My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Like Father Like Son
Like Father, Like Son

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The next morning, Yang Chen reluctantly followed Lin Ruoxi to Zhonghai City Hall, to attend Premier Nings meeting.

Being the financial centre of China, in addition to it being a major exporting city, Zhonghais position in the country was crucial. The premier organized a meeting with representatives from the chamber of commerce before the year ended, to discuss about the performance of their companies and possible future developments.

In the past, when the organizers were other leaders of China, Lin Ruoxi would push the task to Mo Qianni without hesitation, even if she was planning or hoping to show up. However, this time around, the premier was the organizer instead of the regular ministers. She couldnt skip the meeting just because she wanted to.

Mo Qianni drove them to the city hall. During the journey, the two ladies chatted happily while Yang Chen acted like a log of wood, silently seated and still.

Gloomily, Yang Chen thought, Shouldnt they be jealous for me? Or did I overestimate my charisma?

The two ladies who had long entered in a business-like mood, didnt pay too much attention to Yang Chen. Upon entering the building, they followed the employees there to the venue as they waited for Ning Guangyaos arrival.

In the hall, Yuan Hewei, Fang Zhongping, together with a few other representatives from the committee and CEOs from the chamber of commerce were seated around.

However, these CEOs were mostly fifty to sixty years old. When they looked at Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni, they didnt give rise to their more carnal desires, but instead acknowledged the person behind them with gazes of approval.

Yuan Hewei noticed that Yang Chen had come as well, and thus greeted him politely with a smile. I heard that you have became the director of Yu Lei Entertainment.

Its not very much different from before. Im living life, earning by being my wifes subordinate. Yang Chen was shy to take credit for it, as he really didnt do anything at all.

Yuan Hewei didnt take him seriously. Youre obviously not as good as your wife when it comes to working habits. Theres nothing wrong with being her subordinate. Oh ya, Yuan Ye told me something the last time he returned home. He said you seemed to have picked a fight with some guy. There are a lot of things that cant be explained simply. Dont feel too pressured or burdened by this. Everything will be fine. Youre a mature young man. You should have an idea of what I mean.

Finally, he got to the point. Smiling faintly, he said, I understand. Its fine now.

Yuan Hewei sighed. Although he knew the situation in the Yang clan, he wasnt in a position to interfere, being related only as their son-in-law. After that, he chatted with Lin Ruoxi for a short while before leaving to converse with the elders.

Due to his relationship with Tang Wan, Fang Zhongping didnt look too happy when he saw Yang Chen. He greeted Yang Chen curtly before going away to mind his own business.

Yang Chen felt rather blue. He hadnt contacted Tang Wan in a while. The well-cooked duck seemed to have flown away as a result of Tang Tang causing trouble.

[TL note: Decided to translate this literally to add some fun. It simply means Tang Wan who had appeared to already be in his hands suddenly wasnt anymore.]

Although Yang Chen wasnt so raveneous that he had to eat the fat duck, he still felt rather regretful for not getting the chance to.

At this moment, a group bodyguards brimming with energy, dressed in black, wearing headsets rushed in from the entrance before scoping the situation. Soon, a middle-aged man wearing a casual suit walked into the hall.

The man appeared well refined and dignified. Although his hair had whitened slightly, his energy and appearance appeared excellent nonetheless. He held a faint smile on his face, looking rather friendly.

There was a young guy who was similar in looks and style who trailed behind him. They were accompanied by a few other government officials.

Yang Chen naturally recognized the man who had been the hot topic in the news all day, Ning Guangyao.

Upon entering, Ning Guangyao took the initiative to shake hands with the people from the government and chamber of commerce individually.

However, when Ning Guangyao saw Lin Ruoxi, he was stunned for a moment and appeared distracted, while his eyes revealed a weird gaze. He made Lin Ruoxis hand stiffen in mid-air for a second.

Yang Chen felt displeased. This man is in his fifties. Is it possible that he fell for my wife?

Lin Ruoxi felt rather uneasy as well, but since she was facing the premier, she didnt keep the cold gaze which deterred people and drove them thousands of miles away. All she could do was to bite her lower lip as she acted like she didnt notice Ning Guangyaos weird gaze.

Women indeed are not inferior to men. Now theres even such a young and valued member in the Zhonghai Chamber of Commerce now, Ning Guangyao said with a smile to cover his loss of courtesy earlier, before shaking Lin Ruoxis hand.

The young man behind Ning Guangyao hadnt moved his gaze away after seeing Lin Ruoxi, as if he was heavily attracted by a magnet to her. If it wasnt for the occasion, he probably would have squeezed in front of the premier to shake Lin Ruoxis hand himself.

Yang Chen felt a major headache oncoming. I shouldnt have let Ruoxi here. Who are all these people?

Mo Qianni noticed Yang Chens annoyed look and felt a clench in her heart. When no one was paying attention, she reached her arm out to twist Yang Chens waist.

Yang Chen instantly understood what it meant. Seeing that Lin Ruoxi wasnt paying attention to him, he leaned towards Mo Qianni and asked, Whats there to be jealous about? Id feel irritated if you were starred upon this way as well.

Humph. Mo Qianni rolled her eyes before following Lin Ruoxi to get seated, ignoring Yang Chen.

Following that, the boring reports regarding the city were shown. Yang Chen couldnt be bothered to look at this economic information. Theyve got nothing to do with a regular citizen like him. The rules were set by others, he just had to play according to the rules.

