My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Dont Disturb Him
Don't Disturb Him

Chapter 3/8

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The anti-theft stainless steel platings installed, were broken by the silhouettes by hand, rather ironically. The glass window, pierced by large-caliber firearms, was not unlike a piece of paper. It only took one hit by the silhouettes before completely shattering on the ground.

With heavy steps, the two silhouettes entered the living room. Yang Chen finally managed to look at their appearance clearly. They were men from the Middle East with curly hair and dressed in thawbs. They were each holding an American-made M1911 modded with large caliber rounds. Their eyes which lacked vitality looked most surprising. There were no emotions in their lifeless eyes. One could have mistaken them to be fake.

The two men looked at Sky Dragon who was having trouble in standing up. Expressionlessly, they raised their handguns as they planned to end the lives of Sky Dragon and Ye Zi.

Sky Dragon was not usually afraid of their slow movements. However, this time, he was more afraid than usual because he was protecting Ye Zi, received two bullets in his back, and had difficulty breathing.

Ye Zi had been in shock for awhile now. Seeing that the two wanted to open fire again, she jumped to protect Sky Dragons back. She didnt dare to allow bullets to penetrate Sky Dragons body once again.

Having witnessed the situation, it wasnt in Yang Chens nature to stand aside without helping. In the blink of an eye, he rushed towards the two Muslims before grasping their arms which were holding the guns.

Bullets were fired, but missed Sky Dragon and hit the fridge and the floor lamp, causing sparks to flash.

The two Muslim men didnt make a sound. Instinctively, they used quick, agile movements as they attempted to hit Yang Chens temple and lower abdomen!

Yang Chen frowned. The more he interacted with the two, the more he felt that they were very unusual

They seemed like combat machines whose movements relied solely on their instincts!

However, Yang Chen didn't have time to analyze the strange phenomenon as their fists were nearing his body.

He suddenly exploded the internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, leaking True Qi from his body, forming a force field of air surrounding him. The powerful punches were an inch away from Yang Chens body, but they couldnt get any closer to it.

Yang Chen exerted his strength using his arms, to throw the two Muslims out the window!

The two silhouettes were like kites with broken strings as they fell tens of meters down. Two sounds of collision could then be heard.

Yang Chen wasnt bothered to check if the two were still alive. Turning around, he said to Ye Zi, If Im not mistaken, they were from Sandstorm. The intelligence report from your general is wrong, or you guys were played by Sandstorm and Brahma. Now, quickly bring Sky Dragon to a safe place for treatment, and immediately contact your headquarters That is, if you can make contact with them

Although Ye Zi was still wiping her tears, she knew how severe the situation was. According to the intelligence report, their enemies was supposed to arrive in three days. However, they suddenly appeared in Zhonghai today. If the others were similarly ambushed, Yang Chen wouldnt be there to save them!

Ye Zi held Sky Dragon up whose forehead was full of sweat before leaving, while Yang Chen held Mo Qiannis arm before following them downstairs.

Whwhere are we going? Mo Qianni finally regained awareness. Although she knew the situation was urgent, she couldnt help but ask.

Im sending you to a safe house for now, Yang Chen said.

Ye Zi helped Sky Dragon into the car, while Yang Chen pulled Mo Qianni into his BMW.

Boom! The sound of an explosion echoed!

Violent blazes and black smoke dispersed on the floor Mo Qiannis house was at!

Dusts, sawdusts and glass shards flew out from the apartment together with smoke.

The light coming from the blaze lit up everyones faces. Screams and yells could be heard coming from the citizens living around while deafening fire alarms set off, causing a huge disturbance.

Frightened, Mo Qianni gazed upon her apartment. Its destroyed?!

Yang Chens face dulled. He didnt expect Sandstorm to be this cruel. They even made their preparations to destroy the scene after killing the people inside.

It wasnt an act to cover anything up, but a form of violent attack.

Having noticed that theyve failed the assassination mission, the two Muslim men had fled. Their shadows were nowhere to be found. If it wasnt for Yang Chens presence, Sky Dragon, Ye Zi, and the innocent Mo Qianni wouldve died horribly before turning into ash due to the explosion!

Realizing that Mo Qianni almost died here through no fault of her own, Yang Chen couldnt suppress the anger in his heart anymore!

Ye Zi had left a white ago with a car to send Sky Dragon for treatment. The bullets in him had to be removed, then a surgery had to be done, otherwise Sky Dragon would die due to excessive blood loss.

Yang Chen didnt have time to care about Sky Dragons condition. Following the appearance of the two Muslims, he knew that they must have had back up. From this, he deduced that the other members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade were ambushed as well. As a result, he had to bring Mo Qianni to safety before contacting Lin Zhiguo to understand the whole situation.

Mo Qianni seemed to have understood the severity of the situation as well. She could feel the heavy aura exuding from Yang Chens body, so she didnt dare to speak.

Yang Chen drove at extremely high speeds to get to where they were. After ten minutes, he came to a street full of bars shone upon by various colors of lights. He then brought Mo Qianni directly into Rose Bar.

At this moment, the Sea Eagles were not his safest bet anymore. Roses base was the safest place for now.

It was the bars peak hour. The customers spoke loudly while the servers shuttled back and forth.

Brother Yang Chen Rong originally held a smile on her face. However, she noticed that Yang Chen didnt seem to be in a good mood. She then looked at the beautiful woman beside Yang Chen who was dressed up in a simple manner before frowning. She noticed that Yang Chen was in a hurry, and immediately using the phone on the counter to inform Rose of Yang Chens arrival.

Pulling Mo Qiannis arm, Yang Chen walked to the pathway behind the bar before coming to Roses room.

Rose was about to go to bed when she received Chen Rongs call. She couldnt be bothered about other things at the moment. Wearing a thin silk pyjamas, she ran to open the door, only to find Yang Chen who looked serious standing outside with a woman staring at her strangely, causing Rose to be filled with confusion.

Rose, this is Qianni. I have something urgent to deal with. I trust that your place is currently the safest place to be. Im entrusting you with her. Watch her for me. Without saying anything more, Yang Chen pushed Mo Qianni into Roses room. Solemnly, he said, You two shall remain here until I return tonight. The streets of Zonghai are filled with dangers tonight. I cant explain the specific reason now. In short, gather as many elites as you can for protection now. Do you understand?

Rose knew that the matter wasnt simple. Yang Chen was aware Roses identity as the top dog of Zhonghai, but still informed her to not go out. Apparently, ordinary people wouldnt know how terrifying the enemies were.

Understood. Please be careful, Rose said to Yang Chen as she grabbed one of Mo Qiannis shivering hand.

Yang Chen nodded. Without saying anything more, he turned around and left.

Mo Qianni wanted to say something to Yang Chen before he left, but she felt that her hand was grasped forcefully by the lady beside named Rose, causing her to immediately shut her mouth up.

Dont disturb him. He cant afford to lose his focus now, Rose said with a gentle smile. Ill be sure to protect you.

Mo Qianni had a complicated feeling when she looked at the confident and heroic woman who looked particularly charming and elegant.

What is happening tonight?

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