My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Visiting The Chen Residence
Chapter 36: Visiting The Chen Residence

Chen Dehai could be considered a top class person in Zhong Hai City. Back then, he had come to Zhong Hai from the north to find a job and chanced upon catching the eye of a small boss in the underworld. From then on, he managed to work his way from a hired thug to the position of being the right hand man of that small boss.

Chen Dehais methods were naturally fierce and with his disposition of being naturally mistrustful, in just a few years, he managed to expand that small boss territory, leading it to become a rather powerful force in the West District.

In these past 10 years, Chen Dehai once again abruptly emerged and helped the head of the West Union Society, Situ Mingze, which was also Roses father. By getting rid of his original boss, he became one of Situ Mingzes most important figures.

Because Chen Dehai had already grasped control of majority of the forces that belonged to that triads boss, when he successfully seized the old boss position, he did not meet much resistance. Many people had long determined him as the next boss, so they drifted with the current and supported him in taking up that position.

That is to say, without Chen Dehai, even if West Union Society wanted to become the overlord of the West District, they probably wouldve needed to wait a couple more years. There were people who once joked, saying how Chen Dehai was just like Wu Sangui letting the Manchus out, betraying his king to crown himself. But nobody knew if and when he will rebel again.

(TL: Wu Sangui is a famous general of the 17th century whose betrayal led to the fall of the Ming Dynasty)

Although there were countless whispers outside, inside the West Union Society, Chen Dehai was actually looked upon with great importance. After all, if one was to talk about the power they wielded, inside Western Union, he was one of the strongest elders within.

Moreover, the more someone seemed like a small fry on the surface, the more easy it was to defend, therefore West Union Societys president Situ Mingze always treated Chen Dehai well, the twos relationship was exceptionally harmonious.

After Yang Chen briefly looked at Chen Dehais data, the first thing he felt were these words, ambitious and ruthless, without a care for the worlds ethics and morals, and he even more so doesnt care about the rules of Jiang Hu. Everything he does, is to exchange for an even higher backer, to crawl up to a higher position with firm steps.

(TL: Jiang Hu could mean the pugilist world of martial arts or the underworld with things like triads)

If nothing unexpected happened, a person like this would be someone who could live till his later years, which was rare in the underworld. This was because he himself is a traitor, and is clear on how to prevent others from betraying him.

Its a pity, you gave life to an idiot of a son. Yang Chen softly muttered, closed the laptop, then memorized all the map details that Rose provided to him.

Downtown at night, like a bunch of glittering neon light, a clear distinction was formed in comparison to the public roads of the suburbs.

Half an hour later, Yang Chen stopped his BMW outside a little public park in Zhong Hais western suburbs, and in the surroundings were dilapidated residential areas. Chen Dehais private villa, was right beside a river pass one kilometre away. If he stopped the car too close, it would be difficult to conceal himself.

Yang Chen changed into a fitting black short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of blackish-brown trousers on his bottom. The cool wind of the night blew past, while Yang Chen hopped a few times, and made some strange stretching movements. His whole body gave out Pi Pa Pi Pa cracking sounds, and only about two minutes later, did he put an end to these movements.

Hu. With a long exhale, Yang Chen raised his head towards the hiding new moon in the sky, revealing a somewhat relaxed smile, Luckily my body hasnt turned rusty.

Right after those words, Yang Chens figure disappeared from his original position in an instant, and when he appeared again, he was already tens of metres over and above a three-storey apartments roof. Agile like a leopard cat that excels in leaping around, running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, he headed towards the brightly lit villa by the river pass.

In less than two minutes, Yang Chen was already crouching on top of a tall tree, in less than 30 metres in front of him, was the Chen residence. It covered over a huge 800 square metres of space with a five-storey apartment building.

According to the data, Chen Dehais wife died because of breast cancer soon after giving birth to Chen Feng, and so this huge fort-like building was only occupied by the father and son. But of course, the guards around to protect them also took up a significant amount of space.

The higher ones position was, the more worried one would be for their own safety and Chen Dehai was no exception.

Yang Chen took a rough glance and saw that to enter the Chen residence there was only the main door, which had 8 black-clothed sentries standing in line just in front of the entrance. In the courtyard there would occasionally be several bodyguard-esque people walking past for inspection, but it seemed like the frequency of those people werent high, and if one carefully snuck in, it would not be that difficult to enter the apartment building.

Yang Chen wouldnt believe that such a big area only had this little amount of people, and looking at it carefully, it seemed that most of the henchmen were loitering inside the apartment building, to stay close and protect the Chen father and son.

Infiltrating the villa was not a difficult thing to do for Yang Chen. However, this wasnt his goal, and what Yang Chen was considering was how to locate Chen Dehai and Chen Feng, the father and son. So Yang Chen felt that it would be better to just catch someone and ask them.

Done thinking, Yang Chens body once again left the tall trees branch, and when he reappeared he was already at the entrance of the Chen residence with a harmless smile.

The 8 henchmen were first surprised by the sudden appearance of Yang Chen, then they hurriedly surrounded him.

Halt, who are you!? Do you where this place is?! The leading man with a big physique sternly asked.

Yang Chen did not reply, and when he was about 5 metres away, he gently tapped on the ground with his toes, and his body flew like an arrow, abruptly leaping towards the 8 men!

The 8 people simply did not even have time to react, their pistols were near their bosoms, but in such close range there simply wasnt a chance to draw them. One of them tried to raise his fists to block but all of a sudden, he was hit by Yang Chens fist for a moment, then felt an acute heart-tearing lung-splitting pain, it was like the bones in his hands were completely shattered!

If one watched from afar it would seem like Yang Chens body rejected the earths gravity, he broke through the 8 men while his whole body was in the air and somersaulting a whole 360 degrees, like a black tornado. Both of Yang Chens hands and legs came into contact with the 8 men, namely the 8 peoples fists, palms, chests and stomachs received intimate contact.

All this happened in a flash, and without waiting for the 8 people to react, they were already down on the ground like they were nailed to it. Because of a part of their bodys pain they let out mean and ferocious looks, and wails of Oww Oww were uncontrollably released.

The leading man with a big physique felt all the bones in his hands shatter, and he knew he had met a tough adversary, so he no longer dared to resist. In cold sweat he hurriedly stretched his hand and pressed on the walkie-talkies talk button as an attempt to notify everyone inside.

Unexpectedly, someone wearing sports shoes suddenly kicked his cheeks, and smashed the walkie-talkie into pieces. The big mans head tilted, his eyes, ears, mouth and nose shot out strings of blood, and a serious depression appeared on his skull, while dark red liquid poured over the ground, with one look anyone could tell he was dead!

The moment the other 7 people got up, they witnessed this miserable scene, and sucked in a cold breath. The young man in front of their eyes, had actually maintained a faint smile like before. If there truly was a fiend from hell, that fiends smile would probably be just like this!

The 7 people who originally wanted to make a report all had cold sweat overflowing as they looked at Yang Chen, and they were frightened to the point that they didnt even dare to budge.

Yang Chen was very satisfied with this result, as for the member of the underworld he killed, he didnt feel any guilt. After all, if he piled up all the number of lives taken with his hands, they would reach up as high as a skyscraper.

Im in a rush, so Im not going to beat around the bush with you. I want to know where Chen Feng and Chen Dehai are right now, and if you guys can speak up, then you can get lost, but if you dont speak up, I will help you to get lost.

Yang Chens tone of speech was relaxed, as if he was merely asking a passer-by for a lighter to light his cigarette while on the streets, but to these 7 peoples ears, the words get lost sounded like the summons from the god of death.