My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Military Secrets
Military Secrets

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Not only was Guo Xuehua confused, no one else understood what had just happened. Why did he sound so sonorous and agitated? Is that all he wants? Just a request like that?

Guo Xuehua was shocked, while as she stared at his depthless eyes holding variuos complex emotions. After a while, she silently nodded her head.

I promise, Guo Xuehua said solemnly before slowly standing up, without asking any questions.

Yang Chen didnt intend to speak more. Walking past Guo Xuehua, he said to Lin Ruoxi, Wife, Ill come back for dinner after dealing with this. You may get inside first.

Lin Ruoxi nodded. Understood.

Ignoring everyone, Yang Chen headed to Guo Xuehuas Infiniti.

Lin Ruoxi looked back to gaze upon Yang Chens fleeting image. In the cold wind, he appeared incredibly desolate, even the slightest bit of his usual indolence couldnt be seen anymore.

Guo Xuehua stood by the entrance for a very long time as she held numerous disorganized and complicated thoughts. However, seeing that Yang Chen boarded her car, she immediately bade farewell to Lin Ruoxi and the others before leading Little Wen and Little Li back to her car.

During the journey to the military region where the Cais clan was located, Yang Chen sat silently beside Guo Xuehua with his eyes shut, as if he was in deep thought.

Guo Xuehua looked bewildered. Knowing that her son could finally be saved, shed glance at Yang Chens cheek occasionally. She felt that his look fely familiar, but she couldnt place how it felt specifically, no matter how hard she thought.

When they came to the Cai clans residence, the security guards outside had increased a few more layers. Evidently, there were many VIPs who came to gather here because of Yang Lie.

Being guided by the Cai clans men, Yang Chen and Guo Xuehua walked towards the quiet courtyard where Yang Lie was at. Quite a number of armed soldiers stood at each corner in a dignified manner. The atmosphere was so tense that ordinary people wouldnt dare to breathe too loudly inside.

Yang Chen walked through the long pathway like how he normally would. He hadnt spoken a single word with Guo Xuehua on the way, and wasnt bothered to ask about the current situation either.

When Yang Chen arrived at the entrance of Yang Lies door, the people inside took immediate notice to Yang Chen.

In the room, except Cai Yuncheng, Cai Ning, Yang Lies master Yu Jizi, even Yang Jieyu stood by Yang Lies sickbed.

Upon knowing that her nephew was injured by Yang Chen, Yang Jieyu felt anguished and yet angry. She was aware of Yang Chens personality, thus she was sure that Yang Lie mustve done something so wrong to cause so much trouble. But she was still very distressed at the fact that it was two relatives who fought each other.

However, she wasnt in a position to straight-up disobey her elder brother Yang Pojuns intention. All she could do was to stand quietly as she witnessed everything.

Yang Jieyu felt relieved when she saw that Guo Xuehua had managed to invite Yang Chen over. She just thought that Yang Chen was being forgiving as he was willing to come over to save Yang Lie. However, she didnt know that Guo Xuehua had kneeled down to beg him.

I really want to thank you for coming. I know that you have reasons for why you do what you do, but hes still young after all. I hope that you wont keep a grudge, Yang Jieyu said earnestly.

Since Im here already, your words are not necessary, Yang Chen replied.

Yang Jieyu sighed. Then Ill pass him to you now To be honest, Hewei and I like you very much. Youre a very dependable young man. Were proud of you.

Cai Yuncheng was rather shocked. He asked Cai Ning, This guy is Yang Chen? Even your Aunt Yang knows him?

Cai Ning nodded. I dont know why as well. But they indeed know each other.

Cai Yunchengs eyes were filled with thoughts. Yang Jieyu, Yang Chen, Yang Lie Yang clan, do these people have some form of relationship between them?

Guo Xuehua was surprised as well that Yang Jieyu knew Yang Chen. However, she didnt voice her questions too quickly. She merely looked at Yang Jieyu with curious eyes. She knew that her sister-in-law wasnt someone easy to deal with. Yang Jieyu is involved in numerous things regarding the Yang clan. Whys she treating Yang Chen this intimately, as if shes talking to her own son? This certainly isnt something I would have foreseen happening, Guo Xuehua thought.

Vaguely, Guo Xuehua felt that there was something that these people were not telling her.

Yu Jizi finally opened his mouth. Are you confident that you can do it? he asked. He was deeply concerned about his disciple.

Yang Chen darted a glance at him. If i said i wasnt confident, can I leave him as he is?

The friendly look on Yu Jizis face immediately vanished, but he didnt dare to express his anger. Upon knowing Yang Chens real identity, he fully understood that Yang Chen was on a whole other level from him.

Yang Chen said to the people behind him, Everyone, leave this room now. For the next half an hour, no one is allowed to get near this place.

Guo Xuehua was rather worried. When she wanted to ask what Yang Chen was planning, she was stopped by Yang Jieyu.

Sister-In-Law, lets go out. Yang Chen knows his limits. He just doesn't want to get distracted.

Helplessly, Guo Xuehua followed Cai Yuncheng, Daoist Yu Jizi and the others out the room.

Outside the room in the courtyard, Guo Xuehua asked Yang Jieyu after the doors had been closed, Jieyu, be honest with me. Is there something youre hiding from me?

