My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Bribery

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Whether or not he was planning to accept his mother, and if their relationship was going to be sustained, Yang Chen felt that what Lin Ruoxi mentioned was right. If he refused to pay his mother a visit, he might not get another chance for the rest of his life.

Yang Chen couldnt deny the struggle in his heart. Since this was the case, he felt that he should continue with this plan, instead of acting cool and intentionally ignore the people from the clan.

However, according to Yang Gongming, Guo Xuehua is locked up at Yang Pojuns compound in the military district of Zhonghai.

Ignoring why Yang Pojun wanted to stop Guo Xuehua from meeting him, strictly speaking about the location, he was not familiar with its terrains. He also lacked permission to enter. The residence of the commander in chief was certainly tightly secured as it was a place for national defense.

As a result, Yang Chen had the members of the Sea Eagles to provide help, and soon found out the address of Yang Pojuns compound. He then used the GPS system in his car to navigate.

After driving for almost an hour, Yang Chen came to the destination according to the GPS.

It was in the foothill area located at the southwest region of Zhonghai. When seen from afar, there were only a few tall communication towers and endless hills which were visible.

Since it was winter, the hills were yellowish, while the trees were not as lush, making the compound more visible.

Yang Chen slowed down his car and carefully searched the area. It didnt take him long before he discovered a residential area guarded by soldiers.

The house had a more oriental design. The combination of green and grey made the place look simple yet stylish.

Being at the foothill, the surrounding lands were rather barren. There parked a few rows of jeeps and delivery trucks outside the tall walls.

Yang Chen parked his car at a designated area and exited it. The building was a lot bigger than he expected. Yang Chen presumed that it was filled with soldiers. Including technical staff and armed soldiers, many people should be working and on duty there, otherwise it wouldnt make sense for so many houses to be empty.

He walked to the entrance which had two majestic stone lines which were placed on each side of the scarlet door. Behind two pine trees, there stood two soldiers dressed in their military uniforms.

Seeing that Yang Chen approached the door casually, the two soldiers stood in front of Yang Chen effectively blocking him off.

Halt. Who are you? a square-faced soldier asked loudly.

Smiling, Yang Chen answered, Im looking for your commander, and there is somebody I would like to meet as well.

The chief isnt somebody that you could meet without a clearance or without an invite. You may enter, but you have to show your pass! the soldier yelled loudly.

A pass? How do get that thing? No one told me about it! Yang Chen thought as he frowned.

The old fellow asked me to come pay a visit, but didnt give me a pass. How am I supposed to get in now? Do I jump over the walls?

Jumping over the walls would mean trespassing, which would force him to fight the soldiers within. Although it wasnt anything he was afraid of doing, it would be absurd for bullets to rain just for his arrival.

No one is allowed to enter without a permit!

Yang Chen pouted. After thinking for a while, he took out the remaining packet of poor-quality cigarettes worth two yuan from his pocket. He looked at it reluctantly, before offering the two soldiers smilingly.

Brothers, lets make it easy for me, and these two cigarettes will belong to you. Deal?

The two soldiers looked at each other at the same time. They could see the same message in each others eyesis there something wrong with this guys head?

Dont try to tempt us. Were not interested in smoking these cigarettes. Dont even think about getting in! the soldier shouted with a serious expression. He dares to take a cigarette worth only a few cents to bribe us?

Yang Chen quickly put the cigarettes back into the pocket of his pants. He scratched his head as he thought of what to say. However, the two soldiers ran out of patience and reached their hands to their rifles

Are you done yet? If you continue fooling around, we have the right to suspect that youre a spy and kill you! the square-faced soldier threatened.

Yang Chen turned gloomy. Do I have to get in by force? Do I need to deal with these people? I cant come here in vain right?

At that moment, two black Audi A6s sandwiching an A8 drove to the entrance.

Yang Chen looked back, only to find seven or eight bodyguards dressed in suits coming down from the two A6s before surrounding the A8 on all four sides. Then, a well-built young man came down from the front passenger seat to open the rear door. A middle-aged man wearing a grey jacket then came out of the car.

Yang Chen was shocked. He didnt expect to see the premier Ning Guangyao here, even his son Ning Guodong was here.

Upon exiting the car, Ning Guangyao saw Yang Chen and frowned slightly. He then remembered who Yang Chen was. Thus, he let out a friendly smile and walked towards Yang Chen under the cover of his bodyguards. He asked, Youre from Yu Lei International right?

