My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Unseal

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Almost everyone couldnt believe what they had just witnessed. But then again, they had no reason not to trust Yang Chen. Moreover, the horrifying aura released by Orinos alone wasnt something they could withstand.

In the enormous space of the aircraft carrier site, an immense amount of pressure materialized in thin air all because of one enraged man. Everyone felt their organs compress; there was even a force strong enough to push them away!

Yang Chen, was the epicentre of the pressure. Although Aress aura wasnt strong enough to actually cause physical damage, it was more than enough to signify his intent for battle.

Damn it! Isnt he called Orinos?! Why is he the God of War now?! I wasnt made known of this before! Balarama yelled.

He has already taken so much money from us. Why is he pressuring us as well?! Asura shouted on top of her lungs.

Red light flashed on the agate prayer beads held by Mahabrahma. It served as a small field to shield his men from the pressure, allowing them to relax slightly. No matter what the reason is, it seems to be much more complicated than what we think it is. Sandstorm mightve accepted our employment to get a chance of snatching Gods Stone for themselves. I believe weve just been used!

His speculation made his team feel sick in their stomachs. They were so close to seeing the Gods Stone in person. However, they were used as a tool by someone else to help them obtain Gods Stone! They were even treated as cannon fodder!

Absentmindedly, Cai Nings gazed lingered upon the two young men opposing each other as she recalled the data regarding the God of War Ares. Softly, she said to Yu Jizi and Abbess Yun Miao, According to the legends, after Queen Hera touched a flower in Orinos Garden, the God of War Ares was born That must be the reason why he was called Orinos earlier.

This Why did it have to turn out like this? Yu Jizi asked bitterly. He used to think that, although his might wasnt the best of the best in China, there should be very little people who could oppose him. However, upon his descent from the mountains, not only was he surprised by Yang Chens ability, he also failed to truly defeat Brahma, not to mention the god that suddenly appeared, whose aura he couldnt even withstand.

This was when Ares asked with a smile, The new Pluto, do you only know how to play passive and endure my aura? Wheres your aura?

Yang Chen turned his head back to look at Cai Ning and the others. Leave, go as far as possible from this place and dont look back. Dont do anything reckless. I have everything in control.

The three knew that Yang Chen wasnt kidding around like he usually did. His face was much too serious. Since they could barely resist the aura emitted from Aress body, Yang Chen who was similarly a god on the same level, could naturally exude something similar.

This is where we shall leave as well!

Following Mahabrahmas shout, he ran towards the main entrance of the site. Mahakala, Siva, and the other elites of Brahma trailed not far behind in an attempt to escape from the impending battle.

Lin Zhiguo, who was unconscious on a chair at the upper platform, were the last things on their minds as they fled.

They were well aware of the difference between their powers and those of the gods. Although they could threaten Pluto by taking his family hostage, there was nothing they could do to control the God of War who had randomly appeared out of nowhere!

I have waited years on end to unseal my powers. What makes you think I will let you run away?

The sound of Yang Chens cold voice echoed in front of Mahabrahma.

Mahabrahma who was in the middle of his escape, raised his head up, only to find Yang Chen who appeared in front of him!

Putting aside his horrifying speed, Yang Chens average-looking face together with his mediocre physique was acting like a tall mountain as he pressed onto their heads!

Just like Ares, Yang Chen had unleashed his deathly aura!

Pluto! If you dare to hurt us, Ill order the two Sandstorm mercenaries to murder your family! I planted my consciousness in their bodies, I

Mahakala wanted to threaten Yang Chen yet again in an attempt to secure his life. However, before he could finish his sentence, he had completely disappeared into thin air!

Given no chance to resist, the seemingly invincible Mahakala had been wiped from the face of existence, leaving no traces behind!

Its its space fragmentation! Mahabrahma shouted in astonishment.

The other elites from Brahma were dumbstruck as well. They had no clue how Mahakala had disappeared just like that. Even a magician would not have performed it so flawlessly!

Oh? You are aware of this ability? Cold light flashed in Yang Chens eyes. I wouldnt have unleashed my powers to kill you all, if you had left obediently after taking Gods Stone away. After all, the mad desire of the people who seek Gods Stone would have been taken from me by you, which frankly, just saves me time and energy. However, instead of taking it and leaving, you chose to threaten me with my family. That was the final nail in your coffin.

Ares didnt plan to intervene as he watched Yang Chen confront the people of Brahma. Loudly, he said, Pluto, stop narrating. Get rid of them quickly; Im starting to get extremely restless.

Mahabrahmas face reddened. Knowing that his life was at stake, he yelled, Everyone dont panic. Help me kill this guy, regardless if hes a god or not!

The people from Brahma immediately understood what he meant. Together, they threw all their weapons to Mahabrahma!

Mahabrahma tossed the agate prayer beads he had been holding into the air. It started blazing with a fiercy, red flame before attracting all the weapons and fused them together!

Not long after, the blaze suddenly exploded, and from it a huge monster emerged from the light!

Snakes filled the monsters head as if they were its hair. It had eight limbs and four heads, with each one of its hand holding a unique weapon, the same weapons used by the members of Brahma earlier. A greenish-purple devils flame surged as it surrounded the monster. It was also riding on a beast which looked like a snow lion.

Yang Chen sighed, Youve finally used it. Ive heard of the secret technique which was used to summon the protective mother goddess Durga. I thought you were just going to run away. Instead you decided to use it. Ill allow you to die in the most satisfying way possible.

Mahabrahma appeared to be exhausted after using the skill. He snorted and said, Humph. Goddess Durga would have no problems killing someone like you!

According to the ancient Indian myths, Bull Demon King, the dominator amongst devils, was so strong that he managed to chase Indra and the other deities out of their heavenly palace. After that, Brahma, Siva and other gods cooperated to summon Goddess Durga with blazes of hatred. In addition to the magical weapons given by the various gods, Goddess Durga managed to defeat Bull Demon King with ease.

So, Goddess Durga was considered to be the strongest being in ancient India!

Yang Chen looked at the brilliant light surrounding Goddess Durga as she swung her trident and crescent-shaped blade at him. He stood there with no intention of dodging her attack.

Just when everyone thought that Yang Chen was slashed, they suddenly noticed that Goddess Durga appeared behind Yang Chen!

Boom! Boom!

Two deafening thuds resounded as a result of the ground being slashed apart. The force cut through the steel plates, breaking the granite ground beneath it. The attack completely missed Yang Chen!

The strike which was supposed to land on Yang Chens skull missed his body completely!

Space folding?!

Mahabrahma paled as he realized the hopelessness in his situation.

Yang Chen wasnt in a mood to continue messing with them. Alright, piss off just like your great brother Mahakala.

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, without giving the members of Brahma a chance to speak, the space around Yang Chen started changing!

Crack! Crack!

Multiple cracking sounds echoed throughout the carrier. All of Brahmas elites including Mahabrahma had their bodies split into two!

Their upper bodies separated from their lower bodies and fell onto the ground, with their faces still in shock. Shortly after, their lower body fell as well, causing a stream of blood to flow like a river!

Spspace disruption Mahabrahma stammered before losing consciousness, with his eyes open.

Following Brahmas deaths, Goddess Durga vanished as well while the weapons she was holding fell.