My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 351

Chapter 351: The Old Cow Is Unwilling To See You
The Old Cow Is Unwilling to See You

Chapter 2/7
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After they arrived at the underground parking area and got into the car, Yang Chen didnt immediately start the engine, but turned his head to the side instead. Silently, he stared at Lin Ruoxi whose face was still rather red.

Lin Ruoxis heart was still pounding furiously, while she panted heavily. Being stared upon by Yang Chen in the dark made her face start to heat up.

It stayed this way for more than a minute. Lin Ruoxi couldnt stand it anymore. She said, You Stop looking and start driving

Yang Chen conveniently hadnt heard a word she uttered. A smile full of expectations emerged on his face. Wife, lets do something memorable, to commemorate this day that we have rescinded our plan to divorce, that our peace has been recovered Oh no, we should be considered to have finally gotten intimate.

Whos gotten intimate with you?! Being thin-skinned, Lin Ruoxi certainly wouldnt admit it directly.

Didnt you say earlier that you allowed me to like you? Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. But I didnt say I liked you. What are you getting so excited for?

Ah Yang Chen chuckled and said, Its fine. Its alright if you dont acknowledge me like that for now. I still like you either ways. How about obediently giving your husband a kiss? At such a meaningful night, we should do something even more meaningful

As Yang Chen spoke, he leaned towards Lin Ruoxi. He aligned his lips at hers, and positioned it in such a way that all it took was a slight tilt forward to kiss her.

Astonished, Lin Ruoxi pushed Yang Chens head away while she subconsciously backed off. No way! I Ill get off the car if you do that again!

Although she had secretly acknowledged their relationship, she was still somewhat afraid to generously do something intimate with Yang Chen. There seemed to be a gap deep down her heart, which made her unwilling to progress past that point.

Lin Ruoxi herself felt rather uneasy, but more so helpless. Logically speaking, since she didnt hope to divorce this man, their relationship as husband and wife should be well-established because he publicly announced his feelings for her.

The problem was that she felt there was something lacking between them. She couldnt toss everything aside to fulfill her responsibilities as a wife. Regarding what specifically, even she herself wasnt so sure.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Its just a kiss. You dont have to avoid me so much.

I I dont like it, Lin Ruoxi said.

Jokingly, Yang Chen asked, This wouldnt still be your first kiss, would it? It shouldnt be. Babe Ruoxi, who did you give your first kiss to?

Lin Ruoxi felt shy and angry at this moment. This fellow knew that she had given him all of her first times, while he intentionally came up with these questions to make her speechless.

I dont remember, Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen looked very serious. According to a research done by scientists, a womens first kiss is more unforgettable than their first night. Why wouldn't you remember?

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth before snorting coldly. You suddenly seem very knowledgeable on that matter Then Ill ask you this, do you know why people originally kissed?

Yang Chen blinked his eyes in confusion. What else can a kiss be for? Its the most common thing people do when theyre feeling most passionate for another. When he thought of his current passion, it had long been washed out by Lin Ruoxis continual rejection.

You cant answer now, can you? Lin Ruoxi asked, elated. People started kissing since the ancient times. However, they used to kiss both genders to spread bacteria amongst each other, to improve on everyones immunity. Originally, its the same idea as mothers kissing their children, just like giving vaccination.

Yang Chen opened his mouth widely. What? How is it related to me kissing my own wife?

Lin Ruoxi continued speaking, I can safely say have maintained a rather strong body, while Im rather healthy as well. Lets avoid things like spreading bacteria when we can.

Something which was meant to be romantic suddenly became an tedious act. Gloomily, Yang Chen asked, Wife, be honest with me. How did you come to know about stuff like this?

Do you think all the books in my study room are for decoration? Lin Ruoxi smiled faintly.

Whats so good about reading? Having read so many books, even the act of kissing becomes spreading bacteria. No wonder people say that untalented women are the luckiest. I suddenly understand why its difficult for female professors to get married Yang Chen complained before sighing deeply. He then turned on the car engine and drove back home.

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi felt secretly relieved herself. If Yang Chen had really wanted to kiss her, she didnt know if she could escape.

However, the more she thought about it, the more she felt apologetic towards him. They were married after all, and all this while she had always been avoiding him. But the knot in her heart always made it difficult for her to open her mind to such acts

Before I understand all of the reasons clearly, Ill just be greedy for once Lin Ruoxi thought as she glanced at Yang Chen apologetically.

Upon arriving home, they noticed that both Wang Ma and Hui Lin were still downstairs. They hadnt gone to sleep yet.

Miss, Young Master, youre back. Has everything been settled? It was evident that Wang Ma had been waiting for them since she wasnt resting at ease.

Yeah, its almost done, Lin Ruoxi answered. Wang Ma, havent I reminded you countless times to not wait for me at night? Youll be exhausted.

How tired could I get? Hui Lin is here to keep me company. We were wondering when you two would come home, and whether or not we should give you a call or not, Wang Ma said smilingly.

Hui Lin saw that Yang Chen rushed towards the kitchen without saying anything. She asked, Brother Yang, what are you doing?

Im looking for something to eat. I havent had dinner yet, Yang Chen replied.

Wang Ma was shocked. Why havent you eaten this late into the night? Young Master, Ill go heat the dishes up for you.

However, before she started moving, Lin Ruoxi said, Wang Ma, Ill go. You and Hui Lin may go upstairs and rest.

This time, Wang Ma didnt say anything. An unusual look appeared on her face. Shortly after, she chuckled and said, Aye, roger that.