Yang Jieyu got stunned. She knew that Guo Xuehua was a clever woman, who mustve realized something when she spoke with such familiarity to Yang Chen earlier. Although she wanted to tell this sorry excuse of a woman that her lost child whom she had been looking for, for the past twenty years or so, was this close in front of her eyes, Yang Jieyu knew that if she had really done that, Guo Xuehua would definitely try to bring Yang Chen back into the Yang clan no matter what.

If that happened, the political opponents competing for factions of the Yang clan would seize this opportunity to strike Yang Pojun with the scandal, thus causing an irreversible damage to Yang Pojuns election.

Although the Yang clan wouldnt necessarily collapse as a result, it would still be negatively impacted. Its future developments will definitely be severely restrained.

Despite being courageous, Yang Jieyu wouldnt dare to toy with the fate of the clan, especially without permission. Therefore, she merely let out a polite smile and said, Sister-In-Law, what are you thinking about? What is there for me to hide from you?

Evidently, Guo Xuehua wasnt this easily deceived. She asked, Then how did you and Yang Chen come to know each other? Can you talk about it?

Yang Jieyu instantly thought of a reason. Smiling, she said, Oh, his wife Lin Ruoxi, the CEO of Yu Lei International, has relations with our Yuan clan on the business side of things. So we have met at a banquet and chatted before.

Lin Ruoxi Previously at the villa, Guo Xuehua was so focused on Yang Chen that she hadnt paid much attention to Lin Ruoxi. As she thought about it, she recalled that Yang Chen called the woman Wife before he left.

When she thought about it more carefully, Guo Xuehua seemed to have met the lady a few times before at the orphanage in Zhonghai, but she didnt have any interactions with her prior to that.

So shes the CEO of Yu Lei International Yu Lei International Lin Ruoxi Guo Xuehua mumbled. She looks rather similar to that woman.

What? What woman? Yang Jieyu couldnt help but ask after listening to Guo Xuehua mumbling to herself.

Guo Xuehua shook her head and said, Its nothing. I was just reminiscing the past.

Although Yang Jieyu felt that there must be more to it than just that, she didnt ask about it. She was already feeling extremely guilty when she faced Guo Xuehua. So she decided not to voice anything out for now.

While Yang Chen was treating Yang Lie, outside Cai clans courtyard, two men met coincidentally.

Yang Pojun was dressed in his military uniform as usual. A hint of strictness could be seen on his sharp face. He held a strange look when he noticed a man dressed in a black coat coming down from another Jeep, looking energetic.

General Lin, why are you free to come here today? The person Yang Pojun was speaking to was Lin Zhiguo.

Lin Zhiguo wasnt surprised when he saw Yang Pojun. Smiling faintly, he said, A tragedy happened to Commander Yangs son. I rushed over instantly upon hearing the news. The mission this time round is unusually difficult to accomplish. Yang Lie, being one of the core combatants, suddenly got injured. As the general commander, I still have to be concerned about him even privately.

Ill thank General Lin on my sons behalf then, Yang Pojun said. Damn this cunning old fox. Hes no different from me. After getting informed that Yang Chen is here to treat Yang Lie, he couldnt be at ease and decided to come here, Yang Pojun thought.

He still remembered that this man was the one who brought the DNA report to his father Yang Gongming, who had given him a scolding as a result. Thus, Yang Pojun wasnt too happy when faced with Lin Zhiguo.

Evidently, to Yang Pojun, Lin Zhiguos intentions certainly werent that simple. He must have further plans which have yet to be revealed. It was best to distance himself from him.

Although the Lin clan in Beijing wasnt considered a truly powerful clan like the Yang clan, they were still rather influential and shouldnt be looked down on. Yang Gongming even specially warned him not to underestimate Lin Zhiguo, which meant he must have hidden powers.

At the very least, the mission which Yang Lie and Yu Jizi came down from the mountains to participate in was led by Lin Zhiguo.

Yang Pojun suddenly remembered the night when he checked on Yang Chens background for the past twenty years.

Using merely his influence in the military, Yang Pojun found out that a lot of the data regarding Yang Chen was encrypted, which could only be accessed by top-level members of the security department. Regarding the information he did manage to look into, he had no clue as to the legitimacy, which had only proven to be useless at last.

Although Yang Pojun was only in charge of the militarys side of things, he knew that China had a secret organization called the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. However, since it wasnt too impressive, it wasnt being highly regarded, which allowed them to stay away from power disputes.

No matter how Yang Pojun thought about it, the data regarding Yang Chen could only be kept secured by the department Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. Only such an organization would want to encrypt the data so much so that even he couldnt access it, as the commander of the military district.

Being able to notice the relationship between the Yang clan and Yang Chen, is Lin Zhiguo the true person in-charge of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade? I can think of only this as the reason why Father would warn me of him, Yang Pojun thought as he glanced at Lin Zhiguo occasionally. As he walked, he asked, General Lin, do you know Yang Chen?

Lin Zhiguo seemed to be expecting the question. Yep. Weve cooperated twice before.

There seems to be various unique aspects about his past. Yang Pojun looked at Lin Zhiguo from the corners of his eyes.

Lin Zhiguos eyebrows slightly moved. Commander Yang, I believe youre more aware of what military secrets mean than me.

Yang Pojuns heart sank. It looks like what I predicted was correct. Yang Chen certainly has an incredibly frightening past. Thats right. How could he be an ordinary person if even Yu Jizi was afraid of him?

Although he didnt know what the military secrets mentioned by Lin Zhiguo were, Yang Pojun had to reassess the situation to consider just what position he should put the young man who suddenly popped up in...