My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Two Types Of People Who Are The Scariest
Chapter 48: Two Types Of People Who Are The Scariest

Yang Chen laughed, he truly couldnt resist from laughing again.

It was unexpected, that just as a gun was pointed at him by somebody yesterday, theres another person pointing a gun at him again today.

In Huaxia where gun control are incomparably strict, the number of guns that appeared seemed to be even more than when he was overseas.

Manager Guo, could it be that you dont know that this gun is used for hunting in America? Why are you pointing it at me? Im not a moose, and also not a black bear.

Guo Ziheng took it as Yang Chen being afraid, he coldly laughed and said, In my eyes, right now youre merely a rabbit for me to slaughter. You cant possibly think that within this 4 to 5 metres distance, Im not even able to hit you with this long-range gun right?

The corners of Yang Chens mouth rose as he unhesitantly took a step forward, What do you think?

Dont move! If you take one more step forward I will shoot!! A drop of cold sweat flowed down Guo Zihengs cheek as he loudly roared.

Yang Chen ignored him, and took another step forward.

I am standing right here, the gun is in your hands, the gun is loaded. You are directly facing me. What you should do, and what you can do, are all for you to decide. Yang Chen carelessly threw the cigarette he finished smoking onto the ground, stamped on it to put it out, then continued walking forward.

Every step stirred the hearts of everybody present, like thunderclaps in their heart. Each and every step Yang Chen took, it was as if their hearts were drums being drummed on.

It was so silent that if a pin dropped everybody could hear it. It was as if all the air had been drawn out in this short period of time. In the entire office hall, there was only the sound of Yang Chens slow and well-balanced footsteps.

A mere 4 to 5 metres distance, a path of merely 6 or 7 steps, but everybody had their hearts leaping up to their throats, while blankly staring at them. Even the 2 men on the ground who were easily knocked down by Yang Chen, were in pain but held their breaths watching this scene.

Guo Zihengs finger only needed to lightly pull the trigger for a violent bullet to tear through that human body of flesh and blood!

Yang Chens expression was indifferent, there wasnt much difference compared to going towards a person to shake their hands. His eyes were so insipid, as if the moment of life and death in front of his eyes didnt exist!

In actuality, only 3 seconds went by as all these happened. When Yang Chen walked right in front of Guo Ziheng, Guo Zihengs face was already deathly pale, with a head covered in cold sweat, and a numb expression.

In this world there are two types of people who are the scariest, the first one, lunatics. The second, people who arent afraid of death. The reason why lunatics are scary, is because they might not fear death. Im not even afraid of death, do you think theres a point pointing a gun at me? Yang Chen lightly smiled, and very easily seized the rifled in Guo Zihengs hands, Guo Ziheng simply forgot to resist.

Ka cha!

Yang Chen casually made a breaking motion with his hands, and the rifle made of metal, snapped into pieces, just like a reed!

This scene and sound pulled everybody back to reality, with their hearts trembling in fear!

This.. Isnt this the kind of scene that only exists in Hollywood movies!? This person! Is he superman!? He even broke a rifle!!

Flinging away the broken rifle to the side, Yang Cheng dusted his hands, and with a smile that didnt seem like a smile he said, Boss Guo, this time can you go and retrieve the cheque book for real?

Like his soul had returned, Guo Zihengs whole body trembled as he gazed upon the young man smiling at him with an expression of looking at a monster. Since he started his career, he had met fierce ones, but he truly havent met one that doesnt care about living.

The thing that was scarier was this young mans expression, which seemed to be faintly telling him, even if he pulled the trigger, there was still nothing he could do to him!

How can it be!? There truly is someone in this world who isnt afraid of bullets!?

If you want money there isnt any, if you want a life there is one here. Guo Ziheng said this fierce line, he wanted to maintain that final bit of dignity as an underworld boss.

