My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Its Fake
It's Fake

Chapter 2/9

No matter how one sees it, Old CEO had put in an absurd amount of effort to see this through. It would be impossible for most people to pull off these events with such precision.

Ignoring the fact that Lin Zhiguo had been kept in the dark from the beginning to end, having been the guardian of Lin Ruoxi and Lin Kun for more than two decades, he had tried his best to rectify his mistakes, but his efforts were in vain as Lin Ruoxi still refused to acknowledge him as her grandfather.

Soon, it was revealed that even the absolute leader of the government Ning Guangyao was involved in this mess.

Lin Ruoxi had become the CEO of Yu Lei in her early twenties. Although she was exceptionally competent, had no one look out for her and provide assistance to her where necessary, she wouldve been harmed by those with malicious intentions.

Moreover, Lin Ruoxi wasnt a fan of socializing with others. She had always treated people coldly, and was born with a flawless appearance.

If no one had protected her, her chance of survival in this world would have been shaky at best.

It was these two years when Lin Ruoxi stabilized Yu Lei while she had gotten more mature that the help given had decreased.

Yang Chen found it weird as well. He had known and married Lin Ruoxi for less than a year, and during that time she had gotten herself into a whole mess of trouble. Was it possible that Lin Zhiguo stopped all of them before that? Although Lin Zhiguo was capable enough to secretly help her, it wasnt smart for him to intervene on the surface like the business world or politics. So it was all because there was a more domineering figure like Ning Guangyao providing support!

With his support, even if Yu Lei International refused to entertain government officials, and Lin Ruoxi completely avoided showing up to public events, no one would dare to displease Yu Lei! Furthermore, Mo Qianni was in charge of most of the public relations work, so there was no reason for them to hold any worries.

Guo Xuehua didnt think of much of it. She said, Back then, I was in the same grade with Zijing in school. Premier Ning was our senior in the graduate school, and also our lecturers assistant. It was at that time that Zijing and I started knowing Premier Ning

As Guo Xuehua spoke, the hidden matters in the past finally got revealed

Back then, when the three were still young, since Ning Guangyao was their lecturer and he bumped into the two ladies outside the school for a few times, they started to get to know each other better.

Ning Guangyao was undoubtedly the fairytale prince of countless ladies. His family background, education level, appearance, in addition to his highly praised character could easily gain him the hearts of a lot of ladies.

Guo Xuehua and Xue Zijing werent exceptions. The two both looked stunning. Most people viewed them equally as beautiful.

Thus, the friendship between the two sister-like best friends had experienced minor changes as they started to develop feelings for the same man.

When Guo Xuehua said she used to like Ning Guangyao, she blushed a little. Evidently, she remembered the past like it was yesterday. As she felt that time had passed really quickly, she regretted for having fought with Xue Zijing for Ning Guangyao.

That was because Guo Xuehua only found out afterward that Ning Guangyao had liked Xue Zijing from the start. He merely treated Guo Xuehua as his sister.

Yang Chen recalled what had happened in the military camp of the Yang clan. When Ning Guangyao heard that Guo Xuehua was locked up, he was immediately enraged. It was exactly the same as what Guo Xuehua had describedthe love that one brother would have for his sister.

However, life was not so simple. Matters between men and women were often filled with complications.

As Guo Xuehua slowly noticed that she was failing to win over Ning Guangyao, she stopped interacting with Xue Zijing out of anger. She initially thought Xue Zijing and Ning Guangyao would get married one day. However, she then heard that Ning Guangyao was going to marry the young lady from the Luo clan which happened to be prosperous at that time, Luo Cuishan.

After that, for whatever reason, most members of the Xue clan had left Beijing and gone to other countries, leaving Xue Zijing alone in the country with no one to rely on.

Actually, I feel incredibly guilty when I mention Zijing. Since I was filled with resentment, I didnt offer her help. After a few years, I then heard that she had gotten married with some clan from the south, and after that, she became just another chapter in my life. Guo Xuehua looked at Lin Ruoxi apologetically. Ruoxi, Ive actually wanted to apologize to your mother one day. I was too irrational back then. I shouldnt have broken our friendship because of that. Unfortunately, its all too late now.

Then why do you think Ruoxis father might be Premier Ning? Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Guo Xuehua with a complicated gaze. She wanted to listen to the real reason.

