My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 488

Chapter 488: Youre Very Brutal
Youre Very Brutal

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When dinner was almost ready, Yang Chen kicked Christen out of the house. The surprisingly convincing woman who had an uncontrollable mouth could cause Yang Chen suffering from the hands of his family. Yang Chen didnt hope for his already low position in the house to further plummet.

Of course, Guo Xuehua complained about it again and again after Yang Chen sent a guest off for no reason. What was he supposed to say? It was normal for him. It was known that blood was thicker than water. Although they had been separated for years, he slowly found it natural after interacting with his mother in this period.

The family sat down and got prepared to start eating. Yang Chen finally realized that Lin Ruoxi wasnt at the dining table.

Logically speaking, Lin Ruoxi would come home to have dinner around this time every day. She rarely had to entertain clients after all. He previously assumed that his wife was working upstairs, but that apparently wasnt the case.

Mom, wheres Ruoxi? Yang Chen couldnt help but ask.

Lin Ruoxis schedule of leaving the house early and coming back late had been consistent, so Yang Chen wasnt too worried about that. However, he was rather concerned when she suddenly skipped the dinner at home. Lin Ruoxi was a super beautiful wealthy CEO with a net worth of billions of dollars. If it wasnt for her low profile, it would be totally normal for her to appear on the newspapers once in a while. Why did she suddenly disappear? Did something happen to her? he thought.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma glanced at each other with a smile. I thought youd just start eating. Not bad, you still remember you have a wife.

Yang Chen felt a little awkward. Since Lin Ruoxi usually prefered act cold at home, he wouldnt take the initiative to talk too often. It looked like just because the seniors mentioned nothing didnt mean they were satisfied with the twos relationship, not to mention they slept in different rooms.

How is it possible for me to forget? Yang Chen asked.

Young Master, Miss made a call home earlier. She seems to have something really important happening tomorrow, and wont have much time to work, so she has to finish reading through the documents today and skip the dinner at home, Wang Ma said smilingly.

Yang Chen frowned. Then what time did she say she was coming back? She wont be sleeping over at her office, will she?

Wang Ma shook her head in an embarrassed manner. Nobody knows. For as long as I can remember, Miss had always been a stubborn one. No one is able to hold her back.

When I talk about this daughter-in-law of mine, its almost always about good things. Its just that she works too hard and cant be persuaded. Guo Xuehua managed to comprehend Lin Ruoxis behavior during this period. She too felt helpless towards her lifestyle.

Yang Chen pouted his mouth. Lifting his bowl and chopsticks, he ate as he said, Since thats the case, Wang Ma, get a dish or two ready for me later. Ill send it to Ruoxi. Since she didnt say when she was coming back, shes certainly pulling an all-nighter.

Wang Ma seemed to have expected Yang Chen to say that. Smiling, she said, Its already prepared. I think its wonderful that you are sending it over. Miss will definitely be pleased.

Zhenxiu who was chewing a chicken wing chuckled and said, No, she wont. Sister Ruoxi will definitely get gloomy.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. Does she have to say it out? Its only making things awkward for us, he thought.

Regardless of the situation, the decision was set. After Yang Chen devoured his meal, he received a heat-retention mealbox from Wang Ma before heading to Yu Lei International.

Although it was a post-working hour, there were security guards repeatedly patrolling the place. However, Yang Chens face was familiar to them after all. Although they were curious about why Director Yang had brought supper to eat in the office, none of them decided to raise any questions. Not if they wanted to keep their jobs.

Yang Chen used the elevator and came to the top floor before proceeding to Lin Ruoxis office. It was rare that he didnt have to face the cold-faced assistants interrogation. He felt that the process was much quicker this way.

Knock! Knock! Yang Chen didnt wait for a response before pushing the dark red, thick and heavy wooden door open.

The sizeable office was clean and neat as always. The pleasant atmosphere was filled with a vague fragrance mixed with the scent of sandalwood.

Currently, the only light source in the office was the light yellow long table lamp placed on the huge office table made of redwood, causing the office to look a little dark and lonely.

The spring night wasnt very warm. Lin Ruoxi who was seated for the entire day felt a little cold. She wore a white womens shirt in addition to a black suit coat. Her body seemed rather weak.The only thing that hadnt changed was the indifferent gaze in her bright eyes. She currently had her stare fixed on Yang Chen, signalling him to explain his sudden arrival.