Yang Chen didnt expect Ning Guangyao to remember him. He appeared to be extraordinarily concerned about Yu Lei. Yang Chen clearly remembered the overly passionate gazes Ning Guangyao and his son gave to Lin Ruoxi like it was yesterday.

Premier indeed has a good memory, Yang Chen simply replied.

Ning Guodong, however, had no clue who Yang Chen was. When he heard that Yang Chen was from Yu Lei International, he instantly recalled the beautiful figure. He asked, Did you come here alone, or is Boss Lin here as well?

Ning Guodong wasnt bothered about Yang Chens arrival. The first thing he did was ask whether or not Lin Ruoxi was there.

Yang Chen was deeply displeased, but he couldnt castrate him on-the-spot. Thus, he said, How is her presence related to my visit?

Then why are you here? Ning Guodong finally realized he asked the wrong question. Even Lin Ruoxi had no reason to come to such a military district.

Yang Chen sighed. Im here in search of someone. But they refuse to let me enter.

Ning Guangyao looked at his son with a complex gaze before sighing. He then asked, Who are you looking for?

Commander Yang Pojun, or more accurately, Im looking for his wife, Yang Chen answered.

Ning Guangyao was rather surprised. You know Commander Yang? Why do you want to look for his wife?

In short, its for personal reasons. Premier, would you be so kind as to ask them to allow me to enter? Yang Chen asked happily.

Ning Guodong felt displeased when he saw that Yang Chen wasnt acting nervous in front of his father, and even acted in a carefree manner. He snorted coldly before saying, Why should we bring a smooth-talking guy like you inside? Do you deserve to enter such a place? Youre onl

Guodong! Ning Guangyao immediately stopped his son from speaking. Strictly, he said, Who taught you to speak in this manner?!

Yang Chens gaze had already turned cold. If Ning Guangyao failed to stop him on time, Yang Chen felt that he wouldve given his son a slap, causing him to lose at minimum seven or eight teeth.

Ning Guodong too realized that he went over the line. This was not his usual way of speech, but Yang Chen behaved too differently from others. Normally, even the highly-ranked ministers would talk to his father politely as they couldnt afford to anger him.

It wasnt only because his father was the premier of the country. In Beijing, the Ning clan was among the strongest in the country, with unfathomable connections. Only a handful of clans could rival the Ning clan.

As a result, Ning Guodong who had been more powerful than the others since young was annoyed when he faced Yang Chen who completely dismissed his position.

Having scolded his son, Ning Guangyao looked at Yang Chen with a friendly gaze. Youre an interesting young man and Im in a good mood. Let me help you. Ill see what you want to do inside.


Ning Guodong wanted to object his fathers decision, but was given a terrorizing gaze by his father, which caused him to immediately shut his mouth up. All he could do was to stare at Yang Chen fiercely.

Yang Chen ignored this pampered prick. Smilingly, he said to Ning Guangyao, Thank you, Premier.

Walking to the entrance, one of the bodyguards took out a pass which had the national emblem printed to show the two soldiers.

The two soldiers recognized Premier Ning Guangyao, but they still had to follow rules which was to perform a series of checks. They then greeted him promptly, Premier!

Ning Guangyao greeted back with a smile and said, I know this young man. Hes with me.

The two soldiers looked at Yang Chen who was elated and only felt contempt in their hearts. However, they didnt dare to go against Ning Guangyaos will, so they agreed to his request.

After walking into the compound, Yang Chen noticed that the place was constructed like a huge maze. Without guidance, he would need at least half an hour to look for the people he wanted to meet.

Being led by a soldier, Yang Chen, Ning Guangyao and the others headed to Yang Pojuns office.

At this moment, Yang Chen seemed to have thought of something. He asked Ning Guangyao, Premier, is you visit purposed as an inspection?

Ning Guangyao smiled and answered, This is just a private meeting. Ive actually known Commander Yang and his wife for many years already.

You will meet the husband, but you wont necessarily see his wife, Yang Chen murmured.

Ning Guangyao didnt manage to listen to what Yang Chen said, but didnt ask him to repeat, since Yang Pojun emerged from a dark green wooden door to personally welcome him. He was wearing a beige tank top, which revealed his well-built body.