My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Two Choices
Chapter 39: Two Choices

Chen Dehais initially unflustered face finally began to turn grave, as if his forehead had a bunch of black clouds hidden inside that could send out a thunderclap anytime.

What about my son, does Feng-er have a grudge with you?

Yang Chen shook his head, Explaining is too troublesome. To be brief, without him you could still be alive for quite a number of days.

Little brother, you dont seem to understand your current predicament.

Oh? Yang Chen at this moment had already walked until he was 5 or 6 metres away from the office desk. He stopped his footsteps, smiled and asked, What predicament?

Chen Dehai clapped his hands, and more than 10 black-clothed bodyguards neatly pulled out a locally made Type 80 automatic pistol, and in a flash, a row of black muzzles accurately pointed towards Yang Chen collectively.

It was not difficult to imagine, that within less than half a second, if everybodys finger simultaneously pulled the trigger, Yang Chens body would have tens of holes of blood!

You indeed can fight. Chen Dehai leisurely and contentedly fiddled with the green jade ring on his right thumb, and unhurriedly said, Originally I was still planning to let you be my hired thug, and have you work for me. However, you are unable to adapt to current circumstances. Little brother You cant possibly have assumed that my henchman dont even have guns right?

Do you think youre very smart? Yang Chen couldnt help but laugh.

A sinister look was revealed in Chen Dehais eyes, At least Im not stupid enough to single-handedly go against more than 10 at gunpoint.

What if I really dare to go against them? Yang Chen curiously asked.

Somewhat irritated, Chen Dehai slapped down on the desk, Im not going to speak nonsense with you! Let me tell you, you have two choices. The first choice, is to clearly explain the whole story of this affair; why you appeared here on this night, and I will punish you as I see fit. The second choice, you eat my henchmens bullets, and experience it

Im also giving you people two choices. Yang Chen smiled as he swiped a glance at the row of bodyguards holding guns, and said, The first choice, you people point your muzzles at this old fella, and I will leave you with your life. The second choice, you people, must all die

Looks like theres nothing left to be spoken

Chen Dehais rage had already reached its peak, and he was right about to clench his teeth and give the order to shoot, yet suddenly he felt a cool sensation on the back of his head!

Tiger! You!!?

At a time of life and death, Chen Dehai suddenly felt at the back of his head an ice-cold object pressing onto him, without even thinking he knew, that it was a muzzle!

It appears that the baldy who was originally standing behind Chen Dehai had now moved his muzzle, and pointed at Chen Dehai himself, with a resolute face.

Tiger What is the meaning of this Both of Chen Dehais hands grabbed onto the leather armrests, his knuckles turning white, evidently being angered to the extreme.

Baldys eyes were bright, with a menacing air he said, Theres no other meaning I want to live, therefore, I choose the first choice he proposed

Haha!! Chen Dehai turned from extreme anger into a smile, Are you mad! You think if you kill me, the other, more than 10 men wielding guns cant get rid of the 2 of you!?

Baldys eyes squinted into a thin line, and deeply said, I will just bet, bet that everything he says is true.

Engrossed in watching this dramatic scene Yang Chen thought of something, then said to Baldy, Baldy, if you open fire and get rid of your boss, I will assure that you will not die.

At this moment Chen Dehais other bodyguards returned to their senses. Straightaway, 2 of the bodyguards guns pointed at Baldys head, and could shoot Baldy up anytime.

Chen Dehai widened his eyes in anger, cruelly laughed and said, Tiger You followed me for so many years, and I never thought that you would choose such a stupid time to betray me. If you put down the gun right now we could still work something out. Otherwise, the moment you pull the trigger, both of us will die!

Baldy lifted his eyes to look at Yang Chen, seeing Yang Chens expression of watching a play, Baldys face first revealed an expression hardship, then once again turned bright with vitality, full of determination!

Boss Chen, let me send you out!!!



In a flash a line of gunfire sounded inside the study, the violent explosion sound shook the entire apartment building!

The fiery-hot bullet shot out from the gun, with a red streak of light, in the studys narrow space, smashed up many books and chinaware, and was like a fierce knife tip tearing through the space!

But right at this time when nobody could react, Yang Chens figure, like an immaterial phantom, moved from the spot 5 metres away to Baldys side, knocking the two gun muzzles that were pointed at Baldy to point towards the ceiling!

At the same time as when Baldy pulled the trigger, the two bodyguards with guns, who should have taken his life, suddenly shot towards the skies!

Right after the 1st bullet sounded off, the other 10 and over gunman were appalled to discover, the target they wanted to take care of was unexpectedly behind them!

At that moment, everybody present had no idea how Yang Chen moved towards the 2 closest gunmen and took hold of their type 80 pistols. It was like the pistol had grown eyes, accurately pointing at the surrounding people!

Bam Bam Bam

After a string of gunfire sounds, the bodyguards who numbered over 10, who wanted to turn around and shoot, fell to the ground. The spot that was hit by the bullets for every single one of them was identical; it was at their temple!

Everything happened too quickly, as if this was a movie scene sped up, with the part in the middle impossible to see clearly, and confusing to the eyes.

Baldy felt that 1 second after he pulled the trigger, the scenery surrounding him was thoroughly transformed. The ones that were standing all fell, yet the ones who should have fallen, were all standing!

A drop of cold sweat slid down his cheek, Baldy turned around in a daze, looking towards Yang Chen who stood at a side with a relaxed smile. Baldy swallowed his saliva, he could only feel that his heart had already stopped beating, he felt like he was in a dream. This man in front of him, just what kind of miracle did he pull off!?

As if only something insignificant was done, Yang Chen tossed the pistols in his hands to the side, kicked the dead with eyes open body of Chen Dehai onto the ground, pulled over a chair, and nonchalantly sat down.

Whats your name? Yang Chen warmly smiled and asked.

Baldy abruptly returned to his senses, and immediately retreated to a side, crouched onto the ground, which sincerely created a feeling of worship. With a trembling voice he said, I Im called Zhang Hu, those of the underworld call me Tiger.

How many years have you been following Chen Dehai?

8 years Tiger was finally breathing normally, and carefully answered.

Then you should be considered to be an elder among his henchmen, why were you so trusting of me, believing that I could procure victory in that situation earlier?

Zhang Hu hummed deeply, and lifted his head, with traces of loathing appearing on his face, I handed my life over to Chen Dehai, helped him to kill others, helped him to attain territory. But Chen Dehais bastard of a son, drugged and raped my one and only blood-related sister Also. Also, he treated my sister like a bitch Chen Dehai said he would give my sister a good home, and I originally believed him, but Chen Feng simply isnt human! He He basically didnt see my sister as a human being. He toys with her when he feels like it, then throws her to the side once hes bored!

In the past my sister was merely an incomparably pure high schooler, but now. But now everything has changed This father and son ruined my only relative I Ive long wanted to get rid of them! With that said, Zhang Hus pair of tiger eyes were red, and two lines of bean sized tears flowed out.