My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 505

Chapter 505: A Reasonable Man
A Reasonable Man

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A Reasonable ManDirector?! exclaimed Fodessa. He was wondering who had intruded the place, but he soon realized intruders would be pretty stupid to have come through the front gate. Taking a closer look, he saw his director Depney!

Depney seemed to have rushed over there. He wasnt even dressed in a military uniform. All he wore was a white shirt while his hair was rather messy. He initially looked pale and unhealthy, but his face was currently a shade of red from all the frustration.

Upon entering the interrogation room, Depney hurriedly sought out Yang Chen who was seated opposite Fodessa. When he saw that Yang Chen was handcuffed, his eyes were widened to its max.

Fodessa felt that something was wrong. He hesitated for a bit before asking, Director, what do yo

Before Fodessa finished speaking, Depney leaped to him in the blink of an eye and grapsed Fodessas collar using his left arm!

Bolton who was behind Fodessa was astonished. He had his gaze fixed on the two-meter-tall Fodessa being held up in midair singlehandedly by Depney who was barely 170 centimeters!

No one would expect the seemingly middle-aged, indifferent-looking Depney to have harboured such frightening strength.

Fodessa was dumbstruck. He wanted to say something but Depneys fiery gaze had stopped him from doing so.

Moron! Have I allowed you to arrest just anyone you want without my permission?! Depney yelled using his deep and rough voice.

Being held up in the air, Fodessa whose feet were dangling swallowed his saliva audibly. Trying his best to remain calm, he said, Director has granted me the permission to deal with the kidnapping case. We found out that this Chinese man Yang Chen was the one who had reported to the police. Through the interrogation earlier, he admitted that he had killed the kidnappers. We wanted to further investigate the matter, but Director, youve

So what you are trying to tell me here is that this is all my fault? Depney snorted with contempt before forcefully swaying his left arm, tossing Fodessa aside.

Fodessa was thrown to the wall by an enormous force. Following the collision, he felt that he might have broken a bone. However, he immediately stood up and bowed, saying, This one isnt trying to imply anything.

You wouldnt dare to do so even if you wanted to. Depney sneered and ignored Fodessa before walking towards Yang Chen.

Upon turning around, his furious expression had been completely replaced with a pleasant smile. Looking apologetic, he said to Yang Chen, Mr Yang, Im Depney, this morons superior. I sincerely apologize for his foolish act. Please pay no attention to his acts of stupidity.

Yang Chen glanced at Depney and Fodessa teasingly. Smiling, he said, Its alright. You just have to let me go if you know that Im not the one youre looking for. Director doesnt need to blame Deputy Director Fodessa. He was just doing his duty. It isnt worth the trouble.

Mr Yang is indeed a reasonable man. Ill remove the handcuffs for you and send you off, Depney said with a smile.

I can take care of them myself. Yang Chen stood up and swayed his arms outwards, causing the metal handcuffs to instantly break into pieces, as if they were a piece of paper, before falling on the ground.

Depney opened his mouth in shock. Fodessa, Bolton, and the others instantly became speechless. Handcuffs were not toys. They were not made to be broken. Not only was the metal tough, it was malleable to a certain degree. It wasnt impossible to change its shape. But just how shocking must Yang Chens strength be if he was able to destroy them into pieces?!

Bolton and the other special agents from the security department brought by Depney were dumbfounded. They felt a chill deep down their hearts. Fodessa who had his head lowered in silence furrowed his brows tightly.

MMr Yang, please come with me Depney was the first one to react. He walked in front of Yang Chen to bring him out.

Yang Chen waved at Fodessa and Bolton before leaving the interrogation room with Depney.

After they left, Fodessa who had stood still all this time finally stood up straight.

Resentfully, his attendant Bolton sighed in dissatisfaction. Deputy Director, this is ridiculous. Director had clearly passed this matter to us from the start and was too lazy to get involved. Now that we managed to catch the culprit and obtain what could possibly be a lead, he insulted us and even hit you

Bolton was filled with bitterness. All he could do was nod.

Fodessa raised the image with his teeth clenched while complication filled his face. His eyes flashed at last. Exerting force using his arm, the picture was crushed into a crumple

On the other hand, Yang Chen felt a lot more relaxed after getting out of the police station with Depney. Although he was unaware of who had sent this director to get him out, he didnt have to stay overnight at the police station which was worth celebrating.

Although Yang Chen wouldnt be harmed if no one bailed him out, he couldnt just destroy the police station. He wasnt afraid to fight, but what he was wary about was the consequences that came with the destruction of a police station.

Walking to the parking area near the police station, Depney stopped walking. Seeing a black Rolls Royce nearby, he found it hard to control his emotions. Mr Yang, Im really sorry for bringing you trouble. Please greet the much respected lady on my behalf. If you need help with anything in the future, well be glad to lend a hand anytime.


Yang Chen frowned and looked at the direction Depney was facing. When he saw the Rolls Royce parked in the dark, he instantly understood something

So its her. Everything makes sense now.

After bidding farewell to Depney and the others, Yang Chen slowly approached the car which was awaiting his arrival.

When he arrived in front of the car, the door was opened from the inside, revealing a handsome face which he hadnt seen in a while. The mans blonde hair was combed neatly as usual. He wore a black suit with a fresh red rose protruding from his chest.

Ed? Yang Chen was stunned a little. He didnt expect the person to be one of his good friends. He was Edward from the Rothschild clan, Janes cousin brother.

Hello Yang, we havent met since the goodbye in Hokkaido back then. I was starting to miss you. Edward revealed a pleasant smile and moved inside the car to make space for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen sat into the car and closed the door. When he raised his head, he finally saw the lady whom Depney was referring to.

Long time no see, Catherine. Yang Chens gaze turned gentle all of a sudden. Looking nostalgic, he smiled and said, Oh yeah, should I call you Her Majesty the Queen now?