My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 509

Chapter 509: A Unique Mass By The Man Of Scarlet
A Unique Mass by the Man of Scarlet

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It was a lady dressed in a chiffon nightdress. She was as delicate as a sculpture faintly covered by clouds. She would remind people of the goddess of Classical Athens represented in western oil paintings. They all had elegant curves and soft gazes. Any single one of them would challenge male hormones to the extreme.

Her maroon, beautiful hair stretched all the way to her waist like satin. Her tall nose, plump red lips, and her charming emerald eyes made her look like an elf from a fairy tale, appearing noble, seductive, and mysterious at the same time.

Currently, she was lazily leaning against the door frame, with a shy expression only found on teenage girls.

My dear Chenchen, am I pretty? Catherine winked as she gazed upon Yang Chen with high expectations.

Yang Chen raised his head before his breath was taken away. He didnt know how to react. I knew that no one would mess around like this except you.

Catherine pouted her lips. She walked forward and held Yang Chens arm before using her bosom lumps to embed it.

I havent had fun with you for almost two years already. Youre overly cruel. Even when you have travelled all the way to Europe, if I didnt come to look for you, you definitely wouldnt have come to Wales to find me, complained Catherine as she pulled Yang Chen into the room before closing the door.

The room was dimly lit with dimly lit candles around. A relaxing music by Liszt was played, creating an ambiguous environment in the night.

Yang Chen didnt rush to utterly devour the delicacy sent to him, although the charming woman looked like she would allow him to do anything to her. Instead, he walked to the bed and signalled Catherine to sit down first.

Catherine was reluctant to let go of Yang Chens arm. At last, Yang Chen helplessly allowed the woman to cling onto him. You should know that Im not the same man I used to be two years ago.

Is it because of your marriage? I totally understand. I know that your wife is in this hotel now. Catherine rested her head against Yang Chens shoulder. Smiling, she said, I even heard from Jane that you have many other women, dont you?

Why would she tell you about that? I really am at a loss when dealing with you and your daughter Its not just because Ive gotten married. A lot of things have happened in the past two years, especially the last 12 months, which have changed my view of women. I have to admit that during the time I first met you, most women were just tools for me to vent my emotions on, so none of them had any significant value. But now I treat you, Jane, Edward, Sauron, Makedon, and the others as my friends. Youre now my friend, not some pleasure tool used for my benefit

Yang Chen mocked himself, So, dont do this anymore, Catherine. You dont need to try so hard to please me. Weve known each other for almost 9 years now. Youre still my friend even if the way you treat me changes.

A strange light flashed in Catherines elegant eyes. A teasing smile surfaced at the corners of her lips. Youve indeed changed a lot, Chenchen.

Hmm? Yang Chen noticed her change in expression. Smiling, he said, You look like a woman in her early thirties now, instead of a foolish little girl.

I really hate you. Im not allowed to behave like a young one but you wont spare me from acting my age. Have I really gotten that old? Catherine let go of Yang Chens arm and stood up before circling Yang Chen. She then bent her body down to stare right into Yang Chens eyes. With her fragrant breath, she said, Chenchen, who said that friends arent allowed to sleep together?

Yang Chen remained quiet and moved his gaze to Catherines bosom.

Due to her half-bent posture, her loose nightdress lowered at the neck area, revealing a pair of round masses which were rubbing against one another. The endless cleavage was an abyss which would tempt a person to commit a crime.

Do they look good? asked Catherine.

Yang Chen nodded and answered honestly, Theyre beautiful.

Hehe, Catherine chuckled. Her posture made the soft flesh look like they would fall anytime. Furthermore, its scent was exuded from her neckline.

Chenchen, do you know that no other men except you have touched them before after my husband died? Catherine said before sitting on Yang Chens lap, pressing her bosom against Yang Chens face and burying him at the center.

I want to sleep with you and please you. I didnt get on your good side because I need your help. Its only because this is what I like to do.

As Yang Chens face was buried in the soft, warm flesh, he found it hard to breathe.

After a while, Yang Chen reached his arms to Catherines waist and pinched the meat there.

Catherines body was extremely good to the touch. The seemingly extra meat had coincidentally complemented her age.

Mmh, moaned Catherine. She was able to feel the warmth of Yang Chens burning hands.

Yang Chen withdrew his face from the two surging waves. HIs eyes turned bloodshot while he stared at the noble and charming queen. With his hoarse voice, he said, I was doing quite well in holding back. But since youre asking for it, I do believe that it will be a sleepless night.

