My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 421

Chapter 421: A Trick Used On Children
A Trick Used on Children

Chapter 11/14

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Quite a lot of events had occurred at night, but to Yang Chen, it was just another day. People who should be punished should be taught a severe lesson, but the people who deserved recognition should be recognized, while he wouldnt care about things that didnt deserve attention.

Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua, however, found it hard to fall asleep that night. Lin Ruoxi felt that her identity as a daughter-in-law had deepened significantly. She was worried about how she would continue interacting with Guo Xuehua, and how she was supposed to call her Mom.

Guo Xuehua didnt need any complicated descriptions. Except excitement, all she was feeling was still excitement!

Having waited for so long, her wish had finally come true, just like a traveller on the edge of dehydration who newly discovered an oasis in front. When she thought about how her son and daughter-in-law kneeled down together and called her Mom, she would have no regrets even if was to die now.

At the same time, Guo Xuehua had planned much more for the lives of Yang Chen and his wife, mainly about urging Lin Ruoxi to give birth to grandchildren. She found it necessary to plan out this matter. She couldnt wait for too long, not to mention Yang Chen couldnt be left to suffer for too long.

Regarding the fact that Yang Chen was horny, she had long forgotten about it. Mothers were all selfish; their son was more important than the daughter-in-law, who was destined to suffer slightly at the end of the day.

Guo Xuehua was even considering arranging a meeting for Yang Chen and his younger brother Yang Lie, so that they could improve their brotherhood. Unfortunately, Guo Xuehua was unaware that Yang Lie had developed an intense hatred for Yang Chen. He only returned to Kunlun Sect temporarily because he wasnt able to take revenge for now.

The next morning, the long awaited vacation day for Hui Lin had arrived.

The sky was brighter than ever. Although the weather was still rather cold, it was at least a sunny day.

Early in the morning, Yang Chen was preparing to leave home, but was stopped by Lin Ruoxi. Are the three of us the only ones going today? she asked.

Embarrassed, Yang Chen smiled and answered, I promised An Xin to pick her up later.

Are you sure you want to go through with this Little Sister Lins gaze was obviously filled with dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen waved his hand. Please dont be so petty. Youre the CEO of Yu Lei International, while An Xin is merely a secretary. Why should you be afraid of her?

Humph. Your provocation wont work on me, Lin Ruoxi said as she stared at Yang Chen furiously. She felt contempt for the trick Yang Chen used. Since there are four of us, go and get another car. Itd be packed otherwise once the stuff is loaded in.

Yang Chen was stunned. Do you have luggages to bring?

Tomorrow and the day after are both weekends. If we have nothing urgent, staying in the resort for two days isnt too bad of an idea. Hui Lin will be allowed to enjoy the resort a little more, Lin Ruoxi said without allowing room for negotiations. Go into the garage and get the Lexus SUV out.

Yang Chen didnt remember what cars Lin Ruoxi stored in her garage, because there were simply too many cars there. It was rumored that Lin Ruoxi even had a few luxury cars stored elsewhere because her house couldnt contain them all. Since Lin Ruoxi suggested to get a large SUV, there was no reason for him to say no.

After Yang Chen entered the underground garage, Lin Ruoxi summoned Hui Lin over. Hui Lin was pulling two small luggages. She looked around curiously before asking, Elder Sister, where is Brother Yang?

Lin Ruoxi received her own luggage from Hui Lin as she said, I asked him to change our current car into a slightly bigger car so that we can sit more comfortably.

Hui Lin evidently had no opinions in front of her elder sister. She would never object anything Lin Ruoxi said. Oh, she answered.

After a while, Yang Chen was still inside. Hui Lin said softly, Elder Sister, you guys dont actually have to bring me out I know that youre busy. Ill be fine, really.

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet as she touched Hui Lins hair.

Hui Lin seemed to have felt something. She let out a warm smile as she looked at Lin Ruoxi.

Vroom! A loud noise of the engine resounded. Yang Chen finally got the car out of the garage.

The black Lexus LX570 was just like a beast which had broken out of a cage when it was shone upon by sunlight. It crossed a field before arriving in front of the two ladies.

The five-meter-long and two-meter-wide car made the two ladies look incredibly petite.

The car window was put down. Yang Chen said to Lin Ruoxi, Wife, youre straight-up showing off your wealth to An Xin. This car costs around two million bucks in China, isnt it? We dont even need such a huge SUV for only four people.

The 5.7 litre, V8 engine with 381 horsepower, which was a hundred more than ordinary SUVs. This wasnt a car that could be driven just because one had money.

Who are you to judge? I like this car. Also, how is it possible that the princess of the An clan cant afford this type of cars? Lin Ruoxi didnt mind what Yang Chen said. She pulled Hui Lin and placed the luggage to the last row of the car.

Lin Ruoxi had originally planned to sit with Hui Lin behind. However, this would mean that she was letting the vixen An Xin sit upfront with Yang Chen? Thus, she got out of the car and before opening the front door to sit at the front passenger seat.

Yang Chen couldnt help but find it funny when he witnessed all of Lin Ruoxis actions. However, he didnt call her out on her actions.

When he arrived at a coffee shop nearby Yu Lei where he agreed to pick up An Xin from, An Xin could be seen in a white down jacket with a pair of huge, orange headphones. On the cold streets, she appear particularly bright.

