My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Mistreatment
Chapter 37: Mistreatment


Due to the 7 people competing to cooperate, Yang Chen quickly learned the specific positions of Chen Dehai and his son, while those 7 people, were in a moment knocked unconscious and thrown to the side of the road. It would be difficult for them to wake up before Yang Chen finishes his task here.

Yang Chen was familiar beyond compare towards something like sneaking in without a sound. With his keen and developed senses and vigilantly observing all activity in the surroundings, he moved with very quick steps yet without a sound. His body seemed to have blended in with the night, dissipating into thin air.

As he had firmly memorized the detailed topography of the Chen Residence, Yang Chen was able to locate his target very quickly.

According to the words of the 7 people, Chen Feng was at his room at this moment, while the location of Chen Dehai could not be confirmed. If he wasnt in his study, then he should be in the living room.

Leaping over 2 balconies, then conveniently knocking 4 bodyguards unconscious without a sound, Yang Chens monster-like body reached the third floor of the apartment building and was outside a big room. Right now the time was 10pm, yet the room remained as brightly lit as before.

The hovering tree shadow allowed Yang Chen to seem all the more blurry under the moonlight. When the cold wind blew onto the ceiling-to-floor windows door, the curtain was slightly lifted, and the view beyond the transparent window entered Yang Chens eyes.

Inside the huge bedroom with extravagant decorations, there indeed was a familiar figure, Chen Feng.

However, the Chen Feng of this moment simply didnt notice that right outside the balconys door stood an uninvited guest. Chen Feng had an evil and disgusting face, and was in the middle of doing something that could cause the blood of normal people to boil.

On top of the huge bed in Chen Fengs room, was a pale-white female body that was bound in the shape of the word . Both arms and legs were bound using black lacy ladies stockings. The said material had great elasticity yet possessed incredible toughness, and there were blood marks on the womans four limbs because the woman was strapped so tightly. The snow-white skin of the woman seemed to already have quite a number of purplish bruises, it appears that she had already been through and suffered some painful mistreatment before.

The womans dyed hair was scattered disorderly and incomparably disheveled, because of her struggling and sweat. Her red face could be considered coquettish and her mouth was stuffed with a pair of panties. In this position the woman could only let out Wu Wu wails, unable to speak.

Looking at this woman receive such mistreatment, the first thing Yang Chen felt was familiarity, yet thinking about it a little more carefully, it was from the time when he met Lin Ruoxi in that small bar, she tried to seduce him. This was the woman who then called Baldy and his bunch of muscular guys over, and it appeared that she was the Baldys sister. Its unexpected that Chen Feng got hold of her.

Obviously, Chen Feng didnt treat this pretty and flirtatious delinquent girl well. At that moment his whole body too wasnt covered by any article of clothing. He stood on the bed, and by his feet were all kinds of rubber products and sex toys. The small ones were bead-sized, while the big ones were bowl-sized, and those toys were covered in lubricants, causing even the bed sheets to also be wet.

Chen Fengs physique was a little skinny, and looked like he indulged too deeply into debauchery too often. In the middle of his naked lower body, that little brother already had his head pointed down, and totally couldnt lift up its spirits, shrinking like a little worm.

Haha, haha You female pig Yell out! Cry out! You dared to find another man behind my back Lets see if I will torture you to death, or fuck you to death!! Chen Fengs face of that moment revealed a warped and crazed expression. He yelled and scolded, while fiercely using his legs to kick the womans face, soft breasts and the wet spot between her legs!

To play with you is me thinking highly of you! Once I get hold of that girl with the surname Li tomorrow, I will throw you over to my brothers for them to fuck. Arent you on heat thinking of men? I alone cannot satisfy you, so those brothers of mine will take turns to get on top of you! Look at your foul smelling and pig-like appearance, you really think of yourself as I Chen Fengs girlfriend? Why dont you take a look at this swine face of yours, if it wasnt for Young Master, I, being bored, who would play with you! Chen Feng shouted while panting, as if he had been possessed by a demon, You want to play, I will use my toes to penetrate you, and let you play!!

