My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 441

Chapter 441: I Havent Done Anything Before
I Havent Done Anything Before

Chapter 2/9

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When he came to the headquarters of Yu Lei, Yang Chen noticed that all the parking lots were no longer vacant, filled to the brim in fact.

Since Yu Lei was in a tough situation, most employees willingly came to work during the weekend, whether they could contribute or not.

The employment benefits given by Yu Lei were much better than that offered outside, and a lot of the people working there had their own agenda to meet. No one was going to lose their cash cow.

Yang Chen suddenly realized that by doing what he did, he didnt just help his wife Lin Ruoxi, but indirectly helped the employees under Yu Lei and their families as well. Unknowingly, he had contributed to the salvation of countless people.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen was well-aware that heaven and hell didnt exist in this world, otherwise he would be able to at least save himself for a few levels in hell.

Lin Ruoxis car wasnt parked at her usual spot reserved for her. Yang Chen guessed that she had gone to Athena Teams base. That place was the core of this mission after all. As long as they could win the battle at the American Nasdaq stock market, not only would their survival be guaranteed, they stand to make a large amount of money in the process.

Walking into the building, Yang Chen passed by a lot of nervous-looking white-collar workers. Each of them looked serious and tired, but no one dared to relax at such a moment.

Lin Ruoxi didnt make the announcement that shed managed to obtain enough funds. She wanted to gain an unexpected victory. But unfortunately for these workers, who thought the company was still on the edge of its collapse, had to suffer.

Yang Chen used the elevator and came to the floor where the finance department was located. It was incredibly quiet, and almost everyone was inside their office working. He walked down the expansive hallway, feeling a little lonely.

However, when Yang Chen took his first turn, he heard a familiar voice coming from the emergency exit near a staircase.

Vice President Li, please dont do this What if someone passes by

Whats there to fear? Everyones busy now. Look at how exhausted you are, you even got thinner

Mmh Vice President Li its not good that were doing this

Yueer, dont you like me?

No Ah.

Yang Chen stood outside the door and didnt know what he was supposed to feel. Li Minghe, the newly appointed vice president of Yu Lei, had something to do with the masculine, airport-like Wu Yue, Lin Ruoxis assistant. But Li Minghe had a strange taste indeed. Why would he fall for Wu Yue, out of all people, who had nothing to offer?

[TL note: It is common to describe flat women as airports in China because of the nature of a runway.]

However, secretly listening in on other peoples love making session wasnt right. Yang Chen wasnt interested toward stuff like this, thus he continued walking to Mo Qiannis office.

After Yang Chen left s, Wu Yue whose face had reddened walked out from the emergency exit with her messy hair and shirt. She looked left and right before complaining to Li Minghe, Its all because of you. It was so risky. Why do I feel like I heard someone passing by just now?

Whats there to be afraid about? I want everyone in the company to know, Li Minghe said excitedly.

Wu Yue felt her vision blur. If he really wanted everyone in the company to know, why would he still look for such a place to make love at?

On the other hand, Yang Chen leisurely walked past the finance department and asked a female employee, Is Department Head Mo in her office?

The worker looked at Yang Chen in caution. Pushing her sunglasses, she asked, Do you have an appointment? Which department are you from?

Before Yang Chen answered, a male employee walked by. He was one of the people who had attended the evening karaoke party with Yang Chen and Mo Qianni.

Whats wrong with you? He is Director Yang from the new subsidiary company. Why would he ever need to explain to you out of all people why he needs to meet a department head? he asked. He was a rather clever guy, as he could tell that there was something between Yang Chen and Mo Qianni.

Yang Chen gave him the look of approval, and caused the fellow to feel excited as he thought he had the chance to get promoted. Hurriedly, he said, Director Yang, Department Head is inside her office, but she doesnt seem to be in a good mood ever since the occurrence. Please be careful.