Yang Chen wasnt surprised by his wifes silence. He was wondering if she was disturbed by his interruption. She seemed completely uninterested for why he had come.

Lin Ruoxi noticed the layers of lunchboxes and frowned a little. I told Wang Ma that I didnt need them, but she still sent them over.

It is difficult to work with an empty stomach. Youre a woman furthermore. How is it acceptable for you to skip meals? Once your body collapses, what should Yu Lei International do next? Yang Chen joked as he opened the lunchboxes.

Dont take them out. I dont feeling like eating for now, stopped Lin Ruoxi hurriedly. Ill eat myself after reading this document. Leave the stuff here, and you may leave now.

Yang Chen glanced at the stack of documents Lin Ruoxi was holding. Gloomily, he said, Daybreak would come sooner than you finishing those documents. Doesnt this clearly mean that my meal delivery mission has failed? No, no, you have to eat immediately. Ill be here staring until you finish the meal.

As he spoke, Yang Chen ignored Lin Ruoxis obstruction and served four vegetables with a soup in addition to some rice, occupying a huge area of the office table.

Quickly, Lin Ruoxis neat office table became half a dining table. The air was filled with the rich and mouth-watering fragrance of the dishes.

Lin Ruoxi felt a headache. That man had always acted however he wanted. He seemed afraid of her on the surface, but when he came across something like this, the supposed cowardly man was nowhere to be found. No one would be able to change his mind.

I dont have the mood to eat if I dont finish these. Ill eat them later. You may leave. Exhausted, Lin Ruoxi shook her head before lowering it to read the documents.

Yang Chen knew that the woman wouldnt be so obedient. Giggling, he walked toward Li Ruoxi and snatched the documents away.

What are you doing?! Frustrated, Lin Ruoxi turned around and raised her head to stare at Yang Chen. Her pale and beautiful face soon flushed in anger.

She had been distressed over work for a while and lacked the appetite to eat. It was fine if that man refused to help. She didnt blame him for bringing dinner over, but did he have to force her into doing whatever he said?!

Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxis cheeks which had turned cold. He subconsciously smiled and said, Nothing much. Since Babe Ruoxi isnt able to leave these things yourself, Ill keep them for you. Then all you can do is eat now.

Why should I listen to you?! Lin Ruoxi asked furiously.

Yang Chen giggled. You must of course listen to me. Im your husband.

Humph. What a joke, Lin Ruoxi said in disdain as she gazed upon Yang Chen. I wonder who messes with women all day. You dont even care about your identity. Why are you suddenly talking about it now? Wouldnt you be glad to stay with those vixens? Why must you care if Im eating or not? Its not like Ill die because of hunger.

Yang Chen felt guilt and rubbed his chin. Smiling stiffly, he said, Why are you putting it like that? Ive always cared for my Babe Ruoxi. How are other women supposed to rival you? Youre my legitimate wife who has taken the marriage certificate together.

I dont care. Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth. Give me back the documents and leave. Ill forget about everything that happened.

Seriously, Yang Chen said, No way. Ive told you time and time again, work is not a suitable excuse to neglect your body. Regardless if you want to stay up late or not, you have to finish the meal first. I dont allow you to torture yourself like this.

You Lin Ruoxi pointed at Yang Chen and wanted to say something, but she soon realized nothing would take effect to the thick-skinned man.

Yang Chen stared at Lin Ruoxis angry look. He felt moved by the iceberg beautys expression. He then let out a wicked smile. He put up an act of contemplation before bending down. Gently, he said, Babe, why dont we do this? If you can promise me something, Ill immediately go home regardless if you want to eat or not.

Lin Ruoxi smiled coldly. Why should I promise you? I dont owe you anything. When I borrowed money from you earlier, I promised to not make a fuss about your lovers, and instead get along with them. I haven't broken my promise so far. Im extremely polite towards Rose and An Xin. Dont you think that you are being too cruel?

On the surface, you say that youre my husband. Is this how a husband supposed to behave?! What are you trying to make me promise now? Just because I want to work instead of eat, what do you want me to do?! Its best if you divorce me instead!

Each and everyone of her words were clear and piercing cold, like frozen raindrops falling from the sky.