There was a small luggage in front of An Xin as well. She had evidently made preparations for this day, leaving Yang Chen to be the only one who had brought nothing.

An Xin appeared to be avoiding pissing off Lin Ruoxi. She wore no make-up at all. Possibly due to a lack of sleep recently, she had slight panda eyes, causing her to look a little more adorable.

After making sure Yang Chen was inside the huge SUV parked in front of her, An Xin opened her mouth slightly in shock, before entering the car to the middle row.

Good morning, Elder Sister Ruoxi. An Xin greeted Lin Ruoxi first upon entering the car, and even called her in an intimate manner.

Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly. One does not give a smiling person a slap. Since An Xin behaved in such a manner, there was no reason for Lin Ruoxi to be rude in return.

An Xin had only managed to be this adaptive after becoming a stewardess for years. She had to put down her pride as the miss of a major clan to serve flight passengers. Thus, she was completely different from all the other ladies who were born in major clans.

An Xin was aware that she would never win against Lin Ruoxi, so she decided to act obedient and always take a step back when necessary. Pleasing the legitimate wife was her top priority.

Am I very old? Why did you call me elder sister? Lin Ruoxi asked.

An Xin seemed wronged. Softly, she asked, Then then do I call you Younger Sister Ruoxi?

Lin Ruoxi instantly felt uneasy throughout her body. She remained quiet for a short while before saying, Forget about it. Elder sister will do.

When Lin Ruoxi pouted helplessly, Yang Chen who was driving refrained himself from bursting into laughter.

An Xin who sat behind winked at Hui Lin, and made a victorious gesture.

Hui Lin covered her smile with her hand. An Xin could be considered her first true friend in Zhonghai. Although she felt slightly sorry to Lin Ruoxi, she didnt hope to see An Xin get bullied by Lin Ruoxi.

The journey to the spa resort was give or take an hour or two. The three ladies couldnt just sleep all the way this early in the morning.

At some point in the trip, An Xin had started to talk to Hui Lin about the latest drama. They discussed about how touching the dialogues were, which mother inside was evil, which actress was brave, and stuff like that

Lin Ruoxi originally wasnt very willing to chat with An Xin. However, she soon noticed that her younger sister Hui Lin had become a betrayer, as she chatted happily away with the vixen An Xin.

To make the matter worse, the Korean drama the two ladies were discussing about was the one Lin Ruoxi loved the most, among the ones she had watched during the holidays!

Occasionally, Lin Ruoxi would eavesdrop on their conversation. When she heard something she felt wasnt right, she would almost fail to lose control over her mouth.

Finally, when An Xin discussed with Hui Lin about a problem of the story which was difficult to be understood, Hui Lin said to Lin Ruoxi, Elder Sister, youve watched this show as well. Tell us your evaluation on whether the supporting actress was more suited for the main actor.

Lin Ruoxi blushed a little. The fact that she loved watching Korean drama had always been kept a secret. She felt uncomfortable to let An Xin know about it just like that.

However, Lin Ruoxi finally found an opportunity to join their discussion. She quickly spat out everything she had wanted to say much earlier in an energetic manner.

It didnt take long for the three ladies to start their passionate discussions, as if they were in a fan club. Lin Ruoxi had long lost control of her cold aura. Now, she was no different from another little girl gushing on her romance plots.

It should be mentioned that her current behavior finally matched her real age.

A faint smile could be spotted on the corners of Yang Chens lips. The little vixen mustve asked Hui Lin about Ruoxis interests beforehand before making detailed preparations on the discussion topics, so that she can talk about them in the car when Ruoxi is present, he thought.

He had never heard An Xin talk about Korean drama with Hui Lin before. She had zero interest in such dramas. Evidently, this was what An Xin had prepared to improve her relationship with Lin Ruoxi.

After the car arrived at the spa resort owned by Yu Lei International, the three finally got down the car as they felt thirsty, before pulling their luggages into the guesthouse.

An Xin grasped the opportunity when Lin Ruoxi was speaking to the hotel manager. She leaned forward to Yang Chen before saying, Hubby, the empresss mental age is straight-up younger than Hui Lins. I swear on behalf of my womans instinct!

[TL note: In the Chinese imperial harem, the empress is the wife of the emperor, while the emperors other women are called concubines.]

Yang Chen rubbed his nose as he looked at Lin Ruoxi who had turned cold and strict again upon returning to her working state. Softly, he said, Really? I dont think so. Shes just more passionate when it comes to Korean drama.

Havent you noticed the flame in her eyes when Younger Sister Ruoxi talked about the story of the Korean drama? An Xin asked as she pouted.

Yang Chen smiled strangely as he asked, Why are you calling her younger sister again? Isnt she an elder sister?

Humph, An Xin snorted in dissatisfaction. Its just a trick used on children. She only deserves to be my younger sister based on her mental age. I guess shes even younger than the experienced middle schoolers. Shes nothing but a little girl!

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi had finished discussing about certain things regarding work. She turned around and said, Dont stand there idly. Go and check in your luggages first.

Roger that! Elder Sister Ruoxi!

An Xin immediately held a sweet smile before obediently following behind Lin Ruoxi.