Hui Lin knew that the two werent skilled to do stuff in the kitchen. She said, Ill help. Sister Ruoxi, Ill make a dish or two for you guys. The food there may not be enough for Brother Ya

However, before she finished speaking, Wang Ma pulled her arm. Miss knows how to cook. She learned it before, remember? Hui Lin, go upstairs with me.

As Wang Ma spoke, she repeatedly signalled to Hui Lin with her eyes.

Hui Lin instantly understood that Wang Ma was trying to create an opportunity for the two to spend time alone. As a result, she followed Wang Ma upstairs.

However, Hui Lin was still very confused. The two said they were going to divorce a while ago, and had been giving each other the cold shoulder for a long time. Why did Yang Chen want to cook in the kitchen together with Lin Ruoxi this intimately, during his first night home? Furthermore, it was the all-conservative Lin Ruoxi who took the initiative to help Yang Chen.

Hui Lin didnt know what she was feeling in heart. She was happy, but sour at the same time, in addition to a tiny bit of jealousy. In short, Hui Lin suddenly didnt know what to feel anymore when she looked at the two who were busy in the kitchen.

It was still Chinese New Year, which meant Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen didnt have to work these few days. Of course, Lin Ruoxi would still go back to the company if something urgent happened.

Having gone through a night full of ups and downs, which was resentful and sweet, Lin Ruoxi couldnt help but blush when she came downstairs the next morning and once again noticed Yang Chen who was devouring the buns and porridge on the table.

Yang Chen didnt feel any different, just that the pressure on him was considerably less when he didnt have to face Lin Ruoxis ice-cold demeanor. Regarding how he would create harmony with him and his wife, Yang Chen felt that hed take one step at a time, as long as progress could be made.

As he thought, Yang Chen grinned at Lin Ruoxi who was walking down the stairs.

Lin Ruoxi held back from smiling. She stared at him fiercely and said, What are you giggling about? Continue eating.

Yang Chen almost choked on the bun he was chewing. Their relationship didnt seem to have made much progress.

At this moment, the door of the villa was opened. Dressed in a thin, long-sleeved clothe and track pants, it was Hui Lin who had just returned from jogging. There were still sweat droplets on her forehead.

Due to practising martial arts since young, Hui Lin had felt that there was nowhere she could spend her energy since coming to the city. Thus, jogging in the morning became a daily outlet to do so.

However, when Hui Lin pushed the door open, she wasnt the only one who walked into the house.

Brother Yang is still having breakfast with Sister Ruoxi. You guys came too early, Hui Lin said smilingly to a guy and a girl. She then yelled in the house, Brother Yang, Elder Sister, there are two people who came to pay you a visit for the new year!

New year?

Yang Chen was holding a pair of chopsticks in one hand, and a bun with the other. When he raised his head, he was surprised. They were Yuan Ye and Tang Tang whom he hadnt seen in a while. Ever since this couple got together, they hadnt kept in touch with him. He didnt expect them to come over this morning.

Tang Tang who was wearing a red coat seemed to have gotten slightly taller. Her face started developing into a mature woman. Upon seeing Yang Chen, she cheerfully yelled, Uncle, before rushing over to hug him, ignoring the fact that he was still eating.

Uncle, I miss you so much, Tang Tang said with a smile.

Kid, why didnt you call me or something if you missed me? Yang Chen frowned.

Tang Tang stuck her tongue out and said, I have been busy with my studies. I have college entrance exams this year. My mom has been monitoring me strictly. Its even become more difficult for me to see Brother Yuan Ye.

After she finished speaking, Tang Tang instantly turned her gaze towards Lin Ruoxi who didnt have any makeup on and was wearing a loose sweater. Her eyes immediately shone. Elder Sister, you must be Uncles wife. Youre so beautiful!

Lin Ruoxi wasnt too happy about this lively girl earlier who rushed over to hug Yang Chen upon entering the house. She thought Tang Tang was a woman who came to challenge her, but she later heard that Tang Tang referred to Yang Chen as Uncle.

After that, she heard that Tang Tang was still a high schooler before finally lowering her guard. Judging from her identity as a junior student, it wasnt likely that shed mess with a married man.

However, Lin Ruoxi burst into laughter when Tang Tang called her Elder Sister. She then turned her gaze towards Yang Chen as she chuckled.

It could be seen that Yang Chen was suppressing his anger. He almost crushed the bun in his hand into dough.

Yuan Ye put down two big packages that looked like gifts at a corner. He brisk walked over and tapped Tang Tangs shoulder. Tang Tang, you call Yang Chen Uncle but call his wife Elder Sister. Doesnt this mean that Yang Chen married a lady so young that she could be his daughter?

Yang Chen pouted. Indifferent, she asked, Whats wrong about that? This elder sister obviously looks younger than Uncle. Uncle is an old cow that eats young grass, how impressive.

[TL note: An old cow that eats young grass (idiom): The man in a romance who is significantly older than the woman.]

After that, even Hui Lin held a weird smile towards Yang Chen. She felt that Yang Chens situation was rather pitiful. He suddenly became one of the older generation.

Yang Chen got so pissed that the corners of his lips bent out of shape. He took the glass of milk prepared by Wang Ma and gulped it down in one go, before he finally felt a little bitter. Pointing at the door, he shouted at Tang Tang, Kid, youve said nothing nice since coming here! Get out! Get out! I dont want to meet you guys anymore! This old cow is unwilling to see you!!!