My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Too Alike
Too Alike

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When Yang Pojun and Lin Zhiguo came to the courtyard together, Abbess Yun Miao was already there standing. Yun Miao curtly nodded her head at Yang Pojun, but completely ignored Lin Zhiguo, turning her head away as if she hadnt noticed him.

Lin Zhiguo sighed and walked towards Yun Miao. Why must you do this? You make me feel bad every time we meet. Were supposed to be devoted to each other ever since the day we got married. Theres is nothing you will benefit from, for treating me like this anyway.

Yun Miao snorted disdainfully. Mind your own business. I dont need you to step into my life.

Can I really stay out? If it wasnt you who insisted Huier to get together with Yang Chen back then, this incident would not have even taken place. Are you satisfied now that the young master of the Yang clan is injured?

Yun Miao stared at Lin Zhiguo angrily and said, This decision is still leaps and bounds better than you sending my son and daughter-in-law to their deaths!

You Lin Zhiguo was infuriated, but couldnt speak a word to defend himself. After all, it certainly was his decision that made his children die in a war at a place outside their hometown.

Seeing that Yun Miao and Lin Zhiguo started arguing upon meeting each other, the people around acted like they heard and saw nothing.

The fact that Lin Zhiguo and Yun Miao were married wasnt a secret to the people in this circle. However, they still didnt understand what specifically took place between them, but knew that they have had this conflict for the past twenty years or so. Thus, they werent very surprised.

Yang Pojun made eye contact with his younger sister Yang Jieyu before walking towards Guo Xuehua. With a complex gaze, he looked at the door between them and the patient room. Is that young man treating Lieer?

Guo Xuehua had always been a gentle woman. Although she had a fight with Yang Pojun earlier, she wouldnt follow in the footsteps of Yun Miao, to argue for more than twenty years with him. Slightly nodding, she said softly, He told us to not distract him for half an hour. He should be done really soon.

Yang Pojun involuntarily asked, Did he say anything out of the ordinary to you?

Anything out of the ordinary? What are you trying to ask? Guo Xuehua looked at her husband with a weird gaze.

Yang Pojun immediately changed the subject .He agreed to come right after you asked him to? Didnt he voice out any requests?

Guo Xuehua naturally wouldnt tell him that she kneeled down before Yang Chen. It wasnt because she felt ashamed. She knew that Yang Pojun would definitely be angry at her if she did. When that happened, everyone would end up awkward and unhappy.

As a result, Guo Xuehua merely said, He asked me to not beg him anymore in the future. This is the only request he made.

Beg? Yang Pojun frowned tightly. However, when he heard that Yang Chen didnt allow Guo Xuehua to beg him, his heart stopped beating for a split second

Yang Pojun quickly noticed that although Guo Xuehua didnt recognize Yang Chen, Yang Chen mightve found out about his relations with the Yang clan.

Yang Pojun could think of many reasons why Yang Chen didnt expose this affair. But no matter which one it was, hed be fine as long as Yang Chen didnt announce it.

Indeed you shouldnt be begging him. Hes from the younger generation and not an important character. He doesnt deserve to be begged by you, Yang Pojun said proudly.

Guo Xuehua wrinkled her brows, but didnt say anything to fight back. After all, she had gotten used to Yang Pojuns arrogance.

At this moment, Guo Xuehua gazed upon Yang Pojuns cheek. Suddenly, something clicked in her mind

She soon got lost in thought. Why does he

Silence continued in the courtyard for another five or six minutes. The door finally got opened. Looking indifferent, Yang Chen silently walked out of the room, with his forehead covered in sweat.

Everyone turned their attention to Yang Chen as they waited for an answer.

Yang Pojun and Guo Xuehua held different gazes. Yang Pojun examined Yang Chen in contemplation, while Guo Xuehua was stunned, as if she suddenly realized something.

Yang Chen said to Yu Jizi and the others, Give him a month and he will recover. His ability will be slightly dampened than before, but he can return to his previous level if he practices extra hard.