Yang Chen didnt know that Mo Qianni applied this much pressure to her subordinates. He couldnt help but find it funny that she behaved this way in the company. However, when he thought of how Mo Qianni frightened him when he first entered the company, everything started to make sense.

Walking to the office of the department head, Yang Chen knocked the door a couple times, but received no response. He felt rather weird about it. Since there was no one around, he opened the door and walked inside.

Upon walking into the office, Yang Chen saw a woman with an excellent figure who had her high heels removed lying in a slanted position on the real-leather sofa. A thin blanket covered her body, while her hair covered half of her delicate face.

Mo Qianni seemed to be in deep sleep, and wasnt awakened after Yang Chen entered the room. She breathed uniformly, but her brows were furrowed together, as if she was still in deep worry.

Yang Chen locked the door from inside the room before slowly walking toward the sofa. He then sat beside Mo Qiannis feet as he looked at the tired woman who was resting.

Since Yu Lei was attacked at night and Mo Qianni was the earliest to get the news, she started gathering the executives, organizing meetings, raising funds, making contacts, delegating tasks, etc. She had been busy since yesterday night, and even attended a bidding this morning for negotiations. When she returned to the company in the afternoon, she didnt even have time to sit and have a drink much less a meal. It was no wonder that she was as burnt out as she was.

If Yang Chen was right, she only planned to sleep for a short while before making preparations for her work at night. However, she overslept and even failed to notice someone had entered her office.

Yang Chen couldnt help but rub Mo Qiannis firm and fair calves while sympathy filled his eyes.

It was usually said that men who were hard at work were most attractive, but who said that it wasnt the case for women as well?

Mo Qianni appeared to have felt that something was touching her. She woke up from her dream and blurrily opened her eyes while pouting her mouth and rubbing her eyes.

Her alluring expression made Yang Chen feel the jealousy he would have felt, had this been another person.

Seeing that the man was Yang Chen, Mo Qianni suppressed her initial intention to scream. She blushed when she realized she had overslept. Softly, she asked, Why are you here? You didnt tell me you were coming.

I knocked but you didnt answer, Yang Chen said.

Let go. Mo Qianni rolled her eyes.


Stop acting like your hands are not here. Mo Qianni pouted her mouth.

It wasnt known when Yang Chen had started holding Mo Qiannis feet together. He enjoyed rubbing the bottom of her meaty feet.

Weve been together for a long time now, Im massaging my Little Qianqian, Yang Chen said as he chuckled.

Softly, Mo Qianni stammered, I I havent taken a shower for more than a day already They they smell

No they dont. Yang Chen lifted her feet before sniffing them. Grinning, he said, They still smell really good.

Mo Qiannis face instantly flushed while she nervously turned to look at the door. Should the man really do something reckless, what if Im seen by someone else? she thought.

Dont worry. Yang Chen patted Mo Qiannis foot. I locked the door when I came in.

You Im starting to worry for you. Is this possibly the legendary foot fetish? Mo Qianni complained before forcefully withdrawing her feet as she refused to let Yang Chen touch them.

Yang Chen closed his mouth pouting like a kid as feeling dissatisfied. When one loves a house, even the bird living in it has to be loved as well. Since I like you, of course I have to like your feet as well.

Nonsense, Mo Qianni murmured, but felt delighted at his owrds. She knew that Yang Chen was trying to cheer her up.

She suddenly recalled something while a light whirled in her elegant eyes. She acted really lazy like she just woke up. Softly, she murmured, Hubby I want you to help me put on my shoes

Eh? Yang Chen doubted her hearing. Doesnt this mean shes allowing me to touch her feet? he thought.

I want you to put on my shoes for me Mo Qianni pouted before saying, Rose told me that Ruoxi saw you putting on shoes for her. I dont want Ruoxi to see this, but I want you to put on my shoes for me Humph! Are you biased? I want what Rose had.

Yang Chen didnt understand what wearing shoes for someone could possibly represent. However, he only came over today because he wanted to cheer her up. Thus, he decided to obey her.