Catherines eyes turned watery. Her alluring body was just like a slim and delicate willow in the wind. She wrapped Yang Chens body with her arms and bit Yang Chens ear with her blazing red lips before licking it with her tongue. Breathing heavily, she said, Do you still remember the time we first met? I want you to treat me as who I was back then

The seductive tone had given rise to a flash flood in Yang Chens mind which countless intentions had gushed out from

Salerno lay on the coastline of Southern Italy. Except that it was facing the vacation spot Mediterranean Sea, the city was just like every other city theredim and old. The lives there were repetitive. Except the occasional football matches which could interest the citizens there, the place seemed to lack the future that they desired.

Although it was winter, the Mediterranean had a warm weather, allowing the residents to wear relatively thin clothing. Lots of them were crossing the busy streets.

It was a weekend. The relaxed Italians drove on the streets, stopping at an intersection, awaiting the aged traffic lights to turn green. Being shone upon by the strong sunlight, their colors werent very apparent.

One could probably only be able to feel the citys undying vitality by looking at what remained of the Gothic architecture from the Middle Ages. The tall steeples and fancy windows together with the flying buttress were unique and distinct.

Located near a port, Nachecisolo Church was an unknown Catholic church among the countless churches in that city.

It could be said that no one knew when the church was built. The granite monument which recorded the church history had been buried in the bush outside the church for many years, while its presence was long forgotten.

Italy had way too many churches treated as classic national treasures after all. This church indeed looked unremarkable.

It had an ordinary square design. Its center had a tall steeple as well. The black and grey appearance of the weathered walls made it hard for a person to determine its original color.

In the afternoon, the door of the church was pushed open. A group of peaceful-looking Italian residents walked out from there. There were the elderly, women, youngsters, and children.

The Sunday Mass had come to an end.

After the people participating in the Mass had left, the pastor of the church Marino stood by the entrance with a slight smile on his face. Sending the people off with his gaze, he drew a cross on his chest as he murmured something.

Marino was an orphan. The pastor who had adopted him had passed away right around the time he turned twenty. Since then, Marino had inherited the responsibility to take care of this small church. Time flew by in the blink of an eye; he was almost fifty now. He had dedicated the most precious moment of his life to God who had never appeared before him.

Turning around, he closed the main door and ended up alone in the entire hall.

Sunlight shone through the gaps of the fancy windows into the church, causing the bumps on the mottled walls to look apparent.

The smell of decay filled the air. Due to years without repair and maintenance, the church was dilapidated. The structure of the building was slowly giving way and showing its age. Marino had often felt that the roof of the church would one day collapse when he was sleeping.

Agony could be seen on Marinos face. Though he was yet to be in his fifties, he looked much older than his age. Raising his head, he gazed upon the cross of Jesus in front of him with his eyes filled with mania and worry.

Marino stood still silently for quite a while before walking to the podium. There lay a long table whose surface had a basket of white bread and a bottle of half-finished grape wine.

These items were leftovers from the believers earlier. Marino had never wasted food. That was because poverty didnt give him that privilege.

Marino lifted the basket and the grape wine bottle before walking to the back of the church, where he lived. As far as he could remember, the old pastor had stayed with him for over a decade, after which he started living on his own. Today, it had been more than two decades since those days.

After taking two turns, Marino didnt return to his own room, but instead proceeded to the only guest room there which used to be empty.

Opening the door, a single bed with a white bed sheet, a table, and a seemingly unstable wooden chair were revealed.

Currently, a woman who was dressed in an overly large clothing, carrying a girl aged around ten years old, was silently reading a tattered Old Testament on the wooden chair.

One would be easily able to tell that they were mother and daughter since both the woman and girl had extremely beautiful amber hair and an incredibly fair, porcelain-like skin. Even when looked from the side, their faces were so flawless that they looked like angels.

Theyre the masterpiece of God indeed, thought Marino. He had long considered them as so ever since he took them in about half a month ago.

The girl was the first to turn her head over when she heard the door open. Although she had an adorable face like that of a Barbie doll, there was no smile on her face. She held a pair of delusive, sapphire-blue eyes, as if she had the ability to see everything through.

Good afternoon, Pastor, greeted the girl.

At this moment, the woman turned her head over as well. Although she had no makeup on and her hair was rather messy, her noble aura was evident as ever. She let out a smile in delight. Good afternoon, Pastor Marino. Im reading the Old Testament with my baby. There are a lot of stuff we dont understand. Do you mind explaining them to us?

The girl glanced at her mother in dissatisfaction. When can you finally learn to read? Youre almost thirty already but you still cant read the Old Testament. I was the one reading it for you.

The woman stuck her tongue out in a playful manner. She pinched her daughters cheek with baby fat and said, Baby, how could you talk about your mother like this in front of Pastor? You shouldnt embarrass Mother. Havent I warned you enough times?

Lelet go of me! Frowning, the girl removed her mothers hand. Using a voice soft enough that only the woman could hear her, she said, When do you ever behave like a mother? Had I not noticed that our hiding spot was discovered, we wouldve died two weeks ago.

