My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Never Separate
Never Separate

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Yang Gongming looked at Yang Chen who revealed astonishment on his face before laughing loudly.

Dont hate this old fellow for shamelessly kneeling before you. I come before you not as your grandpa, not as your elder, and certainly not as a stupid retired government official.

I kneel before you to thank you, for your sacrifice back then, which ended up protecting the hundreds of people in the Yang clan. This is the very least the clan owes you. Although I cant change anything that has happened by kneeling, I hope at the very least Ill feel better myself.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Gongming stood up slowly before standing straight and confident. He wasnt at all ashamed for his act earlier, but looked very relaxed instead.

Yang Chen couldnt help but to laugh. What makes you think Ill acknowledge you after this?

Yang Gongming shook his head. Sincerely, he said, I dont expect you to accept us, your family members, just because I kneeled down. I said it before, and I shall repeat. Being your grandpa, being your elder, Ive never felt the need to kneel before you, no matter how guilty at heart I feel. Theres never a reason for someone to kneel before their grandchild.

At the same time, theres something a little controversial, which I feel is reasonable however. Regardless of the circumstance, parents should never have to feel like they owe to their children, since said child wouldnt have been born without their parents!

Although your parents didnt raise you, they were the ones who gave birth to you. Even if you suffered greatly after that, you still cannot deny the fact that you are alive now because of them. Furthermore, they never intended for you to suffer as you have. Giving birth to you was already a huge risk that they decided to bear.

You may hate them, but you cannot deny the fact that theyre your parents, and you cant forget that theyve given you your life.

Yang Chen remained quiet. He wanted to say something to refute Yang Gongming, but he then noticed that he certainly had no reason to do so.

Maybe, deep down his heart, he hadnt actually cut off his relations with his relatives completely. Otherwise, he wouldnt have told Guo Xuehua to not beg him and shown Yang Lie mercy.

Yang Chen was aware that although he was referred to as god by others, he was no more human than the next person.

It was just that he was able to do certain things that ordinary people couldnt. His mentality was one of a human, which had seven emotions and six desires.

[TL note: Seven emotions and six desires include joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments, affection, lust, vanity, dignity, pleasant sounds, good life, and sensual pleasures.]

He was still young after all. Although he had had numerous experience, which meant he had been through a lot, he was still rather immature when it came to emotions. He would love others, and at the same time enjoy the love shown by others. Similarly, he would hold hate and anger just like everyone else.

He used to teach Tang Tang that holding grudges against your parents is not worth the time and effort. Fate played a huge role in allowing a child to be given birth by specific parents. In the grand scheme of things, ones suffering and frustration is so insignificant that considering it at all would be absurd.

However, people being people, were often hypocrites themselves. Teaching Tang Tang was a separate issue. His situation wasnt as simple as an argument between parents and children.

Yang Gongming seemed to have said everything he wanted. Signalling the old woman behind, he planned to walk outside the room.

As he walked past Lin Ruoxi, Yang Gongming smiled and said, Ruoxi, sorry for frightening you.

IIm fine Lin Ruoxi didnt know what she should refer Yang Gongming as.

Logically speaking, she was Yang Chens wife, which made her the granddaughter-in-law of Yang Gongming, which meant that she was supposed to call him Grandpa as well. However, she couldnt seem to be able to refer to him as such, so she stammered for a bit.

Yang Gongming turned his head back and said to Yang Chen, Your mother just found out that youre her son. She had been looking for you for more than twenty years. She founded so many orphanages in hopes of drowning her regret for you. Actually, being her father-in-law, I feel that shes in a rather pitiful position. She really wants to see you, but due to certain reasons, she got detained by Pojun at his compound.

Although Im his father, I would never interfere with the matters between them. If its convenient for you, I hope that you can pay the pitiful woman a visit.

Of course, this is merely an old mans wish. I know that seeing them should be something painful for you, so decide for yourself.

After he finished speaking, Yang Gongming walked downstairs together with the old woman.

Yang Chen turned back when he heard Wang Ma and Hui Lin bidding farewell to Yang Gongming.

Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chens emotionless face, as she tried to think of something to say so that she could console Yang Chen. However, she didnt know where to begin. In the end, she settled for silence.

After quite a while, the corners of Yang Chens lips revealed a slight smile. He pouted at Lin Ruoxi and said, Hey, Babe, dont you have anything you want to tell your hubby?

Lin Ruoxi knew that Yang Chen erected a mask to cover his true emotions. She didnt return his tease with a cold gaze. Instead, she asked seriously, What do you plan to do?

Plan what? Yang Chen asked.

Mr Yang said earlier that Madam Guo was detained by Commander Yang. Dont you Lin Ruoxi didnt continue speaking. She was afraid that Yang Chen would get mad. The more Yang Chen acted like he was fine, the more frightened she became of him.

This is too weird.

