My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Everything Is As Simple As That
Everything Is as Simple as That

Chapter 5/8

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Yang Chen looked up and grinned at Yan Buxues frivolous expressions.

Bastard? Who are you referring to? Yang Chen asked.

Yan Buxue raised his brows and started laughing as he pointed at Yang Chen, as if the whole situation before him was extremely comical.

Of course, Im referring to you. Are there any other guys here besides you? What else...

Yan Buxue couldnt finish his words... Ahhh!

A loud scream echoed like a howl in the deep forest. At the same time, Yan Buxue was sent flying like a missile, drawing an arc in the air as he fell to the back of the Lincoln extended door.

Blood could be seen splashing in the air as the man slammed into the car. A few drops of blood fell onto the face of his two bodyguards.

Second Master!

When everyone came back to their senses, Yan Buxue had already spat blood and white foam, with both his eyes turning slightly white. His body then slipped onto the ground while leaning against the Lincoln. In front of the door, there was an obvious sunken imprint left on it.

Yoyouhow dare you beat our young master! The old butler was furious as he saw his master got beaten up. He didnt have the time to think about why he couldn't see how Yang Chen did it, but instead jumped to the first thing that was on his mind, to protect the dignity of the clan.

Yang Chen rubbed two of his fingers from the right hand. A moment back, all he did was moving forward while exerting some skills using two fingers on Yan Buxues body. If it wasnt for that, his body would have been crushed by Yang Chen. Although he looked a little miserable, he only suffered from slight bleeding and pains in his chest. It didnt deal any extensive internal injuries.

Since you called him the second master, I couldnt resist not making him uh, Yang Chen said with interest.

[TL note: Second (r) in Mandarin is pronounced as r which is similar to how a person sounds when beaten.]

Yang Pojun and the others who were standing at the side trembled as they saw Yang Chen who had sent Yan Buxue flying in a flash without them noticing.

Putting aside Yang Chen with such shocking skills, Yan Buxue was from a formidable clan. He was the second master of the Yan clan which was one of the most powerful clans in China.

Isnt he afraid of getting himself into trouble?

Yang Pojuns facial expression was inexplicably complicated. Honestly, he was hoping to see the second master of the Yan clan, Yan Buxue, who did all kind of bad deeds get beaten up badly. However, now that he got beaten up by Yang Chen, things werent exactly all okay with the world.

The Yang clan was still one of the four major clans because of the existence of Yang Gongming. In fact, in recent years, Yang Gongming had gradually faded out from the public which had caused the newly established Yan clan to attract more attention than the Yang clan. The truth was, many parties spoken or unspoken, had already disregarded the Yang clan as one of the main four.

Although Yan Buxue was arrogant, he didnt dare to provoke him. He dared to taunt Yang Pojun because he naturally knew that Yang Pojun wouldnt go against his clan for the sake of this matter.

Yang Pojun didnt dare to fight back but he was not a petty man either. After all, it wasnt a big deal to have a little private talk with him. There wasnt a need to muster large forces as Yang Pojun would just appear petty.

At that moment, Yang Pojun didnt dare to lay a finger on him. However, it ended up that Yang Chen sent him flying in an instant.

If Yang Chen had nothing to do with the Yang clan, it wouldnt be a problem for Yang Pojun. Instead, he would have been enjoying the little show that was displayed before him. However, in the eyes of the outsiders, Yang Chen was definitely a part of the Yang clan. Although Yang Chen hadnt been officially recognized as a member of the clan, the highly ranked individuals had long started seeing him as one. As a result, the issue about Yang Chen who had just beaten up Yan Buxue would become an issue for the Yang clan.

Pupull me up

Yan Buxue slowly found out that he was only slightly injured. Although he had spat out blood, he could still talk. He ordered his man to pull him up as his body was sore.

As the old butler and another bodyguard lifted Yan Buxue, he spat out some more blood while his eyes were a little red. He stared at Yang Chen and took a glance at Yang Pojuns pale face. He snorted coldy. Oh well, well Dont think that youll be fine after this Since you dont dare to fight against our clan, ask this bastar


Yan Buxue was forced to take back his own words!

Upon hearing that loud slap, Yan Buxue crashed into the door behind from the side of his body!

Out of nowhere, Yang Chen stepped forward once again and pushed the old butler and the bodyguard to the ground before giving Yan Buxue yet another slap on his left cheek!

Yan Buxue was stunned. Even he couldnt comprehend why he was whacked twice in a row now.

The old butler and the other two bodyguards were shocked by the speed of Yang Chen and dared not move an inch as a result. The remaining bodyguards legs trembled in fear. As a former member in the special forces, they were well aware that the man who was in front of them was someone they couldnt touch!

Yang Chen did not step back after giving Yan Buxue a slap. Instead, he walked to the front and bent down before grabbing him by the collar of his Versace shirt.