What made it hard for Yang Chens hatred to dissipate was the fact that Ning Guangyao would glance at Lin Ruoxi occasionally!

Although Ning Guangyao pretended for it to be unintentional, Yang Chens keen senses still noticed Ning Guangyaos glances. Most of the time, his gaze was left on Lin Ruoxis face.

The young man seated at the back had been staring at Lin Ruoxi from the beginning to the end. He hadnt even bothered to look at the booklet he was holding ever since he sat.

Yang Chen couldnt hold it anymore. He asked Mo Qianni softly, Babe Qianni, whos that fellow? Why are his eyeballs so far out it looks like its about to fall out?

Are you jealous? Mo Qianni asked softly as she stared at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled as he felt embarrassed. I dont want the two of you to be gazed upon by others.

Cut the two. He has been staring at Ruoxi alone, Mo Qianni said in dissatisfaction. That is Premier Nings son, Ning Guodong. I heard that he was one of the helpers in the deputy office. Premier Ning only brought him here because this isnt an important meeting. Rumor has it that hed take over his fathers position in the future.

Like father, like son indeed, Yang Chen thought. If they really hold any wicked thoughts, I dont care if he is the premier or not. Hes just going to be replaced after I slash him!

When the meeting was coming to an end, Ning Guangyao proposed a partnership between the few major corporations in Zhonghai to develop a piece of land in Beijing in an attempt to link the capitals from both cities. It was going to be considered a partnership between both parties led by him.

Many of the older CEOs immediately expressed their approval. To them, taking a few hundred million out for investment was as easy as counting to three. Moreover, it was a chance to form a stronger bond with the premier. Why wouldnt they want this?

However, when it was Lin Ruoxis turn, she pondered for a while before answering, I refuse to participate in this plan.

Ning Guangyao originally looked at Lin Ruoxi politely. When he was suddenly rejected, he appeared rather shocked. He asked, Is there anything inappropriate Boss Lin thinks exists?

There was a sign in front of Lin Ruoxi, with her name and her company written, so Ning Guangyao had long been aware of her identity.

Theres nothing inappropriate. I just feel that I could generate more profit with the same amount of money on my own effort, Lin Ruoxi said straightforwardly.

It had to be mentioned that her words made the others feel nervous for her. They felt that this lady was too careless in her speech. She was speaking to the government. Even if Yu Lei was strong, it could collapse any time if it was targeted!

However, Ning Guangyao didnt look enraged, but his brows were creased slightly. His gaze at Lin Ruoxi was particularly deep. Nodding lightly, he said, Since thats the case, Boss Lin doesnt need to participate. This is a plan based on voluntary involvement after all.

Thank you, Premier, Lin Ruoxi replied. She knew that it was rude to do so, but she wanted to run her business in an unbiased manner. Moreover, she was used to making decisions alone.

The meeting soon ended. Ning Guangyao together with the other people who came for inspection started bidding farewell to the Zhonghais chamber of commerce and party committee. This was one of his stops after all. He still had many other places waiting for his appearance.

During the year end, leaders would naturally have countless tasks to deal with.

However, before they left, Ning Guodong finally couldnt hold himself back anymore. He walked forward to approach Lin Ruoxi as he revealed a gentlemans smile. Nice to meet you, Boss Lin. Im Ning Guodong. I know that it may seem inappropriate for me to approach you, but Im thinking of having a meal with you someday. May I know if I can have this opportunity?

Being the son of the premier in addition to having an extraordinary appearance and position, there were naturally countless number of ladies admiring him. However, he wasnt a playboy. Being shrouded by a father like Ning Guangyao, every action he took was being monitored.

He only dared to invite Lin Ruoxi this way because his heart was moved.

Lin Ruoxi didnt pay too much attention to Ning Guodongs request, but carefully darted a glance at Yang Chen beside her. She noticed Yang Chens gaze which was almost enough to take Ning Guodongs life, and felt rather pleased.

Im sorry, Mr Ning. Maybe next time. Lin Ruoxi was aware of Ning Guodongs identity, so she didnt speak too crudely.

Ning Guodong didnt expect a rejection from Lin Ruoxi. He felt slightly disappointed but brushed it off easily. Alright. Although its unfortunate, I hope that Boss Lin can give me a chance next time.

After Ning Guangyao and the others left, Yang Chen felt annoyed and said to Lin Ruoxi, Why is there a next time? You should have just rejected him immediately! Reject! You cant go no matter what!

Elated, Lin Ruoxi looked at him and said, I just want to let you know that youre not the only man in this world. Whether or not I want to dine with another man depends on how well you behave. It is your choice to make. After she finished speaking, she turned around and skipped away.

Yang Chen looked stunned before looking extremely bitter. He didnt know how to react. When did i suddenly become this passive?

Is this girl trying to take revenge on me for making her act like a panda yesterday?

This time, Mo Qianni didnt get jealous, but chuckled beside him instead.

What are you laughing about? Little Qianqian, are you happy that your man is bullied this way? Yang Chen asked.

Mo Qianni pouted and said, Im just thinking that if you mistreat me in the future, Ill just act the same way Ruoxi does. Its not like no men want to treat me for a meal.


Yang Chen who wouldnt be injured even when his heart was stabbed by a knife suddenly had the urge to vomit blood...