My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Isnt My Own Younger Sister
Isnt My Own Younger Sister

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You guys are up surprisingly early, Lin Ruoxi said after clearing her thoughts. Trying her best to smile gently, she walked into the cafe and approached the siblings. Is there anything I may be able to help you with?

Sterns smile was getting brighter. Soon, even embarrassment could be seen.

Erm Miss Lin, I wonder if you have any money with you, Stern asked softly.

Lin Ruoxi was shocked. Had she not known that the siblings werent lacking in the money department, she wouldve suspected them for being conmen.

I do. Why do you ask? Lin Ruoxi was really curious.

Stern giggled and said, So this is what happened. Dear and I have come down for a coffee in the morning, but after we finished drinking, we realized that our cash and credit cards were all left in the car when we were abducted yesterday. We dont have a single cent to our name as of now. Erm may I

Lin Ruoxi almost burst out laughing in a discourteous manner when the siblings looked at her pitifully. Nodding her head, she said, Alright, I understand. Let me treat you his time. But you guys really should contact your clan. Even if you cant retrieve your lost items, you could ask for new ones to be delivered.

Miss Lin is really the best! Youre just like our Mother of God Mary!

Alice suddenly stepped forward and hooked Lin Ruoxis neck before giving her a kiss on the cheek!

It was Lin Ruoxis first time being kissed by a woman since she was born, not to mention she somehow became the Mother of God. Hence, she ended up being stunned.

Babe Alice, I want a kiss as well. Jealous, Stern asked for a kiss from his younger sister.

Alice let out a charming smile before generously kissing his lips with passion.

Lin Ruoxi quickly recalled that the siblings were in an incestuous relationship. She couldnt help but feel disgusted. The part of her cheek kissed by Alice became itchy which could be a psychological affect.

After paying for Stern and Alice, when Lin Ruoxi was about to bid a farewell to them, Alice suddenly asked, Miss Lin, youre going to the fashion week conference, arent you?

Lin Ruoxi nodded. I was invited as a merchant representative. How about you?

Hehe, I knew it. Yu Lei International is one of the largest companies in the fashion industry, so it makes perfect sense for you to be there. Alice happily clapped her hands. Were invited as well, to represent the clan. However, we lost our car, driver, and money Miss Lin, could you

Lin Ruoxi found Alices embarrassed look funny, especially when Stern looked like he was full of expectations. Although the siblings were a little messy, they were honestly quite cute.

Did you guys plan on waiting here for me all morning? joked Lin Ruoxi.

Stern widened his eyes in shock. No, no, no. We were just trying our luck, to see if we could meet anyone we know and catch

Elder Brother! Alice interrupted Stern, and stared at him with a dissatisfied look. Softly, she said, Why did you announce the truth

Stern then looked rather embarrassed while he scratched his head awkwardly.

The comedic performance put up by the siblings had made Lin Ruoxis mood significantly better.

Since thats the case, come with me if you guys dont mind. I was going alone, so I could use your companion. Lin Ruoxi didnt mind improving her relationship with the Cromwell clan. It would definitely help her companys operations in Europe after all.

The siblings were naturally delighted. Once again, they praised Lin Ruoxi like there was no tomorrow while walking out of the hotel nonchalantly.

Goodman had prepared a black Maybach 62. The Bentley used earlier had been sent for repairs as it was severely damaged. However, compared to the Bentley, this Maybach was significantly more expensive and more luxurious.

Being the host, Lin Ruoxi naturally sat on the front passenger seat allowing the siblings to sit behind.

Buckling her seatbelt, Lin Ruoxi said to the driver, Get to Tuileries Garden.

Yes, Madam. The drivers voice sounded rather familiar.

Lin Ruoxi violently raised her head. Astonished, she realized that the driver was none other than Yang Chen who had pissed her off just a moment ago!

Yang Chen wore a formal suit with a tie which matched his figure. He looked unappealing, especially when he sat on the drivers seat, which was why Lin Ruoxi failed to notice him earlier.

When Lin Ruoxi wanted to get down the car, it had already departed from the hotel.

Stop the car and get out, Lin Ruoxi said before clenching her teeth in anger.

Yang Chen wouldnt obey her naturally. Pointing at the address of Tuileries Garden on the GPS display in the car, he said, Dear, we have guests. Lets not argue now, shall we?

Lin Ruoxi finally realized that the siblings behind were looking at her with the gaze of a busybody, as if they really wanted to know why she was this displeased with Yang Chen.

Being gazed upon by outsiders, all Lin Ruoxi could do was suppress her fury. Furiously, she looked at the streets in front and ignored Yang Chen.

Tuileries Garden used to be a leisure place for the royal family. Located right in between Place de la Concorde and Louvre Museum, it had quite a number of sculptures. Some even called the place an open-air museum.