Yan Buxue who was dumbfounded got held up by Yang Chen. Blood could be seen by his lips as he watched Yang Chen in a sluggish manner. He couldnt say a single word.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen gave a faint smile and said. I know that you must be very mad right now. I know that you must be so angry that you want to cut me into thousands of pieces. I know that you must be puzzled, confused and even surprised. Why did I hit you twice now without saying a single word?

I can tell you that I dont give a damn to neither the Yan clan nor the Yang clan. Theyre nothing in my eyes, trust me. I only beat you because of what you said. I gave you a chance to redeem yourself but you had to go and make me want to beat you up again.

Everything is as simple as that. Believe it or not, in the end you still have to believe what i said. In short, I whacked the crap out of you and what can you do about it?

Yan Buxue paled hearing what he said. There was a smile on Yang Chens face, but the terrifying, ink-like luster in his eyes made Yan Buxue feel suffocated.

Unwilling to lose, Yan Buxue forced his mouth open, revealing his white teeth stained with blood. he puffed. You youll youll regret it Our Yan clan is not a clan that a bastard like you can

Slap! Slap!

Two clear slaps were once again delivered to his face. However, this time his cheeks swelled up to the size of peaches!

Yan Buxue was dumbstruck as he stared directly at Yang Chen, who was close at hand. He couldnt even think about why he was struck once again.

Tsk, tsk. Yang Chen shook his fingers as he spoke with sympathy, Ive just told you the reason you were whacked but you still refuse to learn. Isnt that the people from Yan Clan are engaged in scientific research? Why do they have pig-like brains like yours?

Yan Buxue was filled with anger and wanted to curse a few more times. However, he could feel the pain on his body while his cheeks were burning hot. His cowardice got the better of him as it suppressed the idea of doing so

Why are you silent now? Dont you have anything else to say? Yang Chen looked at Yan Buxue in enjoyment. He threw him back onto the floor as he didnt want to waste anymore energy on him.

Turning around, Yang Chen glanced at Yang Pojun who had been standing beside in silence. You wont be able to enter this place unless someone from the inside wants to meet you. Im going back to my home now. Do whatever you want, I couldnt be bothered in the slightest, trust me.

Yang Pojun wasnt irritated this time. Coldly, he said, Youre the one who has beaten Yan Buxue up. Its got nothing to do with Yang Clan. Hereby, Ill clarify that you and the Yang clan are unrelated.

Yang Chen couldnt help but laugh as he found it ridiculous. Who said that it was you, Commander Yang who had whacked Yang Buxue? As I mentioned earlier, both the Yang and Yan clans mean nothing to me. Why would I rely on such weakness to protect me? Keep that pathetic self-conceit to yourself and stop thinking so highly of yourself.

You Yang Pojun was speechless before his face flushed and paled. Indeed, Yang Chen stated that he had nothing to do with the Yang clan, but Yang Pojun was too worried to be involved in the fight with the Yan clan. He couldnt hold back but spit out those harsh words.

Yang Chen no longer paid attention to those people. He would adopt appropriate measures to deal with the problem, regardless if it was Yang Pojun or Yan Buxue. There would always be a solution to a problem. He didnt want to worsen his mood further.

Taking out the keys, Yang Chen opened the iron gate and suddenly sensed something. Frowning, he looked at the visual doorbell device on the wall by the iron gate He sighed before entering the house and locking the gate again.

Yang Pojun stood outside of the gate, staring at Yang Chen walk inside while his tightly clenched fists were quivering in anger.

On the other hand, Yan Buxue who was unconscious, was being carried into the car by his bodyguards. The old butler quickly took out his cellphone to schedule an emergency medical treatment.

Yang Chen wasnt in the mood to keep thinking of the situation. As he walked into the house, he saw what he was expecting. Downhearted, Guo Xuehua sat on the sofa quietly while her body shivered slightly. It was obvious that she had just finished crying.

Yang Chen opened his mouth but he didnt know what to say. Upon coming home after the incident, he found out that the visual doorbell device was turned on. He recalled that the device was installed during the renovation of the house back then so that they could communicate with guests from the inside of the house.

Guo Xuehua who was hiding in the house had probably witnessed what had happened outside the house just now.

Yang Chen walked slowly to Guo Xuehuas side and sat on the sofa. He hesitated for a bit before saying, Youve heard everything, havent you? Theres no need to stay in this state. This matter doesnt mean much to me. I only did so to ensure your life will be kept far from troubles.

Guo Xuehua lifted her head, revealing little crows feet on her face. Her tears flowed while her red eyes were filled with regrets and grievance.

Yang Chen, that mans conscience has been eaten by a dog. I no longer have faith in him It doesn't matter if he refuses to recognize you. Mom will always be your mom. No matter who it was, if Yan Buxue, Yan Buwen, Yan Qingtian or even the entire Yan clan decides to come after you, Mom wont let you face them alone, Guo Xuehua said in a solemn and decisive voice and wiped her tears.

Yang Chen pouted and smiled. He reached out his hand to pat her shoulder...