My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Invincible

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Ever since they went their separate ways at the hospital, Li Jingjing had never contacted Yang Chen again. As for him, he wouldnt have gone out of his way to ask Lin Ruoxi if she was contacted by Li Jingjing.

Deep in his heart, Yang Chen didnt blame Li Jingjing for her mistake. She was just an ordinary girl. Everyone has good and bad sides. There werent many people who were completely free of malevolence.

Although Li Jingjing was at fault as well, when she was manipulated by Zeng Xinlin, she was still in a rather pitiful situation after all. Yang Chen only got angry at her the other day, but didnt hate her for doing so.

When it came to this aspect, Lin Ruoxi who was similarly a woman, would look at this matter with an open mind. Thus, she picked up the phone call.

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have heard something shocking from Li Jingjing. It was rare for astonishment to be seen on Lin Ruoxis usually stoic face. It was soon followed by one of sorrow.

Have you made up your mind? Lin Ruoxi asked on the phone.

After a while, she said, Since you have decided, Ill send you off tomorrow at the airport. Hell be coming as well. Theres nothing left to be said, Ill be there on time.

After Lin Ruoxi ended the call, Yang Chen frowned and asked, What happened to Jingjing?

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen, eyes filled with complex emotions, and said She told me that there was a program at her school sending excellent and young teachers to America, to further their studies. She was selected as a candidate for the program, and she had decided to go as a result. Her flight is tomorrow. The visa application and other procedures had long been dealt with. She felt that she would be disrespecting us if she left silently, which would indicate she was trying to avoid something. As a result, she called to tell me about it. I plan to send her off tomorrow morning at the airport. Youre coming as well. Youre closer to her after all.

Further her studies in America? Yang Chen got stunned. He suddenly felt that his heart shifted oddly in his chest. Having pondered about something, he sighed and asked, Did she say how long she would be there for?

I think its one and a half to two years. Shell be receiving professional training for the English language in San Diego, California, Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen nodded. Alright, Ill go with you.

Lin Ruoxi didnt continue talking to him after he acknowledged her. She turned around and walked upstairs.

Yang Chen stood by the staircase. It trouble could be seen through his eyes.

Earlier, Li Jingjing stopped keeping in touch with him, and even though he didnt know how to face this girl who was like his own sister, they were still in the same city after all.

Soon, this young girl was heading to America alone for her studies. Although it was a great opportunity, Yang Chen still felt a vague feeling of dismay and regret in his heart.

Even if shes not someone I love, she still can be considered my half relative. Yang Chen shook his head, to stop himself from thinking about it.

Around the same time at the villa of the Cai clan located in a military prone region, things were very different from where Yang Chen was.

Although the Cai clan wasnt considered a large clan in Beijing, they had gotten rather influential as their clan master, Cai Yuncheng, managed to serve a high post in Zhonghai, which had benefited them in both Zhonghai and Beijing.

Currently, the lieutenant-ranked Cai Yuncheng, who was dressed in a dark green military uniform stood by the entrance of a room as he stared at the young man lying on the sickbed, looking rather annoyed.

He was Yang Lie, who was fortunate enough to survive Yang Chens attack.

Yang Lies master Yu Jizi was still in his green robe, but it was drenched with Yang Lies fresh blood as he personally carried him over.

Yu Jizis brows were tightly wrinkled as he gazed upon his heavily injured apprentice who had a pale face. He couldnt come up with an idea to save him.

Daoist Yu Jizi, is he really as heavily injured as he looks? If he cant join us in battle this time, itd be a huge loss to our team, Cai Yuncheng said solemnly.

Yu Jizi shook his head as he sighed. Here at the Kunlun Sect, we excel in offence and not defense, mainly good at curing, and not healing. I only know a trick or two when it comes to giving treatment. Lieer had followed me since young, to learn the art of cultivation. I would use anything I had, if I had any. All of his organs are injured, which caused internal bleeding all over his body. The injury is overly severe

Why has he sustained such a terrible injury? Yang Lies power level is only second to Abbess Yun Miao among Group of Eight, Cai Yuncheng said, confused.

