My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Bring You Along To Pick Up Chicks As Well
Bring You Along to Pick Up Chicks As Well

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After listening to what Yang Chen said, Stern reluctantly stopped playing with his sister. Slowly adjusting his sitting position, he pointed his hand around and said, As you can see, were detained in a warehouse god knows where. The reason I know this is a warehouse is because we were abducted in the afternoon when we walked out of the hotel. Although my eyes were covered during the journey, I managed to sneak a peek at our surroundings. The internet and cell connections are jammed here. Theres no way to call for help Oh yeah, there should be quite a few rooms here. Weve heard of someone elses cry for rescue before. I believe quite a number of people are locked up here.

Is it possible for the rumor to be true? Is there really a terrorist organization which kidnaps the wealthy? Goodman asked bitterly.

Who knows? Stern, however, was really relaxed. Looking at Alice who was in his arms, he said, We came here to take part in the Paris Fashion Week. Neither of us expected this to happen. But regardless of what happens next, I dont really mind as long as I can stay with Alice.

Lin Ruoxi who had turned around as she couldnt bear with the siblings interactions said in English, Can you guys communicate in English instead? Im the only one who doesnt understand French.

Oh, Im sorry, Boss Lin. Well be more careful next time, Stern apologized politely with British-accent English.

Its best if you two can stop being so cheesy as well, Lin Ruoxi added secretly. She was too embarrassed to voice out her thought.

Yang Chen looked around and sensed the surroundings. He could tell that he was in an enormous warehouse, while the room he was in wasnt the only one with detainees. He couldnt help but wonder why the enemies did nothing to this bunch of wealthy and noble people after taking them here.

Alice finally got up from Sterns chest. She teased her silver hair as she said, I really want to bathe. The floor is too dirty. Do you think I should talk to the guards outside?

Goodmans face twitched a little. Smiling awkwardly, he said, Miss Alice, this isnt the time to talk about bathing, is it? Were still being detained now.

Why? Just because were abducted doesnt mean we cant bathe, Alice said as she blinked her large, naive eyes. She then stood up and walked toward the entrance using the light from her phone.

Astonished, Goodman cried, Miss Alice! This is too dangerous!

Ill be fine. Why would they be willing to kill me when Im so adorable? Alice chuckled as she walked to the entrance. Bam! Bam! Bam! She knocked on the door for a few times before shouting, Someone come here! I want to bathe!

Lin Ruoxi who was standing behind Yang Chen opened her mouth a little. She found the siblings incredibly weird. It wouldnt be too far to assume that they were mental hospital escapees. Dont you find them weird? Who would think of taking a bath at a situation like this?!

Yang Chen touched his chin and felt the moustache there. Due to catching the flight, he hadnt had time to shaved it. Whats so strange about them? Just treat them as ordinary people.

Lin Ruoxi felt an intense headache as she regretted over voicing out to Yang Chen. He wasnt a normal person to begin with. Naturally, he wouldnt feel anything abnormal between the siblings from the Cromwell clan.

She initially thought that Alices yell would end up in vain. However, footsteps could be heard approaching the warehouse door.

Bam! The large steel door was pulled open, revealing one of the armed men dressed in black earlier. We only provide food and water, with no other services. Please return.

Theyre surprisingly humane, Lin Ruoxi said with a cold expression.

Alice wasnt planning to give up. Trying to please the man, she said, Hey, how can you do this? Dont you have washrooms here? This place is so damp and dirty. I want to bathe and use the washroom. You cant expect a young and beautiful lady to degrade herself like this

When Alice spoke, she raised one of her feet and turned her body, acting like an active child from a kindergarten.

Haha, Stern, your siserm no, your woman is really cute. Haha, Yang Chen laughed as he looked at Alice.

Sterns eyes shone, seemingly full of love. He asked, Do you think so too? Mr Yang, youre right. My Alice has always been the cutest woman.

Lin Ruoxi was deeply disgusted by his speech. She stared at Yang Chen furiously and thought, How is he still in the mood to talk to these crazy siblings?

The guard outside was a little shocked. He wasnt able to understand just why a detainee did so instead of being frightened. However, he obviously wouldnt listen to her. He yelled, Get inside! Ill shoot you if you make any more noise!

Ah! Alice exclaimed upon seeing the gun pointed at her. How can you treat a lady like this?!

Dont get testy with me. I will pull this trigger if and when I have to! The guard was irritated.