However, when Yang Chen lifted one of Mo Qiannis high heels and slowly slipped it onto her foot, he suddenly felt something strange

He realized that it was no different than the bridegroom putting on a ring for the bride during a wedding. Yang Chen suddenly realized he was like using his own hands to tightly tie her up.

She was telling him that she belonged to him.

Yang Chen raised his head to look at Mo Qianni, while she was also staring at him. Their gazes met, before both of them started smiling in a foolish manner.

After her high heels were put on, Mo Qianni gracefully stood up and simply pinned her hair up using a hairpin before kissing Yang Chen on his cheek as an encouragement.

Are you trying to drive away me? Yang Chen felt rather regretful. It was so romantic a moment ago, and he thought Mo Qianni would thoughtfully play some office games with him.

Mo Qianni was aware of why he came. Smiling, she said, I still have a lot of things to deal with. You may look for your other lover Mingyu. Im glad enough that you thought of me, I dont ask for much.

You dont ask for much, but I have my own needs! Yang Chen thought.

However, Liu Mingyu had talked about bringing him to meet her parents one day, and he hadnt asked her about the situation yet. Coincidentally, he could go over today and at the same time try to get some on the side.

He was currently a man with a wife and four lovers. Except An Xin, he had a very low chance to get comfortable with his women.

Before Yang Chen walked out of the office, there was a knock at the door.

Nervousness filled Mo Qiannis eyes. The door was locked after all, while she was in the office with Yang Chen alone. That situation alone was wrong no matter how one looked at it.

Yang Chen helplessly went to open the door. The person who came wasnt anyone else, but his closest female colleague Zhao Hongyan.

Dressed in a white office wear, Zhao Hongyans figure seemed to have improved a lot. After she divorced her husband, she started looking a lot healthier. Evidently, not having to suffer at the hands of her husband was a huge factor in her appearance.

Seeing that Yang Chen was the one who opened the door, shock surfaced in Zhao Hongyans pair of beautiful eyes. Soon, she seemed to have thought of something, before giving Yang Chen an annoyed look and walking into the office while blushing.

Madam Mo, Madam Liu said she needs you to sign on these documents. She also said she might not be able to attend the afternoon meeting. She had to take care of the partnership with Huayun Trade, so I came here to inform you, Zhao Hongyan said as she passed a stack of documents to Mo Qianni.

Smiling, Mo Qianni received the documents and didn't look awkward at all. But she still glanced at Yang Chen teasingly. She knew that his plans have been foiled now that Liu Mingyu was unavailable.

Alright. Im really sorry to make you all work during a holiday.

Its fine. This is a challange we all have to face together, Zhao Hongyan said with a smile.

We will succeed, Mo Qianni said confidently.

After talking for a short while, Zhao Hongyan hurriedly left the office. Mo Qianni looked like she was wondering something. She then looked at Yang Chen who was standing by the door while spinning the pen in her hand. Confidently, she said, Have you done something to Hongyan?

Yang Chen was shocked. Except reaching into the center of her thighs, I havent done anything before! he thought.

Why do you say so? Do I look like that kind of person?! Yang Chen asked in a righteous manner.

Then why does she like you? Mo Qianni asked out of curiosity.

Eh? Yang Chen smiled stiffly. Little Qianqian, you shall not make up stories. Although she has just divorced a while ago, Im not the kind of person who would take advantage of the situation.

Say what you must. I can tell that shes interested in you, Mo Qianni said as she was unwilling to explain to Yang Chen. She then waved her hand to let Yang Chen leave since she wanted to start working.

Bitterness filled Yang Chens lips. He felt that he was the lover outside a marriage instead. He had always been kicked out this way.

However, at the same time, a doubt surfaced in his mind. He thought of the gaze he received from Zhao Hongyan earlier together with the different events which had taken place in the past. He couldnt help but think if this former colleague of his really liked him.