My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 453

Chapter 453: Desolate

Chapter 5/9

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Rose had mentioned that a syndicate boss from another part of China came looking to partner up with her to expand his power by taking over small-scale gangs in the south.

The initially cold and bored blood in Roses body got heated up again after getting Yang Chens agreement. She then proceeded to plan her gang deployment.

However, Yang Chen hadnt been bothered to understand the situation well, so he didnt know whom Rose was going to partner up with.

Until this moment, Yang Chen finally found out when Liu Qingshan showed the so-what-if-that-is-the-case expression!

Damn it! One of my father-in-laws is the boss of an underground syndicate?! Also, he used to be a businessman in Beijing. Does that mean he controls the largest gang there?

Since Rose controlled the only gang in Zhonghai, the association which she chose to partner up with wasnt weak to say the least. That meant it wasnt surprising if Liu Qingshan was the president of the largest gang in Beijing.

However, since that was the case, why would Liu Mingyu work in a legitimate corporate, while the domineering aura couldnt be found on her at all?

Yang Chen found it weirder that Liu Mingyu only seemed to have found out about her fathers background just now. However, her younger brother Minghao clearly knew about it long ago, judging by his actions.

Yang Chen quickly thought of something. He couldnt help but ask, Then if thats the case, is Uncle behind the annihilation of Qi Kais clan?

Thats right. I had hired someone to wipe out their entire clan, Liu Qingshan answered joyfully without trying to hide anything.

Liu Mingyus eyes widened in shock. She cried, Dad you why did you

Humph, Liu Qingshan snorted scornfully. That Qi fellow went over the line for so many times. He was sorry to my daughter. It was his blessing that only his clan died. Yuer, if it wasnt because I hadnt conquered all of Beijing earlier, while the Qi clan was directly under the Tang clan, I wouldve killed him long ago.

But but his family did nothing to me Sorrow filled Liu Mingyus eyes. It wasnt because she missed Qi Kai, but she couldnt bear seeing an entire clan being wiped for the mistakes on one man.

Liu Qingshan put on a serious expression. Back then when you lived with your mother, we lied to you that I operated a business in Beijing to avoid getting you involved. We were also worried that youd get contaminated by these filthy things, being a little girl. The situation is set now. Youre Liu Qingshans daughter, so naturally, there isnt anyone that would dare bully you anymore

As he spoke, Liu Qingshan turned to Liu Mingyu. Threat obviously displayed in his eyes. Even if youre not a legitimate wife, I still wont allow you to suffer.

Yang Chen found Liu Qingshans words blurry. He had no clue on a lot of aspects. Smiling bitterly, he replied, I definitely wont take advantage of Mingyu. Uncle, can you stop talking about things that I dont understand?

The mother chuckled. Ill do the talking. Qingshan, why are you frightening my son-in-law? Yang Chen, this is what happened

After listening to the mothers explanation, Yang Chen finally understood everything.

When Liu Qingshan and Liu Mingyus mother got married, Liu Qingshan was only just a small helper in the clan. He had fallen in love with the mother and married her. However, he was worried that his career would affect his wife and future child.

Thus, when Liu Mingyu was still really young, Liu Qingshan let her and her mother come to Zhonghai, and allowed his daughter to live like an ordinary girl. To avoid getting her involved in the underworld, they rarely met up to keep Liu Mingyu in the dark.

Anyone in the underworld would receive some inevitable pressure. To Liu Qingshan, if Liu Mingyu was a guy, he could naturally bring him along and allow him to inherit everything in the future. However, Liu Mingyu was a girl, so he didnt plan to let her live a life of fear and oppression.

His action was completely different from Roses father Situ Mingze. Back then, Situ Mingze brought up Rose with the intention of educating her and passing the clan on to her. Although Rose couldnt stand looking at her fathers brutality, one must admit Roses blood was filled with her fathers craze in the underworld.

After a few years, Liu Qingshan relied on his competence and went through tons of battles before gradually becoming the leader of one of the largest associations. However, since his wife and daughter were in Zhonghai while he couldnt meet them often, he had an intercourse with another woman when he was still young and strong.

That woman was Liu Minghaos mother who operated a bar in Beijing.

The mother knew that her husband wasnt an irresponsible man, and she was aware of his efforts. When she picked Liu Qingshan back then, she had made various preparations. Thus, when he told her that he had another woman, the mother generously accepted the matter.

After that, following the birth of Liu Minghao, the woman from Beijing became the mothers close friend. One lived in Zhonghai while the other stayed in Beijing. Although Liu Mingyu and Liu Minghao didnt meet often, because their mothers were exceptionally close, they were obliged to treat each other as siblings.

If Yuer didnt have a father like me, she wouldnt have chosen you so easily, Liu Qingshan sighed helplessly.

Yang Chen felt really guilty. He felt that this father-in-law of his was his true helper. The old man was the true player in handling women!

Raising two women at different places indeed appeared to be a great idea. However, Yang Chen had so many woman. If he had to separate all of them, he would no doubt die from exhaustion from having to visit so many places and people all at once.