The woman pouted her mouth resentfully. Alright, alright. Baby, youre the smartest. Mother will stop pinching your cheeks.

Marinos expression turned complicated when the mother and daughter whispered to each other. Having stood at the door for a while, he said, Madam Catherine, I brought some bread and grape wine over. You must be hungry.

The resentment on Catherines face instantly vanished. She let out a sweet smile and said, Thank you Pastor. Im indeed really hungry. Actually, I was going to ask you this morning on what we were going to have for today, but I dared not interrupt your Mass session.

It was me who had failed to be thoughtful. I shouldve prepared some food earlier, Marino replied in English with an Italian accent. Smiling faintly, he walked to the mother and daughter to put the bread and wine on the table.

Catherine couldnt wait anymore. She wasnt disgusted by the dry bread at all. Instead, she took a piece and tore a small portion before delivering it to her daughters mouth. Come here, open your mouth. Ahh

Ill eat myself! The girl looked like she was having a headache when her mother wanted to feed her. She then took the bread and started chewing away.

Catherine clenched her teeth and snorted in dissatisfaction. Im so pissed right now. Why are the children from other families so obedient but my Jane behaves this way?

Dont push the responsibility to me. No one else has a mother that acts the way you do, the little girl explained the key reason to her mother and rolled her eyes.

Looking at the mother and daughter argue, Marino coughed to interrupt their conversation.

Madam Catherine, can I ask you a question? asked Marino seriously.

Catherine blinked her large eyes in an innocent manner. Nodding, she answered, Of course you can. Pastor, please ask away. But since Im not very smart, if its regarding academics, you should ask my daughter Jane instead. She then pointed at Jane who was on her lap cheerfully, causing the little girl to feel annoyed once again.

Marino squinted his eyes. He held a strange expression as he reached into the pocket of his black robe to take a piece of paper out before placing it on the table.

Catherine and Jane were instantly speechless upon seeing the content. Catherine was dumbfounded while Jane had turned serious. It was weird for such an expression to appear on the face of a ten-year-old.

Wanted Criminals Catherine and Jane. 10 million British pounds in rewards Marino announced the few key words on the wanted poster. Holding an ice-cold expression, he said, I got this secret document from the bishop in charge of this district yesterday night. The two of you have become wanted criminals in certain places in Europe. Anyone who shelters you would most likely die for abetting criminals, while surrendering you will earn 10 million pounds in rewards.

Silence filled the room. The only sound was Marinos heavy breathing which had shown the instability in his heart.

Pastor, Jane suddenly said and raised her head, Pastor, youre looking to hand us in, arent you?

Marinos expression changed drastically when he faced the little girl. If handing you guys in will really earn me 10 million pounds, Ill do it without hesitation. But after thinking about it the whole night last night, since youre wanted only in secret channels, the process of handing you over will be done secretly as well. As I have no support from any powerful party, the 10-million reward isnt guaranteed.

Youre really smart, Pastor. If you had really done so, you would just end up dead earlier than we did, Jane replied coldly. The best you can do is pretend you know nothing. This way, all of us will be safe. Until the day when my mother and I gain the opportunity to go out again, youll become our lifesaver.

After listening to Jane, Marino started laughing like a maniac. He laughed so hard that he stomped the ground while his body moved back and forth.

The sudden change made Catherine subconsciously hug Jane tightly. However, Jane seemed completely fearless. She wasnt frightened by his action at all.

What are you laughing about? asked Jane.

What a pathetic child. Although youre really smart, youre still a child at the end of the day. Marino became calm again. Surging flames were suppressed in his eyes. Youre right, handing you guys over will be extremely dangerous. But what makes you think I lack the guts?!

Ive had enough! Ive had enough!!! Im sick of this broken church! Im sick of having dry bread and low-quality grape wine! Im tired of having my church operation funds taken away from the arrogant pricks, the big fat bishops all day!

[Warning: Skip the next 10 paragraphs if youre a Christian and easily offended.]

God?! Ive been serving him since young with the old pastor. Ive committed the most precious time of my life to keep Him company! Now that Im almost fifty already, Ive never had a decent steak before. Ive never once left the country for a vacation. I havent even felt a womans body before!

No one knows who I am. No one has ever bothered to to get to know me, not as a Pastor but the real me. No one will care if my church collapses or not! Even if I suddenly die, no one will give a damn!

Ddo I deserve to live like this?! Is it for the day when I die alone in this broken, decaying place?!

Fuck the bishops! Fuck the Vatican! Fuck God! They shall all go to hell!!!

The entire room was filled with nothing but Marinos deafening scream, causing Catherine and her daughter to be dumbfounded.

