My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Its Your Turn
Chapter 52: Its Your Turn

Its your turn. Yang Chen stood face to face with Lin Kun, looking at Lin Kun the same way a butcher looked at a piece of meat on the chopping block. Tranquilly he asked, Do you want a broken leg or a broken arm? If you wanna die, I could also help you with that.

He isnt joking!

Only then did Lin Kun react, because this was the first time he felt murderous intent from somebodys eyes, stark naked and true murderous intent!

He will really kill me!

You You Stay away Lin Kun was afraid and slowly retreated trying to gain some distance from Yang Chen, but behind him was the staircase and the villas main door.

Suddenly, Lin Kun turned his head, looked at the blank and emotionless Lin Ruoxi, and loudly shouted, Little slut! This wild man of yours wants to break your fathers legs! Arent you going to discipline him!?

Just after he said that, he felt a hand akin to a pair of steel pliers grip onto his chin. A voice so cold that it felt like metal that had been cooled in the snow traveled to his eardrums, Your mouth really stinks, perhaps I should first cut off your tongue, put it back into your mouth, then sew your mouth shut When you get hungry, you can only eat your own tongue Tell me, what do you think about this idea?

Wu!! Wu Wu!!

Lin Kun was so frightened that his face turned ashen and his eyes opened wide. But if he struggled even for a smidgen, Yang Chens hand that gripped onto his chin would exert a lot more strength, he was already in so much pain that he didnt dare to move an inch.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi who stood by the door slowly raised her head, a little bit of luster had finally returned to her beautiful spiritless eyes. She looked at Yang Chen with incomparably complicated emotions, then glanced at Lin Kun who looked like he was about to pee in his pants, dispiritedly she said, Yang Chen, let him go, dont scare him anymore

Lin Ruoxis tone wasnt as cold and indifferent as usual, she spoke very lightly, but it was exactly a line like that, which somehow managed to appease Yang Chens scorching hot anger.

She resembles that person too much

Yang Chen was a little helpless, the figure that he deliberately tried to forget flashed through his mind, leaving him momentarily entranced.

Yang Chen released his hand, and Lin Kun who was in pain felt unresigned while fearfully dodging to the side, he carefully looked at Yang Chen, while gasping heavily.

Dad, it was Xu Zhihong that had you come, right? These people should have also been given to you by him. Lin Ruoxi calmly looked at Lin Kun, and lightly asked.

Lin Kuns face revealed malevolence, and he glared at Yang Chen with hatred, So what if thats the case! Young Master Xu is helping me get rid of this bastard! This kind of asshole wants to plunder the assets of our Lin Family, Ill definitely never agree to this!

Dad Lin Ruoxi mournfully called out, with pain in her eyes, Dad, dont you know you are just being used by the Xu family? You are helping Xu Zhihong create trouble for me! Do you know what kind of poor state the company is in now!? Dad Please sober up a little! Xu Zhihong is totally different from who you think he is!

Nonsense!! Lin Kun roared, You little slut! Dont pretend to have good intentions, dont think that just because you call me Dad that I will believe that an unfilial woman like you is kind! If you really wanted the best for me from the bottom of your heart, then at that time you shouldnt have snatched away everything that belonged to me!! I should be the legitimate successor of Yu Lei!! If it wasnt for you playing tricks, why did that dead old woman suddenly change her will, and hand Yu Lei International to a 20-year old little baby!

Lin Ruoxis legs staggered, if she wasnt supported by Wang Ma, she wouldve fallen long ago. Her complexion turned increasingly pale and helpless, and she finally couldnt hold back the tears from pouring down, Dad How can you think this way She is my grandmother, your mother

Then how should I think!? I want you to marry Young Master Xu, yet you refused a thousand times! Isnt it just because youre afraid that after marriage the position of Yu Leis CEO will change owners!? Otherwise, based on Young Master Xus qualifications, why would a slut like you who fakes being noble and virtuous refuse!? Lin Kuns rage turned into laughter, Hahahaha! I hit the mark, do you feel so ashamed that you want to kill yourself!??

Lin Ruoxi could only feel the sky spin and the earth twist, even breathing had become difficult, it was if her organs were submerged in quicksilver. Sparkling tears flowed out of her eyes like water from a dam burst and fell onto the ground.

At that moment, the always cool and noble queen-like lady couldnt help but cry, she even cried with such grievance. Lin Ruoxi covered her face with her hands as she sobbed, and the sobs drowned the words she spoke.

When Mom left this world, you didnt even come home to take a look because of a lover you had outside When Grandma left this world, you waited for her to enter the coffin before you made your appearance, and only asked about matters of inheritance From my memories, other than living a life of debauchery outside, and asking Grandma for money, you basically showed no interest in the companys matters How can Grandma feel at ease leaving the company to you In pain, Lin Ruoxi looked at Lin Kun, bit her lip and said, Dad, do you not understand what youre doing!?

Lin Kuns face looked sinister as he coldly said, I did all that because they forced me to! If it wasnt for those two women who ought to have died long ago holding me back, would I need to lower my head and beg them for money!? There was obviously so many company shares, why did I only receive such a small amount of money!? I am the familys only man, shouldnt I be the one calling the shots!? A slut like you only knows how to find excuses! Excuses! Excuses!!!

Your words are really the same as farts

Yang Chen truly found it hard to listen further, he really didnt understand how a woman like Lin Ruoxi could have such a retarded and insane father. Perhaps it was heaven messing with people, or it could be that hateful people had to be pitiful as well.

In a flash, Yang Chens hand had grabbed onto Lin Kuns neck, he exerted a little strength and Lin Kuns face flushed from being unable to breathe. Lin Kuns body erratically jerked, but was unable to break free.

If this was handled my way, you wouldve died at least 7 or 8 times today Said Yang Chen indifferently, he looked towards the slightly nervous-looking Lin Ruoxi by the door, then said, However, in the end my wife is more softhearted, if I killed a father like you, she definitely wouldnt forgive me easily.

With that said, Yang Chen released his grip on Lin Kuns neck, but followed up with a lightning quick chop at Lin Kuns nape!

Lin Kuns eyes rolled over, and he immediately fainted onto the ground.

Yang Chen! You What did you do to him? Lin Ruoxi was still worried as she walked over, and squatted down to check for breathing from Lin Kuns nose, confirming that he didnt die, she sighed a breath of relief.

Anyhow, blood was thicker than water.

Leave him to me. Yang Chen stooped down and placed Lin Kuns body on his shoulder, then he walked towards the nearby garbage bin.

Lin Ruoxi panicked, and hurriedly stopped him, Dont, dont throw him in, this is enough

I didnt cripple or kill him, that is already giving you a lot of face. He treats you like that, yet you still think of him as your father, Im speechless. However, I hope you also consider my feelings, no matter what you think in your heart, as of right now, I am your husband.

Yang Chens tone was flat and dull, but every word was like a law that didnt allow disobedience. With that all said, he directly walked towards the garbage bin.

Right now I am your husband!

Right now I am your husband!!

Lin Ruoxis arms hung loose as she stood in the same place as if her soul left her, gazing at Yang Chens back without a word.

After Yang Chen once again threw Lin Kuns body into the garbage bin, he heard Wang Ma shouting just as he was about to turn around