If Lieer didnt have the foundation of Kunlun as a result of consuming medicines, he wouldve ended up much worse. I had basically transformed his body since he started following me. Misery could be seen on Yu Jizis face. If I was the one who got hit by the young mans palm, I think I would have ended up in a similar position myself. He didnt even use all his strength. In all of China, I bet the only people who can rival him are the few people who are never leave the mountains.

At this moment, the voice of a woman echoed from outside the door

Humph, the few hiding in their mountains wont be able to deal with the kid Yang Chen even if they came out. Do you think the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture from our Shushan is this easily countered?

Abbess Yun Miao wearing a purple robe and a nuns hat walked inside, with Cai Ning trailing behind.

"Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture?! Yu Jizi was dumbstruck. Abbess, did you just say the young man earlier cultivated Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture from Shushan?! How is this possible! Wasnt your senior brother Song Tianxing the only one who managed to practise the legendary technique?! Is this young man possibly an apprentice from Shushan?

Yun Miao looked at Yang Lie lying on the sickbed in contempt. Yang Chen is an apprentice that Senior Brother Song obtained abroad. He managed to cultivate his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to a much stronger level than Senior Brother Song. He had long entered the full cycle level, at the eighth level. A joker daoist like you wouldnt be able to withstand an attack from Senior Brother Songs level seven power, let alone Yang Chens domineering level eight.

Level eight Yu Jizi wasnt mad when he was insulted by Yun Miao. Gloomily, he murmured, The internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture can it allow people to step into Xiantian Full Cycle?

What?! Xiantian Full Cycle?! Yun Miao was dumbfounded. Are you trying to say that Yang Chen stepped into Xiantian Full Cycle?!

Yu Jizi asked, Abbess, you didnt know that? When he launched an attack this morning, I could immediately sense that he had achieved Xiantian Full Cycle. Itll only take him one more step to become a legendary character in this world.

Abbess Yun Miao pondered for a short while. With a serious expression, she said, Although the eighth level of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, can allow one to step into Xiantian level, one has to achieve level nine to reach Xiantian Full Cycle Only after reaching the peak of level nine could make it possible

This time, Yu Jizi was utterly astonished. Isnt isnt the creator of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, the senior from Shushan himself, the only one who managed to reach that level?

Thats right. Since then, almost no one has managed to reach level eight. Abbess Yun Miao was elated. It seems like yet another peerless successor of Shushan is born.

Yu Jizi pondered for a while. Gloomily, he asked, However, even if hes at Xiantian Full Cycle, how can you claim that the few masters who reside in the mountains, are unable to defeat Yang Chen?

Abbess Yun Miao looked at Yu Jizi like he was a fool. Before you came out, didnt you bother reading about the current power distribution provided by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade?

What do you mean? Yu Jizi indeed hadnt looked it up before.

Annoyed, Yun Miao said, Dont you know that Yang Chen is also the successor of Plutos Ring?


Yu Jizi felt that his mind wasnt sufficiently prepared to process all of these. He couldnt keep his demeanor of a Xiantian expert anymore. As his forehead exuded cold sweat, he asked, Are you saying that he comprehended divine power?

According to our data, hes the only one in history who killed a god and obtained gods position in addition to inheriting divine power. This means that hes the only human who managed to become god by slaying a god. If all he could was cultivate, the few old folks may be on par with him. However, if you want to talk about true power, unless the old folks managed to break through the legendary limit, they certainly cannot harm him, Yun Miao said.

Cai Yuncheng was lost for the better part of their conversation about Yang Chens strength. After all, he was a core member in the military, not someone in the cultivation world.

Thus, Cai Yuncheng asked his daughter Cai Ning, Ninger, is Yang Chen really invincible?

Cai Ning remained solemn even when she was facing her father. Nodding, she said, In this world, many strong organizations want him dead but cant do anything to him, including our general.

Why? I heard that he hadnt provoked anyone since returning to the country. Cai Yuncheng was confused.

Thats because hes holding something that too many people want Melancholy filled Cai Nings eyes. After she finished speaking, she turned around and left as she was unwilling to stay.

Cai Yuncheng gazed upon the cold back view of his elder daughter before sighing, while his eyes were filled with love.