My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Market

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Brilliant lights decorated every corner of a market in Zhonghai. Shuffling through the crowd, happiness could be seen on the faces of the people there. Occasionally, foreign hawkers who hadnt gone home for the new year could be seen fighting their weariness in hopes of making extra money on New Years Eve.

Shouts and loudspeaker sounds in addition to the fast music playing in the background and the chattering crowd made the entire market an incredibly merry place to be.

Hui Lin didnt expect Yang Chen to bring her to such a place to get fireworks. She thought shed be brought to a shop specialized in fireworks instead. However, since she wasnt familiar with stuff like this, she followed Yang Chen wherever he went.

Yang Chen walked in front while Hui Lin followed close behind. The surrounding clamors and noises made her afraid of straying too far from Yang Chen, in fear of getting lost. She had lived on quiet mountains since young after all. Hui Lin felt strange and nervous to see so many people gathered together.

When she saw the new years small ornaments with novel designs, or certain cute little gifts, she couldnt refrain herself from stopping. The slightly childish girl would gaze at the items for a few seconds before reluctantly continuing her journey with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen turned her head back with a smile before saying, We will be walking the same road to return to the car. Ill buy everything you like for you. Dont look at them for now. Well come back after getting the fireworks.

Hui Lin didnt expect her actions to be noticed by Yang Chen. She nodded happily while she blushed when she heard that she could get those things.

Actually, Yang Chen didnt know what type of fireworks to get. Since he lived in a female accommodation, he certainly would be the one igniting the fire if he got an overly powerful one, which would be rather boring and meaningless. However, if he bought too unimpressive ones, it wouldnt look beautiful enough.

Yang Chen thought again and again. At last, he settled with buying both large and small-scaled ones.

Bringing Hui Lin to a large store which appeared relatively merry, Yang Chen looked left and right, and chose a huge box of fireworks containing 88 sticks before casually making payment.

The store owner was a kind, fat woman. She asked Yang Chen if he needed help with carrying the box, since it definitely wasnt light, but Yang Chen turned down her offer to help.

Hui Lin walked forward with a naive look. She asked, Brother Yang, do you want me to carry it? I can do it, so that it frees you up for other things.

Hui Lin had practised martial arts since young after all. Other ladies may not be able to deal with the weight, but it was a piece of cake for her.

Yang Chen frowned. Why should you do this? Go to the store opposite us, and ask your grandpa to send us two guards.


Hui Lin was shocked. She turned around and noticed Lin Zhiguo in his casual wear with his companion Grey Robe who were indeed standing at the porcelain store, picking products like ordinary customers.

Lin Zhiguo saw Hui Lins surprised look, and knew that Yang Chen had finally decided to stop ignoring him. Smiling bitterly, he brought Grey Robe and two other guards before approaching the firework store.

In fact, upon stepping into the market, theyd occasionally appear in Yang Chens surroundings. Based on his ability, he had definitely noticed their presence from the start. However, Lin Zhiguo didnt know why Yang Chen intentionally acted unaware.

Lin Zhiguo was an elder after all, and a highly ranked official to boot. He initially hoped for Yang Chen to approach him to talk. However, Yang Chen didnt give a damn about him, and let them wander around for a very long time before deciding to deal with them.

Kid, youre indeed proud. I thought you were going to bring my granddaughter around and leave without entertaining us, Lin Zhiguo said helplessly in dissatisfaction.

Grandpa, Hui Lin greeted him nervously with her head lowered. Upon knowing what Lin Zhiguo had done back then, she hadnt had the guts to talk to Lin Zhiguo, as she was afraid of angering her grandmother Abbess Yun Miao.

Lin Zhiguo looked at his granddaughter who appeared to be afraid. Lovingly, he asked, Huier, have you gotten used to the living in your elder sisters house yet?

Yeah, Elder Sister treats me very well, Hui Lin answered softly.

Its great then. Dont let your relationship as sisters be ruined because of your grandpa. Oh yeah, does Ruoxi know your identity? Lin Zhiguo asked out of concern.

Hui Lin hesitated for a bit. She seems to know but Im not very sure. She shouldve found out about it already

Really Lin Zhiguo sighed. Ruoxi is able to accept you as her younger sister, but never treats me as her grandpa. I must have caused too much damage to her.

Indifferent, Yang Chen said, Stop talking about nonsense. Quickly help me carry my fireworks.

Lin Zhiguo looked annoyed. Is this how you talk to the elderly? Why should I carry the fireworks you bought for yourself?

Ask your guards to help out. I still have to bring your treasured granddaughter around to buy things. Do you want Hui Lin to get sad because of her grandfather whom she rarely meets? Yang Chen asked in a mischievous manner.


Lin Zhiguo glanced at the pitiful Hui Lin who looked troubled. Sighing, he ordered his guards to carry the fireworks away from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked satisfied. Waving his hand, he asked Hui Lin to follow him. Lin Zhiguo frowned and asked, Are you going to leave just like this? Dont you want to know why I came round looking for you?

Yang Chen shrugged. I dont need to know if you dont mention it.

Lin Zhiguo got frustrated. It was evident that Yang Chen wanted to pull his pride down a notch. However, there was nothing he could do as he really needed Yang Chens help.

At last, Lin Zhiguo sighed and said, I came to inform you that they will arrive on the night of the second day of Chinese New Year.

Yang Chen simply nodded. Alright. Ill bring Hui Lin away if theres nothing else you want to say.

Are you this confident? Dont you want to know how many of them came, who they are, and what preparations you should do?! Lin Zhiguo asked impatiently.

Yang Chen smiled relaxedly. Thats your job. Im just going there to scout. Dont confuse my position with yours.

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen brought Hui Lin out of the firework store without turning his head back, ignoring Lin Zhiguo who was deeply pissed.

Grey Robe advised, Master, if Yang Chen wants to find out the situation, hell certainly get the information from the Sea Eagles. Hes just avoiding trouble now.

Humph. Hes obviously looking down on me. If he doesnt take action, Ill see how hes going to deal with the people of Sandstorm once they have arrived, Lin Zhiguo said in a serious manner. According to the latest reports, the leader of Sandstorm is involved in this plan as well. The person who single handedly built this team definitely isnt slacking.

Grey Robe looked troubled as well. While the country has been expanding continuously all these years, at the same time were getting more and more enemies. I wonder how much more we at Yellow Flame Iron Brigade can sustain.

Lin Zhiguo looked distressed while his gaze was strange.

On the other hand, Yang Chen brought Hui Lin to the road they came from. Yang Chen let Hui Lin pick out whatever she wanted. Since she didnt bring any money out, everything was paid for by Yang Chen.

Brother Yang, Ill return you the money once I get home, Hui Lin said seriously as she blushed.

Stop being silly. Although Im not as rich as your elder sister, buying small gifts for my younger sister isnt a problem for me, Yang Chen said with a smile.

Hui Lin pouted. She didnt know why she felt a bit downhearted, but still let out a sweet smile on the outside.

When the two returned to the car park, a tall woman wearing a white down jacket together with a black, tight-fitting pants walked towards their direction. She was holding a shopping bag in hand, while there wasnt any make-up on her face. Her hair was black like ink, while her skin as white as snow. Her face was pinkish as a result of the cold wind. In the crowd, she appeared clear and refined.

Yang Chen was slightly surprised. The woman in front seemed to have noticed something as well. Raising her head, she looked at Yang Chen before smiling in an overjoyed manner.

However, when she saw the woman beside Yang Chen who had a sweet smile, charming look, and curvy body, sorrow could be seen in her eyes.