Alice pouted her lips and turned around in dissatisfaction. She said, Dear, theyre not letting me bathe. What should I do?

Stern pondered seriously for a while before shaking his head. Dear, I have no clue as well. I wonder if Mr Yang or Miss Lin has any ideas? My Alice really needs to bathe. Shell suffer severely without bathing for more than a day.

Let me try. Yang Chen volunteered while raising his hand.

The guard wouldnt care about the conversation in the warehouse of course. After stuffing Alice back inside, he planned to close the door. However, before he did so, Yang Chen had arrived, holding the door which was half-closed.

Dont rush. We can always come to an agreement. Let her out, can you? Yang Chen said smilingly.

Are you seeking death? the guard asked fiercely.

Lin Ruoxi was extremely nervous when Yang Chen challenged the guard this way. Although she was confident about his ability to a degree, she felt the need to stop him. However, when she walked over, her hand was grasped by Goodman.

Ruoxi, dont go! Its too dangerous! Goodman cried hurriedly.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and flung her hand forcefully to get rid of Goodman. However, before she was able to walk to the entrance, the steel door was slammed!

When Lin Ruoxi looked there, she realized Yang Chen had somehow exit the place together with the guard, causing the warehouse to fall into darkness yet again!

Yang Chen! cried Lin Ruoxi, only to receive no response.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Suddenly, repeated gunshots echoed in the warehouse!

Soon, no sound could be heard

The abrupt change in situation made Lin Ruoxi speechless. Gazing upon the door, she reminded herself, Hell be fine hell be fine!

However, for whatever reason, despite being highly confident for Yang Chens competence, Lin Ruoxi felt her eyes tear up. Her body shivered involuntarily while her feet appeared as if they were nailed to the ground.

DiDirector Yang, hhe is Goodman couldnt think of any other possibilities. To him, although the steel door was shut, he was able to imagine Yang Chens body riddled with bullets!

Stern had taken out his phone when no one was looking. Relying on its light, he carried Alice to the entrance, walking so slow that he seemed to be strolling on a casual Sunday. He then stretched his arm out as he intended to open the door.

No! Goodman dashed towards the door to stop Stern. With his forehead filled with cold sweat, he said, Mr Stern, please dont be reckless! Director Yang was already harmed. We mustnt repeat our mistake! As long as were alive, well have a chance of escaping from this place

Before Goodman finished speaking, Yang Chens lazy voice resounded, Hey, hey, Little Goo, since when was I dead? You shouldnt curse people when theyre absent.

Goodman turned around violently while the steel gate was pulled open coincidentally.

Yang Chen could be seen lighting up his cigarette in the dark, which made the cigarette butt appear exceptionally red, especially when shone upon by the unique fluorescence of the night.

Yang Chen had the automatic rifle of the guard in hand, while the guard was lying on the ground without moving, with his head being stepped upon by Yang Chen. Evidently, he wasnt alive anymore!

HHow did you Goodman stammered while looking at Yang Chen. He felt that his brain wasnt functioning anymore.

Alice, however, started clapping her hands. Smiling, she said, Mr Yang is amazing. It looks like we can return to the hotel and bathe already. But are you able to deal with the remaining people?

Hehe, its no big deal. I merely shot a round or two. The guard had his gun taken in the opposite direction. Pulling the trigger was all I had to do to kill him, Yang Chen said.

Hhow it it possible Goodmans head was full of sweat when he listened to Yang Chens explanation. But he was convinced. He didnt think Yang Chen was able to defeat a kidnapper like that after all.

Delighted, Yang Chen scratched his head and said, Why cant it be possible? Let me show it to you again.

Yang Chen raised the automatic rifle once again and turned around. Bang! Bang! Bang! Pointing at darkness, he fired a series of shots, not forgetting to exhale the smoke from the cigarette, looking like a legitimate thug, causing Goodman to roll his eyes.

Haha, Little Goo, can you see this? Did I not fire it again several times? Its really simple. Yang Chen turned around and patted Goodmans stiff shoulder with the arm which was not holding a gun.

Goodman regained awareness before yelling, Aare you crazy?! All thats going to do is lure the rest of them here! Also, why am I called Little Goo now?!

Hmm? Are you Little Girl otherwise? Little Girl hmm, it sounds fine as well, Yang Chen said happily.

[TL note: Little Girl sounds very similar to Little Goo in Mandarin.]