Liu Mingyu looked at Yang Chen with a sour expression. She glanced at Yang Chen and said, I only found out my fathers true identity recently. I was worried that you might feel I had been hiding it from you all this time. I didnt know how to explain it to you. Please dont blame me for it, can you

Humph. Why would he dare to blame you? Hes pleased if anything. Liu Qingshan snorted in dissatisfaction. Am I right, Yang Chen?

Yang Chen coughed a little. He wondered why his father-in-law was so brutally honest. Of course I wont blame you. Im not a good person at the end of the day. I myself am aware about this.

Alright, alright. What are you guys talking about? Qingshan, it is rare for you to finally finish your work and find time to keep Yuer company. Now that we have a decent son-in-law, all of us should talk happily instead, the mother complained.

Liu Qingshan treated his wife with much respect. He had nothing else to say anymore.

The waiters soon served the food. As they dined, Liu Minghao had examined Yang Chen from top to bottom repeatedly, as if he was trying to assess Yang Chens reliability for his sister.

Yang Chen felt helpless for this brother-in-law of his. At that age, he was evidently a highschooler. He shouldve entered a new school after returning to Zhonghai with Liu Qingshan.

Quickly, Yang Chen thought of a problem. He asked, Uncle, where is my other mother-in-law?

Yang Chen was naturally referring to Liu Qingshans other woman. She was at least his mother-in-law nominally.

Liu Qingshan appear emotional. Shes helping me attend to operations in Beijing. I have spent most of my time in Beijing in these recent years. Now that I finally gathered the powers in Beijing, I can finally accompany Mingyu and her mother more. She offered to help me out in Beijing. When I talk about it, Im indeed unqualified to find you irritating. Im no better than you.

Well, at least you are aware of it yourself, Yang Chen thought as he smiled.

Dad, my mom asked me to watch you tightly. I cant allow you to get more mothers, Liu Minghao said loudly as he chewed the vegetarian meat, causing some of his saliva to land on his father.

Liu Qingshan almost spat out his apple cider. Expectedly, Liu Mingyus mother gave him an evil stare as well.

Liu Qingshan patted his chest righteously before speaking, What makes you think your father is that kind of person? I know that Ive been sinful in this life. I havent had any meat for so many years. Cant you tell my sincerity?

My mom knew that you would give this exact reason. She asked me to tell you that you used the same tactic to trick her back then!

Liu Qingshan became completely speechless. Yang Chen felt that Liu Minghao was actually quite adorable.

The dinner with Liu Mingyus parents was surprisingly complicated. Fortunately, Yang Chen had experienced a lot in life. Although he had no clue how much Liu Qingshan knew about him, he was sure that Liu Qingshan had regarded him highly. Otherwise he wouldnt have agreed to his relationship with Liu Mingyu.

Yang Chen somehow had a gang leader boss as one of his father-in-laws who happened to be a vegetarian. Having had a lot of apple cider and filled his stomach with vegetarian food, he felt a little dizzy.

When he walked out of the restaurant, Yang Chen pulled Liu Mingyus hand and leaned forward to her ear. It looks like our matter is dealt with. You can just be my lover for the rest of your life. Do you feel wronged?

At least you wont treat me like how my father treats my mother. They only meet up once or twice a year. So Im fine with this, Liu Mingyu said honestly.

Why cant you speak more like a woman? You should act like a spoiled princess and scold me or something, Yang Chen said with a smile.

Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes. This is who I am. I wasnt brought up spoilt.

Yang Chen pouted. Ill let you meet Rose next time. Shes a good friend of Qianni, and theyre now living together. No matter what, youre the daughter of a gang leader. You can follow Rose and learn from her. Its even possible for you to inherit your fathers position.

No way. I want to be a white-collar worker. Ill just let my younger brother take over the position, Liu Mingyu said.

What a great elder sister. Youre letting your own younger brother into the underworld. Yang Chen widened his eyes.

Doesnt he have your help as your brother-in-law? Liu Mingyu asked with a smile.

Yang Chen felt troubled. Once he started having more women, he was involved in and required to help out more matters. It certainly looked like he should stop recruiting women.

After he bade farewell with Liu Qingshan, the mother, and Liu Minghao, it was already 11 oclock at night.

Since it was rather late already, there were very little cars on the road when Yang Chen headed home.

He was passing by a cable-stayed bridge when he suddenly noticed a lonely figure standing on the rail without any support, looking exceedingly desolate!

If it wasnt for his incredible eyesight, he wouldnt have witnessed this extremely dangerous scene!

Currently, the figure was facing the cold wind, standing at the very edge of the slim and long rail by the bridge. She looked like she could fall anytime into the violent waves tens of meters beneath!

Even a rock which weighed hundreds of kilograms would disappear instantly after being flushed away, let alone a human being. The force of the impact with the water surface could even blast a persons organs into pieces!

Was someone about to commit suicide?!

Yang Chen blinked his eyes to make sure he wasnt having an illusion. He stepped onto the accelerator forcefully and rushed to the back of the figure before activating the emergency brake and getting off the car!

Even if it was a stranger, while Yang Chens wasnt Buddha who would save lives, it was simply immoral for him to watch as someone was about to take their own lives.

However, when Yang Chen got off his car and was able to get a clearer view of the persons back, he suddenly found it immensely familiar...