The woman seemed to desire death because of both pain and shame, but her mouth had a pair urine-soaked panties stuffed in. She wanted to scream and weep, yet she kept retching from the disgusting odor, and her tears flowed onto the bed sheet. Because of the crying, her body trembled uncontrollably.

Seeing this delinquent girl about to be insulted to death, Yang Chen felt that this shouldnt be, and perhaps this delinquent girl herself does not deserve sympathy, but it seemed that someone like Chen Feng appears to deserve a much earlier death.

Right as Chen Feng picked up a black whip from the bed, and was about to fiercely swing it, the glass door behind him was suddenly pulled open with a Peng sound!

WHO!? Chen Feng turned his body in horror, and when he saw the silhouette of a human on the balcony door, he was so badly frightened that he nearly peed!

What, its only been a few days since we last met, and you cant recognize me? the edges of Yang Chens lips raised up, then he fished out a cigarette from his pocket, and unhurriedly lit it up.

In this room, the hormone odor was too strong, and there was also a strong Gucci male cologne smell. The two types of contrasting smells blended together, and was abnormally nose-stinging. Once he realized that the secretions smell was brought forth from this male and female pair, Yang Chen felt that breathing in a breath of smoke was more comfortable.

Chen Fengs brain lagged for a moment, then he shivered and held the whip in a defensive position, then cautiously retreated while asking, Yang Yang Chen? How can you be here!?

When the woman fixed onto the bed saw Yang Chen, she also stopped weeping, as she also recognized this man. That day he made her pretty angry, and in the end she wasnt able to get her brother to take revenge on this man.

If the woman held Yang Chen in extreme disgust before, then his sudden appearance now let this woman feel that Yang Chen was basically the messiah!

Yang Chen glanced at Chen Fengs little worm with a mocking expression, then laughed and said, Little brat, previously at the market I seem to have already mentioned, that I as a person hates being threatened the most.

You I didnt threaten you!

You threatened Old Lis family, and they are my friends, which is tantamount to threatening me.

A sinister look flashed across Chen Fengs eyes, he then coldly smiled and said, Yang Chen, you think you can leave after youve entered!? I only need to shout out loud once, and my dads henchmen could shoot and turn you into a beehive!

You can give it a try. Yang Chen held the cigarette in mouth, and slowly walked towards Chen Feng.

Heh, you also like that Li Jingjing? You want to be a hero saving the beauty, dream on! I will definitely grab hold of that Li Jingjing, get her pregnant, then give her to my henchmen to take turns! Chen Feng shouted, then immediately pulled open the rooms door behind him, attempting to escape the room!

But Yang Chens figure crossed over a distance of over 5 metres in a flash, and his reinforced steel-like hand fiercely closed the door, then ruthlessly slapped Chen Feng in the face!

Chen Feng was knocked silly. How did Yang Chen suddenly appear by his side? Half of his face turned red and swollen in an instant, and was incredibly painful. In a panic and at a loss, he dodged to a corner, pointed at Yang Chen and shouted, Dont come closer! My My dads men are almost here! They will kill you!!

Yang Chen directly spit a mouthful of saliva and the cigarette butt onto Chen Fengs face, expressionlessly walked in front of him, and looked down upon him from high up. This led Chen Feng to shrink like a hedgehog, without the guts to raise his head.

Originally I planned to let you enjoy a straightforward death, however the words you said changed my mind, you seem to enjoy playing with women a lot, then I will first let you be unable to play with women

The moment those words were spoken, a forceful kick was abruptly sent, landing on the small piece of meat between Chen Fengs legs


Chen Fengs wails were just like the midnight howls of a wolf; so mournful and sharp that it tore apart the whole apartment buildings tranquility.