My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Intimate Form Of Address
Intimate Form of Address

Chapter 2/8

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Roses huge bed was covered in a dark brown bed sheet, with a chocolate-milk-like blanket made of silk draped on top of it. The contrast made it particularly eye catching.

The two women were dressed loosely in white and a light blue pyjamas, which were wrinkled, as a result of the playful frenzy before bed.

From Yang Chens point of view, their two white smooth legs were fully exposed for him to see.

More breathtakingly, Roses head was buried in Mo Qiannis chest, with the latter pouting, while her lips were placed in Roses hair.

They were in a tight embrace. They didnt look their usual charming self, but displayed a much more adorable look, causing them to appear pleasant to the eyes.

Although Yang Chen crept quietly, he did not try to cover his footsteps. Rose noticed a movement in her room, causing her to wake up blurrily.

She removed her head from Mo Qiannis large and soft bosom. She rubbed her eyes before blinking them a few times, as they were dry and caused her much discomfort. However, when she realised who was in the room, she let out a charming smile.

Hubby, why are you home so late? Rose wasnt worried about his safety. It was just that Yang Chen was later than he normally was.

Yang Chen wasnt about to explain what went on last night as it was far too complex, and whom he had met, not to mention the person who was much more capable than him. Yang Chen knew that Rose had no use for information like that. She was not one to question about his line of work unless it had caused him to suffer.

I feel bad for coming back this late as well. I missed the chance to see how you vixens were playing in bed. Yang Chen walked to the bedside and sat down. He held one of Roses jade-like legs and lightly pinched on her white, soft foot, causing her to roll her eyes.

We didnt play in bed. Rose said as she recalled the nonsense she said to Mo Qianni and the weird stuff she did, which she dared not mention to Yang Chen. In refusal, she said, We just happened to fall asleep like this.

Mo Qianni who had fallen asleep not long ago slowly opened her eyes. Seeing that Yang Chen was unharmed talking at the bedside, she couldnt help but feel elated.

She wasnt as daring as Rose. She only managed to fall asleep because Rose distracted her attention, not to mention she was indeed exhausted, otherwise it would have been one hell of a sleepless night for her. Now that she made sure Yang Chen was fine, she could finally breathe that sigh of relief she didnt know she was holding.

What do you think? Who do you find more comfortable to sleep with, me or Rose? Yang Chen winked at Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni blushed immediately. She sat up before hitting Yang Chens back. Dont be absurd. Rose and I were just too tired.

I never said you did anything. But the more I sit here, the more I think something must have happened? Yang Chen chuckled.

Mo Qianni suddenly noticed that she fell for the trap. Shy, she continued hitting Yang Chen. At last, she couldnt hold back and started crying.

Yang Chen and Rose were astonished. Whats happening? Is she crying because shes too shy?

Yang Chen shook his head with a bitter smile. Alright, alright. Little Qianqian, Ill stop teasing you about Rose and you sleeping with her, okay? Dont cry anymore.

Mo Qianni slapped Yang Chens thigh. She didnt know whether she should cry or laugh. Angrily, she said, Thats not why im crying you idiot. Im just glad that youre fine. I have never met anyone so dangerous and been mere inches away from an explosion before. I would always be frightened and restless beside you.

Yang Chen scratched his head awkwardly. I dont want such things to happen as well, but

You dont need to explain. Although its very dangerous, if I really cared about what you do, I wouldnt have followed you until now, Mo Qianni said with a smile before murmuring, How naughty

Wow, Hubby, you called Sister Qianni Little Qianqian. Why dont you ever call me like that? Rose suddenly thought of another question.

Yang Chen got gloomy. Your names are different, arent they?

No, thats not what I meant. Its the level of intimacy that matters. I call you Hubby all the time, its fine if you cant call me something similar, but, at least, address me the same way you address5 Elder Sister Qianni. Call me the something. Rose pouted as she felt embarrassed, but still looked at Yang Chen with high expectations.

Yang Chen pondered for a while. So, it is Little Qiangqiang?