Get out of my way! Marino yelled and pulled Jane off Catherines body, causing her to fall on the ground!

Jane! Catherine screamed in shock. She rushed forward in an attempt to get Jane up. However, her waist was suddenly grabbed by Marinos arm!

Jane felt pain throughout her body as a result of being thrown on the ground. The cold, hard wooden floor made the girl feel that her bones had shattered. Seeing that her mom was seized by Marino, she instantly found out what he was up to!

Since I have nothing to lose, why wouldnt I take this chance? Since God has sent a beauty like you to me, why would I be willing to give up this opportunity? Marino laughed uncontrollably while his face twitched. Swallowing his saliva, he neared his head to Catherines body

Astonished, Catherine struggled with all her strength. She was just a woman after all. Despite Marinos age, Catherine still failed to resist.

Let go of my mom now! Are you crazy?! Youre a pastor! How could you do this?! Jane was finally frightened. The tough girl had finally teared up for the first time. Pouncing on Marino, she grabbed his foot before biting him forcefully!

Argh! cried Marino in pain before he swayed his foot violently!

Bang! Janes small body was flung away with ease, causing the back of her head to hit the table!

Jane!!! Catherine screamed at the top of her lungs. She witnessed her own daughter faint away just like that!

Marino couldnt care less if Jane was alive or not. There was nothing in his eyes except the stunning woman. She was the only path which would lead him to heaven!

Catherine dont reject me anymore. Youll be my first woman IIll be sure to treat you well. I wont tell anyone that the two of you are in my care As long as youre obedient, I will definit

No! Pastor, please dont do this! Please let me go Argh! Why must you do this

Tears fell from Catherines eyes when she was faced with Marinos insane, devil-like expression. She had never felt this level of terror before. The more she cried, the more she felt she was stuck in a mire which she had no way to escape from. She would even end her own life by biting her tongue if she should.

However, Catherine knew that she couldnt allow herself to die as her fainted daughter was behind!

She was a mother. She couldnt abandon her child!

Pastor, youll face Gods punishment by snatching my prey away the hoarse voice of a man echoed suddenly.

As if the mans voice had the ability to freeze a person alive, Marino who was tasting Catherines face suddenly stopped moving.

Catherine who had almost given up on resisting looked outside with her reddened eyes.

It was a young man wearing a white shirt and a black suit, looking like a gentleman. Furthermore, judging by his premature face, it could be seen that he was just a teenager.

Except his particularly bright eyes, everything about the average-looking, yellow-skinned guy was ordinary.

However, the ordinary-looking youngster gave off an unexplainable cloudiness, as if everything about his appearance was fake.

Wwho are you Marino asked nervously as he finally realized that the situation had gone south.

The youngster looked at the unconscious girl before turning his attention to the messily dressed gorgeous Caucasian lady. Smiling relaxedly, he said, Tsk, tsk. Such a beauty. No wonder even the western monk couldnt keep it in his pants.

The perverted look on the youngsters face didnt match his perceived age at all, causing Catherine to forget the situation she was in.

Wwho the heck are you?! Marino yelled furiously. He became immensely afraid as he wasnt taken seriously by the young guy.

The youngster walked into the room and smiled brightly. Im codenamed Thirteen from Zero, an assassin sent to kill these two ladies.

Zero? Assassin? Thirteen?

Listening to the bunch of unfamiliar terms, Catherine and Marino failed to react.

After a while, the pastor Marino finally regained awareness. Yyoure a killer?! He couldnt believe that a well-dressed teenager was an assassin.

Thirteen shrugged his shoulders. Is there a problem?

Contempt filled Marinos face. Young Man, dont underestimate pastors. You mustve overheard our conversation earlier, didnt you? You want to save them now to claim the 10-million reward. Humph. If someone who looks like you is an assassin, I can be one as well!

Thirteen scratched the back of his head, confused. Why wouldnt you believe me? Do you want me to prove it to you?

How can you prove anything? You should go home and drink some milk instead. Marino laughed in an insane manner. Stop pretending. Let me tell you this. So what if you happened to stumble upon my little escapade? No one will believe a brat li

Marino didnt manage to finish his words. That was because his head had been smacked into chunks already

Dumbstruck, Catherine gazed upon the rain of blood in front of her eyes. Just a second ago, a youngster who called himself Thirteen had destroyed Marinos skull with lightning speed, using merely his hand!

Catherine had never imagined that ending someones life could be this straightforward. There were no warnings or whatsoever. He used just his hand to accomplish something which couldnt be pulled off even with a knife.

Furthermore, she had never thought that an exploding human skull was this beautiful. The pungent smell of fresh blood filled the scarlet scarlet. Also, there was a broken neck with spewing a fountain of blood...

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