Due to the well-known river Seine beside, Tuileries Garden became the best place to experience the Parisian leisure. Many tourists sat by the large pond in the garden and coffee shops to enjoy fragrant Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

The chestnut and lime trees in addition to the colorful flowers had brought a sense of peace to Tuileries Garden while the bronze sculptures added majesty. Furthermore, the neat and refreshing landscape design was one of the classic features of a French garden.

Because of the fashion week, the garden was much busier than usual. A large police force had been sent out to ensure that the highly regarded guests could safely watch without hindrances.

After parking the car at a VIP spot, Yang Chen and the others walked towards the entrance of the garden.

Before arriving, they were greeted by courteous guards who asked them to show their invitation letters and other documents before checking if the four of them had brought any dangerous objects or not. The body search was done by male and female guards to take care of their respective genders.

Alice was displeased when she was touched by a female guard. Pouting, she said, The Parisian government mustve been frightened by the kidnappers. The fashion week last year didnt have this many inspection procedures.

This must be done for the safety of the guests. No one knows if therell be another wave of kidnappers or not after a group has been killed. Babe Ruoxi, am I right? Yang Chen winked at Lin Ruoxi who looked indifferent.

Lin Ruoxi continued ignoring Yang Chen. After she was searched by a guard, she took the lead and walked in front alone.

Delighted, Stern leaned towards Yang Chen and said, Mr Yang, did anything happen between you and Miss Lin? Im best at solving problems between men and women. I might be able to provide you with the perfect solution to it.

Yang Chen wasnt surprised by Lin Ruoxis reaction. Based on his rich experience on cold wars, he was mentally prepared to be treated that way.

Smiling, Yang Chen tapped Sterns shoulder after listening to him. Brother, I feel that your experience in romance is useless to me. This woman isnt my own younger sister.

Stern rubbed his chin and asked, Is there any difference?

Yes, the difference is enormous, Yang Chen said seriously.

Stern looked like he was seriously considering the problem. Then Ill have to find time to do some research.

Do you intend to go to hell?!

Alice pinched Sterns cheeks after listening to the conversation. As she pulled her arms, she yelled, If you dare to experiment with other women, you will be sorry you even considered it!

No, no! Youll be the only one I love forever, my dearest sister Alice, said Stern hurriedly as he begged for mercy.

Their behavior had instantly attracted a lot of attention. Many passersby were gossipping to each other, and Yang Chen was able to hear most of them.

Are they the incest siblings from the Cromwell clan?

Its really them! Their exceptional appearance is really unfortunate.

Humph. How shameful. Theyre ruining their ancestors names

What a disgrace in the noble clan

Yang Chen grinned after listening to the discussions. It sure looks like you two are really popular.

Thats for sure. Stern nodded his head happily. Holding Alices arm, he walked towards the garden confidently, ignoring the gazes around completely.

Yang Chen didnt mind any of those to begin with, so he followed the siblings to catch up to Lin Ruoxis speed. They then arrived at the booth for the fashion week conference.

The morning sunlight was warm and bright and the fragrance of flowers filled the air. The shuttling of guests and servers made the entire open-air event appear busy yet orderly.

Rows of white chairs were arranged surrounding the stage. The front rows were meant for people of high status. Noble guests were naturally arranged at the frontmost seats while ordinary merchant representatives naturally sat behind.

After Lin Ruoxi showed her identification card, she was brought by a Caucasian lady server to the first row. Although it wasnt the central seat, it was already one of the highest a person of her grade could have gotten.

Stern and Alice seemed to be surprised when Lin Ruoxi sat at the front row. Alice said, I heard that Yu Lei International has become the leader for the new material in the entire world. But I didn't know that it had far surpassed my expectations already. Miss Lin is indeed an exceptional entrepreneur, and shes just in her twenties. How impressive.

No one would dislike being praised. To Lin Ruoxi, she wouldnt be bothered if her beauty was praised as her appearance was innate, not to mention she had long gotten used to it. When she was praised for her achievements instead, she was delighted. Thank you, she said, Where are you two sitting at?

Stern pointed at the seat beside Lin Ruoxi. What a coincidence. Were sitting right beside Miss Lin.

Based on the Cromwells influence, Lin Ruoxi wasnt surprised to find out that the siblings sat at the front row. She then nodded with a smile before sitting now.

Being Lin Ruoxis attendant, Yang Chen naturally didnt have such a great treatment. He was advised by the server to sit behind Lin Ruoxi, which he didnt mind. To him, thinking of a way to solve Lin Ruoxis dissatisfaction for him was priority.

However, after the four had sat down for ten seconds or so, a few unfamiliar figures suddenly approached Lin Ruoxi and stood there without moving.