Yang Chen slowly walked towards Lin Ruoxis leather seat before sitting down. Stretching his body, he said, I was wondering what you were going to say. Wife, your husband ended up being a prince. Its about time your risky investment has paid of, hasnt it? Yang Chen winked at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi ignored his joke. Yang Chen, please dont do this I know that you must be feeling terrible

What do you know?!

Yang Chen stood up viciously before pouncing onto Lin Ruoxi, pressing her against the wall!

Lin Ruoxi paled in shock. She felt that Yang Chen had suddenly turned into a beast before pushing her against the wall in the blink of an eye.

Yang Chens face was all up against Lin Ruoxis face. It was his first time appearing this ferocious and violent! A scarlet light shone in his eyes, as if they were burning with blazes of fire!

Yang Chens arms acted like iron walls as they pressed against Lin Ruoxis shoulders, while his boiling-hot breaths hit on Lin Ruoxis face.

The mountain-flipping, terrifying momentum made Lin Ruoxi feel that her chest was pressed by a boulder, causing her difficulty in breathing.

However, Lin Ruoxi didnt cower in fear. Biting her lower lip, she gathered all her energy to open her eyes to look into Yang Chens eyes.

Staring at the dazzling beauty, Yang Chen laughed and said, Woman, have you any clue what its like to have to pick apart corpses for a meal? Let me tell you, it actually doesnt taste too different from rat meat. Oh yeah, privileged folks like you never had the opportunity to have tasted it before.

Then do you know how it feels to play dead in stacks of corpses for three entire days? Let me tell you. Maggots and worms a few times larger than earthworms would drill into your nose and come out from your ears

Do you know how it feels to be treated like a lab rat, to have more than ten types of biochemical medicines poured into your body? Let me explain it to you. It feels exactly the same as having your body scraped with countless knives from within, which would last for weeks, and even months!

Do you kn

Yang Chen wasnt allowed to continue speaking.

Lin Ruoxi whose eyes were wide open and bloodshot suddenly leaned forward to kiss Yang Chen on his lips!

All Yang Chen could feel were two pieces of cold, soft lips which emitted the fragrance of jasmine. In a domineering and choppy manner, all his words were blocked from exiting his mouth.

Did I just get forcefully kissed by her?!

Lin Ruoxis eyes were still open. Their gazes met, lips connected and noses touched.

Lin Ruoxis breath quickened, which showed her nervousness and struggles within.

Yang Chen indulged in her sweet breath.

Soon, however, Yang Chen could clearly see that Lin Ruoxis eyes were slowly tearing. Little by little, tears filled her eyes. At last, two lines of tears flowed down her face willfully.

Since Lin Ruoxi kissed him hard, their faces stuck together tightly, leaving no gap in between.

Between each others face, Yang Chen could feel just how hot Lin Ruoxis tears were...

After a while, when Yang Che had lost sense of time and his surroundings, Lin Ruoxi slowly moved her lips away. She looked serious as usual, cold as an iceberg. Just like that, she quietly gazed upon Yang Chen.

I know that you must have a torrent of bad emotions running through your mind right now, in fact, Im feeling just as bad.

Having been left all alone, I gave up on living my life the way I saw, and became a poisonous scorpion to protect what my Grandma had left behind. My irresponsible father drank alcohol and messed with women outside, and sent people to bully, insult and even hit me I thought of committing suicide, thought of dying with him, thought of everything to make him disappear, or a way to free myself.

I didnt feel sad when he became insane. I even thought he was lucky to have only gone crazy

However, when you told me he died in the mental hospital, I was anguished to my surprise. I looked down on myself. That night, I even ended up praying that he wouldnt suffer in his afterlife.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips. As she teared, she continued speaking, It was you who made me who I used to be. So I hope that you dont repeat my mistake, to regret not paying that guy a visit after he died. I wouldnt have felt as sad this way. Even if you cant accept that person in your heart, in this world, married couples can divorce, friends can part ways, colleagues can switch but parents and children are one bond that could never be broken

Yang Chens eyes cleared up. Looking at this charming lady, Yang Chen managed to calm down.

Soon, Yang Chen smiled and muttered, No wonder the old fellow said it was a good thing for women to be knowledgeable

Lin Ruoxi couldnt hear him clearly. Her eyes revealed confusion.


Suddenly, Yang Chen kissed Lin Ruoxi on her left cheek at lightning speed!

Lin Ruoxi cried out in astonishment. She felt that her left cheek was sucked on by a suction cup!

Ah, how tender. Its just as smooth and soft as your lips, Yang Chen praised while he tasted his lips. Laughing, he moved Lin Ruoxis body aside before turning around to leave the study room.

Lin Ruoxi was shy, annoyed, and a little joyous at the same time. Seeing that Yang Chen left just like that, she asked loudly out of concern, Where are you going?!

Yang Chen waved his hand as he said, Your husband is going to rectify your regret.