At this moment Lin Ruoxi stepped out of the warehouse as well. Her footsteps were incredibly gentle. Standing in front of Yang Chen, she gazed upon him silently.

Being shone by the dim lights, Lin Ruoxis face apparently brought coldness while her slightly reflective eyes were watery

Babe Ruoxi, why are you Yang Chen even forgot to suck on the cigarette. All he did was stare at Lin Ruoxis dull yet elegant face. For some reason, he felt that his heart was exceptionally heavy.

You think that youre really amazing, arent you? Is it very impressive that you managed to kill the guard? Lin Ruoxis tone was as flat as the grass on an icy field. Is frightening others really fun? Do you find it interesting to make others worry about you?

Erm, I Yang Chen opened his mouth. He wanted to speak, but soon realized plain words werent able to express his thoughts and mood, as if none of the hundreds of languages in his mind together with their countless terms was able to help him.

Lin Ruoxi wasnt expecting an answer from Yang Chen. After staring at Yang Chen for a while, she took her phone out and switched on the flashlight before walking away.

Although Goodman was completely clueless about the situation, Goodman quickly followed behind Lin Ruoxi after she left. Ruoxi! Ruoxi! Dont be reckless! The guards will notice you if you dont tread lightly!

Lin Ruoxi had no response, as if she didnt listen to what Goodman said.

Itll be fine

Yang Chen finally regained awareness. Turning around, he walked toward Lin Ruoxis direction and said, No one will stop us.

Why do you say so? Goodman asked in doubt.

Yang Chen glanced at him in contempt. Thats because theyre all dead.

Eh? Goodman doubted what he just heard. However, Yang Chen didnt look like he was lying at all.

Stern and his sister Alice were utterly fearless. They walked closely behind Yang Chen while holding hands joyously.

Goodman couldnt care less about anything else. Instantly taking his phone out, he tried his best to expand the visibility in the area as he followed Yang Chen and the others out.

Currently, Yang Chen was walking beside Lin Ruoxi. Glancing at the cold-faced woman, he let out a complicated smile. Before Lin Ruoxi was able to react, Yang Chen used his left hand to hold her right.

What are you doing? Lin Ruoxi asked coldly and stopped walking.

Holding hands. Im leading you to the way out, Yang Chen said with a smile.

I dont need you to be this kind. Im nothing but an ordinary person whose death doesnt matter. Since youre so powerful, you should care about your own instead, Lin Ruoxi replied coldly.

Bitterness filled Yang Chens face. Revealing a sorrowful look, he bent his waist and leaned toward Lin Ruoxis cheek. Soft, he said, My obedient wife, please dont be mad anymore. Its my fault. I shouldnt have cared only about myself and made you worry. I promise to always report to you before doing anything in the future, and bring you along for anything I doto eat, go outside, shopping, and kill and torture Oh yeah, Ill even bring you with me if I want to pick up chicks. Deal?!

Lin Ruoxi felt that her ears heated up after listening to the weird speech. Furiously staring at Yang Chen with her almond-shaped eyes, she tried her best to maintain her cold appearance but failed. Bursting into laughter, she asked, Who wants to go to the toilet with you? Yyou shouldnt think so highly of yourself.

Hehe, everything is fine as long as youre not mad. Yang Chen secretly let out a relief. Pleasing his wife was much more tiring than doing so to his lovers. Expectedly, his legitimate wife whom he had received the marriage certificate with had a high maintenance fee. Fortunately, he managed to diffuse the situation before it exploded into yet another cold war.

Although Yang Chen spoke really softly, Stern and Alice who had been walking near them managed to realize the details of their actions and expressions, causing the siblings to keep winking at them.

Lin Ruoxi felt rather embarrassed. She just felt disgust for the two siblings, but somehow she ended up flirting instead. Thus, she twisted the flesh on Yang Chens waist to vent her anger.

Yang Chen didnt feel any pain, but he acted as if he was deeply suffering to please her. Smiling, he said, We dont need to go to the main entrance. We just need to find our car and head back to Paris. They wont just park it outside the warehouse. Itll be too high profile of them otherwise.

Lin Ruoxi found his explanation logical and the siblings had no objections, since Alice was probably fine with anything as long as she could bathe soon.

At this moment, Goodman who was incredibly cautious behind them shouted at the top of his lungs!

Ah!!! Save me!!!