he. It was the first time that she was reluctant to let go of his hand.