Tch tch Yang Chen shook his head in pity, Why are you unable to get things straight? If you really could beat me, you would have pulled the trigger earlier. You dont even have the guts to pull the trigger, which proves that you are still afraid of death. You cant beat me, dont force me to do some things I havent done in a long time.

I admit that you are better at fighting than me, you also have big guts, but I just wont give you money!! Guo Ziheng abruptly slammed on the table, yelling with a sinister face.

Then dont blame me, my temper has already turned a lot warmer than before.

Yang Chen revealed a strange smile with a momentary excitement, his body moved at lightning speed to Guo Zihengs back. At the same time, Yang Chen fiercely put strength into his hands, grabbing Guo Ziheng by his upper arms at a speed that Guo Ziheng simply couldnt react to.

He sent one kick onto Guo Zihengs ankle, causing Guo Ziheng to stagger and kneel on the ground!


One could only hear the sounds of bones breaking, and Guo Zihengs pained roar, his two arms were unexpectedly dislocated from the shoulders!

One of Yang Chen legs stepped on Guo Zihengs calf, forcing him to stay kneeling without any method of getting up, and able to only unceasingly move his waist. In the end, Yang Chens leg stepped with more strength, causing Guo Ziheng to be too afraid to make the slightest bit of movement.

You! What did you do to my arms!! Guo Ziheng bared his teeth in pain, and stared at Yang Chen with bloodshot eyes.

Nothing much, I just made your arms dislocate from your shoulders. Yang Chen happily replied.

You You think I will give you the money and admit defeat just from this! Impossible!!

Guo Ziheng loudly proclaimed, while his other subordinates were all frightened to the point they were trembling and too afraid to move. They watched their boss get beaten till he knelt, yet didnt dare step forward.

They came here to be bullies, not to throw their lives away.

Yang Chen shook his finger, Youre wrong, this is only the beginning, how can I possibly only do this one thing to you?

The moment he said that, Yang Chen once again grabbed hold of Guo Zihengs arms.

Crack crack!

Ahhh!!! Another blood-curdling scream came from Guo Ziheng, What did you do now!?

Crack crack!!

Immediately followed was again the sound of joints being dislocated.

Yang Chen showed a satisfied smile, Nothing much, I just dislocated your arm, then put it back, dislocated it again, put it back, then dislocated it again, I did it a few times to practice, I feel like I have slowed down some. I reckon that you are in pain, dont worry, I just need to practice a few more times and you wont feel much pain anymore

Demon! Demon! This man is a demon!!!

Guo Ziheng completely crumbled, he knew that if this went on, he wont die, but might suffer more than dying, this is what they mean by wishing for death while alive!!

The pain from his hands and leg, bore their way into his heart, his brain nearly went into shock a few times, yet he was pulled back by the unbearable pain!

II will pay

When Yang Chen once again put the joints of his arms back in place, Guo Ziheng truly couldnt endure anymore.

Guo Zihengs lips were already turning green, his voice brought with it a slight crying sound. Thats right, he cried, he had tears flowing, he felt humiliation, he felt unresigned, but more importantly, he felt pain!

This is the way it should be. Yang Chen released Guo Zihengs arms with satisfaction, with a hehe laugh, still maintaining that harmless expression, as he said, However, Manager Guo, in view of the series of harm you dealt towards our company, I feel that other than the balance of 400,000, you should compensate me for the trauma I received mentally. Oh right, since the money has been owed for such a long time, it should be returned with interest or something, at the same time it would be good to reimburse the medical expenses of those you and your goons hurt before, dont you think so?


I, what I? You arent giving? Fine! Then we shall continue

No no no! I give! I give! I will give whatever you want!! Guo Ziheng shouted, with snivel and tears.

Yang Chen grinned, pulled a chair over and sat down, and said to Guo Ziheng who was crying on the floor, Since you are giving whatever I want, then hurry up and write the cheque, it would be good for me to report that back. Oh right, book a car to send me back to Yu Lei International, I didnt bring enough change to take a taxi.