Guo Xuehua sighed deeply. Closing her eyes, she said, At that time, since I was mad I accepted Pojun, and I married him after a few years. Of course, I slowly developed feelings for him after interacting for a long time. I didnt get married out of anger. I still remember when I followed Pojun to Zhonghai a few years after we got married, we bumped into Premier Ning to our surprise I said to our surprise because he appeared to be avoiding us. If it wasnt for the fact that he couldnt avoid us on that day, he wouldnt have bothered to talk to us at all. I cant remember the situation clearly anymore, but if I calculate the time when Ruoxi was born At that time he shouldve gone to Zhonghai to look for Zijing

When when that happened, wasnt he already married? Lin Ruoxi asked while her voice shivered slightly.

Guo Xuehua frowned. Yeah, and his son Ning Guodong shouldve been born already.

Then why did he do this Does he not feel the shame in his heart? Lin Ruoxi asked as if she was talking to herself.

Guo Xuehua remained quiet, while Wang Ma wiped her tears.

After a while, Guo Xuehua said helplessly, Who knows? No one except them knows what all of these are about

Lin Ruoxi stood up from the sofa before walking toward the staircase expressionlessly.

Miss, are you okay? Wang Ma asked after standing up, worried.

Lin Ruoxi looked like she heard nothing. Her footsteps were rather weak, but she still managed to walk upstairs by holding onto the rail to support her weight.

At this moment, the phone inside the living hall rang.

Everyone looked over there. Wang Ma said, Ill pick it up.

Lin Ruoxi thought it could be from her company since she mightve missed a phone call. Being responsible, she stopped walking upstairs to see if the call was really hers.

Unexpectedly, Wang Ma was stunned immediately after picking up the call. After a while, she reluctantly looked at Lin Ruoxi and said, Miss, its a call for you.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath as she tried to energize herself. Is it from the company? She sounded exhausted.



Its its from Premier Ning Wang Ma stammered.

When Lin Ruoxi received the phone, she almost dropped it on the carpet. Her eyes obviously revealed complexity and panic.

After a long time, Lin Ruoxi finally raised the phone. She tried her best to speak calmly. Hi, Lin Ruoxi speaking.

Ning Guangyao didnt get angry even though he was kept waiting. Instead, he spoke warmly and gently, Im Ning Guangyao. I hope Boss Lin doesnt mind this sudden phone call.

It was rare for the premier to speak in such a manner. Even the presidents of other countries may not be privy to such warm treatment.

Em, Lin Ruoxi answered.

Ning Guangyao didnt find the situation awkward. He smiled as he said, So I heard that my son had gone over the line recently. I was informed about his actions. I promise to Boss Lin that Ill deal with this matter seriously. I certainly wont cause trouble to Boss Lin and your company.

Deal with it? Bitterness surfaced at the corners of Lin Ruoxis lips. How?

Ning Guangyao sounded surprised that Lin Ruoxi was this calm. Solemnly, he said, The medical record Boss Lin has seen is fake. Boss Lin does not need to worry about a thing. I have blocked off all the documents sent to media channels. Nothing against Boss Lin will be reported in the news. At the same time, I will make sure that my son doesnt harass Boss Lin in the future.

Its fake? Its fake?! Its fake?!?!

He said everything is fake?!

Lin Ruoxi had the urge to laugh. She even lost control on her behavior. Since Premier Ning says its fake, it must be a fake then. If theres nothing else, Ill end the call now.

As soon as she finished speaking, without giving Ning Guangyao a chance to reply, she immediately ended the call!

Since the house was really quiet, everyone could hear the conversation clearly.

Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua looked at the mournful Lin Ruoxi as they felt a heartache, but they had no clue how they could console her.

Yang Chen clenched his fists tightly. He felt terrible at the turn of events.

Lin Ruoxis father Lin Kun turned out to be fake. Her effort and suffering in the past were all in vain. Her grandmother whom she had loved the most, was manipulating her. She had worked tirelessly just to avoid disappointing her grandmother, but now the whole situation seemed so comical. Furthermore, she was given birth by her mother through cheating in the marriage

When everything felt so burdensome, her biological father suddenly told her that everything was fake!

He didnt plan on acknowledging his own daughter!

Grief and fury couldnt be spotted in Lin Ruoxis eyes. But the desolation felt like an isolated land sealed with ice thousands of miles away. She exuded an unbearable cold aura.

Yang Chen suddenly felt contempt for himself. So what if he could go against countless troops, missiles, and rockets? All he wanted was for his wife to stop showing this look of despair, but even he with all his abilities, cannot do such a task!

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi felt that her vision blurred. When she closed her eyes, she fainted on the spot...