[TL note: As the previous translator mentioned, he shouldve put the name as it is, Qiangwei, which means rose in English. Situ Qiangwei is Roses full name.]

Youre the one whos Little Qiang! Rose pouted before saying, Little Weiwei!

[TL note: Little Qiang () means cockroach in Mandarin. Its a pun.]

Pfft! Mo Qianni who was beside burst into laughter. Laughing, she said, Little Qiangqiang Little Qiangqiang

Rose was rather ashamed.She looked at Yang Chen like he was the culprit. She said, Its all because of you. Why did you have to go and call me such a ridiculous name?

It was you who asked me to call you that way. Wasnt calling you Babe fine before? Yang Chen said. Women are indeed tough to please!

Still, some thought into it would have been nice. Rose turned around angrily. She then said to Mo Qianni who was laughing so hard that she couldnt sit still anymore, Sister Qianni, if you continue laughing, Ill continue playing the game we played earlier.

Mo Qianni was stunned, as if she thought of something horrifying. Instantly, she suppressed her laughter as she looked at Yang Chen with a pitiful gaze.

Roerm Little Weiwei, what did you play just now? Why is she so frightened? Yang Chen asked out of curiosity.

Rose chuckled. Its the thing you usually do to me. I was acting your role while treating Sister Qianni as myself.

Yang Chen was first confused. As he thought about it more carefully, he instantly found out something. So they were playing the same-gender game?!

While Mo Qianni worked in the modern fashion industry, she was still an eastern woman with a traditional mindset. She wouldnt be able to accept being kissed and caressed by a woman.

Although she was open to most things, she still found it hard to accept such an act. Moreover, she was doing it with someone who was similarly his mistress.

Little Weiwei, your Sister Qianni isnt as open-minded as you. I think you should spare her next time, Yang Chen said as he tried to refrain from smiling.

Rose instantly understand what Yang Chen was thinking. The man was obviously hoping to see the two ladies play together!

No way, Sister Qianni will be my woman in the future, Rose said in elation.

Mo Qianni hid behind Yang Chens back. Hubby I want to learn martial arts as well. I couldnt defeat Rose. This isnt fair.

Yang Chen looked at Mo Qiannis mournful look before revealing a smile. You dont need to; Im here. Little Qianqian, theres still some time before any of us have to go anywhere. Since the three of us are all here, why dont we properly discuss the problems about bullying in bed

Rose and Mo Qianni immediately understood what he meant. He was indeed daring at suggesting such a thing. He managed to shamelessly voice out something so embarrassing like it was normal.

The two ladies secretly glanced at each other. Although they had carefully maneuvered their acts to not spoil their relationship, due to certain reasons, they managed to become rather intimate. However, they were both mistresses after all, and were considered love rivals. The fact that they had shared the same man before surfaced as they sat there in contemplation. But none of them voiced them out for a discussion.

Yang Chen noticed the complex emotions in the eyes of the two ladies. Shit, I was too careless, he thought.

These two ladies werent the same type of ladies he used to get on with. Their bodies didnt exist just for him to vent his mood on. If he wanted to play with both of them, he had to challenge their morals, feelings, and limits.

Hurriedly, Yang Chen said, I was just kidding. Dont take my words seriously. I think wed better go to sleep now.

Rose and Mo Qianni looked at each other before turning their attention to Yang Chen.

Hubby, actually

Before Mo Qianni finished speaking, Yang Chen suddenly stood up!

Sit here and dont go out. Theres someone outside I need to see, Yang Chen said nervously to the two ladies.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen had exit the room in a lighting-fast manner. Outside Roses bedroom, he leaped across the wall and came to a street nearby.

A silhouette standing in the dark had its back facing Yang Chen. It only turned around when Yang Chen came.

Ares, didnt you say you were leaving? Yang Chen asked solemnly. Faced with an opponent at the same level, Yang Chen was shocked when Ares came to him again.

Ares didnt look too happy. He said, You may not believe me when I tell you this, but it has to be said. I had lost connection with the two of my men who went to your house to reclaim the Gods Stone. Right now, I have no idea where they left to with the Gods Stone.