Yang Chens voice sounded rather weak. The amount of internal energy spent on treating all the meridians and organs of a person was far beyond one could imagine. Furthermore, Yang Lie wasnt injured on the outside, which caused Yang Chen to be unable to use his blood to speed up his recovery.

Such a severe injury can be treated in a mere half hour. Senior Brother Song used to tell me about how magical Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture is, but I didnt expect level nine to hold such a horrifying speed of recovery, Yun Miao mumbled.

The people around got slightly relieved. If Yang Lie was paralyzed for the rest of his life, the people from the Yang clan wouldnt let this matter slip just like that.

Although most of the people present knew that Yang Chen wasnt afraid of the Yang clan, theyd still be worried, as this would negatively impact China. Needless to say, Yang Jieyu was all the more worried as she was always concerned about her clan.

After Yang Chen finished speaking, he wasnt willing to stay there any longer. He wanted to leave, but he noticed Yang Pojun standing right in front of him upon raising his head.

This was the first time that they have met each other in a formal setting. At the exact moment their gazes met, both Yang Chen and Yang Pojun instantly understood a lot of things clearly.

Guo Xuehua also finally realized what the strange feeling she felt upon seeing Yang Chen earlier was. Theyre so alike!

My own husband and this young man called Yang Chen look so similar!

Although Yang Pojun appeared very aged, his look when he was young was incredibly similar to how Yang Chen looked now. However, Guo Xuehua had never thought in that direction before, so she had failed to notice anything unusual earlier.

Being outsiders, Yang Jieyu and Yuan Hewei managed to observe the situation more clearly. Through various secret investigations in addition to Yang Chens attitude, Yang Jieyu made a conclusion.

Yang Chen and Yang Pojun stared at each other in silence for a short while, as if they were no more than strangers to each other. Yang Chen then turned to look at Cai Ning and said, Get a car ready for me.

Before Cai Ning answered, Cai Yuncheng replied, No problem. Thank you very much for saving Yang Lie.

Seeing that Yang Chen planned to leave just like that, Lin Zhiguo walked forward and said, Young Man, dont leave so quickly. I still have to discuss something with you.

Yang Chen had known that nothing good would happen when he noticed Lin Zhiguo earlier. Expectedly, he was here to look for Yang Chen.

Say what you must, but make it quick. Yang Chen appeared rather impatient.

Lin Zhiguo was well aware of Yang Chens attitude. Moreover, he was the one most aware that there were many people present that Yang Chen wasnt willing to interact with. Thus, without getting mad, he smiled and said, Perhaps here isnt the best place to discuss this.

Yang Chen headed outside the courtyard, while Lin Zhiguo followed him out after looking at everyone.

The others wouldnt be so insensible as to follow them. Yang Jieyu, Yu Jizi, Yun Miao, Cai Yuncheng and his daughter Cai Ning all headed to another courtyard, leaving only Yang Pojun and Guo Xuehua there.

Yang Pojun noticed that Guo Xuehua had been looking at him doubtfully. He knew that his wife mustve found something out. He was nervous but his face had proven otherwise. Lets go inside to look at Lieer.

Guo Xuehua remained quiet and followed Yang Pojun into the room.

Currently, Yang Lie was lying on the bed, looking much less pale than before. When observed closely, it looked like he was merely asleep.

Guo Xuehua felt slightly relieved. She tidied Yang Lies blanket while thinking of something else. With her back facing Yang Pojun, she asked, Pojun, is there something youre hiding from me?

No, Yang Pojun answered without hesitation.

Guo Xuehua seemed to have confirmed her guess. Smiling, she said, Since you said no, there must be something then. If theres really nothing youre hiding, youd definitely ask me why I asked so. Weve been married for so many years. I know you more than you do.

Yang Pojun frowned. Since you know me this much, you shouldnt have asked me that.

Can I not ask about it?! Guo Xuehua violently turned around and stared right into Yang Pojuns eyes. Tell me. Yang Chenis he our lost child?!